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  1. php mail is working okay on the other installation however I switched to smtp and test emails arrived - even though the onscreen confirmation for testing said it failed
  2. At the end of the checkout process the customer clicks "secure checkout" (/index.php?_a=confirm) Usually this would redirect to PayPal for payment However this step fails with a 504 Gateway Timeout error (/index.php?_a=gateway) I can't find anything in the error logs. On the same server (but separate hosting) I have another cubecart installation with the same settings and that is running fine, so a server issue is not suspected I have tried switching from PayPal standard to PayPal Commerce, which sometimes generates a new button, however the existing "Secure Checkout" button remains, and has this error. So if I can't fix this timeout issue perhaps there is a way to disable this button and force usage of PayPal Commerce. Ideally though I'd just like to stay on PayPal Standard and fix this timeout issue.
  3. I use Apple Mac and CTRL F5 doesn't do anything. However I totally agree with your points, it is a browser cache issue. I never blamed CubeCart for the issue but it does occur as a result of the upgrade.
  4. Refreshing the page has not worked. Shift-reload has not worked. Quiting the browser and relaunching has not worked. However changing to a different browser has worked - clearly it is a very persistent loading issue. I have now upgraded my other site from 6.2.5 to 6.2.6 and it now exhibits the same behaviour.
  5. I have just upgraded to v6.2.6. When I go to edit a document (i.e. a page on the site) the text editor fails to load. So on the Content tab all I see is "Edit Document" followed by a gap and then the Save button and delete document link. The editor has failed to load. When I view source for the web page I can see the document text. I have another site at v6.2.5 where the document editor is still working. The html structure around the data looks identical. So I am guessing it is something failing to load, rather than an html bug in the page itself. In case it is relevant (it probably isn't) but both sites have a database warning "CubeCart_order_summary.custom_oid has a key type KEY but expecting UNIQUE KEY."
  6. Thank you bsmither I am wondering about how far to go with the upgrade Is there anyone that can confirm whether a standard CubeCart installation works with MySQL 5.6?
  7. I have CubeCart v6.1.14 installed and my server is currently running MySQL v5.1.73 (even though cubecart.com says 5.5 minimum) I understand that you should not upgrade directly from 5.1 to 5.7, but should go 5.1 to 5.5, then 5.5 to 5.6, then 5.6 to 5.7. However Plesk does not yet support 5.7, so I won’t be going that far. 1/ What do I need to do with my CubeCart database if my server is upgraded from MySQL 5.1 to MySQL v5.5? and then... 2/ What do I need to do with my CubeCart database if my server is upgraded from MySQL 5.5 to MySQL v5.6?
  8. Manually upgrade what? The currently installed version is 6.1.14.
  9. I have already upgraded using the auto-setup tool (as a known issue I’m puzzled why it wasn’t squished at the same time) I assume this is source code issue rather than a setting or database value Is there a specific directory that I can swap out? e.g. perhaps "sources/maintenance/*" from the current version of source code? Thank you in advance
  10. I have found an error affecting two different CubeCart installs with different hosts, so I think this may be a bug When choosing the standard Files Backup button, with checkboxes off, the backup proceeds and is created but then it tries to find this file... /admin_ZZZZZZZ/sources/maintenance/indexbackup.inc.php - not found. Where ZZZZZ is a novel admin location - it doesn’t appear to have been used before and doesn’t match the current. In one situation (it may have been a checkbox difference) I was warned about cross-site scripting on the dashboard page It appears as is something is not going well for the Files Backup feature, and could do with looking at by the software development team (I am not that bothered personally, there are other backup methods available)
  11. Thank you - I have now cleared all the warnings from the maintenance section. It was time consuming, but I suppose it will now mean the server resources are used more wisely. I will just keep my fingers crossed that this upgrade issue is a one off, and auto upgrades will start working again. ...now onto my next CC install for more of the same!
  12. I now have the database warnings down to the following: CubeCart_category.cat_parent_id has no key set. Expecting KEY. CubeCart_inventory.popularity has no key set. Expecting KEY. CubeCart_inventory.status has no key set. Expecting KEY. CubeCart_reviews.approved has no key set. Expecting KEY. CubeCart_seo_urls.item_id has no key set. Expecting KEY. CubeCart_seo_urls.type has no key set. Expecting KEY. CubeCart_sessions.customer_id has no key set. Expecting KEY. CubeCart_sessions.session_last has no key set. Expecting KEY. and CubeCart_currency.currency_id has a key type KEY but expecting PRIMARY. CubeCart_modules.module_id has a key type KEY but expecting PRIMARY. I have taken some screengrabs and wonder whether you can give me a few pointers on what to enter. On the first image I have clicked on the Go button you suggested. The other two look a bit trickier because they are about changing something rather than add/delete. Someone at CubeCart might also want to make a note about the warning for using the table field name of "default".
  13. Thank you. The explanation helps. But where do I click? Are there any options I will be asked about?
  14. Okay, and for the benefit of anyone else following this, here is a new screengrab. I have used a red arrow to show you where to find this panel. The other two rows are now removed because I clicked on the word ‘Drop’ (just in case anyone is looking for a delete button). In my CubeCart admin panel this error is now cleared. Here is the other type of error: CubeCart_category.cat_parent_id has no key set. Expecting KEY. And my screengrab... how do we fix this sort, there are no onscreen prompts?
  15. Just found something. Just above the Information infopanel at the bottom is the word Indexes, which when you click on opens up some details...
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