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Found 746 results

  1. I received an order today and this showed in admin order summary. Under Order Summary the customers name looked like this. I wouldn’t think they would type it in like that. Of course they used their real name I just changed it for security. Note the "> Customer Name"> Company (this was blank)"> Street address"> Hiram, Ohio 44234 I’ve checked files but don’t see any bad code. Any specific ideas where to look? Also turns out their email does not exist and was returned. The payment with PayPal went thru without a hitch. Should I worry – not a large order.
  2. Canada Post Extension

    Hi, Just installed the Canada Post extension, set it all up, made sure all my products have weights, size, etc. Now when testing the checkout process I have discovered that there is an error saying my product is too heavy or can't be shipped to country... wtf?? |Has this happened to anyone else? I only ship to Canada, so my default postal code(shipping) and countries is all set in the extension...did I miss something somewhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi, Just hoping that someone will have a brilliant idea to resolve my current issue. In the past, ie with V4, with phone orders of customers who did not have an email address or refuse to give their email address, we would still manage to process the order and I would just add "noemail" in the email address box. Now with V6, the system stops me from entering any customer data with no proper email address. Al tells me there is no way around this but it is becoming a problem: 1. V6 forces me to enter a new email address every time. If I use the same one, it recognises it and stops me from entering the customer data thinking it belongs to another customer. So I started creating false email address like "" John Smith being the customer for instance. 2. the 2nd problem is that my email system keeps trying to send the order status update messages to this address but keeps bouncing of course so I am getting a little annoyed to get reminders after reminders until it actually stops after 48 hours. 3. I personally do not think it is a good practice to have to create "false customer data" to work around the ecommerce platform limitations especially with the forthcoming EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into from 25 May 2018. Anyway, if someone has a grand solution for me to go around this issue, please let me know. Many thanks S.
  4. Mobile Skins ..

    I was just wondering if there is anything 'built in" to cubecart which detects if user-agent is a mobile (ie. tablet, phone, etc.. ). I can do that my self but that would be pointless if its already present. Many Thanks, Chris Coleman.
  5. I am posting this as I wonder if anybody else has encountered this issue. I have received an email today from a customer purchasing from my shop. I will quote his email: “ Hi, I have just tried to order a Passport cover, however when I went to pay the basket auto updated to a Kindle cover for some gentleman in England!” About the same time this event took place I received an order for a Kindle cover from somebody in England. Regards.
  6. Hi when you add an item to the basket it, it seems like it is automatically adding 2. Any suggestions? It seems that when you add an item with a production option from the category page or main page you are redirected to the exact item page to select the product option. Once you select the product option it adds what you bought and the original click to the cart. mican skin v6 new installation
  7. As the title says, my storefront is closed and when I try to access it from the link on the admin control panel I just get the store closed dialog, with an error message above it:- Warning: filesize(): stat failed for /var/sites/s/ in /var/sites/s/ on line 168. It was fine this morning, and the store is fine when not offline. I don't know if it is connected, but I get 5 identical error messages on the Maintenance page, but the page still loads below the messages. Message is:- Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/sites/s/ on line 850 Any ideas?
  8. Resent email

    The shop received an email enquiry but for some reason it was not sent onto the shops destination email address. It shows in the email log with an ‘x’ in the Sent column. I resend it and it is received in the shops destination email address. However when I attempt to reply the reply-to email address is my shops email address. Not the original sender. Is there anyway I can recover the senders email address? Thanks.
  9. USPS Shipping extension

    Hello, I usually use the UPS shipping module, but UPS has always been too expensive, so I wanted to use USPS instead. I went to the website and set up an account. I have all of my settings in place (I think) but again I am getting the error. Unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries See attached screenshot of settings. Any help would once again be appreciated.
  10. Hi, I'm running Cubecart 6.1.13 and am getting a CSRF error immediately after logging in as a user. This started happening the other day and I hadn't altered any files. The following errors were detected: Security Alert: Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) or browser back button used. I have already cleared the cache and even did so manually. When I navigate to any page following the login, it shows as I am logged out. When I return to the homepage it reverts back to showing me as logged in. In the debugging it shows the following error: PHP: [Warning] /home/**censored**/public_html/classes/sanitize.class.php:152 - Invalid Security Token[Notice] /home/**censored**/public_html/includes/ - Undefined variable: _GET[Notice] /home/**censored**/public_html/includes/ - Undefined variable: _GET[Notice] /home/**censored**/public_html/classes/cubecart.class.php:184 - Undefined variable: contents[Notice] /home/**censored**/public_html/classes/cubecart.class.php:184 - Undefined variable: contents[Notice] /home/**censored**/public_html/classes/cubecart.class.php:86 - Undefined index: doc_name Any help would be greatly appreciated! Neil.
  11. Facebook pixel

    Hi can anyone please help me. how do i copy and past a facebook pixel into cubecart please.
  12. Unable to access 'Shop'

    Hi everyone. Still haven't sorted out the payment gateway problem using Stripe. They keep on saying that it's a problem for Cube Cart. Anyway, this is a totally new problem. Someone else that I installed Cube Cart for has contacted me, saying he can't get into the front or back-end of his site. Here's the error message that's thrown up: Any pointers as to what the problem may be? And how I should go about tackling it? I'm very confused with this bit "(using password: YES)" - where did that come from? I have no record of using a password called "YES". Also on looking at classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 33 - there is no coding on that line! A bit confused and need a helping hand to point me in the right direction please. Thanks, G.
  13. I have upgraded my cubecart V3 to V6.1.12 and have added the "All in One shipping" module. I have bee adding many shipping zines and rates and then suddenly I was not able to save any new rates. Each time I tried to save a new rate the Dashboard screen was displayed, and the new rate was not saved. I though that there might be a limit on the number of zones/rates that I can use so I tried to delete a rate, but clicking the save button produced the same result and the rate was not deleted. I have tried in Chrome and IE on 2 different PC's. Below is the screen that appears each time I click the save button. Any ideas what is going on and how to fix this?
  14. Facebook

    Hi Good day Can anyone please explain to me how to copy and paste a facebook pixel into cubecart. please
  15. I run a Cubecart-store in Swedish; all products and categories are in Swedish. On occation, some products and categories also have an English translation. Recently I found a strange thing, when I switched the superuser-account to English and used the admin panel to add a new product (that has a translation); the SEO-path for that product appears in English. If I switch back to Swedish and re-add a new product, the SEO-path appears in Swedish. If I switch back to English again and browse to the product, the SEO-path is still in Swedish (which is what I want). However, I would prefer that all SEO-paths are in Swedish, no matter which language I use in the admin panel. I peeked around under the Search Engines tab, but found no obvious setting for this. Is it possible to enforce SEO-paths to always use Swedish?
  16. promo code

    if i set the Promo code up it gives me a error " Sorry, that code has expired. please help Sorry, that code has expired. Sorry, that code has expired.Sorry, that code has expired.
  17. change bank details

    Hi when you place an order and you check out it generates an invoice, on that invoice you can put your own bank details, how do you change it.
  18. Note: I have installed Cubecart on a Windows Hosting Server, so that might be the problem, even though everything else about Cubecart seems to work. Anyway, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get email confirmation of an order / purchase. I can successfully receive email using "Test (After Save)" from Dashboard > Settings > Advanced Settings When I complete my purchase (and pay via the Braintree / PayPal extension) I receive no email confirmation. However, my credit card is indeed getting charged through the Gateway each time I run a test. In Settings > Features > Misc > Order status for admin email notifications I have tried both Processing and Order Complete to no avail. I also check Force Order Completed Emails but nothing works. What am I missing? What event triggers sending an email? If it makes any difference, I do not sell anything that requires shipping, but I still want to receive notifications. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  19. Payment by instalments

    Hi, I am looking to offer customers the option of paying by instalments and wonder please if other cubecart users have found a provider. My products are approx £25. I currently use Paypal which is working ok. Suggestions most welcome. BTW I am completely hopeless at tech and rely on Al to get me through hiccups.
  20. I am setting up new zones in the All in One Shipping module so I can use zip codes. Example: Zone 2 (This is the name I gave in AIOS) is for the states kentucky and indiana. I just now created a Zone 2 Zips to show the zip codes for Zone 2 based on the UPS zone chart (for zip codes). I have the “Use first matching zone only” set in the AIOS module, but it is still giving me rates for both zones. I need it to show the rates for the zip code. If zip code is not available then go to the state zone. Here is the AIOS debug info: - Postcode range search: 42100 - 42799 (MATCHED!) >>> Shipping zone [ID 46] matches the delivery address! Use this zone for shipping calculations. Looking for first matching zone of best match (instead of searching for all matching zones - see AIOS module settings) Zone 2 [Zone ID 1] --- Country matched and state/province matched! [IN, KY] >>> Shipping zone [ID 1] matches the delivery address! Use this zone for shipping calculations. Looking for first matching zone of best match (instead of searching for all matching zones - see AIOS module settings) and at the bottom: FINAL SHIPPING OPTIONS FOR THIS ADDRESS AND BASKET USPS: First Class: 3.18 USPS: Priority: 6.55 USPS: Parcel Select Ground: 6.55 UPS Standard Ground: 13.04 USPS First Class: 3.18 Thanks, Claudia
  21. USPS Module Rates Used

    Hi, I just intstalled the USPS shipping module and noticed it is only offering retail rates. Is there anyway to change this so it will only offer the commercial based rates. Also where is the rate option for Parcel Select? Also how do you get it to give the correct rates on an oversized package? Thanks in advance! Claudia
  22. Browser Favicon

    So, when I upgraded from 6.1.8 to 6.1.12, there was a problem with the session.class.php file... so, Al directed me to the corrected file from the 6.1.13 branch at Github. To make this story short, now my browser tab icon is the Github icon. In the past, on my html websites, I would just put the path to the favicon.ico in the <head> of the index.html file. Well, since that isn't in play here, anyone have any ideas? I'm using the default Foundation skin. Thanks, R
  23. Facebook Posts

    Hi, We were wondering why the Facebook posts are different for cc3 and cc6 (cc3 providing a better post!) If we copy the address of a product and simply paste it in to Facebook...The CC3 version also displays the image. The cc6 version doesn't show the image and also captures the Meta Description so all posts are the same, apart from the title of the product. We have found the copy and paste of the title in the address bar really handy over the years but seems cc6 has brought this quick way of posting to an end? Any suggestions on how to solve this issue would be much appreciated. Regards Gary
  24. Hello. I am just beginning to learn about internet payment software and Cubecart seems interesting, especially with it's free extensions and payment gateways. Is it possible to use few of them at once on a website? Or I will be forced to focus on just one to make it work?
  25. I am testing what happens on registering a new customer. Customer does not receive a confirmation e-mail. I have a Code Snippet: Manage Hooks -> Code Snippets -> Send registration confirmation email = checked as active, contains settings and php code. Is there any way on registration to be sent mentioned above: registration confirmation email ? Thanks!