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  1. invisible recptcha not working

    OK then I would suggest rechecking the various commits for that issue to check you added everything correctly and if you are certain it was all done OK, then there could be another cause although I can’t see how a firewall would be blocking it. Foundation works perfectly across multiple sites / hosting servers and I recently added it to two of our skins and those are working on multiple client’s sites as well
  2. Attaching a PDF to a product

    To request a new feature, you can go here : https://features.cubecart.com/ but the chance of it being in the next upgrade I suspect is slim to none ! Many people think their requirement is a simple and obvious need that everyone would want ! Adding a link to a product description can be done via the editor
  3. invisible recptcha not working

    What skin are you using and why do you think that the Invisible recaptcha code has been added. Apart from core Foundation, very few third party skins have had the changes done
  4. Havenswift Hosting Skin Configuration

    This plugin has today been upgraded to V1.2 and this version should be used if installing Retail Therapy skin V1.8 or Nautical skin V1.3 New features added include * Integration with Google Tag Manager * Added option to remove the sidebar on all pages * Added option to remove the mailing list signup * Added ability to choose to use Google Translate which replaces the standard language selector
  5. Retail Therapy Skin

    Version 1.8 has just been released and this contains a couple of minor bug fixes and layout enhancements plus also a lot of additional integrations and functionality improvements New features added in this release include * Integration with Smartlook - Take a look and sign up for your free account of this fantastic service here : https://www.smartlook.com/?_ak=QrCqPqfMK * Integration of Google Tag Manager code * Integration of Google Invisible ReCaptcha * Integration with Noodleman Absolute Option Matrix Prices plugin * Addition of accordion effect when using Multiple Homepage Documents plugin * Add option to remove sidebar on all pages except homepage (which doesnt have it anyway) * Add option to remove Mailing list signup from the store * Ability to choose Google Translate and remove standard language selector if enabled * Integration of Google Survey opt-in * Addition of shadow boxes around certain content * Fix bug with magnifier function
  6. Shipping Module Recommendation

    You could offer free shipping and then build the shipping cost into the product price although that doesn’t work so well if you ship to multiple regions that have very different shipping costs. If this is the case, then you will probably need to use a more complex configuration and the plugin from @Noodleman would probably come in handy https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/shipping-methods/link-cubecart-products-to-specific-shipping-services-/-modules Ian
  7. Sales setup

    There is no ";" at the end of your queries and if all are copied and pasted together then will be executed as one (or at least attempted)
  8. Credit Card Capture

    There are so many people using this extension without understanding the PCI requirements for doing so - see https://www.pcicomplianceguide.org/faq/#5. Of course, a huge number of people still dont bother with PCI at all !
  9. Class 'XMLWriter' not found

    That is the author section from php info - look under the main xmlwriter section and see if it is enabled or (probably) disabled
  10. Edit Order Date

    Try using https://www.epochconverter.com/ to convert back and forth between the two formats Ian
  11. Remove Best Sellers and Mailing List

    Look in main.php for {include file='templates/box.newsletter.php'} and {include file='templates/box.popular.php'}
  12. Test Product not Found

    Never develop anything on a localhost (although several people do) but probably something to do with url ReWrite not working ?
  13. Customer records

    GDPR is about SO much more than this ! (This is by no means a complete list and is not given with any warranty of legal correctness) 1) Anyone, anywhere in the world, processing personal data for any individual based in the EU needs to comply with GDPR. In theory, this covers pretty much any website anywhere in the world but unless you are based within the EU or are a larger company, there are questions over how it will be enforced but if information is disclosed illegally, for example via a hack, and you arent complying or even attempting to comply with the provisions, then the fines are likely to be much higher. 2) Each Processor has to decide under what legal basis (https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/lawful-basis-for-processing/) they are collecting and using the data. This basis cannot easily be changed and dramatically affects what information needs to be given to users providing their personal data and also what rights they have concerning that data. ie information collected for analytics purposes is different to information for email marketing which is different to information required to execute a contract (ie a sale) and they will have a different legal basis and attached user rights. This affects data retention for example. 3) You also need to specify and comply with restrictions about disclosing personal information to any third parties (this includes for analytics purposes, accounting and even payment processors !) and also be able to categorically state what information is held on any individual (by that individual and the provision of that information can be charged for) and importantly exactly where that information is stored. Storing personal information on Europeans outside of Europe adds many complications (so people using hosting companies outside of Europe) and also if you use cloud services that also makes it more complicated - many cloud companies still cannot categorically state that data will be stored in a certain location 100% of the time. The functionality of applications such as CubeCart may need to be enhanced in order to help users comply with some of the GDPR provisions such as access to information and the right to be forgotten - however, these rights are dependent on what legal basis the information is stored. CubeCart already has a tick box (so that informed consent can be given for the collection of the data - this fact does need to be stored against the customer record) for agreeing to Terms and Conditions and if that and the associated Privacy Policy Document are written correctly, then many areas are covered (that is obviously a BIG if though !). New functionality in core CubeCart to be able to search for information based on an entered email address or a person's name and then print out a nicely formatted report showing what information is held which could then be sent to an enquirer, would be very useful as this is a legal requirement. I also believe that a double opt-in system when signing up for a newsletter (https://features.cubecart.com/topic/add-newsletter-signup-email-verification) is now required for GDPR in addition to it being a legal requirement in most locations already anyway. Plus, as I have just added to the "Feature" request, I believe that this should also be a requirement before an account is created.
  14. Gallery Image Ordering

    https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/product-image-rollover this plugin has that feature as an extra to the “main” functionality which is adding image rollover (auto-switching between two designated images when the mouse hovers over the image). Much more control over the order of the images AND no code edits to core CubeCart Ian
  15. New User for Cube Cart

    1) If you haven’t already, install a shipping module - All in One Shipping covers most scenarios for most people. 2) Configure Shipping module to cover all possible orders whether this s based on weight, total order value etc and ensure geographical regions where you will be taking orders from are covered Ian