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Found 308 results

  1. Hello, I would like to upgrade to version 6.8. I downloaded the whole file and put the setup part in cubecart. When I go to the setup part, he wants to upgrade my current version (2.6) and not version 2.8. How to get there. Thank you for your help. Pictures for help : https://shop.aux-naturelles.ch/1.png https://shop.aux-naturelles.ch/2.png
  2. I'm looking to "improve" on the Sales report, so that each sales record has the line items and cost of each line as well as all the current info. This is so that I can import the information into my accounts package (Quickbooks) and match it with the payment record. I'd like to be able to export the data as a csv file for upload. I've seen a few references to this with a quick search, but no example that I can see. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  3. Hi All, I'm trying to setup incremental order numbers in my store however even though I have specified that the number should have a prefix of 'BTW' this does not appear. The order number is correct when I look in the orders selection from the admin dashboard but when it prints the order using print order form gateway I get the order format of date time etc. not the incremental order number. I have looked through the forum but cannot find anything similar so I guess must have some setup wrong. I somebody could help straighten me out I would appreciate it. Best Regards, Peterp
  4. Hi Everyone, I wanted to publicly thank Al for all his recent and continued help. I've used Cubecart since 2005 (at least). I've grown a business based on Cubecart and 15 years later am still really happy. I had a number of issues with my webhost starting end of last week, they blamed poor speed on my website when I knew it wasn't that. I decided yesterday to move my hosting to Cubecarts own hosted service, I wanted to let everyone know how impressed I am. The service is VERY fast, considerably and noticeably faster than my old webhost. My Cubecart now absolutely flies, I really cannot stress how impressed I am. My store has a lot going on with thousands of products, realtime stock level and price updates linked from my Sage accounts software as well as many off the shelf and a few custom plugins. If you are thinking about hosting for your Cubecart site then you really should host with the people who know the software better than anyone else - Cubecart: https://hosted.cubecart.com/ Should stress, nobody has put me up to this - just a VERY happy customer. Simon.
  5. I'm new to cubecart coming from bigcommerce. I have an item that come with various sizes and color. I was able to create product option for sizes and colors. now i need to use both attribute to control stock. for instance a customer would have to chose size and color in order to add the item to his/her basket. the system only let me use one or the other to control inventory.
  6. We are using Version 6. We have the Print Order Form installed and with only Australia as an Allowed Zone so that our Australian customers can either pay by bank transfer or cheque. When a customer goes to the checkout it is preselected which to me seems wrong. Also, we have had 3 or 4 customers in the last 24 hours from other countries use the Print Order Form which we don't want. Have we got it set up wrong? Do we have to add every country as Disallowed Zones? Thanks in advance
  7. I am selling tickets to an annual dinner for a sports club. Four options are implemented; guest name, starter, main and dessert. I want to be able to print a list showing guest names alongside their menu choices. This doesn't seem to be possible with the standard Cubecart 6.2.8 Sales Report. Is there a straightforward way to extend the sales report to include additional information? I did try installing the Dashboard Widgets and Advanced Reports extension but I get a white screen when I install it. Graham
  8. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it is I who's ignorant, but after I switched to SSL last month I did not test promotional codes until today, and somehow they don't seem to work. If this is a bug I will add it to github. As for the promotional codes: I fill all values as before (before SSL), and when saving the code itself is gone. All the values are there, but the code is null (see attached screenshots). Opening phpMyAdmin and editing the line in question, the code got back. I tested it on an order and got this message: The following errors were detected: Den kupongen existerar tyvärr inte. (That coupon does not exist) So, ok; maybe there's more mechanics behind the scenes than just updating the code word in the db, so I searched for an active - but still unused - promotional code and tested with that one, and got exactly the same error message! Editing an existing code, changing the code name, does not save the new code name. EDIT: the second screenshot says "Promotional code deleted" in the top header. It is irrelevant to this problem (I deleted another code just prior making the screenshot). Sorry for the confusion.
  9. Hi all, I currently have a tax group configured in cubecart. When creating a new order, in the admin panel, I noticed that the taxes are not auto calculated. I have also noticed that it does not do it in the demo either. Does anyone know how to go about auto calculating the taxes? Thanks. -- Yarnell
  10. Hey all, I'm having trouble using the order print icon in the Admin Panel. I get a 403 error (valid request but server refuses to respond) Any idea's on what would cause this behavior? Thanks. -- Yarnell
  11. Hi All, I have a client that would like to use a payment method that is provided by a company call AFTERPAY which I think will require and API to be created to do this. AfterPay has provided api code that they require so my question is there any where the api requirements that Cubecart needs so that I can write this API. Also instructions on how to write and API for cubecart would be very helpful. Afterpay is currently being used by other eCommerce sites such as Shopify, magneto and woocommerce. I hope somebody can point me in the right direction as my client is really keen to use this payment process. Thanks for any help. Best regards, Peterp
  12. I loaded new images and a new inventory about 1 week ago. Everything was working but now without me doing anything I am now getting the following message : Notice: `name` is not allowed as a key in 'CubeCart_config' table! in /var/www/vhosts/kbcoins.com/httpdocs/store/classes/db/database.class.php on line 943 Website is kbcoins.com. I cannot now access the shop from the entry pages of he website, and although I am getting the sign in page for the Admin control panel, when I put in the details it just comes back to the same page Any ideas anyone? Regards Tony E.
  13. Problems - upgrade to CC 6.2.8 I cannot update doc pages content, or products, descriptions missing, etc Any help much appreciated - Paul
  14. Hi all, Is there a way to add images down the side of the page content ?
  15. Hi All, I have a client who has customers who require that they have the ability to enter their purchase order number when creating an order and also they need to see this in the email that they receive as well as on any printed order. I have suggested that they could use the customer delivery instructions field however the customers purchase order number is not displayed on the email the customer receives. I have search the forums for a similar requirement but unfortunately I was unable to find any thing. If somebody has come up with an idea how I can incorporate this into the order entry during checkout and how to have it printed on the order as well as the email I would be very grateful for the help. Best Regards, Peterp
  16. I changed my currency to the USD and unchecked all others. My website is still showing the EUD.. (Euro Dollar).. Am I missing something? how can this be fixed? thank you in advance
  17. Hi All, I'm using the skin etrend and are using ver 6.2.5 of cubecart and I have just noticed that when an order has been completed and the user goes back to the home page then the basket is not emptied it seems to retain the value of the last order entered. I have tried this on different skins including the foundation skin and I get the same result, must be doing something wrong where should I look for the clearing of the basket process. If you click on the basket you can see the order just entered and if you haven't noticed that it wasn't zerosing then the new products are added. Has anybody else had this issue and if so how do you fix it. Any help will be appreciated. Best Regards, Peterp
  18. Hi All, I have a client that wishes to be able to reward customers or make an offer to them that is that they buy a nominated product/products and they get a similar product for free, they also want the ability to say that if the customer buys a particular product then a nominated gift is added to the order free of charge. They are also requesting that if they buy a nominated product/products then they get the same product for a nominated discount. I have looked through the extensions and I don't seem to be able to find a plugin that will do this, can anybody suggest to me where or of if somebody as done a similar process. My client is using ver 6 of cubecart and the Mican skin template. I appreciate any input and possibly point me in the right direction. Best Regards, Peterp
  19. Guest

    bulk images upload

    Hi, How do I upload bulk product images with bulk product information upload (I have 2 files, one is product images file and one is products information in CSV format).
  20. good evening I have exactly the same mistake on my site and I can not solve it, I explain what I did: - I have a site n ° 1: www.destock-loisir-motors.com/v5 that I will close soon - new site n ° 2: www.speedymountain.com/equipment I created on the same server, a hosting for my new domain of my new company and I want to transfer the contents of my site n ° 1 on the new domain name n ° 2 as follows: I saved the public folder as well as the database. I downloaded the complete content of "public" on the "public n ° 2" I created a new database, named it by the same name as site 2 and downloaded the content first observation, the site works well but uses the database of the site n ° 1 so I went into includes / global_inc and I changed the connection info, putting the names and password of my new database but the site crashes and I have no access to anything, I can not find where and what I need to change in order to work with the new database. Fatal error: Access denied for user 'speedymoun_cart' @ 'localhost' (using password: YES) in /home/speedymoun/domains/speedymountain.com/public_html/equipment/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 42 if anyone can help me, it would be great thanks in advance . Regards Patrick erreur identique : bonsoir j'ai exactement l'erreur sur mon site et je n'arrive pas à la résoudre, j'explique ce que j'ai fait : - j'ai un site n°1 : www.destock-loisir-motors.com/v5 que je vais fermer prochainement - nouveau site n° 2 : www.speedymountain.com/equipment j'ai creer sur le meme serveur, un hebergement pour mon nouveau domaine de ma nouvelle société et je désire transférer le contenu de mon site n°1 sur le nouveau nom de domaine n°2 comme suit : j'ai sauvegarder le dossier public ainsi que la base de données. j'ai télécharger le contenu complet de "public" sur le " public n°2 " j'ai creer une nouvelle base de données, et l'ai nommé du meme nom et j'ai téléchargé le contenu premiere constatation, le site fonctionne bien mais utilise la base de données du site n°1 donc je suis allé dans includes / global_inc et j'ai modifier les noms et mot de passe de nouvelle base de données mais le site plante et je n'ais plus accès à rien, This is is no or this and modify to that it this with a new base of data. Erreur fatale : accès refusé pour l'utilisateur 'speedymoun_cart' @ 'localhost' (avec le mot de passe YES) dans /home/speedymoun/domains/speedymountain.com/public_html/equipment/classes/db/mysqli.class.php, à la ligne 42 si quelqu'un peu m'aider, ce serait super merci par avance. cordialement Patrick
  21. Hi All, I'm using the Mican skin and I want to use a promotional code, I have created the code and assigned it to a single product however when I select that product in the order I get the message 'sorry that code doesn't exist' Have I forgotten to set something up oe is there a trick to get this feature to work I hope somebody can point me in the right direction Best Regards Peterp
  22. Guest

    bulk images upload

    Hi, How do I upload bulk product images with bulk product information upload (I have 2 files, one is product images file and one is products information in CSV format).
  23. Hi, I am sure this has been experienced before. Firefox is not loading CubeCart 6 store properly compared to Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers. For instance if you add/buy product it won't show up, or shows up for a mil-second and gets concealed by Firefox in "your shopping basket" page. Or what is "1. Basket" which is 1st page in the checkout process; nor it will show the product added in the "2. Checkout" page, albeit the the product is actually in the basket and the shop reacts normally only that it is not showing product in the checkout pages. The small basket logo at the top right corner indicates the added product with the price tag properly. Also the Firefox won't align products in a grid view, rather showing them in rows only, which is note the case with IE and Chrome. Any help would be appreciated, Luke
  24. downloaded cubecart 4.4.5 which has been working very well on another domain. (downloaded as a zip file). Uploaded it to the new subdomain. Created a mysql file and reloaded the sql download from the old file. reset the global.inc parameters. took php back to 5.4 for this database. then tested . Store front opened ok but if any category was pressed it redirected to the old domain which was still active. Fixed up .htaccess but nothing changed. Decided problem was probably in the admin side but could not open it. the following error message occurs: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function set_magic_quotes_runtime() in /home/eurekafa/public_html/shopping/ini.inc.php:120 Stack trace: #0 /home/eurekafa/public_html/shopping/admin/index.php(20): include() #1 {main} thrown in /home/eurekafa/public_html/shopping/ini.inc.php on line 120 magic quotes seems not to operate in this version of cubecart although it work perfectly fine on old domain at any php. I really don't know why it is a trouble. Glad I didn't upgrade directly as all would have been lost. when I get cubecart 4.4.5 working on this domain then I will upgrade to 6.2.8
  25. Hi, I am trying to find the variable field names to the elements chosen within the admin control panel, such as my products, categories, etc. that I have created in admin panel. Can anyone tell me in which file and folder I can find all variable field names? I wish to make some major modifications to the foundation and am trying to understand where the variables from the admin panel get passed into the program. I originally started using foundation_mauris but am running into problems with it not updating so I now wish to use the regular foundation and modify it to look how I wish. Thanks
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