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  2. Oh, it's my bad, sorry. It's frontend side. As a customer I located on the homepage and add my e-mail at the bottom of the page in the mailing list. When I press 'Subscribe' button, I moved on the top of the page. But I don't see any messages like 'You e-mail successfully added to the mailing list" and as an admin I don't see new e-mails in the mailing list.
  3. Is this the admin, Mailing List, Import Subscribers tab? If so, I see no difference in the code that would now stop CubeCart from adding comma-delimited emails to the database. (I am currently not able to trace out the code execution, so cannot determine what may be happening.)
  4. Hello! After upgrade from 6.1.5 to 6.1.7 the function of adding e-mail to mailing list stopped to work. After that, I installed an empty base 6.1.7 on another domain and the feature doesn't work in 'fresh' environment too. Do you have any suggestions?
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  6. How do we know that Smarty is the one complaining? If it is Smarty, Smarty should tell us explicitly what file or string is the trouble-maker.
  7. i had edited the completed email template in older 6.1.1 version of CC not touched it in 6.1.7 i have now since reading your post reinstall/imported the stock email templates through the admin panel, the structured data testing tool is still not working as it should so i assume means smarty is still not working correctly. I've just turned off micro data plugin in and put back stock templates back just to eliminate the possibility of its something in there causing the email issue. tested url with the structured data tool with stock templates still had error cleaned store cache now getting no errors with structured data testing tool and getting meta. this is very odd.. Ian says he's tested the microdata plugin and its working fine on 6.1.7 he's even sent me his 2 edited files, i have the 1.1 version for php 7.0 but its looking to me now its this causing the smarty to crash.
  8. Undefined index notices are an inconsequential consequence of the style of programming that CubeCart has. There have been issues with the databased email templates not working on later versions of CubeCart. The upgrade process attempted to fix one issue (apostrophes). I am not sure if the upgrade process has fixed the other (nested braces). If you haven't made any changes to the templates, you can have CubeCart re-database the email templates from the language folder for the version that is installed. That may fix Smarty crashing when building the emails for two specific templates (order notification - admin and customer).
  9. I just solved 21 challenges to prove I'm human on ONE test order! I desperately need to have a fix so checkout does not use recaptcha v2. For now I have no choice but to turn off recaptcha entirely.
  10. No, no other modules. Please verify that the syntax of the weight bands look like this: band,band,band where band is: weight:cost As an example: 1.0:5.00, 2.0:7.50, 3.0:9.50 Total order weight up to and including 1.0 has a 5.00 charge, up to and including 2.0 has a 7.50 charge, etc. (In this example, total weight above 3.0 will require a separate solution.) Do not use units (lbs, $), just use digits.
  11. Until I can get the invisible recaptcha to work with all my edits and plugins I need to be able to turn off v2 captcha on checkout with 6.1.7. Has anyone figured out how to modify @jpayam 's code for 6.1.7?
  12. Sorry it took me so long to get back to this. I had an unexpected result last night, so wanted to start fresh after reboot this morning. But I'm seeing the same thing today. I'm on 6.1.7 code on my test site. I now can NOT get the invisible captcha to pass me through without requiring solving the captcha. I've tried it several times, including on the CC demo store. Since the solution is showing up BEFORE I have a chance to fill out any information - it doesn't seem to have anything to do with whether or not I choose to register. So, I finished the recaptcha and I then chose to not register. As you had found - checkout button did not work. But I refreshed the page - got the CRSF warning, went back to cart and could proceed to PayPal properly. I'll clear everything out and try again. UGH - Cleared browser, ran maintenance clear again, and tested again with new customer info. STILL had to solve captcha, but THIS time the checkout button worked properly!
  13. i think i may have a smarty issue after upgrading from 6.1.1 to 6.1.7, i assume this would explain why the microdata plugin is not working as well? we had a purchase last night from the store but didn't receive an email confirming this, only received a PayPal notification email from PayPal, i checked yesterday after the update that emails were working in the store's admin settings advanced test email. I've tested this again this morning the test email sends from the admin panel. Nothing in the error logs, if i run the store in debug mode i don't get any errors either any ideas? added: interesting not sure if related but just had this error pop up in logs [Notice] /home/xxxxxx/public_html/admin_xxxxx/sources/ - Undefined index: path Thanks
  14. Not sure if this is related to the latest 6.1.7 upgrade or a fluke of some sort but never experienced this problem until after the upgrade was done. Have been using Import Catalogue rather steadily in the past with no issues. Today, used import catalog and found "Latest Products" to be showing nine products that were rather old. Thought something went wrong with import, imported again, same result. Broke down the import file into smaller files. Latest Products seemed to be working properly (showing most recent imported products of the smaller files) until I got to the file containing the products that seem to "stick" in Latest Products. Went back to the import csv file and changed Include in Latest Product to "0" instead of "1" for all the products except the last 20 or so. Still stuck on the same nine products in Latest Products. Checked in Admin and also notice that although the import should not show any but the last 20 products as "Latest Products", ALL the products are showing checkmarked in "Included in Latest Products" within admin. As done in the past when I had no problems, I am checkmarking the boxes "headers" and "overwrite" just prior to the actual import. Any ideas?
  15. Well - I decided to add a bunch of language packs. Interesting thing - logging in as a user for the first time defaults their language to English UK - even though every setting I have Says US... But - if they logged in user selects US - then everything works as expected... Still very odd!
  16. yeah, I agree... just was trying to fix it... do you have any other suggestions? It seems when logged in, it tries to use en-GB and if that doesnt exist, it uses default....
  17. You could download it or make a copy with a different name in the language folder. But I can't stress enough that your site is handling language in a strange way. It's likely something important is not working properly. Editing the master file is a bandaid.
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  19. a secure copy of the language file? do you just mean download it?
  20. It shouldn't have been necessary to do that. But since you've done it already, you need to make a secure copy. Otherwise your next upgrade will overwrite all your changes.
  21. Ok - sorry for all the updates/posts. I ended up editing the master language file to the wording I want, and now everything seems to be correct logged in or out. Thanks again for your help!
  22. Default is set to English(US). I'm going to try copying the US file and call it UK and see what happens Hmm... same result... I'm going to look in the templates and see if I can hardcode en-US. Ok - hardcoded en-US successfully - although, some elements are still not using the US language. I'm guessing some other php files must also have a language coding. I'll keep digging. Getting there though!
  23. Please use HTTPS in the URL or click that open padlock icon then try to login.
  24. Hello and good evening, I'm new on this side from Northern Part of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein. When installed cubecart did the update and all was perfect. After working with products, categories etc. liked to see, how is the front site. It looked nice and want to go back to admin site and this happened..... I didn't could go back to the admin site! Do you know what happened and how can I resolve the Alert. Thanks
  25. Thank you When I have checked that everything is OK, I will start with the skin design and then I will thoroughly review the JS. I am also with other issues and I do not have much time.
  26. Look in Admin at the Store Settings on the General tab. There's a Geographical Settings section and below that is Tax, Language, and Currency.
  27. Wow, that's odd! I, can't find anywhere in the GUI to change it. Is that somewhere in the theme templates I can edit?
  28. YEP - It changed to Add to Basket. Your Source code shows GB for a Registered customer: <html class="no-js" xmlns="" dir="ltr" lang="en-GB"> Grabbing at straws here - You do have the default language set in Store Settings as US? And you have the en-US.xml file in Language files?
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