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  2. The POF module has it's own language file. Even with that, when CubeCart loads that language file (using the Language functions), the database is consulted for any overriding phrases. (The Language functions is what allows us to use the admin Languages phrase editor for the "Modules - Gateway - Print_Order_form" phrases.)
  3. It's possible that you still have the old language setting in cache. Did you clear all cache (except images if you have a lot), including your browser?
  4. I've been testing CC613, and when putting a valid absolute path/filename in the "Custom File Path", I do not get any warning about the admin code not being able to verify the 'on-server' location of the file (CubeCart does not attempt to verify the available of an off-server' location such as the path being an http or ftp URL). A purchase of this item gets a Downloads link in the customer account and the download happens. I've not found anything to have questions about. I am working on a similar issue, but have not heard back on the efforts asked to come up with some research results. As best I know, there is nothing about CC614 that has any relevance to this issue. If you want to join in on the research, send me a PM with your email address.
  5. That's what I thought, but I'm getting the throbber - I'll check my code again.
  6. Hello bmither, Thanks. I did do that but it still shows up as sort code in the print order form. Not sure where the module is bringing value from.
  7. The code changes suggested in the Github issue would be starting from stock CubeCart code. The Github discussion will never know about any of your personal changes already made. In other words, do not keep any prior edits to the code you have made that relate to this specific issue.
  8. I, too, go through spells of not adding new products (like income tax time). I don't use the Featured Item box, but maybe there would be a plugin that could put a random grouping of Featured items on the homepage. I know SemperFi has a plugin to show Sales items with or without Latest Items Showing. I use that plugin and I have it set to Randomize.
  9. Sorry you're having issues - I don't know what the cause could be, but there are some things you can try: - If you have a backup of your database data, I would try a fresh install. - If you don't have a backup of your data but can make one (e.g. via cPanel), do so and then do a clean install After importing your data, you may need to run the .sql upgrade scripts from 6.1.2+ manually, either from PhpMyAdmin or via CubeCart's admin panel.
  10. I agree it would be nice to be able to sort the home page in some other way, for example being able to choose between 'Last Added', 'Last Updated', and perhaps some others like 'Random', 'Featured' (which would additionally sort by last updated or random), 'On Sale' (would also need an additional sort qualifier). I find it hard to imagine actually using any of the other fields to sort by, however - at least if you have more than a handful of products. Sorting by Name, Price, etc. is something that makes sense within a category or search result, but not really for the front page. I also agree it could be made more clear in the admin settings what, exactly, each setting effects. To be fair, though, the 'Latest Products' settings are in their own sub-section - it's just not obvious that the previous section's settings don't apply.
  11. Thanks guys, I did eventually manage to pull my brain into gear and get to grips on what was affected but sorry for the runaround guys, just wished it had been a little clearer on the ACP what get's sorted and I know most people will consider "last added" to be the most relevant for the homepage, just sometimes if I have a bad few weeks sourcing books I hate the front page looking the same for weeks, hence the reason why I was thinking (or rather hoping) to have the ability to re-order it from the ACP now and again but hey thanks again for your replies, I now know how it's meant to operate and I did implement the above fix too so all good Much appreciated Marko
  12. There were actually several commits (in addition to those previously mentioned) related to fixing the search function: Some relevant commentary: However, as @Dirty Butter points out, the 'Latest Products' sort order is by date added - the sort order in the admin settings is used when displaying categories, not for latest products.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to check it out but I think we may be at crossed purposes. In the ACP, under Store Settings > Layout and the option "Product List Sorting" - I was under the impression this would affect the order for the latest products on the homepage. If it doesn't, what does "Product List Sorting" actually affect? Cheers Marko
  14. I tried a search for book and was able to sort by price and A-Z and Z-A. THAT's what I thought you were having issues with, as it has been broken for some time and only with this release fixed. BUT what you are talking about is the order of Latest Products, which as I understand it is based on when they were first added to your store. I don't know of any other way they can be sorted.
  15. certainly,
  16. Perhaps a link to your store would be helpful.
  17. Sorry, but I'm getting confused. Am I supposed to KEEP this previous change and then make the edits from GitHub?
  18. Just implemented those changes, thanks for the info again, but it doesn't appear to be making a difference on how the products are sorted on the home page - I've changed the 'Product List Sorting' numerous times, cleared caches, etc and still nothing seems to change relating to the order how products appear on the front page Any other suggestions/idea's welcomed
  19. bsmither Sorry for the late reply your very quick response. As I recall, the most recent upgrade to .13 was not straightforward. The previous version was .11 and a couple of versions came out in quick succession so I went for .13 However this did not install smoothly for me, so I went for the email directory patch option, leaving the rest of the store intact. I do have 2 stores, the other seems to be working although I followed the same procedure - but I'll check again. Now CC614 is out with an instruction to upgrade I'll try that with the non-problem site to see what happens.
  20. Pretty sure it's classes/catalogue.class.php.
  21. Hi Everybody. I started the update from 6.1.1 to 6.1.4 manually. When starting, it says upgrading from v3 to v4 although v6 was already installed and running, And there it is stuck by 80% for about one hour now... What can I do???? Cheers, Vert
  22. Thank you, problem solved by reinstalling. This can be closed.
  23. Many thanks for your quick response. I can confirm that the index.php has been uploaded and is sitting in the root directory.
  24. The error message you are getting is saying that the /index.php file doesnt exist or alternatively there is a redirect in place that is not allowing browsers to reach that file. Have you confirmed that the file has been uploaded ? Ian
  25. I thought I had carried out all the instructions explicitly. Ensuring the admin folder and admin file were correctly named before copying the files over. The actual installation seemed to go ok. However when I now try to get to my shop I am receiving a "The requested URL /index.php was not found on this server." Checked the .htaccess file and that seems ok.
  26. Great stuff guys, thanks for that, back at house but my belly needs feeding lol, will let you know how it goes in next hour or so Marko Had a quick look and sorry but another dumb question alert ... where would I make these edits ?
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