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  1. Update

    Even though the RC-2 update is showing in store's dashboards as being available - it shouldnt be used on a live site. If you are on a pretty recent V6 release, then there should be no need to upgrade anyway as far as skin compatibility is concerned Ian
  2. gdpr

    There is no need to do this but it should be covered in your Privacy Policy. Having any consent pre-selected will not be allowed under GDPR. You were part of a previous discussion where I summarised the basic points - see It will from technical point of view but the main area of work is down to each customer to update their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions based on the decisions taken as to data use and retention.
  3. A manual upgrade will always work and is the method I always use for all sites - if you are getting these errors then the upgrade via the admin upgrade option will always fail. This problem seemed to start after switching to the "new" unzip function a while back. Interestingly, WordPress websites on the same servers where I have seen these failures are able to upgrade using their built in utility without any issues
  4. Upgrade stuck. Says database is still 6.0.5

    It is almost impossible to say what is causing your issue based on the information we have to date. It could be lack of Server resources, it could be that the files haven’t been correctly updated (a manual upgrade instead of the built in admin function is the only reliable way to upgrade)or it could be any number of other causes. If you previously tried to follow the Admin upgrade, then I suggest that you try a manual upgrade from scratch Ian
  5. Chatbot

    Zopim Chat which is now called Zendesk has that feature and there is a free extension developed by @Al Brookbanks that works really well. See https://www.zopim.com/product/ for details and https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/live-help/zendesk-live-chat-with-customer-and-basket-data for the extension itself. We use Zendesk chat ourselves on quite a few websites and it works very well Ian
  6. update to 6.1.4

    The only way it can do this is if when doing a manual upload / upgrade, you don’t upload the Admin files to the correct location. If you already have a renamed Admin directory you MUST upload the contents of /admin from the zip file to the current renamed directory and also Admin.php should be renamed to your admin_xxxxxx.php file BEFORE you run setup
  7. Unable to Enter Admin After Update

    Everything you say about your Hosting company and their explanation sounds pretty dodgy to me. CubeCart isn’t perfect with it’s use of database resources and likewise with the way that caching works, which in turn increases database accesses, although this could be a lot better once 6.2.0 is released, however it is far better than a lot of other similar systems. The only possible reason for requiring you to create a new dB username / password would be if they thought that this had become public. MySQL timing out and a server needing to be rebooted several times in short succession dictates a vastly over populated / busy Server and would just love to hear their explanation as to hwhere w your account can switch php versions after a reboot !! PHP 5.6 should be the very bare minimum you should be using but 7.0 and better still 7.1, are much better and significantly faster than 5.6 Ian
  8. Google schema.org Microdata plugin

    Thanks for the recommendation
  9. New skin

    Hi Richard Drop me a PM and we can have a chat Ian
  10. Can I make my website Responsive?

    Take a look at our Retail Therapy skin here https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/developer/havenswift-hosting which comes with a free Skin Configuration plugin which we are continually expanding and adding features and functionality to
  11. PayPal IPN Unspecified Errors

    PayPal along with all other payment gateways have been sending out emails to all users for about a year saying that TLS1.2 will be required and older insecure protocols will not be supported and as the user here appears to be using 1.0.0 (even that is deceptive as many distributions dont upgrade openSSL but back port security patches). I would expect that the INVALID response will be caused by that but as all of our servers were TLS1.2 compliant four or five years ago, have never come across this. All payment providers have only just been forced into using TLS1.2 so it is going to be a VERY long time before they force TLS1.3 - it was only released less than a year ago and cPanel for example doesnt even support it yet.
  12. File Backups within Maintenance

    Completely agree that you will have a mix of file versions - using the admin update tool on older versions doesnt work and causes partly upgraded sites, and it also messes up the naming of the admin.php and admin directory if you had already renamed them to the obfuscated versions
  13. Thanks for the reference Brian - all our plugins are available for a seven day full functioning trial so you can test before purchasing Ian
  14. PayPal IPN Unspecified Errors

    OpenSSL 1.0.0 is massively old and contains a huge number of security risks - version 1.0.1 is the minimum required for TLS1.2 but even that is full of holes - upgrade to the latest version
  15. Stock levels for product options

    If using options matrix, then the plugin from @Noodleman https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/absolute-matrix-option-prices-price-list-hide-out-of-stock-matrix-options is a fantastic addition