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  1. Interestingly, SagePay are the first ones that I have seen that say current 3D Secure (3DSv1) will be a valid method of authentication until the end of 2020 when the new 3DSv2 will be mandatory https://get.sage.com/PAY_19Q3_C4L_GBIE_DGEE_GLPAYM_PSD2InformationLandingPage
  2. On 14th September 2019, a new European regulatory requirement called enhanced customer authentication (SCA) will incorporate two-step authentication for many Internet payments in Europe as a mandatory requirement and unauthenticated payments will be rejected by your customers' banks. Most payment gateways have already or will shortly be releasing changes to their API's but this will mean that all payment gateway modules will need to be updated in order to continue processing payments in Europe
  3. yw - happens all the time - probably a third of all "problems" reported on here are because people havent done upgrades correctly, sometimes for many versions / months / years in a row !
  4. Probably exactly the same reason - it is likely that you havent completed the upgrade correctly and have a mix of versions. Check how many versions of the admin directory and file you have and compare that against what you should be running and then ensure that directory and file are actually from 6.2.5
  5. It is impossible to give a definitive answer as it will be different for each site and even for different pages within each site, however, the generally accepted timeframe is that anything more than one to two days of downtime will affect rankings. Matt Cutts and John Mueller from Google have both made public statements about this previously. You would be much better off, keep the store open and putting up a prominent banner on all pages and changing customer order emails, stating that orders taken between X and Y dates will not be processed until Z date - that way you don’t lose ranking and hopefully not orders or future custom either Ian
  6. If you are still using the admin.php and /admin names then you don’t need to do anything for the upgrade and the upgrade itself will change these for you so you will have admin_aBcDeF.php for example. If you already have renamed versions and don’t follow that copying procedure correctly, the upgrade will rename then again and you will have two copies of each being the old and new versions. Many people have gotten in a real mess having, two, three or even more different admin files and admin directories all from different versions which then causes all sorts of unpredictable errors Ian
  7. Simply follow the procedure as I outlined, then remove everything from public_html except your CubeCart sub-directory. Then move everything from that sub-directory up one level into public_html. The only thing you may need to change will be the RewriteBase directive in the .htaccess file to remove your sub-directory
  8. Firstly, you should rename your skin to something other than foundation - details in the support knowledgebase on the CubeCart website. You definitely dont want to do an "install" and do want to do an upgrade - follow the V5 to V6 upgrade and then simply copy up your now renamed version of foundation into the skins directory. That way your database is preserved and upgraded to V6 and in future you can upgrade core CubeCart without any danger of overwriting your custom skin. You ideally will check each release for skin changes done to foundation and then apply these to your custom skin.
  9. A MySQL table can very (very) rarely crash for no discernable reason (it is generally a faulty block on the disk or an issue somewhere else with the hosting either hardware or software. The main reason you get a crashed table and this especially affects the session table in CubeCart, is if the MySQL server was not shut down correctly usually because of a server crash. It is simple to do either by yourself if (as Brian says) you have admin / root access to the server but also by your hosting company (although many refuse for no good reason) and has been covered in many threads on here in the last few weeks
  10. Most of that is CubeCart doing what it should do and nothing to worry about
  11. It is possible it is problems due to lack of server resources allocated by your hosting company - cheap hosting severely restricts certain resources that can stop longer running processes Ian
  12. There are already a very large number of payment gateways provided for free from the extension marketplace and also a few premium ones that have been developed by third parties. Developing, testing and then maintaining payment gateways takes a lot of time and there is always one (or ten !) gateways that people will always think are a must have. A cryptocurrency (or preferably Coinbase or similar) plugin would be interesting but would probably have very limited take up by users We have developed a large number of payment gateways previously, so if you are interested in having this developed for you on a chargeable basis then drop me a PM Ian
  13. It cant ! CubeCart will only ever use the saved SMTP password which it retrieves from the database. If you have stopped the browser from using autofill AND saved the correct password to the database, then that fixes it now and also prevents it from corrupting it in the future
  14. Hi David Sorry but that is rubbish that Hostgator are saying ! Switching from EasyApache 3 to 4 (which they had to do, as it isnt been supported, and probably should have done a long time ago) by itself cannot affect this - the most likely answer is one I have already mentioned which is the implementation of some sort of front end caching that isnt passing through the IP address correctly. As you have left them already, makes little difference but still.... Ian
  15. It will be the password that is likely incorrect. Seen many cases where people have their browser set to auto fill password fields and if you have saved a password for your website (admin password or any other type of password for your domain) then your helpful browser can overwrite the correct password in the SMTP authentication field with the wrong password. If you change any settings and save, this wrong password then gets saved. You should also check the recommended email settings in cPanel (which I see you have) - login, go to Email section Ian
  16. If you previously used /admin.php in order to login, this will have been changed to something like /admin_abcdef.php (abcdef would be a random set of letters) and you would have been notified after the upgrade finished. If you were already using an obfuscated admin login, then you probably have a bigger problem in that the upgrade has partially completed due to following the incorrect procedure. This has been dealt with before in posts on here and you need to check what admin files and admin directories exist and then compare to what CubeCart is expecting in the global.inc.php file Ian
  17. Thanks for the vote ! CubeCart only has only field which can be used for manufacturer or brand - our plugin allows you to choose which schema markup is used within your page - look at the General tab. The best way forward would be for CubeCart to have a separate brand and have added a request here : https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2276 If / when that is added then we would adjust our plugin to include both if they are present
  18. If you have logged a support ticket @Noodleman website, then he will get back to you
  19. Cheap hosting companies will almost always blame an application for the problem, sometimes it is but mostly it isn't but they don’t have the expertise to know and actually have little interest or dont care anyway - pay peanuts ..... We have a large number of CubeCart sites hosted across multiple servers and all clients on our fully managed CubeCart plans (and many on the self managed plans ) are running 6.2.4 and none of these have the problem. If either of you want to try your sites on our hosting then happy to move them across and test
  20. You need to add it into the language definition file in whatever section you want it to appear in but be aware that this file gets over-written on upgrades
  21. What version of CubeCart are you using and what mods / plugins do you have installed. This works in current core CubeCart and I have not ever been aware of any issues. It is possible that a failed upgrade in the past has caused a mix of files from different versions (extremely common) and it might be caused by that Ian
  22. Tell them what you have told us and that it used to work but no longer does and that you dont think it is the application. They will know if they have done something major to the server that could have caused this - if they have made a change as significant as this and not told their users, it is extremely poor practice. You need to know IP addresses of people signing up on your website to be able to prove GDPR compliance
  23. Thousands of orders over many years and not once had an abandoned cart with an order left at Pending status - WOW, that is unheard of ! You might want to take a look at @Noodleman plugin https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/abandoned-carts-capture-missed-opportunities which I personally think is a must have plugin for all stores Ian
  24. The second sql statement will delete all records in the customer table that have never placed an order. The first is a variation that deletes the same but only when they were registered before a specific time Implementing sql statements that delete records without knowing what they do would always be risky !
  25. As a preference all users should use encrypted SMTP (either SSL or TLS) as this is much more secure and your emails that are being sent stand a considerably better chance of being delivered to the Inbox of the person you are sending it to. phpmail() is very old, insecure and there is talk about removing it in future PHP releases and a good many hosting companies disable it anyway. There is almost no good reason to ever consider using phpmail()
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