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  3. There may have been a shipping module that tried to coordinate volumetric data to box dimensions, but I don't see it now, if it existed. The AIOS module does not do volumetric computations - very specific dimensions of the box being one of the defining characteristics of the Flat Rate box service of the USPS (the other being a max weight of 70# if I recall). With a Flat Rate box, I think its contents (of your inventory of shirts and coffee) will likely never reach the weight limit. So, perhaps, depending on how tightly the shirts are folded, one can assume then that each shirt could have the same volume as a bag of coffee. If so, then a "Total Quantity" set of conditions could be employed. Do you have any other conditions on shipping your inventory?
  4. We are looking for advise on what shipping extension to use for our store. We are new to cubecart. We are currently using All In One Shipping with USPS flat rate boxes as option but need help on how to ship multiple products in one flat rate box. How do you work around this? A different extension? Thanks in advance for your advice. https://brewinhope.com/store/index.php
  5. One of my customers received an email from Opayo formerly Sagepay - see below Will there be a need to upgrade the Sagepay extension or is there a plan for an Opayo extension? Email snip Happy New year. Here at Opayo we are upbeat about the year ahead with some exciting product & feature releases all designed to enhance you and your customer's payment experiences, but we start the year with helping you get ready for PSD2, (Payment Services Directive), being implemented on the 14th March 2022 - Urgent action is required NOW. Thanks to PSD2 there are a set of game changing security measures to make it safer to shop and bank online benefitting both the shopper and business. At the heart of it is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). The UK SCA deadline is 14th March 2022 however from January 'til March there will be a ramp up in card issuers challenging transactions for SCA, resulting in non-compliant transactions being soft/hard declined if the SCA data is not provided. From 18th January 10% of transactions will be SCA challenged by issuers, this % will increase throughout March with 100% of transactions being SCA challenged by the deadline date (14th March 2022) If you have not completed the relevant updates for SCA, you must take action now to avoid disruption to your business. Our Team have pulled together a step-by-step guide which helps you or your developer make the correct updates to avoid any disruptions to transaction processing. Step-by-step guide Some key actions to consider Upgrade to Protocol 4.00 or our latest API if you're using PI. We always recommend you use our latest documentation and this is even more important with the implementation of SCA. Additional Credential On File (CoF) information is required for Token/Repeat payments. If you use Token or Repeats please ensure you are sending this additional CoF information for these transactions. Standalone Token registration update. Successful 3D Secure V2 (3DSv2) authentication and CoF information is required to be registered for all Tokenised payments to be compliant with SCA requirements. Update your Custom Template If you are using a custom template you will need to ensure the template includes the latest files for 3DSv2 compatibility. Activate 3D Secure in MSP. Make sure you turn on 3DSecure in your My Sage Pay portal and activate checks. We're here to help For further information and resources see our SCA resource hub and developer hub, alternatively you can contact your account manager or our support team on 0191 313 0299 and email [email protected]
  6. "Allowed Uses" is the total usage count. When creating a coupon, there is also "Maximum uses per customer (Leave empty for unlimited)". This feature was added to CC640.
  7. The differences in the <table> appearance is due to the editor not being aware of the store's skin's CSS rule-set. Considering that CubeCart has a number of "skins", each with its own javascript, CSS, and image attributes, it would be a complicated solution to have the editor be told which skin's attributes the editor is to apply -- if the editor could be configured to do such a thing anyway. So, the editor is less of a "what-you-see is what you get", but more of a "what-you-mean is what you get".
  8. is the 'allowed uses' per customer or per total If I set this to '1' will this allow the code to be used only once, or only once per customer. Ta
  9. Thanks for that insight I too use Librecalc. I did find you can save your entire spreadsheet as HTML using the save as file function. That will save it as a table. Then edit as needed in notepad ++ or whatever and paste the code in source mode. This worked pretty well, but I did notice in the description editor the table looked really nice, but on the site it was not the same. I suppose this has to do with how my browser displays the page. I do you updated firefox.
  10. My testing suggests the most easiest way is to copy/paste one cell of the spreadsheet at a time. I use LibreOffice Calc, and selected/copied a range of cells to the clipboard. Then, I pasted (CTRL-V) the clipboard into the editor provided for the product description when editing a product in CubeCart. The result was an image of the selected text. I then pasted the clipboard using Paste-as-Plain-Text (CTRL-SHFT-V) into the description box which resulted in real text but separated by &nbsp; entities to simulate tabs. Which may a solution that works for you. If your spreadsheet allows for copying to the clipboard a range of cells pre-formatted as an HTML <table> structure, that could be a time saver when pasting in using the editor's Source mode. (My browser is FireFox 93, and when trying to use the editor toolbar button Paste-from-Word, I got a warning saying my browser could not use this button.)
  11. Is there a simple way to add a portion of a spreadsheet to a product description? It does not need to be a table (although it could be). I just don't want to re-type the content.
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  13. Are you using the latest version of the extension?
  14. Same issue here and i cant find any solutions. My CC Pay
  15. Wow!!! It worked!!! Thank you so much bsmither! Super awesome, you made my day
  16. Welcome VeggieBoy! Glad to see you made it to the forums. In admin, Languages, click the Edit icon of the language your store is using. When the next page displays, use the drop-down selector to choose the "Common" phrase group. There will be a list of phrase keys shown. Scroll to 'information' and click on the actual word 'information'. This makes the associated text entry box editable. Change the value "Information" to whatever you desire, Click Save at the bottom of the list. There will be a flashing button at the top-right of the admin screen that acts as a reminder that CubeCart's cache will need to be cleared before the change will take effect on the storefront.
  17. Is there a way to change the title "Information" on the footer to something else? Thank you :)
  18. You can try using a firewall to block bad bots like https://www.getastra.com/?referralCode=Rb7rzxS&refSource=copy
  19. Thanks Deby, its been a pleasure working with you and great advice.
  20. Thanks for all the help with me developing and changing my skin, your help was always friendly and responsive. I've also downloaded the manual updates and would suggest anyone else to do so if you have a Nitefox's default skin but then gone on to modify it. (Just incase you ever need to reinstall at a later date). Wishing you well in all you do.
  21. Which give me [08-Jan-2022 17:50:43 Pacific/Auckland] PHP Warning: phpinfo() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/e-smith/files/ibays/cc_2022/html/setup/info.php on line 14 So, somewhere in the SME server it is locking down the phpinfo() option, which might also be causing issues in other places ... I'll do some hunting. Thanks
  22. Thanks for the kinds words I have always aimed to deal with things respectfully to all involved and it's a shame things have to come to an end but i know the skins are in safe hands. I've always approached things in a way that I'd want to be treated if "the shoe was on the other foot" so hopefully everyone will understand my reasoning and approach. If there was more hours in the day I'd gladly carry on. My inbox will remain open (even after 07/02/2022) for anyone and I'll be casting a eye over cubecart now and then to see it continue to grow as a great script. It's been a pleasure to deal with everyone I've dealt with over the years and thanks to Al for making it an easy process and for building a user friendly script and been supportive when needed.
  23. Feeling very humble. Thank you on multiple levels. Other skins and extensions have just vanished so I'm hugely grateful firstly for dealing with this so professionally and responsibly. Secondly thanks for such a wonderful contribution to the open source community. I know for sure I can pass on my utmost respect and gratefulness from a significant proportion of CubeCart merchants that may not outwardly share it. I'd personally like to wish you all the very best with you new career move in the charity sector. I hope we can keep in touch.
  24. Dear Customers / CubeCart Community, It is with regret that after 3 years of providing content for CubeCart i intend to discontinue my skins and support. As per agreement i am issuing a 30 Day Notice period which will expire on 07/02/2022 (Existing customers have also been notified via email). After this date support/updates for my skins will no longer be provided by myself. I have spoken with Al and decided to donate the skins to CubeCart for free so that they don't go to waste (for which i am greatful to Al for accepting). It is my understanding that the skins will be released for free under CubeCart who will be the new owner/maintainer of the skins. This isn't the news i wanted to start the new year on and understand this may cause some concern and disappointment but i need to ultilize my time for work and my personal life and web development no longer fits in with this. What does this mean for your site? Your site will remain to function as normal and you are free to continue to use any skin you have purchased from me for as long as you require. In the event your purchased skin becomes incompatible with CubeCart in the future it will be your responsibility to make any changes or seek a 3rd party to assist. Alternatively, switch to the re-release version once released by the CubeCart team. Where can i download the latest version of my skin before the deadline? To avoid new customers from purchasing any skins i have had to unpublish them from the marketplace, please send me a PM or Email and i'll provide details how to obtain the last version released. (Please note - Only default versions of skins will be issued, please allow upto 24 hours for any requests to fulfilled .) Any questions or concerns please feel free to reply below, send me a PM or email, Best regards,
  25. I've worked with Chris internally on this and found a number of unexpected and undocumented 3D Secure responses which I believe is the root issue.
  26. Carte Bleue (English: Blue Card) was a major debit card payment system operating in France. Unlike Visa Electron or Maestro debit cards, Carte Bleue allowed transactions without requiring authorization from the cardholder's bank. MyCCPay Login
  27. That's really silly that there's no view basket option if you're logged into a customer profile. I see what's going on now. We should change that because for customers it's confusing to be able to not view their basket to make edits prior to going to secure checkout.
  28. And if you log in as yourself? (Customer, not admin)
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