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  1. Ok thanks Ian, yes, taken a look at github and suddenly a lot of what I did in the past has come back to me. Thank you for taking the time to reply
  2. Warning: It doesn't look like your current skin is compatible with whats3words. below API key to enable under what3words in admin but which skin template needs to replicated in a custom skin for this to function?
  3. I've pushed on with the development of a site on 6.4.1 but now taken the decision to give up. Regardless of what I do including manually inputting my SEO url, when I come back to the site the following day it has added back in the first level category to every product url duplicating that category in the SEO url, if a sub category is also used that is often duplicated too. I can't figure out if it is a bug or my VDS settings but it's too frustrating to continue with at this time.
  4. That might be a better way to word it. It seems to have been stable overnight and any SEO paths I have manually input on the product page search engine tab seem to be ok but products I haven't edited yet have paths like this example: https://www.domain.com/home-and-interior/home-and-interior/candles-and-room-fragrance/home-and-interior/candles-and-room-fragrance/lily-flame-candles/spring-time-scented-candle-by-lily-flame the correct path should be: https://www.domain.com/home-and-interior/candles-and-room-fragrance/lily-flame-candles/spring-time-scented-candle-by-lily-flame
  5. Just upgraded a CC6 store to version 6.4.1 but I'm getting some weird automatically generated SEO URLs with it adding sub categories multiple times to products formatted like this https://www.domain.com/category-2/category-2/sub-cat-1/sub-cat-1/product sometimes it will add the same category or sub category multiple times. Store settings for SEO are: Add category to product URL path? Top level and all sub categories Add subcategories to category URL path? Yes SEO URL Extension None (recommended) running on PHP5.6 I just can't figure out what is causing it to cont
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