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  1. If you are using Cloudflare which the vast majority of store owners dont Also when the original V6 mod was written, Cloudflare didnt even exist !
  2. We used to have a GeoIP module for CubeCart V4 that use online databases such as Maxmind (free or for bigger sites paid services) and you had the option of assigning country IP address against languages and / or currencies - worked extremely well but just never rewritten it for V6 although it is on the list of plugins to get written
  3. Yes there is a commercial plugin from @Noodleman that does this at a category level so if you have categories that only contain the products that are only available to the Trade Customer Group, then using the https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/category-document-security-plugin-customer-groups-security-plugin-for-cubecart plugin you can achieve that. We have used this on client sites and it works well Ian
  4. Disabling the customer will stop them from logging in again but a possible explanation for this is that the customer never logged out and so still had an active session and so did not actually need to login again. There is a good argument that disabling a customer should automatically terminate any active sessions and many other systems have a way of terminating active login sessions manually as well. Would be worthwhile adding this as a bug / feature request to github and reference this thread
  5. Well there you go - that is your problem straight away lol In that case, you will need to clear cache within the browser itself - depending on which browser you use, the method will be slightly different and you should have the chance to clear cached files for each individual site
  6. Neither of those clear the browser cache - as I said previously you need to hold down CTRL key and hit F5 That will if you dont use that browser - it therefore doesnt have the old version of the files cached It will until you clear the browser cache - the new site will work in the second browser though. All the above proves it isnt a CubeCart issue but a local browser cache issue
  7. The browser will be caching files based on the site url - there would be chaos otherwise ! We look after hundreds of CubeCart sites all of different versions and none would work. Simply go to the description tab for one product, CTRL-F5 to force refresh of the cached file for that site and all will be well
  8. There were changes (documented in quite a few threads in the forum already) that require you to force a reload of assets for this to work. When on a page with the description missing, hit CTRL-F5 to reload and all will be well Ian
  9. There must be some issue with the way they are listed as that just isnt right. As I said previously we have several clients that probably get thousands of pounds (or even tens of thousands in one case) worth of orders via merchant centre per month If the images are too small then that wont help and if you dont have supporting schema (microdata) markup that also wont help but even if you forgot the 500 products with small images, then getting sales from the others for FREE should be worth some effort but if you dont think so then .......
  10. Definitely a much better solution - Keat's solution would probably leave orphaned records in other tables for example the address table. This solution really needs to be added to core for exactly the reasons outlined by Keat on Tuesday !
  11. It can initially be a little tricky to get setup but having done a large number for clients, I am pretty good at it now ! It also requires the feed to be good both in terms of what data is uploaded (the core CubeCart plugin is missing data and also has bugs) but also the data quality needs to be good as well. Once configured though it is a fantastic FREE resource for advertising your products and in my opinion pretty much all CubeCart merchants should use it - many of our clients get well over 50% of their sales this way so who wouldnt want to double their sales for nothing ?? If you (or anyone else) is interested drop me a message (preferably via our website support ticket system and I can run through what is needed
  12. Never seen that error message before but it is either a Windows Apache specific error (I assume the OP is using Windows as he says localhost) or they simply havent configured it correctly. We, of course always configure everything perfectly
  13. Using the meta description is no guarantee either - you have no control over what Google uses - it can take the meta description, part of it or create it's own from content on the page. If it worked in this instance, great but dont count on it Using the meta description is no guarantee either - you have no control over what Google uses - it can take the meta description, part of it or create it's own from content on the page. If it worked in this instance, great but dont count on it Having good schema.org markup on the page (https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/google-pinterest-schema-org-microdata-plugin) will help Google and exporting your products to Google Merchant Centre (https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/google-merchant-centre-feed) will get them including the price, added into their system with a lot of exposure
  14. There is no problem with using this statement with Apache 2.4 - every single server we run uses 2.4 and all CubeCart sites have this directive as part of the .htaccess file. Firstly check that the syntax and layout is exactly the same as shown above
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