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  2. I have two Cubecart sites, one I've had a few years and a new one I'm setting up. Neither had Google analytics setup. I've added the unique codes to each site (Store settings| Features| Google Analytics). However, neither site is registering any data in the Analytics portal. If I view the code for pages on either site I can see the page code and unique ID is present: (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s
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  5. On checkout only? The phrase "Delivery Address is used numerous places, and may be keyed to one language string in the language pack. That is, change this phrase and the new phrase may end up being shown in more paces than expected. You will find the relevant phrases in the Address group. In admin, Languages, click the Edit icon of the language you wish to change. On the enxt page, from the drop-down selector, choose Address. On the next page, find the key 'delivery_address'. Click once directly on the the key name. This switches the text field to be editable. Make your change and click S
  6. i am looking to have the main product as being one price to pay later and a booking fee to be paid up front so customer orders the following 1 x show £350 to be paid on the night i arrive 1 x booking fee to be paid at checkout £100.00 and is there a way that the booking fee can be added automatically at the checkout when they add the £350 main product so on the receipt it states booking fee PAID other products PENDING PAYMENT
  7. i would like to change the field names on the checkout if possible instead of Delivery Address i would like it to say Venue Address
  8. I slightly modified the Basket page to make the Shipping Estimate more prominent. This was my way of handling people who write wanting to know what shipping will be.
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  10. I'm using a modified version of Foundation (mainly different colours) - store is www.olivewoodturning.co.uk The "Disable initial shipping and tax estimates" is not checked. This is exactly as you say - people know what they want an ring me up without going through the store (or even near it!). I deal with a few "old blokes" some of whom still use chequebooks, or in some cases people are ringing me for something different than that which is advertised. So I'm trying to find an easy way (a paper copy may be the easiest!) of being able to quickly calculate shipping for a random s
  11. I immediately see two approaches: 1. Each day is a product. 2. Each day is an option listed in the Options Matrix Table. 1. Each day is a product can have a unique description/image, such as: Saturday's events can be different than Sunday's events. Stock levels are on a per-product basis. Create one - clone many times. 2. Create a Product Option Group of many days, assign it to one product, enable the Matrix Table and stock levels there. Will need to develop a tweak to update stock level on option selection dynamically. (I think there is an extension that may assist with showi
  12. hey guys im wanting a calendar date booking system module each date can only be sold once and i want it to turn red when its booked can this be made ?
  13. What I'm understanding from your answer is that, upon order completion (I'm guessing order status changed to pending?) then the _orders() function is called which we itself calls the tracking function. So I believe my tracking function should then be called? My shipping provider doesn't charge for labels printed as long as the parcel isn't scheduled for shipping or shipped. So my intention was to use that tracking function to 1/ generate the label (I've got an API for this which returns the tracking number) 2/ associate the tracking number to the order, so that at a later stage the admin
  14. french traduction : english/french Pay Later Message - Product Detail Page Message Payer plus tard - Page de détail du produit Pay Later Message - Styling [<a href="https://developer.paypal.com/docs/business/pay-later/us/integrate/customize-messages/" target="_blank">More Info</a>] Message Payer plus tard - Style [<a href="https://developer.paypal.com/docs/business/pay-later/us/integrate/customize-messages/" target="_blank"> Plus d'informations</a>] Message text colour Couleur du texte du message HTML DOM Location for message Emp
  15. "I would have expected UPS and USPS to integrate that." I would suspect that if the USPS and UPS modules did anything more than make a Rate Request, such as schedule a package pickup, print authorized shipping labels, etc, etc, then those providers would include a tracking number that CubeCart's call to tracking() would detect and process. So, a simple Rate Request would be too soon to ask for or expect a tracking number. If I recall from my searching the codebase, in the cubecart.class.php file, private function _orders(), this is used to show appropriate order summaries to the
  16. Please let us know if the CubeCart setting in admin, Store Settings, Features tab, Misc section, "Disable initial shipping and tax estimates" is not checked, and the skin your store is using. I do believe that CubeCart will pass the shopping basket through the "By Weight" module to calculate a shipping charge, to be shown when viewing the Shopping Basket page, if the skin is coded to show it (the Foundation skin has this). The "Estimated" block allows for the customer to provide a better delivery address (assuming that would make some sort of difference). "I often get rung by people
  17. I use the "By weight" shipping module and it works really well for what I need. However, I often get rung by people wanting to buy things and needing to know a shipping cost before placing an order. So, what I think I need is either a spreadsheet (I use Apple numbers on my phone at work) or a dummy page in Cubecart so that I can put a weight into it and the formula will work out what the shipping would be. I think all the information is in the By Weight module, in shipping.class.php. I guess I could use the code in this module and a code hook to produce another page in Cubecart that
  18. I started by clearing the cache cookies & data in browser but still have the original issue?
  19. Update to latest version today & there is a new issue with the platform Will not recognise my pay pal email or password via the linking process, however I can login to pay pal as usual via the website & app still? Image attached I've logged it with pay pal also
  20. Hi, I am working on a shipping module, and I want to generate a shipping label (I've got an API for that) whenever the order is paid. I intend to use the order status or the payment status for this. The thing is, I have several payment methods on the website: A payment gateway, where payment are received instantly. In this case, we are still in a user flow, and I intend to have the soft generating the label as payment is received. I haven't yet worked everything out, but not a problem Bank transfer, where the user would make an order, which would stay pending until the bank
  21. Hi, First of all, thanks a lot for your continuous - much appreciated. I guess what confused me is that in the modules AIOS, UPS and USPS, the tracking function is nearly empty, so I assumed it to be useless. What I tend to understand now, is that none of these modules allow the tracking number to be input automatically (which I understand for AIOS, as it solely aims at computing the shipping costs, but I would have expected UPS and USPS to integrate that). What I am after is, upon payment completion, to have this tracking function called, having it generating a shipping label (I've
  22. I had another order with the jibberish, and all of the options when viewed under the Inventory tab were default. He had selected what he wanted, and the payment went through for the correct total, but the options which are all required, show as "Please Select". Nothing needs to be updated but I can remove the print order form setup if that is still causing the problem. He used a credit card.
  23. We can conclude that /admin_xxxxx/ is the CC629 version, and /admin/ is the CC642 version. What I would like for you to do is: Rename folder: admin_xxxxxx To: ignore_xxxxxx Rename folder: admin To: admin_xxxxxx Force your browser to reload all page resources. This is usually done with CTRL-F5. This will make sure that that browser has the latest version of the admin javascript file.
  24. admin/skins/default/templates/filemanager.index.php -found $STREAMABLE on line 116 admin/skins/default/templates/orders.index.php found on line 179: <a href="?_g=products&action=edit&product_id={$product.product_id}">{$product.name}</a> admin_xxxxxx/skins/default/templates/filemanager.index.php -cannot find $STREAMABLE admin_xxxxxx/skins/default/templates/orders.index.php - on line 171 has just {$product.name} with no href
  25. Ok so we can conclude that the session ID is getting lost. I've released 3.0.6 which keeps an audit log in the transaction logs table and uses the latest entry from there instead of relying on session data. I hope this will resolve the issue. At least if it doesn't there will be a better trail to audit.
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