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Found 560 results

  1. Hi, let’s say I’m selling A THING and it has 3 pricing options A £1 B £2 C £3 and it is in a category called BITS. In the Front End (not admin) when I click on category BITS there are many items listed and one of them is my item A THING. But I do not see any pricing options until I actually click on A THING and see the expanded view. This means that on the initial listing a customer would never know that A THING had options and would only see my chosen default price. Am I setting my products up wrongly? Thank you.
  2. Hi, For customers like us using Royal Mail, we have serious problems ahead as Royal Mail now wants all customs forms outside the EU electronically as from 1st January 2019 ! see https://www.royalmail.com/business/services/sending/international-data/more-information If we don't, it will cause delays and the US for instance is saying that they will start charging fees to our customers once the bill is passed. Brazil and Russia have already stated that they will not accept any parcels as of this date is the customs form is not digital .... (https://www.royalmail.com/business/services/sending/international-data/more-information) There is no integration available right now and Al tells me it is rather complex so will not develop one. Royal Mail is pushing for Click and Collect but even then you need to be able to import your orders into Royal Mail's website as an excel or cvs file. At the moment Cubecart cannot do that either ..... Someone else earlier this year was asking the same question but apparently only a V5 was available, see Can I please ask all developers to re-think this one, it is critical right now for all Royal Mail customers like us. Thank you
  3. I am receiving the following error when trying to access a specific category on my website: Fatal error: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /vhost/vhost16/l/i/f/lifecovers.co.uk/www/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 38 The category in question is: https://www.lifecovers.co.uk/coin-purses/clasp-purses.html I can access the items within the category without an issue. I am baffled as to why I receive this error as it appears generic but is affecting one particular category? Can anybody advise?
  4. ridecals

    Product options

    Hi All, I have my options set created with the colors of my decals. When I create a new product it still makes me select each color available for the item. How do I select the option set without selecting each color individually? TIA Dave
  5. peterp

    order numbering

    Hi All, I have a client who has been using the order numbering system that has the date and time as an order number now they want to change to just an incrementing number, my question is this ok to do that is change the numbering system or are they stuck with what they began with. Any answer is appreciated Best Regards, Peterp
  6. Grimalkin

    Welcome Title Font

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can change the size of the font for the 'welcome' title ? Also, the font(s) for Featured, Best Sellers, Latest Products, etc. These fonts are way too large, and detract from the rest of the page(s) when viewed. Also, where can the colors be changed for the 'Your Shopping Basket' (the fields for what is in the basket, the weight, shipping method, etc.)? I have been searching the CSS files in the foundation and in the skin I am using, and so far have not found anything. I am using cubecart 6.2.2. and a custom skin. Thank you for your time and consideration
  7. peterp

    Sales Reports

    Hi All, I have been searching this forum to see whether somebody else has had a need for a sales report that allows the grouping of the field 'State'. That is total and/or list all orders in which state also date range controlled. If anybody can help to point me in the right direction even to the point of where I can find the states/county name for each country for example Australia, state of Victoria your help is very much appreciated. Best Regards, Peterp
  8. Grimalkin


    Hello, Would someone please help me with a bxslider problem. My images do not fit the slider properly. There is a relatively wide white background margin to the right of the image. I tried resizing the images several times, but that does not change anything. I have looked for a file to make adjustments to the slider, but have not had any luck. No matter how large or how small I make the image, the white margin stays relatively the same. I am using cubecart 6.2.2 . Thank you for your time and consideration.
  9. peterp

    Recaptcha not working

    Hi All, I have a client that has had the recaptcha keys created how ever what seems to be happening now is that when an order is placed for a guest (unregistered) customer then it is failing the verification of the code. The I'm not a robot box is not appearing and I'm not using the invisible recaptcha version. The version of cubecart is 6.0.6. I have for the moment turned the recaptcha facility off but this I hope will only be temporary. Has somebody else had this issue and if so how was it resolved, any help will be greatly appreciated Best Regards, Peterp
  10. Grimalkin

    Blackout Skin

    Hello, Is anyone familiar with the Blackout skin? I want to change the category buttons and hover color. Right now the buttons are grey and the hover color is orange. I have looked through the blackout.css file, and have found a number of buttons ( actually there are a lot of them). I have experimented changing quite a few of them, but have not had any luck finding the right one. Some of them have hex numbers (which I am familiar with), and some have RGB colors, which I am not familiar with at all. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
  11. Hi All. I've been setting up an on-line jewellery store for my son (please click HERE). Everything is fine, nicely customised revved up and ready to go. BUT I've run into a log-jam with Braintree PayPal. I had installed the Braintree extension, went through the Braintree questionnaire, and made a test purchase, everything seemed OK but the payment stalled somewhere. I contacted Braintree and got told that we need to make one completed purchase before the system was fully functional. I thought it a bit strange, but carried on. Made another test purchase, this time the amount got taken from the credit/ debit card account with the bank, but didn't show up as a payment in the PayPal account. More phone calls and a lot of ducking & weaving and a reluctance to divulge anything by Braintree. A few days later a refund for the test purchase was refunded into the card account used for the test purchase. It was getting curiouser and curiouser. Today someone from Ireland contacted us to say that Braintree had declined the service to us! When asked why we were told that it was because on-line jewellery sites are considered high risk???? Consequently we can't use the Braintree payment gateway. When pushed further on this issue, the person on the other end simply answered "I don't know". When asked what payment gateway they would suggest instead of Braintree we were told that we should contact PayPal to set up a 'Pro' (?) service that costs £20.00 per month! I know it's not a lot, but WHY - again we got the "I don't know reply". I'm posting the tale of woe on here to see if anyone has past experience of a similar nature, and if so perhaps they can throw some light on the matter, as Braintree seem too tight lipped to give any in depth explanation. Maybe someone on here can suggest a solution or recommend a gateway that I can use which works well & doesn't cost the earth. Thanks, G.
  12. I recently upgraded from version 3.0 to version 6.2.2. I noticed that after upgrading there are not modules. I am needing the Per Category Flat Rate Shipping Module. Do you know where I can find it? I want to be able to add $4 for the first item and so much for each additional item in each category. I have uploaded the all in one shipping module but it doesn't work and doesn't have the options I am looking for.
  13. slic535

    Print Order Form Needed

    I have upgraded from 3.17 to 6.2.2 and I am in need of the print order form so people can pay using a money order. where do I go to get this?
  14. platedepot

    Discount by order total

    I apologize if this topic has been covered before. I'd like to set up a Christmas promotion where I can offer a discount by order total (e.g. $100 receives 10% off; $200 receives 20% off, etc.) I did not see how to do this under the regular Cubecart features. Can somebody show me how to do this? Thanks for your help. MARK
  15. Claudia M

    Change order in admin menu

    Hi, I want to reorder the menu on the admin page - Customers, Inventory, Reporting, File Manager, etc and their sub categories. What file(s) do I edit? Thanks in advance for any and all help and responses. Claudia
  16. Grimalkin


    Hello, I use https protocol url. Every time I put https://www.domain into the SSL settings and save it, my url automatically changes to http protocol. Does anyone know what is up with this, and how it can be remedied? I am using CubeCart version 6.2.2 . Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
  17. Hi, I'm having a hard time finding the area in the code to change the distance between the product image and the price. please see link below, any help would be appreciated. https://shocktechusa.com/soft-goods/black-blue-lines.html Mican Skin
  18. Running version 6.2.2 without issue since August, and was able to log on last week. Today when I attempt to log on, after entering my user name and password at https://www.sojourner.biz/admin_XXXXXX.php the browser attempts to load https://www.sojourner.bizhttps/www.sojourner.bizhttps://www.sojourner.biz/admin_XXXXXX.php, , which does not resolve. Presumably, something changed. Any suggestions as to where I should look? Thanks.
  19. Hello, Before my store was v3 Cubecart. There I could export a CSV of my Product listings. I changed now to V6 but can't find anymore the possibility. I want to export a CSV for Google merchant and other product search engines. Please advice me, how to do. Thank you for your help!
  20. philippagreen

    Change Add to Basket Link

    I'm using the latest version of V6, I have a client who doesn't want payments to be taken on his web site but instead of Add to Basket he wants that button to go to the Contact Form page - I presume it's the content.product.php page I need to alter but there must be another page I think that also controls that button as everything I've tried hasn't worked so far or I'm not putting the right bit of code in the right place. Some advice would be most gratefully received. I resolved the problem by replacing the form code in the content.product.php and the content.category.php and adding the class from the action line as a class div below
  21. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to make the sub-category icons in the Foundation skin bigger I am currently adding a lot of content to my site but the icons are too small https://purestcbdhempoil.com/addiction.html
  22. Howdy, I am updating to CubeCart 6 from 4.3.4. It is complicated because my 4.3.4 installation is somewhat modified which is why I am still on 4.3.4. However, I'm all grown up now and I don't want to make the same mistakes again. I am developing my custom code as extensions. This has several benefits, even if I don't share them. Mainly, coding an extension means it will plug itself tidily into any new sandpit environments I create with no effort on my part. However... I am having trouble working out what is going on behind the curtains for the admin pages. By inspection, I have determined that the coding pattern is: Add any new tables that do not already exist. Add any new fields that do not already exist. Instantiate a module with $module = new Module(__FILE__, $_GET['module'], 'admin/index.tpl', true); Display the template with $page_content = $module->display(); Clearly there is a lot going on under the hood because the location of the template is not explicitly declared, and the global config is provided and saved automatically. All the template has to do is flash up the configuration page, drawing values from a magically created $MODULE array then assign the results to an output array called "module" and the results are somehow magically saved. This is fine provided (a) you don't want to initialise the config scalars and (b) you don't want to do anything dramatic such as initialise a table of config values. Which, of course, I do. The institutional IT guy in me desperately does not want to have to reverse-engineer all this to figure out how it works. I have looked at a mess of extensions and none of them seem to do anything dramatic except SFWS_Product_Dimensions which does some pre-initializations, but when I copy and hack it just the tiniest bit, it does not work - my values to not get added to the global config and the initialisations are not persisted. Is there any documentation on this anywhere? I have been thrashing around intermittently for a couple of days and it is starting to really annoy men. It is just too ghastly to think that everyone wanting to use this magnificent facility has to reverse engineer the entire thing before they become productive. Thanks for your help, Russ
  23. arie

    Top Bar

    Hi there I am new to Cube Cart and the forum I have tried many a cart program and am pleasantly surprised by Cube Cart It has been easy to install on a local computer and is not dragged down by to many bells and whistles and more importantly it has the speed the others do not have As i am of advancing years my speed in learning new things has somewhat reduced so just a couple of questions In the Top-Bar i am able to change the color but it only goes partially across eg .top-bar { background-color:#ffff7f; } is there a way changing it to make it go the whole way ? Also is there a way to create a link on the top menu for customers to return to my websites home page in case the do not want to continue shopping ? Many thanks in advance
  24. Hi everyone, Is there a way to stop bots from using my contact us form to spam me and possibly others? I know that google has a recaptcha or something but not sure if I can add it to out site. Thanks in advance Pieter
  25. Hi All, I have a client who has customers who require that they have the ability to enter their purchase order number when creating an order and also they need to see this in the email that they receive as well as on any printed order. I have suggested that they could use the customer delivery instructions field however the customers purchase order number is not displayed on the email the customer receives. I have search the forums for a similar requirement but unfortunately I was unable to find any thing. If somebody has come up with an idea how I can incorporate this into the order entry during checkout and how to have it printed on the order as well as the email I would be very grateful for the help. Best Regards, Peterp