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  2. Speaking of flights, once stumbled upon some surprisingly cheap business class flights that made the journey a breeze. Now, about those name changes on Alaska Airlines, it's a common issue, but luckily there are ways to fix it with just a few clicks.
  3. Thanks for sharing this helpful info. Booking flights can be tricky, and name errors happen more often than we'd like. It's great that you're shedding light on how to fix them, especially with Alaska Airlines.
  4. Thanks Brian that worked. I didn't know you could put in the product code. Useful to know
  5. "and all come up but this one." So, it is not that the product isn't getting added, it is that the product isn't showing up in the list of suggestions. The code that returns suggested products limits the query to 15 records. I suggest that if you know what the target product is, use its exact product code. If that code has dashes in it, the result might be empty. If so, try again. If it still fails, try using a backslash to 'escape' it. For example (if necessary): Product Code: WAN-DER Search for: WAN\-DER
  6. Last week
  7. I was creating an order and it won't let me add the product. I put in "anti" in the search and all my other Antique wood style oil warmers .... and all come up (plus other products) but this one. I have checked the product listing in admin along with the database in cPanel. Any ideas why? Thanks PS I created an order earlier today and all went well
  8. It's a bug. The "uri" column needs to be, and is, UNIQUE (Github issue #3383), but the comparative listing in the PHP script 'maintenance.index.inc.php' still has it as KEY. I will post a bug report. You can ignore this.
  9. Checking the above today and found this in orange. Anything for me to do? I haven't changed anything. Thanks PS I got unknown server error when I tried to upload a screen shot of this. cambarga_cubecart.CubeCart_404_log 1571 InnoDB utf8_unicode_ci 336 kB - CubeCart_404_log.uri has a key type UNIQUE KEY but expecting KEY.
  10. Thank you Brian, it looks like info is now flowing.
  11. On line 22 I have {include file='templates/element.js_head.php'} In element.js_head.php {assign var=js_head value=[ 'skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/js/vendor/modernizr.js', 'skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/js/vendor/jquery.js']} {combine input=$js_head output='cache/js_head.{$SKIN_FOLDER}.js' age='604800' debug=$CONFIG.debug||!$CONFIG.cache} {foreach from=$HEAD_JS item=js}{$js}{/foreach} Thanks Brian
  12. Let's look at a couple of the skin's templates. Look at the template main.php. Probably within the first 50 lines of HTML, there will be: this: {foreach from=$HEAD_JS item=js}{$js}{/foreach} or this: {include file='templates/element.js_head.php'} If the template has the {include} statement, look for a template named element.js_head.php, or whatever the include file is. In the GA plugin settings panel, there should be a checkbox that says "Collect Stats Regardless of Cookie Permission". This is necessary if, in admin, Store Settings, Extra tab, 'Cookie Compliance Dialog' setting, is not checked, then 'Collect Stats' must be checked. Please give us a web address where we can look for the GA code.
  13. This is difficult to quote for but so long as none of the files are encrypted I'm sure we can do it under our standard technical support.
  14. My next step if the test site didn't work was to contact you Al about a quote to see what you would charge me. In all honesty its a small store that I don't sell a lot from 99% of my business is done from eBay nowadays its just a point of contact for my customers for info etc so not sure if its worth the price to update however it's already out of date and each day goes by it further out so if I update it should last a few more years I expect. Would you please pm me what you would need from me to provide for a quote to update my store, that is if you still offer that service. Cheers.
  15. Absolutely you can. Are the plugins encoded? If so then you are stuck. If not the code can be updated to work with PHP8.
  16. Due to SemperFIWebServices no longer being around and supporting my plugins, my CC is pretty much stuck on 6.2.5 and PHP 7.2 Just wondering if I can create a new temporary CC store in say https://mydomain/test folder, then upload a back from my main store, no need for customer details, I just want to see at what point/CC version my plugins break if indeed they do, trying to avoid killing my online store and needing to restore it. SemperFIWebServices plugin's currently running: SFWS Custom Foundation 5 Skin V3.3.0 SFWS Special Content Boxes V4.1.0 SFWS Homepage Featured Products V4.0.0 Site Messages v4.0.0 Asking to assess if this will actually work? Your thoughts appreciated.
  17. Hi Brian Thanks for your time replying, I have done as instructed, however the debug tag assistant https://tagassistant.google.com/ Does not seem to find the tag, fails with: There are currently no debuggable Google tags at that address. Please verify that: There is a Google tag on the page. The Google tag is not a legacy tag. Learn more The Google tag is not being blocked, e.g. by a browser extension or a consent dialog.
  18. This is what I want you to try. Go to CubeCart's Marketplace and download the Google Analytics plugin. You may prefer to use a Thunderbolt Icon token. In CubeCart's admin, Store Settings, Features tab, blank the Google Analytics ID text field, Save. In Manage Extensions, enter the Thunderbolt token value to fetch and install the plugin. Once installed, click the Edit icon to access the plugin's Settings page. Hopefully, you have a GA code suitable for your purposes. Enter that code, click the Enable checkbox, and Save. Click the flashing orange button in the top-right corner to clear CubeCart's cache. Test (as best you can).
  19. Is the above something I should be concerned about?
  20. "How did someone add an IP address to my listing like that?" It was probably a web crawler. A less-than competently programmed crawler. The web server receives a data packet addressed to it by the server's IP address. The web server starts examining the packets that follow, where those packets have the HTTP Header array. Nearly everything in those HTTP Headers can be customized. The HTTP header element named 'HTTP_HOST' can be anything. Usually, the HTTP_HOST is the domain name of the site being requested. But it doesn't have to be. In a development environment, often times, the IP address of the development server box is used, perhaps, because there is no domain name set up on the internal network. Sometimes, the name of the server box can be used, including the name 'localhost'. There is more to it, of course, especially when HTTPS gets involved.
  21. I was checking my Google Webmaster today and received this (among many) under crawled - currently not indexed. https://www.cambargainstore.com/images/source/iron-flat-sad-swirl-pattern-handle/01-antique-all-cast-iron-sad-iron-with-swirl-pattern-handle-main.webp I searched sad iron with swirl pattern handle in Google and this came up Antique All Cast Iron Sad Iron with Swirl Pattern Handle 109.123.79https:// › antique-all-cast-iron-sad-iron-w... FOR SALE Antique all cast iron sad iron with swirl or diagonal pattern handle. Measures 6L x 4W x 4-1/2H and weighs 5 lbs. 4.3 oz. Full of antique charm. This is the exact wording of my listing except for the IP adress. I looked up and it came up with the host name o-2g0.com in Great Britain. I checked the blacklist status and it wasn't on the list. How did someone add an IP address to my listing like that? Thanks for all your help
  22. Hi Brian I would love to upgrade my small CubeCart store but I have 4 x SemperFIWebServices addons installed, not sure how far I can upgrade without breaking these and causing massive head ache for myself, main reason for wanting to upgrade CC is the PHP version: Custom Foundation 5 Skin Configuration Homepage Featured Products Site Messages Special Content Boxes finally found my old login details
  23. Hi Brian, The version of PHP is 8 I have followed the url address you supplied and it seems that by doing the following GD Extension: Windows DLL file name changed from php_gd2.dll to php_gd.dll If you were to copy php.ini a PHP 7 php.ini file to PHP 8, it now needs to use the GD extension with php_gd.dll, or in its extension-less format: - extension=gd2 + extension=gd it has fixed the problem and now the images are appearing correctly. thanks again for your help very much appreciated Best Regards, Peterp
  24. According to this: https://php.watch/versions/8.0/gd2-gd-windows the actual file has been renamed. So the question is: what actual version of PHP is in that environment? PHP4, PHP5, PHP7, PHP8? Find the actual folder where all the actual extensions are located, and verify the actual name of the GD library file. Make sure the filename is spelled in the PHP.INI file exactly as it appears in the directory listing.
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