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  1. Why did you have to do a new install ? Do you still have the database for your old store and what version was it ? All the data will (should) still be in there and you should be able to simply upgrade that database to 6.1.7 (or 6.1.8 which is the latest version) Ian
  2. Thanks and did realise that and should have gone and looked myself and posted the link which you have done - was putting it up for info but much better to add the solution as well !
  3. Just tried a test admin upgrade on one of our dev stores (always do manual upgrades normally) can getting the following error /admin_XXXXXX/sources/maintenance/indexupgrade.inc.php - not found.
  4. Our plugin allows you to do this https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/enhanced-sorting Ian
  5. Glad it went well !
  6. You wouldnt "lose all" by doing a manual upgrade and if you do a full file and database backup (as you should do before each and every upgrade !) then even if a catastrophe happens, it is easy to roll back. I suppose it would be possible to do what you are asking but it is more work and doesnt achieve anything. A manual upgrade to 6.1.7 is easy to do by following the instructions although there are several patches that are needed which will be included in 6.1.8 which is due out very shortly so I would suggest waiting a day or so until it is released. Ian
  7. Yes, it would need a custom plugin to implement a connection to CubeCart using the Tukadoo API. Unless you can find a native Dutch speaker to do the development, you would also need translated copies of the API documentation
  8. HSTS is great but it does apply server wide but we enable it on all our shared hosting servers. You need to add directives to the .htaccess to force all pages to be https but what is needed will be specific to how your server is setup - this is why if you search online for this, you will find lots of different answers, all of which could be correct. You can try what Brian has suggested as that is one common way but if the syntax isnt correct for your server it will stop your whole site from working, so dont change and leave without testing !
  9. Ensure that you force https in your .htaccess file or better still ask your hosting company to enable HSTS Check to make sure you dont have any hard-coded urls that start http:// as that will cause the page to be insecure due to mixed content. Hard coding in skin template files and documents are the normal culprits Ian
  10. The other option is this plugin https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/category-product-options which shows and allows a product's options to be selected on the category listing page so that the add to basket does exactly that ! Ian
  11. Get your current V5 store up and running first on your new hosting so that you are happy with it and only then do an upgrade (not a new install) when it will use the upgraded database and all images will be in place already Ian
  12. So Fasthosts are not doing the move for you then and are not willing (or know how) to help ? The includes/global.inc.php file is the config file and the only things that might need changing would be the database fields - server may be IP address if not on localhost and the database name, username and password may have changed but if you created these on your new hosting then you should know these There shouldnt be anything in the .htaccess file that would need changing and it probably wasnt copied across if your FTP program doesnt display . files CubeCart should recreate it for you or you can change your FTP client settings to display files starting with a period and then copy it across Take the chance to upgrade to latest V6 though ! Ian
  13. Downloaded and enable the free skin configuration plugin that works with the Retail Therapy skin https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/skins/havenswift-hosting-skin-configuration There is an option to display or not display the store logo. Ian
  14. Plugins do not get overwritten during upgrades but there is no guarantee that they wont need to be updated with updates to core CubeCart - quite often changes made to core affect plugins which causes a bug or stop them from working completely. That is why you should always get plugins (and skins which can also be affected) from active developers that update their products regularly. Previous versions of CubeCart had a few serious security issues which if not patched (or upgraded) immediately could easily have allowed hackers access to your store - that sounds like what happened to you. Ian
  15. I assume you mean "if the gateway isn't automatically changing the order status to Processing" (not Pending) ? If that is the case and you are running 6.1.7 then you need the fix shown in this issue https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1601 which leads to this commit https://github.com/cubecart/v6/commit/fdac99ad1b868064694d42dd4ac5d52f4acd0aea Just ensure you remove the var_dump line. This issue isn't a PayPal issue and affects most gateways If you are 100% certain that you have that patch then something on your end is blocking the IPN process and you will need to speak to your hosting company Ian