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  1. I also dont believe this is a PayPal issue - there are lots of reports of different and odd behaviour from upgraded sites that are intermittent even on the same site.
  2. The database checking tool was introduced in 6.1.5 - see At the moment there are a number of different issues being reported by lots of people with 6.1.7 and I would recommend not upgrading at the moment until these are investigated / fixed. Ian
  3. With the number of different issues with 6.1.7 I would strongly suggest going with 6.1.5. There are no upgrade issues if you do a manual upgrade which is simple and has been documented several times on here and always works Ian
  4. OK, I stand corrected ! You never used to have to enter anything but PayPal have obviously updated their system - we never use PayPal so dont know much about it Ian
  5. You just need to ensure that IPN is switched on within your PayPal account and you shouldnt need any url in there as the PayPal modules pass it each time although what @Dirty Butter has shown should be correct. Ian
  6. You will need to install and configure this "payment gateway" https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/payment-gateways/print-order-form and configure it to only display bank account information to be used for bank transfers Ian
  7. @bsandall You are very welcome although I think there are multiple causes - I have seen the IPN turned off in multiple customer accounts but they do still fail in accounts where it is switched on, such as @steve@themodeltreeshop.co. but we have just tried the solution from @bsmither on this site, so let's see if that fixes it here Ian
  8. I have tested the plugin on a stock 6.1.7 install against both our Retail Therapy skin (which needs no edits) and also against the Foundation skin. The Foundation skin does need a few minor edits to remove the limited microdata that is already installed so that it doesnt confuse the more expanded microdata that our plugin dynamically adds. It is working perfectly for me and am happy that our plugin works 100% against 6.1.7 Ian
  9. You should always install an SSL and validate it is working correctly before enabling it in any application. We enable HSTS on all our servers anyway which negates this issue - if an account has SSL installed, then it is only possible to connect via a secure connection Ian
  10. There are several other threads plus a discussion under the github issues about this - the suggested solution is to fully clear browser cache and then when you are able to login into admin, go into Store Settings and save. However, 6.1.7 is about to be released which should fix these issues so you could just wait until then and upgrade Ian
  11. csrocketry.com/setup redirects without error to https://www.csrocketry.com/index.php
  12. OK great - 7.0 is supported by ionCube encoder V9 and you are correct that php 7.1 isnt yet supported but is supposed to be when V10 comes out but no timescale from ionCube yet
  13. No problem at all Chris, we all had to start somewhere and you are willing to give it a go which is how you will learn !
  14. You will need to select upgrade ! You have uploaded the files for 6.1.6 but haven't yet updated the database Ian
  15. Well that will depend on what version of php / ionCube encoder you are currently running. If going to php 7 (good choice btw as it is much quicker !) then best to download the 5.6_and_above version from the marketplace and simply upload over the top of what you have now, once you have switched to php 7.