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  1. Paypal payments not being received

    So have you done that and are they the same ?
  2. Only half working error 500

    Yes you need to increase the memory_limit value for your php version Ian
  3. Only half working error 500

    You have some recent out of memory issues which isnt surprising as your hosting package only allows 32MB which is very low. The issue is image related (the GD library) so you will have some images that are trying to be processed that are taking more memory than your hosting company allows.
  4. Only half working error 500

    Have you recently installed a plugin especially one that is encoded ? If so you may have installed one that is incompatible with the version of ionCube encoder that is installed or maybe you don't have ionCube installed at all. Have you checked the php error_log file ? Ian
  5. is anyone utilising http2

    Well, as I said, while you can "enable" http/2 through EA4 it will never been used so all you are doing is slowing down every single connection as it attempts http2 and then drops down to http. CENTOS 6 will never have that ability and CENTOS 7.4 still hasnt been released.
  6. Skin Mods Kurouto Not working

    Hi Andy The files you are changing will be cached somewhere. Firstly, if making changes ensure that "Enable Caching" is disabled in the Store Settings Advanced tab (remember to switch it back on when you are finished). Secondly, your browser will cache files locally on your PC and it already has a copy of the old file downloaded and will use that - you can force a reload of all files used by typing CTRL-F5 (this is the usual command for most browsers) Ian
  7. best way to upgrade

    The best way is always going to be to do a manual upgrade. There are other threads on here that give the steps on how to do this Ian
  8. Upgraded to 6.1.10 and getting blank screen

    If you have just installed a new plugin (Noodleman's one based on our conversation maybe ?) then you have probably installed the incorrect version for the version of ionCube loaders you have on your hosting Ian
  9. is anyone utilising http2

    http/2 is extremely difficult to implement at the moment so unless you run your own very highly customised server it is unlikely. cPanel (which most people will be running on their server) introduced http/2 in EA3 a short while ago and then in EA4 (which is now mandatory for cPanel) only a couple of months ago. However, this is when it starts to get tricky ! During the initial connection negotiation, if wanting to use http/2, the server and browser needs to establish a secure connection using either the NPN or ALPN protocols. Most versions of OpenSSL only support the older NPN protocol and for a short while that worked and allowed http/2 connections, but Google deprecated NPN in Chrome 51 (followed by almost all other browsers) and only support ALPN effectively breaking http/2 for most of the few people that had implemented it ! The very latest OpenSSL libraries do support ALPN but these havent been adopted by the majority of Operating Systems. So to fully support http/2 you need the very latest OpenSSL libraries in order to support ALPN and these OpenSSL libraries are not yet supported in most Operating Systems - although it isnt too far off. For example, CENTOS (which is the general choice for many and what we use exclusively) is currently on version 7.3 and will be supporting the latest OpenSSL libraries in 7.4 There is one further issue in that there is no upgrade path from CENTOS 6.X to 7 and most hosting servers are running 6.9 which is the latest version available. To upgrade to CENTOS 7, you need to remove all accounts to a second server (obviously ensuring that the specification is OK to run all sites) and then reload the Operating System, reload WHM/cPanel, configure all products and services and keep all fingers and toes crossed that when you move the sites back to the newly reloaded server, they all work ! We are just completing this process on the first of our many servers and it isnt an easy process but something we want to do many so we can support http/2 as soon as CENTOS 7.4 is available ! So the short answer, is that I doubt anyone running CubeCart will be running http/2 which is a shame as it is so much faster ! Ian
  10. CubeCart Git and cPanel

    For anyone that uses git with CubeCart (or any other packages for that matter), cPanel have been adding a huge amount of functionality which will be included in V68 - see https://features.cpanel.net/topic/allow-users-to-install-websites-from-version-control V68 is already in Edge release status so most people will not have access to it yet, but V68 should be into general release in a few months (V66 has just been released in the last week) Ian
  11. Agreed that this should be core functionality in CC but for some strange reason, it never has been. There was a mod for V4 and the plugin from @Noodleman for V6 but if you are VAT registered and sell to consumers or export your products to Google Merchant services, then this plugin is effectively mandatory. We have used / recommended the V6 plugin for many sites and it works extremely well and isn't so difficult to implement - we even have the skin changes built into our Retail Therapy skin so that if you use the module, it simply works out of the box ! As an aside, you should consider not using Mican as it is a skin designed for V5 and isn't being maintained or upgraded for V6 and you also don't have any mobile responsive features which you would have with a Foundation based skin. Google have a stated "mobile first" policy, so not having a responsive skin will provide your mobile visitors with a worse experience which is why Google are penalizing sites in rankings with them. Also ensure you use a SSL across the whole site - again, sites without are suffering in the rankings and Google have now started putting very bold "Insecure Site" messages for those not using a SSL Ian
  12. Sharing Inventory

    Have a chat with @Noodleman as he has a solution that can be tailored to achieve this Ian
  13. Does 1&1.com support Cubecart?

    Depends what you mean by "support" ? If you mean will it run on their servers then yes, CubeCart will run on most Linux based hosting servers. If you mean support as in technical support of CubeCart itself, then no they don't and as with most hosting companies, they won't care what CMS you are running and won't have any expertise or knowledge. Not sure what you mean by "has anyone listed" ? What I can say is that we have migrated quite a lot of clients from 1&1 hosting - they, along with hostgator and godaddy are the three hosting companies that we migrate the most client's from. Ian
  14. Category page has vanished ** Resolved **

    Upgrading will have overwritten any changes you made and replaced any missing files that could have been causing this
  15. Category page has vanished ** Resolved **

    Firstly, upgrade to latest V6 - 5.2.16 is very old and has a lot of bugs that have been fixed including some serious security issues. Your hosting environment is also pretty old - PHP 5.4 reached end of life several years ago and you should really be using PHP 7.0 (or 7.1 is even better as long as you dont intend to use any third party plugins that are encoded with ionCube as that isnt yet available for PHP 7.1) None of the above would cause either of your issues and skin changes also would not have caused categories to not appear within the admin side of things. Have you checked the categories still are in the database ? Viewing the error_log file (and enabling it if it doesnt already appear automatically) is a useful thing to do as well Ian (originally from Wiltshire as well !)