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  1. It is likely to be that PHP 5.6 and PHP 7 are running different handlers and are creating the files with different ownership. Start from scratch and create the files again under both and check the permissions and ownership and also use the Server Info to check which PHP handler you are using Ian
  2. It is probably another case of an admin dashboard upgrade that didnt complete correctly due to the recent problems - manual upgrades have to be done until you are on at least 6.1.8 (as this is the latest version, we are not 100% sure the problems have all been fixed) - and this has create file version mismatches. A manual upgrade to 6.1.8 will fix this and if you wish to do a backup then phpMyAdmin for the database and SSH / FTP / File Manager for the files Ian
  3. cubecart v6

    Sorry but your hosting company seems to not know what they are talking about. Optimizing the database is extremely unlikely to have any effect on this issue as the problem is your site hitting hosting limits imposed by your hosting company. 25 simultaneous connections to the database is a reasonable number so either your website is VERY busy or more likely your hosting company has issues with the configuration of the server and / or it is overloaded. Ian
  4. issue

    Have a look under the Admin | Manage Extension menu option Ian
  5. Why do you think that and have you checked the database to see whether encoded data for the card details has been recorded. I will ask again about the SSL - CubeCart will not display card details if you are trying to view without using https. The Card Capture module is used by so many people and for 99% of them, they are contravening PCI regulations even if you do have an SSL installed
  6. It is very unlikely that a search engine (especially Google) will have old urls cached for more than a few weeks / months at the very most. What is more likely is that these links may be on another website as links back to you and maybe that website's pages have only recently been added to the index. Google will see the links on this third party website, cache them and try to follow them and then be getting a 404 as they dont exist Ian
  7. You are unable to see the CC details unless you view the page using https - you do have a SSL installed I assume ? Ian
  8. Thank you to both of you for the kind words. I do see this on quite a few sites and it is usually just the odd warning line entry here and there in the error_log, but 8500 entries in a little over one hour was a bit extreme ! Ian
  9. Database changes are shown in the setup/db/upgrade directory - you can run any sql file required directly using phpMyAdmin Ian
  10. Peter It looks like a "standard" payment process - quotes are there because no two payment gateways are alike and take a reasonable amount of development and even more testing. If you want to have a go yourself, the best suggestion is to take a look at the code for one of the free / well established gateways (the SagePay one is quite good but check a couple of others) to see the flow and adjust where necessary Ian
  11. Standard core CubeCart V5 will work on PHP7 and even V4 will work 99.9% - although unless you have a massively modified version, why would you ?
  12. Thanks for the shout out ! A manual upgrade is the only sure way and part of the problem is that trying to upgrade from one specific version (say 6.1.1 or 6.1.2 etc) to the latest version can create different problems which need different solutions. You will have a mix of files at different versions, DB may be at correct or incorrect version and the admin renaming may be messed up - hard to tell without looking at the files via FTP Ian
  13. I can find absolutely no reasons to ever continue with a V5 skin - they are not being maintained, are starting to have missing functionality but mostly they are not responsive which is a very poor customer experience which is why Google are penalising sites in several different way. There are unfortunately only a small number of good V6 skins available but be very aware of those put up a long time ago and not maintained.
  14. Click on Issues tab and then click green New Issue button !
  15. Just taken a look at that script and it looks very good - a great contribution ! The warnings about security and protecting it from unauthorised access are important for anyone looking to use it otherwise something could make a real mess of your store but the documentation looks very good !