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  1. You have another thread talking about "unknown" content in the offline message - that will be causing the second error message. The first as Brian says, is a hosting / MySQL misconfiguration that is simple to fix (and something we do on all servers as we commission them) but can only be done if you have root access to the server
  2. https://www.google.com/search?q=avigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition.bind&oq=avigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition.bind
  3. Don't use cheap generic hosting !! That is a lot of concurrent users and I doubt any standard hosting plan would cope. Cloudflare would definitely help but by itself it cannot sort out underlying hosting issues and there are so many different possible bottlenecks and a large number of possible solutions
  4. I would have no idea until I can look at the current API requirements and see where it differs from the current older software - if you are interested then we can take this to PM or better still, please register on our website and we can continue the conversation via a support ticket
  5. We custom wrote a plugin for a client quite a few years ago but as they stopped using Klarna a couple of years ago, it hasnt been updated since and will almost certainly require some changes to get it to work correctly with their updated API. As there is so little call for it, it isnt something we are likely to do unless the work is sponsored although after saying that, there probably isnt so much to do
  6. Sure,simply create a zip file with all five in and use that as your digital file Ian
  7. As paying by cheque is an offline process, you should use the Print Order Form gateway - https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/payment-gateways/print-order-form Ian
  8. You may be able to do it yourself or you may need to speak to your hosting company - depends what setup you have
  9. There is no accounting for people that dont help themselves by running out of date software
  10. You should go for 7.3 rather than 7.2 - while 7.4 was released a while ago, it isnt distributed with standard cPanel yet (only with Cloudlinux at the moment) and if you have ionCube encoded plugins, then you cant even use 7.4 on CL as the 7.4 loaders havent been released yet ! No need to disable plugins and certainly no need to upload / reinstall the core CubeCart files again - simple two step process at most If you have ioncube encoded plugins, upload the 7.3 versions of those Change the PHP version via cPanel to 7.3
  11. It would be an extremely poor hosting configuration that allowed this ! An intrusion via an issue in an application could potentially delete or adjust files within that one account but it *should* never be possible to affect files in other accounts. Any hosting company that configures their servers to allow this access deserves all the hassle they will get.
  12. We use this plugin on a couple of client sites and it works extremely well - can highly recommend it
  13. Dont ever save passwords in a browser - firstly because of problems like this and more importantly because it is insecure. Use a password manager like LastPass which is free, works across all types of device and means you can use complex and different passwords for every single site and only ever have to remember one password ! If you have saved passwords using the Chrome browser, LastPass will even import these for you and then delete them from the browser save
  14. Some are more dangerous than others in that list and all have some legitimate use. Much depends on whether the server is dedicated or shared with multiple users and how good the rest of the server security is
  15. There is no CubeCart function or third party module that use these functions - they should all be disabled as they are a MAJOR security risk
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