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Found 83 results

  1. Hi! I already posted a similar question, but I think I miswrote the title and question also because unfortunately I got no response. I also think it might be a CC issue what I experience ( I will post on the github.com also and I will write any solutions here.) I have two CC shops and both CC shops are going haywire when changing the main language. Both CC shops are up to date and on different servers. What happens? After I switch to the English US language as default all the translated documents (filemanager\documents) aren’t working anymore after setting the main language to another default language (store settings). The language flags are also gone and replaced by a question mark. The way to get it resolved is by deleting the old database and create a new one and import a fresh backup database. And replacing the store files with a backup also. I did sent CC support team an email about this, but unfortunately no CC response. Hope someone can help me out please.
  2. LaniS

    Robot not working

    My customers are telling me that the verification robot (sorry, I don't know the proper term), isn't working. To be honest, I didn't even realize that my website had a robot on it since I don't buy from myself. I don't feel that I should have to pay for this to be repaired. Can someone help me with this, please?
  3. I have just had a query from a customer asking about a recaptcha issue which I think I have fixed by selecting Invisible Recaptcha. Doing this I was able to process a sale. But when I finished with paypal and selected the option to go back to the website, I got the following warning - image attached - and noticed that the item was still in my cart, appearing not to have been purchased/sale completed. I have had a couple of people query this with me, but I do get the order and the $$ in paypal, so I haven't taken much notice - I probably should have. I had an initial issue when my store was upgraded in that it wasn't set up properly with paypal (the upgrade was done by cubecart and seemed to be rectified by them also, months later when I flagged it with them ). Can anyone shed some light on this issue? Is there a reason why the transaction does not go through to "Complete" status on the user end when coming back to my site from Paypal? I am NOT good with anything technical, but if I have very specific instructions I can usually figure it out. If it's not too complicated :). Thanks in advance. Sarah
  4. Hi guys can you plz help me understand what are these codes for at the bottom of my store footer? I m using the "Foundation skin" so I wonder if I can remove it so it looks neat. Thank you in advance.
  5. Good day I installed v6.2.1 and experienced issues which bsmither kindly assisted me in fixing, but now I cannot log into the Admin Control Panel. It just keeps saying "Security Alert. Possible cross site request Forgery (CSRF), I did insert the admin_xxx but it still will not allow me to log in.
  6. Nelly111s

    Pending or Processing

    I've received two orders recently that seem odd (they might not be, it may be me!). My store is V6.2.0 One has completed the PayPal transaction OK and I've been paid and this is listed as Processing One has not completed the checkout via PayPal, I've not been paid and this is listed as Pending. The customer did not get an order confirmation email. This seems odd behaviour compared to what happens ordinarily. Any ideas?
  7. Jorge Herrera

    Security problem

    Today I recieved a email form the stores email to my admin email that I didn't send my self with some type of russian letters. I'm the only admin. This is some of the email... "SEOcax <[email protected]> escribió a Oportunidades de negocios (Business opps): --------------- рекомендации по продвижению сайта - seorussian.ru" Me email is registered in the stores email log. I'm running latest version. (think I upgrades on the 14th.) All ready changed passwords. Has someone else had this problem? Fixes? recommendations?
  8. Every time I try to login as a customer to test my site, it gives me either a blank page (in Safari) or a HTTP error 500 (in Chrome) when I enter my credentials. Any idea on why this might be? Or how to fix? It might be worth mentioning that I am running 6.1.12, not sure if upgrading will fix the issue. Any and all help is very much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. stevensonplumbing

    Disappearing Google Categories

    Since upgrading to 6.2, I've noticed that the google categories for our products have been slowly disappearing. It seems, when you edit an item, although you can select the category, when it's saved the value is cleared. So in effect every time you edit an item the previous category is deleted. As an experiment, I tried using the demo cubecart store on cubecart.com and it does the same thing .. Of course, it could be something I've done. Mike.
  10. This morning from out of nowhere, when trying to add products as well as several other admin tasks I keep getting redirected to the storefront url and the job that I was trying to do doesn't save. This can be adding a product or even trying to view the php info page, its happened when altering shipping rates in AIO Shipping extension too. Nothing else has changed since I last logged in yesterday, I thought it might be the update to 6.1.14 but I did that this morning after having the problems and it still does the same thing??? there is nothing in the error log either. I'm totally puzzled. Any ideas???
  11. I have found an error affecting two different CubeCart installs with different hosts, so I think this may be a bug When choosing the standard Files Backup button, with checkboxes off, the backup proceeds and is created but then it tries to find this file... /admin_ZZZZZZZ/sources/maintenance/indexbackup.inc.php - not found. Where ZZZZZ is a novel admin location - it doesn’t appear to have been used before and doesn’t match the current. In one situation (it may have been a checkbox difference) I was warned about cross-site scripting on the dashboard page It appears as is something is not going well for the Files Backup feature, and could do with looking at by the software development team (I am not that bothered personally, there are other backup methods available)
  12. Envisage, if you will, a CubeCart store that has a product with options. A customer opens the category, for example, Cats. A list of cat products are produced - Persian, Tom, Burmese, Mexican Hairless (yech) etc. I am in the midst of setting up a global criminal network, so naturally I select Persian and click its "Add to Cart". However, Persian cats come in colours, so there is a product option. The storekeeper angers the mighty criminal overlord by misrepresenting the function of the button. It is not going to "Add to cart" at all, well not yet. Clicking the button actually invites one to "Select product options". To pile insult upon insult, the product page opens with an angry red banner that effectively says "Hey bozo, you forgot to select the product option." To prevent all cat-monging CubeCat storekeepers from possible thermonuclear or biohazard retribution in the future, I propose that the button caption be changed, when appropriate, to Select Options, or if there is only one, which is probably the most likely case, "Select <optionname>" giving, in the kitty-case, "Select Colour" or for Western Pacific Coast types, "Select Color". Either solution will prepare the buyer for the upcoming option selection and obviate the need for the angry red banner. If the criminal overlord customer really is as dumb as a box of rocks, perhaps we could make the option selection field flash, pulsate or jump around to attract attention to itself rather than flash the red error sign. There is, of course, a language implication here, so the fancy version will require some thoughtful contemplation. "Select options then add to basket" is longish, but it creates an accurate expectation about the future. Of course, it does get one a multi-line button. I do like the idea of a custom "Select <whatever> and add to basket text though. Maybe a plug-in entrepreneur could provide this as a plug-in? Gotta say, though, the product options with option groups and stock level matrices is a damn fine thing.
  13. Hello, I have been using Cubecart 3.0.20 for years and I have also linked it to additional custom-made backend. I know that since 3 yers it is open source, however I can't remove "Powered by Cubecart" from the page title. I am not able to buy a license key neither because there aren't any. I can't upgrade as it will ruin my backend totally. Do you have any idea how can I do it?
  14. Hi all. I am pretty new to the whole selling online through a website scene and I would really like some help. I watched the video of how to install Cubecart on Vimeo ( https://vimeo.co*m/118587171 ) and it looks really easy!, So i thought I'd give it a shot. My website is hosted on Godaddy and always has been. I know the very basics of using Godaddy and the file manager so I followed the steps the video gives. I uploaded the ext file to my domain.com/shop and extracted it, created a database (although the database system is slightly different through Godaddy I managed to create it). I then continued to the www.domain.com/shop/setup and was given a line of text that says (and as the video suggests, A file may need to be changed to 'writable') the Cache file was required to be changed to writable. I refreshed by /shop/setup page and now there is a landing page which reads: 500 (Internal Server) Error ...that we're working furiously to correct. Things will be up and running again soon. Thanks for your patience. The setup page does not load and there seems to be an 'internal server error' so I cannot continue the setup. Has this happened to anyone else?, Can anyone suggest anything?. I have tried deleting the database I created and all the files and starting fresh but still the same problem appears. I have also tried picking an older version of Cubecart but still the same error happens. Also to mention, I did have to upgrade my php option to 5.4 (should I also upgrade it to 5.6 or is this not needed?). Picture attached of the error message. Thanks for reading and I hope someone has a solution for me
  15. Michal Kubacki

    "County" error

    Hi, I keep receiving: "The following errors were detected: We seem to have a problem with your address ("Billing Address"). Please check the value for "County" before proceeding." I'm using All In One Shipping extension, it seems to be set up correctly because it gives the right shipping options in accordance with the address - and there seems to be no problem with the address format. However, when trying to finish the transaction, the above error appears. I have no idea which element of the store triggers the error - is it the payment module, or anything else? I'm UK based, the shop language is English UK. Thanks in advance for your help.
  16. SandyBeaches

    Domain Name

    Hello, I'm new to cubecart and am finding it difficult to work my way around it a little. I've installed it in my control panel and tried to work out what I'm doing wrong. My web address shows up with cube at the end. I've installed it in the public_ html Can anyone please advice what I'm doing wrong? Thank you
  17. Hi - first time using CubeCartv6 had been waiting for WorldPay to complete the installation on the payment gateway and at the moment i'm in the payment gateway test mode. I have two issues that I cant see mentioned anywhere: 1, When transferring to WorldPay 'country' => $this->_basket['billing_address']['country'], should be defined as "The shopper's country, as 2-character ISO code, uppercase." this is mandatory, currently 'United Kingdom' is sent to WorldPay. If I hardcode to 'country' => 'GB' this works OK, is there a translation page that can translate the country name to 2-charactrer ISO code? 2, with https://secure-test.worldpay.com/wcc/purchase the return URL to CubeCart has the following: http://test.mysite.com/index.php_a=complete&orderKey=123456789^123456789^3043418930&paymentStatus=AUTHORISED&paymentAmount=4500&paymentCurrency=GBP&mac=aaabbbcccdddeeefff111222333&source=WP However the order doesn't change from 'pending' to 'processing' - can anyone tell me why this is?
  18. John der Kinderen

    Sales Tax error

    In version 6.1.12 I'm seeing an error in sales tax calculation. It happens ONLY when I apply a promo code. In other words, sales tax is correct in a normal cart. There is no obvious mathematical relationship (that I can see) between the correct amount and the calculated amount when the promo code is applied. The promo code itself calculates discount correctly. I've also noticed that the incorrect amount CHANGES when I change shipping method. It changes be an amount that seems not to be related to anything obvious. I have a very simple sales tax calculation of 5.5% applied only to addresses in my state. The promo code is a 20% discount on product (not shipping).
  19. Hi when you add an item to the basket it, it seems like it is automatically adding 2. Any suggestions? It seems that when you add an item with a production option from the category page or main page you are redirected to the exact item page to select the product option. Once you select the product option it adds what you bought and the original click to the cart. shocktechusa.com mican skin v6 new installation
  20. Third order of the day. First two were fine. Received email showing the following prices, which aren't the correct prices shown on the actual order in Cubecart. I can't figure out what happened. Does anyone have any ideas? Cubecart order shows: 1 x Hallows Eve Key Necklace - $20.00 1 x Antiquity Necklace - $12.00 1 x Alice's Rose Pendant Key Necklace - $15.00 Email order shows: Hallows Eve Key Necklace 1 $28.32 Antiquity Necklace 1 $16.99 Alice's Rose Pendant Key Necklace 1 $21.24
  21. Hi, I'm running Cubecart 6.1.13 and am getting a CSRF error immediately after logging in as a user. This started happening the other day and I hadn't altered any files. The following errors were detected: Security Alert: Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) or browser back button used. I have already cleared the cache and even did so manually. When I navigate to any page following the login, it shows as I am logged out. When I return to the homepage it reverts back to showing me as logged in. In the debugging it shows the following error: PHP: [Warning] /home/**censored**/public_html/classes/sanitize.class.php:152 - Invalid Security Token[Notice] /home/**censored**/public_html/includes/functions.inc.php:196 - Undefined variable: _GET[Notice] /home/**censored**/public_html/includes/functions.inc.php:196 - Undefined variable: _GET[Notice] /home/**censored**/public_html/classes/cubecart.class.php:184 - Undefined variable: contents[Notice] /home/**censored**/public_html/classes/cubecart.class.php:184 - Undefined variable: contents[Notice] /home/**censored**/public_html/classes/cubecart.class.php:86 - Undefined index: doc_name Any help would be greatly appreciated! Neil.
  22. Hi! I have added some photos to a "Homepage" Document - it looks fine on my laptop and iPad but when viewed on my phone (in portrait mode), the aspect ratio changes and almost becomes a square (when in reality the dimensions are 1000 pixels width by 375 pixels height). As a result, on my phone it looks very distorted and squashed. Things looks slightly better on my phone in landscape mode but still not quite the correct aspect ratio. Could someone post any ideas or provide any help on how I can remedy this please?
  23. Rahul Gupta

    Extension Installation

    Hi I am trying to install an extension on my local machine just using simple token which i copied from extension directly on Cube Cart Official Website (https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/shipping-methods/flat-rate). But I submit the token and click on Go Button then getting below error, Anyone could help me why I am getting this & how can i resolve this. Thanks Rahul
  24. "The following errors were detected: Unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries." this is what i get trying to checkout from my newly installed cubecart store. this is the link https://uniquegarb.com.ng Any Help will be appreciated
  25. Hello! After upgrade from 6.1.5 to 6.1.7 the function of adding e-mail to mailing list stopped to work. After that, I installed an empty base 6.1.7 on another domain and the feature doesn't work in 'fresh' environment too. Do you have any suggestions?