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  2. Storefront? Admin backend? Both? Just checked. It's working for me. CubeCart adds a header for SAMEORIGIN (see index.php and admin_hAsHeD.php), so it's not really necessary for the web server to do it - even though CubeCart will write a .htaccess file if one wasn't found (see SEO class, private static function _checkModRewrite()). I do NOT see this header when looking at the site.
  3. Yesterday
  4. This is what I took out of the .htaccess file by heartinternets advice. <ifModule mod_headers.c> Header always append X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN </ifModule> Yet oddly raggedybird.com runs fine with an unedited version.
  5. Ill try and precis this as much as possible. I fire up the new cubecart petswhiskers.com webpage this morning. Nothing happens dead screen. White. The issue comes from using a windowed redirect url at heartinternet.coms servers with whom I host. I write to customer suport. They tell me there's an iFrame issue in .htaccess. OK so far. I edit the htaccess file. Took out ### <ifModule mod_headers.c> ### ### Header always append X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN ### Try again. I get a server error telling me that cubecart has found that the server runs an inferior version of php tht it cannot work with which quickly disappears and a blank screen again. Odd that the RaggedyBird site works fine straight out of the box. Both installs are identical. I edit the servers php version to 7 upwards. I refresh the page kill cache blah blah.... nothing. Blank white page. Try it. www.petswhiskers.com It just wont go. And yet,. the www.raggedybird.com website, the primary root site on the same server runs OK and was installed at exactly the same time and updated identically at exactly the same time in the same way with the same software. Yesterday they ALL ran OK. To the extent i was adding stock. Now................................. petswhiskers.com nothing. Ive tried several browsers. Nothing. Blank white page. I smell a rat. But which breed? Any ideas on what in cubecart sniffs php versions because it has it all wrong.
  6. Thanks Brian, I'm not planning on getting anymore plugins - but I'll keep a close watch.
  7. Yes and No. Missing CSS rules won't be missed - until they are: future plugins that add to the skin??
  8. Hi, Is it okay to delete styling from the foundation.css file in my skin if I'm never going to use it? Ex. top-bar, joy ride, modal, button groups, and more. I don't mind having to compare files for an upgrade. Just wanted to make sure it won't mess anything up. Thanks, Claudia
  9. The javascript this module provides should be seen wherever the skin template variable {$LIVE_HELP} appears. In Foundation, the main.php and main.checkout.php templates, this variable is near the end of the files. The module first makes a test whether the customer's storefront session is not blocking third-party cookies. In CubeCart's GUI class, the function __construct() passes the javascript code provided by the module to the Smarty template variable for all pages. Is there a web address we can visit to see if the javascript is present? Also, when you entered the Site ID into the module's settings page, did you mouse-swipe the code for copy-paste? If so, you may have inadvertently swiped invisible characters (tab, carriage return, etc). We recommend manually typing in the code. Check the box to enable the module and save. Clear CubeCart's cache.
  10. Have activated the plugin, registered with zendesk. Thought if you enter the key value into site ID bar the 'Chat' icon would be appearing on every page by default on CubeCart 6 store. Unfortunately this doesn't work at all. And I ended up pasting the raw code containting the Site ID value into every page manually. Thus it started working. But the pages that don't have the zendesk provided chat code won't show the chat icon... Must be some sort of issue within the plugin preventing it from commuincating with zendesk online account.
  11. Please make this edit: In the module's file /skin/admin/index.tpl, near line 57, find: {$MODULE_ZONES} <div class="form_control"> <input type="submit" name="save" value="{$LANG.common.save}" /> </div> </form> Change to: {$MODULE_ZONES} <div class="form_control"> <input type="submit" name="save" value="{$LANG.common.save}" /> </div> <input type="hidden" name="token" value="{$SESSION_TOKEN}" /> </form>
  12. Nobody got any ideas why this is happening or had the same issue?
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  14. Hi Brian, I agree with you as I am not the original developer of this site I will pass it by the customer a see what they think. They are basing there view on what we have done in the past see below I think your solution is the best way to go thank you so much once again. Best Regards, Peterp
  15. Last week
  16. I am thinking the javascript that powers these + and - bubbles is fine. I think some judicious CSS editing to make the controls bigger, and some simple HTML editing to place the controls where desired. Please give some guidance on what the store owner would like to see. In app.min.css, line 16, change display:block; to display:inline-block;. This puts the controls on the side of the quantity box. In the HTML, find <i class="fa fa-minus-circle"></i> and change to <i class="fa fa-2x fa-minus-circle"></i>. Do the same to the plus-circle. This doubles the size of the controls. In the HTML, move the <input> tags between the two <a> tags having the rel="quantity" property. This puts the minus to the left, and the plus to the right of the quantity box.
  17. bsmither

    Nochex setup

    The difference seems to be that the NoChex screen removed the actual listing of the item in the order. Regardless, I advise a consult with a NoChex customer rep.
  18. Kev

    Nochex setup

    bsmither. thank you for taking the time to respond. as I thought these values should be blank then. the screen below is all I get - if I click a credit card it then just shows the screenshot below and no further progress I assume this has to be a nochex issue but wanted to be sure I wasn't being a prize prune and not doing something I had to do before jumping on their support wagon. After clicking credit card icon: Many thanks for your help! Kev This was before clicking
  19. Hi cubicsquare, i don't quite understand, please could you clarify it a bit for me? Also which extension would you be suggesting? So for one club i could put low product size (and allow collect from club) but for the products with no 'collect from club' increase the size above the collect from club threshold to disable it? Is there an extension which disables options by size? Cheers, Sam
  20. bsmither

    Nochex setup

    According to the module's code, the "Callback" setting determines how CubeCart verifies the transaction details. CubeCart sends to NoChex a web address for them to POST to CubeCart some details about the transaction. In the POST is a way for CubeCart to ask NoChex for specific details about the transaction. There are ways for CubeCart to ask for these details and the "Callback" setting chooses which. Your NoChex account must be setup to use the "Callback" method (otherwise, uses the APC method). I have no information about these methods. There may be some info provided by NoChex available to NoChex account holders. Because CubeCart provides NoChex with the URLs to use for the "Call back URL", "Cancel URL", and "Cancel URL", with respect to the account holder's settings page (image above), there should not be a need to enter anything in these fields. As a customer at NoChex's payment page, and not progressing to a next step, seems to be a problem with NoChex. Could there be a browser add-on that prohibits javascript from running on the nochex.com web address?
  21. OK, Many thanks for this. I knew there had to be a way.
  22. Do I have to go into the database as well... or can I get away with just the server files rates and zones?
  23. Kev

    Nochex setup

    Hi All Firstly be gentle, I am an old school PHP programmer trying to get back into it, and CubeCart is a little different from what I'm used to! I'm setting up a website for mates rates, a friend of mine setting up an online business. I have got everything working so far I've wanted to and very impressed with the whole experience (Kudos to CC devs!) Anyway he's using PayPal merchant account (Which is working lovely) and now Nochex - but I am having issues with it. When I am running a test(and I've tried live also) it goes to their payment page, I click on the card to use and then....nothing....no place to insert card details, no expiry etc. only a single "Cancel" button which then returns me back to my cart - to which the order is 'Pending'. I have set the account to test mode Nochex end and also in the CC admin, so everything is in test mode. My first thought was maybe it was their test mode's normal working method, so I put it to live and tried a transaction only to get the same thing. Am I missing something? I noticed a box in the admin that says 'Callback' - Does it need to be checked?(which I assumed CC does with the plugin) and there are also variables for Callback URLs on the nochex admin site. do I need these or is it automated? if I do need them...what are they? where do they need to point to be able to feed back a payment was made and forward the user on. I'm almost certain this is the issue but the documentation for setup and test for Nochex plugin is poor to useless! Any help gratefully appreciated! Kev
  24. Also, include the contents of the tables CubeCart_shipping_rates and CubeCart_shipping_zones.
  25. In the database look at the CubeCart_config table. You can copy the config from there into the database of the other store.
  26. Well, I cant find aything on the topic in the forum but I cannot imagine I'm the first person to ask this.... having mastered the "All in one" shipping module.... I would like to export/import those settings manually into another store for my Wife. Some techie info would be delicious. Many thanks in advance. Neil.
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