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  1. havenswift-hosting

    Sitemap issues

    Your latest issue has nothing to do with the sitemap problem from your OP and can pretty much be ignored. It simply means that for that user, something has changed in their session data - if you read the whole message and compare the two records, you will see what the difference is. It could be that the IP address changed or the browser was different in some way. You have a much bigger site than the vast majority of CubeCart users who generally have terns, hundreds or maybe a few thousand products so the sitemap creation is always going to take a VERY long time and almost certainly you are hitting some form of hosting account resource limit. We never recommend using the built in sitemap generator and many of our clients use a third party piece of software that we resell called XML Sitemap. This is a fantastic bit of software that is also pretty cheap and can be run via cron (so no need for you to remember to do it daily / weekly etc) can be configured with a huge amount of different settings from excluding certain patterns of urls, to throttling the crawling process so it doesnt overuse resources and it can also create image sitemaps (very important alongside the normal url sitemap) and also video, mobile, news sitemaps as well if required.
  2. havenswift-hosting

    No longer able to log into admin

    A hosting company that couldnt handle updated CubeCart ? Really ? They must have been running a VERY old version of PHP as cant see any other reason why that would be the case - in which case you are far better off away from them. Shame you have only just moved - should have checked out our self-managed and fully-managed CubeCart hosting plans - we even do the whole move for you ! If not too late and want to come to a specialist hosting company, then get in touch and sure we can work something out Ian
  3. havenswift-hosting

    No longer able to log into admin

    Dont ever used a shared SSL - one of the worst things ever "invented". Many hosting companies are providing SSL certificates now and you can always get a free one yourself from Let's Encrypt
  4. havenswift-hosting

    PayPal Powered by Braintree

    This plugin will not work with a lot of third party skins - see https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2142
  5. havenswift-hosting

    registration button not working

    Have you checked for any errors using Chrome console
  6. havenswift-hosting

    Request a Feature - Want a Feature added to CC??

    Just a quick reminder about the Features board. This really needs as many people as possible to have a look through the topics already listed - vote, and if possible add useful comments, for any that you would personally like to see included into core CubeCart. If you have a great idea for new functionality that isnt already listed as a feature request (and ideally isnt already covered by a third party developer plugin) then create a new topic. If anyone has any doubts that adding or voting on topics makes a difference - simply go to the Request a Feature board and where it says "All Statuses", select "Completed" and see how many have already been added to core CubeCart
  7. havenswift-hosting

    Enabling SSL on Third Party CubeCart Template

    Hi Anne You really should upgrade as V6 is massively better than V4 and it isn’t a difficult thing to do although you would need a new skin and as the code base is all different, if you have any custom code or mods, this would need to be looked at - if you wanted to come across to us then we can certainly sort all of this for you. In fact, if you wanted to upgrade, there would be no need to sort out the issue with the SSL and multiple skins under V4 as all those problems would simply go away ! Ian
  8. havenswift-hosting

    Enabling SSL on Third Party CubeCart Template

    Firstly, I would kick your host into touch straight away. While ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure you have backups of your site, most reputable Hosting companies will do regular backups anyway but what they certainly shouldn’t have done is make changes to files without keep copies of Pre-changed files. If you would like to chat about specialist CubeCart hosting, then please PM me. As far as your current problem is concerned, that is interesting as a different skin is being used under https and this should not make a difference to which skin is used at all. It is obvious that the skin has been coded with absolute http:// urls so that would need changing and this is a fairly simple but an investigation into why https is calling a completely skin would be needed Ian
  9. havenswift-hosting

    Basket Randomly Emptying & saved_cart BLOB Recover

    One side effect (a benefit for some) is that the admin login session will not be automatically terminated if left for a while - still always best from a security point of view to logout when you are finished
  10. havenswift-hosting

    Basket Randomly Emptying & saved_cart BLOB Recover

    If you are running cPanel AND your hosting companies allows you access to Multi PHP INI Editor AND you are allowed by them to change the values - that is by far the best way of doing it. Once you have changed it, then go into PHP Info and go to the sessions section and check that it has changed If your statement in your last post of the setting of your memory_limit at 15M is correct and it isnt a typo, then you need to change or better still remove that line !
  11. havenswift-hosting

    Basket Randomly Emptying & saved_cart BLOB Recover

    The standard behaviour is to set the session save path to a fixed path per PHP version (so all users on that same version of PHP use the same path) and set the gc_maxlifetime to 24 minutes and while garbage collection is a fuzzy concept, potentially a session can be considered stale and deleted after 24 minutes. This explains why you have an item in the saved_cart table but the customer cannot see it
  12. havenswift-hosting

    Basket Randomly Emptying & saved_cart BLOB Recover

    You can also try to change the session settings for your account (if you are allowed to by your hosting company). Try doing the following (assumption made that you are hosted on a cPanel based system) 1) Create a new directory above the public_html directory called "sessions" 2) Change "session.save_path" in your php.ini file to point to this new session directory instead of the default one for your PHP version 3) Change "session.gc_maxlifetime" to something like 172800 (2 days in seconds) rather than the default session lifetime of 1440 (24 minutes) We do this for all clients on our fully managed hosting plans and solves the problem. BTW the Abandoned Carts Module is still useful for catching and converting visitors that started to build an order and left before completing it Ian
  13. havenswift-hosting

    New caching method introduced in V6.2.0

    Good idea !
  14. CubeCart V6.2.0 introduced a new caching method which was highlighted in the version release posting by Al but this is not seen by many people and a lot of questions are being caused by people not seeing or understanding this - so this post will be pinned in the hope that more will see it - the text from Al's original post was : This release has a clear cache on demand tool which significantly optimises the caching system and lowers server load. This means that inventory or configuration changes made in the admin control panel will not be reflected on the front end of the store until the "Clear Cache" button is clicked. This can be found at the top right hand side of every page of the admin control panel. We very much appreciate that this may be seen as an unwelcome new feature but the technical significance is worthy. Unless you have a critical change to make we suggest clearing the cache habitually at the end of each admin session. If the cache is not cleared it may take up to 24 hours for your changes to show.
  15. havenswift-hosting

    Clear Cache Every-time