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  2. Hi Thanks for trying. I really appreciate it, but unfortunately it does exactly the same - no different at all. I guess I'll have to wait for a core update? Many thanks. Best Roger
  3. This isn't working in cc6.4.6 Any ideas?
  4. The System Error Log in admin will catch most of the errors. However, if an error is Fatal, the error might not get logged here. PHP's error_log (as specified by statements in ini-custom.inc.php) will catch them all as it does not depend on a running script.
  5. I can remove the $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] and check the error log. Is the error log the "Admin Error log, System Error log or the error using ini-custom.inc.php?
  6. It would help if an error log could be examined when you see a problem with mailing the Contact Us submission, where $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] is not getting sent to $mailer->Body. For you, the line pointed to uses sprintf with five arguments supplied to the language phrase 'email_content' in the Contact group. So, you may have edited that language phrase to use that fifth argument, saved it (saved in the database to survive upgrades). Thus, after upgrading, it will be necessary to re-apply hard-coded customizations. Otherwise, the sprintf function will be missing an argument which will have PHP log a complaint. Note that there is a hook available here. A code snippet could be constructed to assign to $mailer->Body a string of your own making, with whatever arguments you want/need. Code snippets survive upgrades.
  7. This is just a guess - no idea if this will work. In the module file /skin/checkout.php, near line 5, there is: fetch('index.php?_g=rm&type=plugins&cmd=call&module=Stripe&cart_order_id={/literal}{$DATA.cart_order_id}{literal}&t={/literal}{$DATA.time}{literal}', { Change to: fetch('index.php?_g=rm&type=gateway&cmd=call&module=Stripe&cart_order_id={/literal}{$DATA.cart_order_id}{literal}&t={/literal}{$DATA.time}{literal}', { In the module file `gateway.class.php`, near line 135, there is: 'success_url' => $GLOBALS['storeURL']."/index.php?_g=rm&type=plugins&cmd=process&module=Stripe&cart_order_id=".$order['cart_order_id'], Change to: 'success_url' => $GLOBALS['storeURL']."/index.php?_g=rm&type=gateway&cmd=process&module=Stripe&cart_order_id=".$order['cart_order_id'],
  8. I assume you are refering to classes/mailer.class.php. I can not find any difference between CC647 and CC645 code in classes/mailer.class.php. Could there be some other change to require $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']?
  9. Yesterday
  10. Just to be clear: Allow me to assert that your installation to need this parameter matches also an edit made to the Mailer class for a custom requirement. The stock code beginning with CC644 (earliest I looked) does not have this parameter.
  11. Thank you for your response. i have change the line in my classes folder on my FTP server but it still gives the same error sadly.
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  13. Identifier exists, always is true, even when in doesn't is that intended behaviour?
  14. This is quite a common issue, please suggest me if you find any solution for it. CUIMS
  15. If you use shipping labels purchased on Etsy, tracking is automatically included. Your order is completed when the label purchased. If you complete an order without purchasing a shipping label, tracking information can be added manually. DMVNow.com
  16. Last week
  17. I bet when you upgraded CC to the latest version, the upgrade over wrote some of your Admin files. I use "beyond compare" to see which files have changed. Once found I can upload the old version of the file to get the email to work. /classes/cubecart.class.php version CC645 has at about line 1551 $mailer->Body = sprintf($GLOBALS['language']->contact['email_content'], $_POST['contact']['name'], $_POST['contact']['email'], $department, $enquiry, $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']); CC647 does not have $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] I found that without $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] my contact page stiopped working.
  18. I faced similar kind of issue last time, I am still searching for some proper solution. For Agents Only
  19. I found the same error after an upgrade. Even though the SMTP Test function was OK. To solve this I used "Beyond compare" to find the different files. Then copied the previous classes/cubecart.class.php over the new version. Emails from the contact now work.
  20. I did ask my Webhosting and they told me that they didn't change anything, because in 2020 and 2021 and 2022 until 10 august everything was working fine. i also update to the latest version of Cubecart, i do see the mail in the logs but it's not sending anything. it's very weird and frustrating. because i have to manual mail all my costumers now. i hope someone can give the golden tip. Kind regards.
  21. Your hosting provider may have provided you with a control panel for your account. That control panel should have a utility to test and monitor email activity. Please examine your control panel and determine what email configuration features may provide you with a means to track test emails sent and received. You may need to get your hosting provider to assist you.
  22. Thank you for responding! the error i get is . i changed my domain to ***** "It isn't possible to get a definitive test result for the "PHP mail() Function" method. " We have attempted to send a test email to "[email protected]******.nl" with the subject of "Testing PHP mail() Function" Please note that it can take ten minutes or even longer for a busy mail server to deliver email. Don't forget to check your spam folder! This method can fail if the server hasn't been configured properly and may refuse to send mail from "untrusted" sources such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL etc…. We recommend using an email address from a domain hosted on this server such as [email protected]*****.nl for example and this may need to be setup form within your web hosting account." " Sadly after this message i do not receive any mail. Kind regards.
  23. In admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, there is a [Test] button just below the section where email details are entered. The test results may show what is actually wrong.
  24. Hello, Since 4 days now suddenly my mail() function quit working. Does anyone know a solution for this problem? Every mail my website send in cubecart gets this error in the email log :"Could not instantiate mail function." i have contact my webhosting and ask if the mail() function was turned off but he said it's turned on.
  25. If you are used to using it, then it should not have gotten out of hand like I am theorizing it did -- if it did! You can always try a sandboxed effort of applying the CC646 edits of the new code to a copy of that file from CC645 and see if it happens again. If you have a mind to. Good reviews about Notepad++. (I don't use it because it doesn't do a few things I find very useful.)
  26. I used Microsoft Expression Web 3. They don't even support it anymore but I'm use to it
  27. What did you use to apply the code changes found in CC646 vs CC645? If you used something more sophisticated that a programmer's text editor, such as Dreamweaver, an Integrated Development Environment, or other web page builder, I can see that the builder saw the <img> tags and applied a full path address based on where the page was being built.
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