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  1. php mail is working okay on the other installation however I switched to smtp and test emails arrived - even though the onscreen confirmation for testing said it failed
  2. At the end of the checkout process the customer clicks "secure checkout" (/index.php?_a=confirm) Usually this would redirect to PayPal for payment However this step fails with a 504 Gateway Timeout error (/index.php?_a=gateway) I can't find anything in the error logs. On the same server (but separate hosting) I have another cubecart installation with the same settings and that is running fine, so a server issue is not suspected I have tried switching from PayPal standard to PayPal Commerce, which sometimes generates a new button, however the existing "Secure Checkout
  3. I use Apple Mac and CTRL F5 doesn't do anything. However I totally agree with your points, it is a browser cache issue. I never blamed CubeCart for the issue but it does occur as a result of the upgrade.
  4. Refreshing the page has not worked. Shift-reload has not worked. Quiting the browser and relaunching has not worked. However changing to a different browser has worked - clearly it is a very persistent loading issue. I have now upgraded my other site from 6.2.5 to 6.2.6 and it now exhibits the same behaviour.
  5. I have just upgraded to v6.2.6. When I go to edit a document (i.e. a page on the site) the text editor fails to load. So on the Content tab all I see is "Edit Document" followed by a gap and then the Save button and delete document link. The editor has failed to load. When I view source for the web page I can see the document text. I have another site at v6.2.5 where the document editor is still working. The html structure around the data looks identical. So I am guessing it is something failing to load, rather than an html bug in the page itself. In case it is relevant (it probably
  6. The debug in AIOS didn’t show any errors. However the problem I had seen wasn’t to do with shipping costs it was to do with the addition/removal of products behaving erratically. I am using the past tense here because now it is behaving as normal. And the only new error in the log file is a solitary php warning for a non-numeric value in classes/catalogue.class.php on line 116 from someone's earlier visit. I am guessing my changes to caching options (outside CubeCart) have stabilised the situation. bsmither thank you for your feedback and advice - unless this problem comes back I think it
  7. By disabling "caching on the server" I mean two things... 1/ the expiry date setting for each file type is removed from htaccess 2/ the hosting company's cache is disabled I did this so that I could be sure that the page served was loaded fresh. I am not using Cloudflare. The product updates work sometimes and update basket seems to help but sometimes clicking on the delete button doesn't work, and sometimes new products are not being added to the basket. CubeCart Caching is enabled I have All In One Shipping module and it is up to date I switched on debuggin
  8. The Cart/Basket update page is not working correctly. Product removals and additions are not being updated. I have disabled all caching on the server. In my php error log I see this error Shipping not setup or allow no shipping not enabled in /home/mydomain/classes/cubecart.class.php on line 1707
  9. No I was just saying it appears in my log files with requests made by Google. Google is probably more likely to follow all the available links than customers. But I guess in a small way it does confirm that it happens to non-admins
  10. I have this error in my logs and it appears with a referrer from Google
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