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  2. Thanks for the suggestion. However, I'd still like to find a way of having these upcoming items listed on the home page, above the in-stock products, so that these images can take advantage of the home page grid layout, rather than having to use the document option which doesn't work well when the home page is re-sized.
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  4. I assume you want to list a new product, but not allow anyone to purchase this item ? The way we would do this, would be add the product as usual, mark it with stock level and stock level warning as zero, and check 'use stock level' The description would say "Due in stock in May 2018" You could then utilise something like 'Popular Products' or 'Featured Products' to showcase said item.
  5. Facebook like buttons not showing

    Probably totally unrelated, but I had an issue with the facebook like buttons not showing. It took me a while to figure it out. Facebook is blocked on our firewall.
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  7. Facebook like buttons not showing

    i see the script is there <script src="//"></script><fb:like show_faces="true" layout="box_count" href=""></fb:like> strange that it shows with old recaptcha on ! it also does not show in firefox so it is not the browser as it shows with old recaptcha , or is it a google thing ?
  8. An easy way is to add the style attribute to the link itself: <a itemprop="url" href="/my_special_link.html" title="My Special Link" style="background:red;">My Special Link</a>
  9. Data Protection

    The same rules will apply. I'd recommend seeking assistance from your local data protection officer or lawyers. I expect the government have a department specifically for this. In the UK it's called ICO. Information commissioner office
  10. Moving to a new server

    I might have to consider this when 6.2 is released and stable, if only for the GDPR stuff.
  11. Data Protection

    this is for cd's dvds ( it's from Germany/Holland
  12. Data Protection

    Every business is different and we are not able to make a one fit solution for all. There are some tools to help with GDPR coming out in 6.2 but you'll need to look at your business as a whole. The ICO in the UK is the best resource for UK organisations.
  13. Data Protection

    6.2 has some of these items
  14. Out of curiosity, I don't do a lot of mods to my cart. But I have added a link in my box.navigation.php and it works great, however, is there a way to change the background for just this link in the navigation menu?
  15. Data Protection

    Is there an update for the Data Protection of people that has to be there after 25-5-2018?
  16. Update

    thanx ian i was wondering as i was reading the skins need updating at moment i am running 6.14 and would like to go to 6.20 cheers dave
  17. Update

    Even though the RC-2 update is showing in store's dashboards as being available - it shouldnt be used on a live site. If you are on a pretty recent V6 release, then there should be no need to upgrade anyway as far as skin compatibility is concerned Ian
  18. The Params of ?_g=ajaxadd had the token: 811754e0351d1b375363f980ce111513 The response payload can be the mini basket snippet of HTML (box.basket.php), but is more often the homepage with a "Security Alert: Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)" error. The response payload (correct html) is different to the generated page source of the "page within a page" (in Firefox Quantum, select all, right click, View Selected Source) - so the response payload is not showing what is rendered on the screen. I also see an error in developer tools that foundation.css could not be loaded. The response of the failed POST session_token was: 8b956a4057839992990c75e4a9f4166f (also the same token in the generated page source) IF I can make ?_g=ajaxadd appear in the waterfall WITH a token, THEN the main page appears broken and the tokens for ajaxadd and the response payload (or generated page source) are different - tested in all 3 browsers. --- I'm testing a stock item with only one copy available and no product options. In Firefox, if cubecart doesn't break it takes me to the product page with the error message "Sorry but that product is out of stock." If it does break then I see the homepage as "page within a page", and the mini basket appears briefly (like a normal Add to Basket event). In Safari, I have watched it stall on the "page within a page" render, or continue on to be replaced by "Your Shopping Basket" but with no error notices. In Chrome it's harder to tell because it often scrolls to the bottom of the "page within a page" which looks rendered OK - have to scroll to top to see the drama.
  19. Update

    Thanx for the reply bsmither no i was looking at using a paid skin and was wondering that 6.20 need to be updated b4 applying updates cheers dave
  20. Update

    Does this other skin require CC620? If not, I would think this other skin would work fine with what you have now.
  21. Update

    hi was wondering if i should update site with the latest version CubeCart-6.2.0-rc2 or wait till the final is released as i would like to use a another skin ? cheers dave
  22. Last week
  23. Interesting. The next question is: Where does the HTML (page or Shopping basket snippet) that has the wrong token come from? CubeCart or a cache somewhere? For that, we need to look again at the waterfall. There should be a setting to "persist" network traffic. (Otherwise, the waterfall resets for every request made. Whether this includes XHR - aka AJAX - requests, I'm not sure.) If you can persist the logs, then do it again. This time, if a POST fails, look at the POST /?_g=ajaxadd. The response of the failed POST will not be one of: * a redirect to the product page because required options were not chosen * a redirect to the current page because something went wrong with adding to the basket (stock levels, other availability issues) * shopping basket snippet of HTML and a new token (the requester should update all other locations in the page that hold the token) The current problem is that the response contains index.php because the token mismatch discards all GET and POST data, and sends back the Homepage. But with an ajaxadd, that is not supposed to happen. Look at the previous POST /?_g=ajaxadd payloads and responses. We need to find the condition where and when the rogue token appears.
  24. [18-Apr-2018 17:48:35 UTC] PHP Warning: CubeCart Token: 4e525f3864a9f532c41e64c7cc0eb247 in /home2/myserver/public_html/cubecart/classes/session.class.php on line 256 [18-Apr-2018 17:48:35 UTC] PHP Warning: POSTed Token: 4e525f3864a9f532c41e64c7cc0eb247 in /home2/myserver/public_html/cubecart/classes/session.class.php on line 257 [18-Apr-2018 17:48:38 UTC] PHP Warning: CubeCart Token: 0f49326b2d1086695ad0b54f4fd0b11a in /home2/myserver/public_html/cubecart/classes/session.class.php on line 256 [18-Apr-2018 17:48:38 UTC] PHP Warning: POSTed Token: 0f49326b2d1086695ad0b54f4fd0b11a in /home2/myserver/public_html/cubecart/classes/session.class.php on line 257 [18-Apr-2018 17:48:40 UTC] PHP Warning: CubeCart Token: 3622c2819ff498ed5c72dc816d1644d4 in /home2/myserver/public_html/cubecart/classes/session.class.php on line 256 [18-Apr-2018 17:48:40 UTC] PHP Warning: POSTed Token: d560a6106068910c62413e50e96e4681 in /home2/myserver/public_html/cubecart/classes/session.class.php on line 257 [18-Apr-2018 17:48:40 UTC] PHP Warning: Invalid Security Token in /home2/myserver/public_html/cubecart/classes/sanitize.class.php on line 152 Tidied for readability. Vigorous use of the back button and Add to Basket click - took a few tries to get it to fall over but it's clear there's a token mismatch. It's odd that cubecart doesn't render the page correctly when this occurs. (updated to remove server/folder info)
  25. Yes, of course. Let's try logging what CubeCart expects the token to be and what the web form is sending back as the token. In /classes/session.class.php, near line 255, find: public function checkToken($token) { On a new blank line after that, add: trigger_error('CubeCart Token: ' . $this->get($this->_token_name), E_USER_WARNING); trigger_error('POSTed Token: ' . $token, E_USER_WARNING); Then, observe the error_log contents. Just above every "Invalid Security Token" line, there should be the values of tokens that were compared.
  26. It's the same token that is used throughout the source code: <input type="hidden" name="token" value="d560a6106068910c62413e50e96e4681"> ...although probably not the token that cubecart is expecting, which is why it stumbles. Making the Add to Basket button disabled if the basket contains the last item in stock may solve the problem - no click, no break.
  27. "change the "Add to Basket" button to "You have the last one!" and disable the button" I like that idea. I see the POST payload includes the token. The next question is, is it the correct token? To determine that, we would need to get serious about adding a bunch of diagnostic code to Cubecart.
  28. Facebook like buttons not showing

    I don't see it because of a setting in my browser (even if I allow Facebok's javascript to run): The resource at “” was blocked because tracking protection is enabled. Please determine if your browser(s) was recently updated to have "Tracking Protection" default to On.
  29. Facebook like buttons not showing

    well nobody , gues it is not working in cc maybe 6,2 does it
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