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  1. Everything was working fine for us about a week ago but since last weekend we have seen constant pending and declined orders on our site everyday using PayPal commerce. I cannot pin it down to any one thing and have re-installed the PayPal Commerce module to the last known one that worked successfully with our site but it is still occuring daily. Customers are providing very little feedback other than they can't pay or are declined and it is happening with any amount from a small sum to the larger orders we sometimes recieve. I have also placed live test orders and cannot replicate a payment problem. I am not aware of any issues with PayPal so is anyone else experiencing an increase in problems processing PayPal or do I need to seek technical help to resolve this? Thanks
  2. Thanks bsmither, I did look at Ian's enhanced admin plugin but wasn't sure if it would do what I needed. As Ian has suggested it may be suitable to be adapted I will have a look more closely at it and see if I can produce the result I am after. Also put this forward as a suggestion for a standalone feature too on github. I'm sure it would be of interest to other users. Thanks to both of you for taking the time to reply.
  3. I can't seem to find an option for this, maybe it's something I need to custom build in the email templates but I'm not sure. In CC4 I built a very simple mod that allowed me to print the order via a separate print button that would print the order without the prices showing and would also include a message from the purchaser and say who the purchaser was "a gift from Mrs Smith' for example. From what I remember when I did it before in CC4 it was a simple case of modifying one of the print.php templates and renaming it and then linking to that print option in admin but I realise CC6 is a totally different creation these days. Maybe it is something I need to put in as a feature request on github?
  4. Good point re counties not being required. Back to the postcodes. Interesting idea re a flag to deny a zone. Maybe this is something to develop for a future version of AIOS. I only ship to selected countries but often get asked to ship to countries not in our zones. So a way to flag a country, state, province or county as exclude which would also return a message to the customer to say "sorry no shipping is available to your (exact location here) " would save me several emails a month reply to requests to ship to specific locations.
  5. Although Northern Ireland is part of the UK at Brexit Northern Ireland has remained part of the EU's single market for goods while the rest of the UK has left, from 1st April goods sent to NI from the rest of the UK will be subject to customs and import Taxes. A Google search for "what is the Irish sea border" will provide a more in depth explanation of what is happening. Expanding on my original thought of excluding NI from shipping rates: As the NI counties are already listed in AIOS, rather than going to the trouble of entering all the UK postcodes would it not be simpler to define the UK zone in AIOS by adding all the counties shipping is available to by entering them under the option "what will this zone contain?" "one or more states/provinces" and exclude the NI counties from this option, thus making them excluded from the UK shipping rates table and by default returning no shipping rates/options for NI if they are not including and those NI counties are not put in to any other zone.
  6. Thanks Ian, I thought this might be the response. The only thing I can't see is an option to exclude postcodes from a shipping zone so the list of postcodes to enter needs to be those you do ship too, is that correct or have I missed something?
  7. This may be a feature request or impractical, but at the moment I cannot see a way to break the all in one shipping extension in to regions for the United Kingdom unless you enter all the UK postcodes. In particular I want to be able to exclude Northern Ireland from UK shipping due to changes brought about by Brexit which will come in to effect on 1st April. Ideally rather than entering all the postcodes for the UK which is a lot! it would be possible for the United Kingdom regions to include an option to exclude Northern Ireland however I appreciate this may not provide a perfect solution or even be possible.
  8. I will check the database entries. The site is currently using a customised skin modified from the foundation skin files. I have one customer who has, according to the email log file, made over 50 attempts at validating their email address which has, as a result, failed to validate. I am amazed the lengths people go to for a small discount!
  9. I'm having issues with customers unable to double opt in via our newsletter sign up when registering as a customer or subscribing from the newsletter sign up box, in the worst case senario the error message "sorry but we have not been able to validate your email address" is displayed across the top of the home page on a red banner. I have also noticed that when a customer is opted in and signed up the template box.newsletter.php is returning the message "you are not subscribed to our newsletter" when in fact they are subscribed and opted in. I have checked that I have the correct newsletter box template uploaded for the version of cubecart I am using but I just don't know where else to look to fix this problem which is loosing me customers. The screenshot shows one example of part of the problem I am having, the customer is in their account area, they are signed up and have a validated email yet it still says you are not signed up. Cubecart version is 6.4.2
  10. missing on this page https://www.onebrowncow.co.uk/index.php?_a=basket reappears on this page https://www.onebrowncow.co.uk/index.php?_a=confirm
  11. I was previously using PayPal Standard as my gateway and noticed on the checkout page when viewing the basket there was a continue shopping link but after installing the PayPal Commerce gateway this link has disappeared even though it appears to still be in the template code. Can anyone advise why this is occurring?
  12. Thanks, found and corrected so that's sorted the currency error and the price error has also now been fixed.
  13. Thanks for looking at this bsmither. I've decided not to start messing around with the htaccess file as the site is live and selling so i don't want to mess something up just for the sake of some old URLs that Google still wants to index. I'll just wait until Google gets bored with them and they vanish in to the depths of the net.
  14. I actually really want to use your plugin, it does everything I need. If purchased is there a way we can trouble shoot this as it's essential to my store
  15. I did try the demo of your plugin and bizarrely GMC returned the same price and currency error and in addition only found 22 of my 1000+ products. I've used the same feed to supply data to my facebook shop and it reads it all fine.
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