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  1. havenswift-hosting

    SEO help

    I assume you mean sterlingcharms.co.uk as the domain above doesnt exist. sterlingcharms.co.uk only has the homepage indexed with no other pages which generally means either a penalty of some sort or the rest of the site is being blocked possibly by directives in robots.txt but these should be fairly obvious via Search Console It depends of what the errors are and while you should fix 404 errors, these will only have a very tiny effect on your SEO, not what you are seeing here. I will drop you a PM so you can contact me via our website and happy to take a quick look for you. Incidentally, if you are still running under PHP 5.3, then you need to get that upgraded to at least 7.1 and ideally 7.2 Ian
  2. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2079
  3. mod_security can on a few occasions throw false positives but with modern, well coded software this almost never happens and the benefits far outweigh these small niggles. base64 encoded strings do not cause problems generally with mod_security or we would have hundreds of CubeCart sites tripping rules all of the time Ian
  4. havenswift-hosting

    [Resolved] Fatal error on line 172

    You have a syntax error in your global.inc.php file - go and edit it again and make sure you have no missing or extra characters ian
  5. havenswift-hosting

    Admin Control Panel Security Alert

    You will need to ensure you do the manual upgrade of the 6.2.1 files again, specifically the admin.php and /admin directory files ensuring you rename them to what you are currently using
  6. havenswift-hosting

    500 error on admin login

    Also upgrade your account to use PHP 7.1 or 7.2 - it appears you are running PHP 5.5 which is extremely old, unsupported and much slower than V7 Ian
  7. havenswift-hosting

    Admin Control Panel Security Alert

    You probably have a mismatch of files between 6.2.1 and whatever version you were on before so the admin_XXXXXX.php file is from one version and the /admin_YYYYYY directory files are from a different version Ian
  8. havenswift-hosting

    Show Prices with and without TAX / VAT

    It works well with V6.2 and we have it installed on quite a few client sites but then we automatically provide ionCube on all our hosting servers !
  9. havenswift-hosting

    Site Document - title still displaying in browser title

    That is a seriously bad idea from an SEO point of view - at best you are now going to have duplicate meta title and descriptions for every single product, category, document etc which Google and other search engines will hate and complain about. Sledgehammer to crack a very small nut which is likely to seriously hurt any search engine rankings the site will have Ian
  10. havenswift-hosting

    Pending or Processing

    Not odd behaviour - this is exactly the process CubeCart with PayPal and most payment gateways, follows. Ian
  11. havenswift-hosting

    PayPal IPN Unspecified Errors

    Hi As I mentioned above OpenSSL, 1.0.1 will support TLS1.2 so assuming that your SSL certificate itself is TLS1.2 compliant (all *should* be now !) then you are covered although that is still an old version of OpenSSL that has huge numbers of security vulnerabilities - see https://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-217/product_id-383/version_id-202288/Openssl-Openssl-1.0.1t.html Updating that is the responsibility of your hosting company and something they should do automatically - however, many hosting companies are pretty poor about updating things like this, especially the larger generic hosting companies, and you are much better off using a specialist E-Commerce hosting company Ian
  12. havenswift-hosting

    SagePay (Form)

    This great payment gateway doesnt work under PHP 7.2 (PHP 7.1 works but gives a deprecated warning) as mcrypt (which this code relies on) has been removed in PHP 7.2 See https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2043
  13. havenswift-hosting

    PHP 7.2.5

    We are running plenty of CubeCart sites on PHP 7.1 and PHP 7.2 and havent noticed any issues or had any reported by clients - in fact, on the servers we use for our Fully Managed CubeCart hosting, we only offer 7.1 and 7.2 ! PHP 5.6 and 7.0 are coming to end of life later this year and we are pushing clients to move to 7.1 or ideally 7.2 ASAP - as soon as they reach end of life, we will be removing them from most of our servers due to increasing security risks
  14. havenswift-hosting

    delivery estimate removal please

    Try ticking the option on Store Settings | Features tab "Disable initial shipping & tax estimates"
  15. havenswift-hosting

    (solved)Mixed Content error

    If you have purchased it then you should be able to contact the author for support although as the skin hasnt been updated since January (a bit better than some other skins which have never been updated !) you might be out of luck.