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  1. php mail is working okay on the other installation however I switched to smtp and test emails arrived - even though the onscreen confirmation for testing said it failed
  2. At the end of the checkout process the customer clicks "secure checkout" (/index.php?_a=confirm) Usually this would redirect to PayPal for payment However this step fails with a 504 Gateway Timeout error (/index.php?_a=gateway) I can't find anything in the error logs. On the same server (but separate hosting) I have another cubecart installation with the same settings and that is running fine, so a server issue is not suspected I have tried switching from PayPal standard to PayPal Commerce, which sometimes generates a new button, however the existing "Secure Checkout
  3. I use Apple Mac and CTRL F5 doesn't do anything. However I totally agree with your points, it is a browser cache issue. I never blamed CubeCart for the issue but it does occur as a result of the upgrade.
  4. Refreshing the page has not worked. Shift-reload has not worked. Quiting the browser and relaunching has not worked. However changing to a different browser has worked - clearly it is a very persistent loading issue. I have now upgraded my other site from 6.2.5 to 6.2.6 and it now exhibits the same behaviour.
  5. I have just upgraded to v6.2.6. When I go to edit a document (i.e. a page on the site) the text editor fails to load. So on the Content tab all I see is "Edit Document" followed by a gap and then the Save button and delete document link. The editor has failed to load. When I view source for the web page I can see the document text. I have another site at v6.2.5 where the document editor is still working. The html structure around the data looks identical. So I am guessing it is something failing to load, rather than an html bug in the page itself. In case it is relevant (it probably
  6. Okay, so I have manually upgraded to v6.1.5 and I can see the database now has some issues - this was to be expected. However, I wasn’t expecting the link to a "database checker tool" to be just a link to a discussion elsewhere and the comments by Al Brookbanks aren’t much help... “Please use a tool such as phpMyAdmin to make any required changes” ... erm, yes, so how exactly? There appear to be two types of error message. This is what I am looking at: CubeCart_admin_users.admin_id has a key type KEY but expecting PRIMARY. CubeCart_category_index.id has a key type KEY but ex
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