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  1. This small code hack will add a continue shopping button (or text in mobile view) to the basket view page after the customer has used the empty basket button. <!--content.checkout.php--> <!--near the bottom of this template find: --> {/if} {else} <h2>{$LANG.checkout.your_basket}</h2> <p class="thickpad-top">{$LANG.basket.basket_is_empty}</p> {/if} <!--add additional <div> content as shown below : --> {/if} {else} <h2>{$LANG.checkout.your_basket}</h2> <p class="thickpad-top">{$LANG.basket.basket_is_empty}</p> <div class="row"> <div class="button secondary small-3 columns show-for-medium-up"><a href="{$STORE_URL}" target="_self">Continue Shopping</a></div> <div class="small-12 columns show-for-small-only pad-bottom"><a href="{$STORE_URL}" target="_self"><i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-left"></i> Continue Shopping</a></div> </div> {/if}Seems to work fine but still testing. If anyone else fancies trying it and seeing if it breaks anything I'd appreciate the feedback
  2. Following on from comments from Dirty Butter in another thread I have added a very simple Continue Shopping button to the basket pages which appears alongside the grand total line in larger views and as a single bar across the screen in a mobile view. It just redirects back to the home page which is fine but if you proceed from index.php?_a=basket to index.php?_a=confirm and use the continue shopping link any data added in the customer information fields will be lost. So the solution I am after is a way of hiding the button on any pages other than the _a=basket page. I'm not great with php but is it possible to wrap the button div in an {if} {/if} statement using the _a=basket to identify the page you need the button to appear on and to control the pages on which the div would not appear on? The following code was added to content.checkout.medium-up.php (a slight variation added to content.checkout.php for the button to appear on the small screen) <div class="button secondary small-7 columns show-for-medium-up"><a href="{$STORE_URL}" target="_self"> Continue Shopping</a></div>
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