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  1. Of course you are entitled to your opinion but at least get your facts straight. 1) If you buy a plugin from us and use CubeCart - how are we supposed to know if you dont tell us or very simply mark the products / services as no longer required. This takes 5 seconds but of course you would prefer us to have mind reading abilities and work out that you dont want them any longer. 2) You would have had an invoice from us 30 days before and then would have received 3 reminders once that invoice becomes overdue - where you get 20 + messages from is simply impossible unless of course you have setup multiple contacts to receive these reminders in which case, our system is simply doing exactly what you requested. 3) If you had still been using CubeCart and our plugins and we hadnt sent an invoice or the reminders and simply terminated the plugins then quite rightly that could have been something you complained about 4) We quite clearly say that in order to contact us and guarantee an answer that you log a support ticket - this is no different from EVERY other hosting / services company but of course in your mind, this makes us idiots. We receive a massive number of emails and also receive huge amounts of spam email on a daily basis so the only way to guarantee that we know who we are receiving email from is via a ticket- however the 30 seconds for you to login is obviously far too complicated for somebody like you As I said, you are entitled to your opinion but also so are we - our hundreds of very satisified customers will also have a very different opinion to yours
  2. Grateful for the purchase which was at 23:39 (my time) last night - we check orders for fraud so no products are available immediately. I had also replied to the ticket you opened about ten minutes and even included an offer to install it (plus the free skin config plugin that is required but wasnt ordered) for free for you - please see your email.
  3. Take a look at this extension which provides this functionality as well as a LOT more ! https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/enhanced-sorting#fndtn-description
  4. Take a look at this plugin - this will do what you want (and much more) https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/enhanced-sorting#fndtn-description
  5. @lexijade take a look at this plugin which allows you to specifically choose which products are shown in the Latest Products section and in which order. It has a load of other very useful functionality as well ! https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/enhanced-sorting
  6. If you want a bells and whistles solution to matrix stock then take a look at the plugin from @Noodleman https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/absolute-matrix-option-prices-price-list-hide-out-of-stock-matrix-options
  7. I have upgraded several low volume live stores this morning as a test before we start upgrading all of our customers - all seems to be working fine in these stores. Can see historical orders with no problems. Maybe you didnt complete the upgrade fully ?
  8. We are in the middle of developing a plug-in to cover both these areas of functionality. It is a big job to do it fully so have no release date yet but will be in the first half (hopefully first quarter) of next year. If you want to register as a client at our website and open a support ticket asking about this, we are interested in people’s views on functionality and we can keep you updated regarding progress
  9. Maybe take a look at the functionality in this plugin https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/duplicate-cc-or-bcc-or-block-sending-of-order-emails
  10. @Al Brookbanks - can you help with this please ?
  11. As per Al's comments on the github issue you raised, this is almost certainly down to a faulty or partially completed upgrade
  12. Requested this a while ago https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2738
  13. If you have two admin directories, it means that the upgrade did not complete correctly and you have a mix of files from different versions. There are multiple articles in htese forums explaining what you need to do - I dont have the reference to hand
  14. As Brian says above this is almost certainly a security issue - tell your hosting company to look at the mod_security logs for your site
  15. PHP 7.2 stopped even receiving critical security updates over 1 1/2 years ago so running any site on this version is 100% not advised. You would be much better contacting @Noodleman directly via his website and simply asking for a 7.4 encoded version of them and ensuring you stay on the latest supported version of PHP Ian
  16. You will get this for all Noodleman plugins and also all plugins developed by us. You may be able to enable ionCube yourself in your hosting control panel but if not then you will need to move to a decent hosting company that installs this as part of their standard setup (like us !)
  17. A category cannot be deselected within the plugin although this is a trivial task via a MySQL statement. However, if the product status or the category status is disabled, then products would not be selected anyway Ian
  18. Yes it will work on 7.4 as well - I will change the naming of the zip file to 7.2 and above
  19. An access attempt every 20 minutes is far from being bombarded and if you have proof that the WAF is preventing access (how do you know this and what WAF are you referring to ?) then it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. Adding additional code to CubeCart would be outside the scope (a WAF is designed to do this) and would be considerably slower at doing the same job. WAFs are used to dealing with hundreds / thousands requests a minute / second so one every 20 minutes isnt even a ripple
  20. If your hosting server requires 777 permissions on any file or directory then it isnt setup to be secure and you should look to move to a different server / hosting company. Any breach on any site on the server can very easily then go to any other account hosted on the same server
  21. The forums contain a huge amount of information, some a perfect solution and some not quite so perfect ! Just be careful when looking at posts this old
  22. I made those changes to your skin fo you straight away - you may need to remember them for future upgrades (to the skin) along with your other minor skin changes
  23. @traylor23 you are very welcome ! One takeaway is that you might want to look into the frequency and accessibility of backups your hosting company is doing. Minimum has to be full off-server backup once per day but even that for busy transactional sites can lead to massive data loss. As an example, we do hourly Continuous Data Protection backups !
  24. This will be because your hosting doesnt have ionCube installed - you can try contacting your hosting company and asking them to install but many will refuse as they have set ways of building their servers and will not budge. All plugins from us and also from @Noodleman require ionCube to be installed. We install ionCube on all of our servers by default and @Al Brookbanks will also have it installed
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