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  1. havenswift-hosting

    Different % discount on a per customer basis?

    ionCube would be listed in a section under phpinfo and it clearly isnt so your hosting technical support may have done something but it certainly isnt installed correctly. Why hosting companies dont install this by default at a server level is beyond me - we always install it on every single server we commission
  2. havenswift-hosting

    GDPR Right to be forgotten

    What a lot of people miss even when "following" those instructions is the following IMPORTANT: If your admin folder or admin.php file has been renamed please reflect these changes in the extracted package prior to uploading. These must correspond to the values specified in the includes/global.inc.php file. And so still end up with multiple /admin directories and admin.php files with various names
  3. havenswift-hosting

    Automatically Generate Meta Description & Keyword

    Meta keywords are not used by any search engine and havent been for a large number of years so that part of it is pointless. Would never recommend having the meta description auto generated - SEO is hard enough for small E-Commerce stores without using poorly constructed data. Write unique and well crafted meta title and descriptions specific to each page and if you want something automatic that will provide far more benefit - install the Google & Pinterest schema.org Microdata plugin
  4. havenswift-hosting

    Error Warning Non-Numeric Value

  5. havenswift-hosting

    Server error 500 after loading image

    What version of CubeCart are you running and who are you hosting with ?
  6. havenswift-hosting

    RESOLVED: Email Template - Think I found a bug

    Pay peanuts and get monkeys though ! While cheap hosting can seem attractive it will always cost you lots of extra money in the long run. Another point is that you shouldnt ever have to opt out of anything like that especially when it is as intrusive as this is and causes so many problems. Good luck !
  7. havenswift-hosting

    GDPR Right to be forgotten

    It is difficult to say without seeing your installation but it is likely that you haven’t been doing the manual upgrades correctly especially the files in the admin directory if/once your /admin directory was renamed so it was obsfucated
  8. havenswift-hosting

    RESOLVED: Email Template - Think I found a bug

    Without knowing the mechanism they are using to insert this code it isn’t possible to say conclusively. It could have been injected into the files (extremely unlikely but easily checked by doing file comparison), it could have been injected into documents as Brian says (again easily checkable by looking at the content of various documents including the offline page) or it could be done dynamically. Whichever way, if I was you, I would look to move my web hosting away from them ASAP - a Hosting company should never mess with your site in this way. Ian
  9. havenswift-hosting

    GDPR Right to be forgotten

    Agreed - almost certainly a partially failed upgrade and using old admin files
  10. havenswift-hosting

    RESOLVED: Email Template - Think I found a bug

    I would doubt very much that they have injected code into files - that would be much worse and almost impossible to do automatically without causing major problems more serious than you are seeing.
  11. havenswift-hosting

    RESOLVED: Email Template - Think I found a bug

    No idea but from your previous answer, you said that they had told you how to turn it off ? Still appears to be there ! Personally, I think godaddy doing that without your permission is extremely bad and I would recommend moving away from them
  12. havenswift-hosting

    GDPR Right to be forgotten

    There should be no need to anonymise accounts - for the GDPR tools look at Customers and then the "GDPR Tools" tab !
  13. havenswift-hosting

    Three questions about CubeCart's capabilities

    It will be the "Clear Cache" turning Orange that you are missing. Backend changes done by admin users are not immediately reflected on the front end as they used to be as that required the cache to be continually cleared which made the cache system effectively useless. Now admin users can make a number of changes and then manually clear cache when they are ready to "Publish"
  14. havenswift-hosting

    RESOLVED: Email Template - Think I found a bug

    No, I doubt it would affect anyone else - your hosting company is injecting "Monitoring" code into your website pages. Unless you specifically switched that on and knew what it was doing, that is pretty naughty ! Even looking at your current visible homepage (store in maintenance message), you still have that injected !
  15. havenswift-hosting

    Three questions about CubeCart's capabilities

    Yes that is the one but again would say that your best solution would not involve using it to have that many top level categories - look at how all modern looking websites organise their categories and products