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  2. Product review does not display special char

    CC618 will use the product's Short Description if it exists. If not, the product's Main Description will be used after stripping away all HTML tags. Whichever is used, if the description needs truncating, the first action is to decode entities, such as " to a quote mark. But the use of this function employs the ENT_COMPAT filter which does not convert the apostrophe - &#39. The second action is to discard everything after the product precis limit. The third action is to re-encode all the entities. The use of this function will see &#39 and encode the ampersand - '. Thus, at the browser, after decoding &, we still see '. In the file /classes/catalogue.class.php, near line 218: Find: return htmlentities(substr(html_entity_decode($short_description, ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8'), 0, $product_precis), ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8').'…'; Change to: return htmlentities(substr(html_entity_decode($short_description, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8'), 0, $product_precis), ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8').'…'; This will be fixed in CC619.
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  4. Product review does not display special char

    Hi Stevanovich, I think I have the same issue. I noticed that it occurs only when the product description is truncated, as we can see in the attached screen copy: Hope this will help to find a solution. Kind regards Benjamin
  5. Where is the Affiliate mod?

    Hi Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately not... There used to be a mod that allowed a store to manage this in the back office - which I'd rather do than have a third party involved. I linked to the old mod in my original post...
  6. Where is the Affiliate mod?

    I hope this is what you are wanting:
  7. Where is the Affiliate mod?

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a mod for V6 that will allow me to create and manage an affiliate program from within the back office. I really don't want to use an external system. Something similar to this: Cheers!
  8. adsense approval script location

    In the Foundation skin /templates/ directory, using a programmer's text editor, open for editing the file main.php. The simple approach is to: Find: <script src="{$STORE_URL}/skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/js/vendor/jquery.js"></script> Add after: <script src="{$STORE_URL}/skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/js/vendor/adsense.js"></script> This assumes your script is named adsense.js, and that it is located in the skin's /js/vendor/ folder. Having edited a skin template, you may need to have CubeCart clear its cache (admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab, Clear Cache).
  9. adsense approval script location

    No one can tell me where the head tags are to put this script in? If I press source in document (index page) I don't see the head tags. So I assume I would need to edit something to put this Google script in the foundation skin folder
  10. Fraudulent Purchases

    You should always upgrade to the latest version of plugins or extensions when available and in your case, the very latest version should stop people from being to download digital products when they haven't paid the correct / full amount owed Ian
  11. Fraudulent Purchases

    This happened twice using two different versions of the Paypal Plugin. The second time the plugin detected that there was a grand total mismatch, but CubeCart still completed the transaction, allowing the individual to download everything they had placed in their cart. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about the code to even start looking.
  12. Fraudulent Purchases

    I believe it simply compares the grand total and if a mismatch, will not move the order to Processing. (The underlying fault with the payment process in general is beyond CubeCart's control.)
  13. Fraudulent Purchases

    @Al Brookbanks, I just saw an update to Paypal Standard. Should this fix the issue I had?
  14. period not detected in search

    In /classes/catalogue.class.php, near line 1806 (CC618), THERE IS: $words = preg_replace('/[^\p{Greek}a-zA-Z0-9\s]+/u', '', $search_data['keywords']); Note that there is no punctuation in the class of characters (enclosed in brackets), so the period will be removed. If this is character is important, try adding it. The above is relevant to CubeCart's first search attempt - 'fulltext'. If there are no results, CubeCart makes a second attempt using 'rlike' - a whole-word search. The entered keyword phrase is split on spaces and commas, and the resulting array now comprises whole words whatever characters they may contain. If still no results, CubeCart makes a third attempt using 'like' - a match of a partial word to be found in any part of the haystack. Such as 'one' being found in 'honey'.
  15. I have asked the hosts if they changed anything and gave them the week that I think the issue started for me. Having asked the question in more than one message, they didn't choose to answer that detail. They think the issue is with the cart and suggested that I take it up with the developers. Thankfully, the nature of my shop is that most customers only order on average a couple of items at a time, so the cart emptying won't be as big an issue for me as it obviously is for you - but as you illustrated, an irritated customer is not a returning one. I like to think that I've set up my shop with care, to give customers the best possible experience (and thorough details about what they can expect of me, the service and the products), so I don't like to think that anything doesn't run optimally. ETA: I was going to see if there was a more definitive explanation crop up before going back to the host to see if they could help further - at the moment we're just speculating as to the cause.
  16. The issue I have is that some of my customers will use the cart as a live ordering system, keep coming back to it throughout the day and adding items as and when they sell them, not committing to order until the end of the day. This is OK if they close their browser as CubeCart should save the cart contents. However, leave the window open and this garbage clean up takes effect, deletes the session, which results in an empty cart, I guess CubeCart then saves the empty cart. I had one customer two weeks ago lose a cart with about 100 items, he's not been back since. I beleive CPanel have said that this is a feature of Cpanel version 64, however version 64 isn't new and I've been having the above issue for well over a year. Only last week did we discover what the cause was. Unless your host only performed the update in June (unlikely) It might not be a bad idea to go back to your host and ask if they've updated anything in the last 6 weeks, as any additional info we can find may help. Also, they may have a trick up thier sleeve to fix this, maybe explain to them you beleive sessions.gc_maxlifetime is using a server wide setting of 1440 seconds, can they do anything to resolve this. Cubecart is asking for 604800 seconds (7 days), but the server is ignoring this. I know that Al is looking in to this, but it may be beyond his control being a server setting, I wonder how many other carts and the like are affected. Something I might have a tinker with tomorrow. Incidentally, it's also gone beyond my ability.
  17. Trying to search for something which might be 2.5mm and nothing shows. It will show me all items which are 25mm, but nothing which is 2.5mm. Any thoughts ?
  18. Yes, I saw that last night, but it's now getting beyond my own ability to understand or act upon. What no one has yet answered is that this is a new phenomena - I wasn't getting regularly logged out a few weeks ago and now I am, so something clearly changed in an upgrade of something - I think I can pin it down to week commencing 12th June in my case, as I was dashing to get all my orders out before I went on holiday that weekend and didn't have the time to look at it further then. It's irritating that it's happening to me as Admin - but 24 / 40 minutes whatever isn't long enough for customers - if they get distracted half way through an order. I regularly put stuff in carts to return to and it's very annoying when a cart empties. So I hope that customers aren't being lost due to this. I need to test that on my own shop as a customer.
  19. The reply from Cpanel indicates that this may require further config changes at server level. Thank you for the additional information. The behavior you noticed is by design. The "/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/clean_user_php_sessions" script will only recognize the global "session.gc_maxlifetime" PHP configuration value configured for each version of PHP. If a custom value for "session.gc_maxlifetime" is preferred for an individual account, then the workaround is to also configure a custom "session.save_path" value for the account. This will allow PHP to handle the session cleanup, as opposed to the "/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/clean_user_php_sessions" script. In other words, the server by default will probably have sessions.gc_maxlifetime configured for 1440 seconds as it's master value. The cleanup script looks at this mater value for it's basis of when to perform the job. Changing the master value on your domain will have no effect, as it's still looking at the master value on the server. As my server is our own, I can change this master value server wide.
  20. Item info missing from order

    Further update, which is now pointing more towards a PHP issue, (I'm not sure if this is just Cpanel.) It appears that local garbage collection settings via PHP ini_set are ignored and the script runs listening to the master value only. The "/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/clean_user_php_sessions" script will only recognize the global "session.gc_maxlifetime" PHP configuration value configured for each version of PHP. If a custom value for "session.gc_maxlifetime" is preferred for an individual account, then the workaround is to also configure a custom "session.save_path" value for the account. This will allow PHP to handle the session cleanup, as opposed to the "/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/clean_user_php_sessions" script.
  21. Hi cubecarters ;-) right, I resolved the thing by a simple cut. I made a completely fresh installation on the production website. Opened local and remote admin panel in two browser windows an copied the data manually. Everything is fine, I can even login with Chrome without any troubles now. So there must have been something I missed, ignored or ruined when I copied my local version via FTP. Anyway, it's up and running. Thank you for your support and your hints. Cheers: Martin
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  23. Hello, I am testing review about any product , i meet problem with sending special char , like < ' > transform to <&#39> Maybe something with encoding ? I put a link to see Testing and result Thanks Regards
  24. Hi, quick question, how / where can i enter the approval AdSense script into the <head></head> tags in cubecart foundation skin? Thanks
  25. Cubecart Site Frontpage integration

    Demo of the Retail Therapy skin can be seen at - this is out of the box with a couple of our plugins installed (including the two I mentioned earlier) I dont have a timescale on the full width version but it shouldnt be too long as have several other people after it as well - best bet would be to register as a client at our website and then open a ticket asking to be updated when the skin is released Ian
  26. Hi Al, thank you for this information. Maybe this is the pivotal point where I made my mistake. I wanted to install CC locally first because my intention is to write an import plugin for categories and customer data. So after having set up everything fine on my localhost I copied the files via FTP and then loaded the local mysql_dump via phpMyAdmin into the remote database. Then I checked the and the .htaccess file. As I can obviously reach the page I was almost startled that I could not log in - after all everything went fine locally. I will give your advice a try - and post the result then. Cheers: Martin
  27. Sort Option

    That would depend on the skin, but try looking at the skin template content.category.php, the <form> code that shows based on {if isset($SORTING)}.
  28. My hosts are perplexed too. One thing they suggested was that they found this somewhere in an error file: "PHP Warning: Stored session data did not match DB record. Session aborted as possible session hijack." It then gave different IP addresses - none of which were mine - and were based in the US. They were also using different user agents from mine. So maybe that is another legit user on another domain trying to log in to their account and kicking me out in the process?
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