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  1. Check out registration page edit

    Hi there, So I am actually having the opposite problem of what is being described above. I would like a user's delivery address to be required upon registration (it currently is not). I am using the e-shift skin, but I seem to be facing the same issue with the foundation skin as well. I have tried going into the cubecart.validate.js file to see if these fields are listed as 'not being required' for whatever reason, but this is not the case. Also of potential interest, this 'cubecart.validate.js' file (nor any discernible equivalent js file) is not present in the skins/e-shift/js folder. Any help here is appreciated. Thanks,
  2. It's rather disappointing that you had to spell this process out for me with steps this specfic, but am I ever glad you did! Also edited the dropzone section of the admin.js file for good measure. Resolved! Thank you @bsmither
  3. Thanks. I'm beginning to think I may have copied this file over from my other store as a quick fix for the image size limit override. It is not a certainty, but is there a way for me to acquire/upload the proper filemanager.class.php file for this version of CubeCart?
  4. Thanks for that. See attached. error_log (1)
  5. Hi there. So I am currently building a second CubeCart store for B2B customers, and am now facing an issue whereby the Image Filemanger perpetually reads "Loading..." (See attached screenshot) I have read through the forums for similar problems and came across this, and have tried the proposed steps: It is worth noting that 1) I have modified the image size limit to allow for larger sized files (though I managed this without issue in my other store) 2) an admin folder name change did take place at some point, but I have since played with the global.inc.php file in an attempt to fix this, to no avail. The images DO appear in the Image File Manager page on the left-hand menu, so it seems I am able to upload them properly. My error log is also attached. Is the solution as simple as pointing to the correct admin file/folder in the global.inc.php file? Should I attempt to rename my admin folder to what it was originally? Thanks in advance for any guidance on this.
  6. [Resolved] EXTENSION Install - Site Down

    Ok I'll try to do that. Thanks. Is there a simplified Ioncube "how-to" that anybody can point me to? Or does it depend on my hosting provider? I have A2. Nevermind, I sorted it out. Looks like I installed the wrong version of the plugin. Thanks all.
  7. [Resolved] EXTENSION Install - Site Down

    Ok great. Back to normal. Now what did I do wrong?
  8. [Resolved] EXTENSION Install - Site Down

    My CubeCart and PHP version in my signature are not accurate, by the way
  9. [Resolved] EXTENSION Install - Site Down

    I am currently in a similar situation. I installed the Bulk Update Google Category Plugin... Which directory would this extension be located in? (so I can delete it via FTP)
  10. All of the prices are being displayed with a comma rather than a decimal in my shop. ie. "$55,00" instead of "$55.00" Not a huge issue, but I was wondering if there is an easy fix for this. Thanks in advance.