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  2. I was going to say that I don't see it on PlushMemories, but after zooming out so that the whole page fits the screen, I find that this Vert Nav also has parts that blinks and has a persisting remnant of a prior selected menu item. When I do not see it is when the page is 100% zoom, such that the Vert Nav has been pushed below the bottom of the browser window. Likewise, if I reduce the height of the browser on RopesDirect, such that the entire Vert Nav is below the bottom of the browser window, I don't see the persisting remnant. I would like to help solving this, but someone is
  3. I've just had a quick look and it seems he uses $('.vnb-sub-cbd').hide(); $('.has-sub-cbd').hover(function(){ $(this).children('.vnb-sub-cbd').fadeToggle(100); }); So the full menu is loaded including sub menus, then JS is hiding the sub menus but since he has a few sub menus the process of hiding them might be getting interrupted/mixed up or causing a "flicker effect" by a hover event if the mouse remains or is suddenly moved over a hover trigger.
  4. There must be some javascript involved. But I can't find it.
  5. Ian at Havenswift so far hasn't been able to find out what is causing this. The Vert-nav-menu is a distinct plugin which generates an external CSS file.
  6. Wow! I think I'm done. Many thanks. Will have to read up on Smarty; not sure how it interacts with PHP. Thanks again. If there is anything I can do to repay, please let me know.
  7. Smarty comments are {* and *}. The Smarty tag delimiters can be changed, but I have never seen anyone do that. You have slashes just inside the braces.
  8. Considering the vert-nav-menu is a component of Havenswift's skin, has he said anything about it? Is the vert-nav-menu (originally a plugin from SemperFi) a distinct plugin?
  9. I tried to comment out [ ({/* .... */} ] those lines and it hung the page...
  10. In the template content.checkout.confirm: Find near line 45: {if !$USER_SUBSCRIBED} <div class="row"> <div class="small-12 large-8 columns"> <input type="checkbox" id="mailing_list" name="mailing_list" value="1"><label for="mailing_list">{$LANG.account.register_mailing}</label> </div> </div> {/if} Also, find near line 186: <div class="row"> <div class="small-12 large-8 columns"> <input type="checkbox" id="mailing_list" name="mailing_list" value="1" {$MAILING_LIST_SUBSCRIBE}><label for="mailing_list">{$L
  11. bsmither: [using FireFox 86.0 64-bit] This is a new issue, unrelated to recaptha (I think.) I made a couple of changes from your posts to eliminate the mailing list; this has eliminated it from the footer, but stubbornly refuses to eliminate it here; if clicked, it goes to error: Look a the last line. Box did not copy, but it's there. Robert Szego 1. Basket 2. Checkout 3. Complete Billing Address Robert Szego PO Box 100 COXSACKIE NEW YORK,
  12. Hello All, I'm having a further issue with the Vertcial Navigation plugn on my www.ropesdirect.co.uk site; On a desktop if I open a category page whilst keeping my mouse hovered over the vertical navigation, an expanded category tree can remain frozen on screen. My way of clearing it is to do a F5 screen refresh. Customers mention this is a frustration and I was hoping to find a way to resolve it. A screenshot is attached showing how the 'clearance offers' remains frozen whilst I was actually looking at the 'coloured polypropylene rope'.
  13. I went with your approach #1 and it works like a charm. This line was missing in my main.php <div class="hide" id="val_lang_back">{$LANG.common.back}</div> and I added it. My base is the minimalizer skin (which I regret by now). But I have modified it so much, I don't want to start over.
  14. I am thinking your Foundation skin is not current (shipped with CC642). From your screengrab, the Topbar is v5.5.1, while CC642's is v5.5.2. There is also: var back_text = $('#val_lang_back').text(); if(!back_text) { back_text = 'Back'; } Foundation.libs.topbar = { name : 'topbar', version : '5.5.2', settings : { index : 0, start_offset : 0, sticky_class : 'sticky', custom_back_text : true, back_text : back_text, mobile_show_parent_link : false, This finds the language string (which we did earlier), and uses it if
  15. Excellent sleuthing! In the Foundation template main.php, make sure this is there: Near line 59: <div class="row small-collapse"> <div class="small-12 columns"> {include file='templates/box.navigation.php'} <div class="hide" id="val_lang_back">{$LANG.common.back}</div> </div> </div> This is necessary for one of the two approaches to work. The first approach would be this: In box.navigation.php, find: <nav class="top-bar category-nav" data-topba
  16. I deleted this block now. I never got an error message though and I am using the same tab of the same browser for everything. I translated a few phrases after that and did not get logged out. So it did something. Thanks! I do not knowingly have something like this. Also I don't think any of my extensions does this. The strange thing is, that I could work a day or more before without any login, and now with the same browser, tab, everything I got logged out every few minutes.
  17. Have you enabled a feature on your browser where it changes its "User-Agent" string often? A browser's feature (or addon) would do this to thwart sites from tracking you. If you have CubeCart's debug mode enabled, a warning about "Stored session data" will get posted in the admin, Error Log, System Error Log tab. About your local server... I do not recall having any session issues when I was running on a Windows box.
  18. This will be due to PHP sessions not holding. The session save path may need to be configured in your hosting.
  19. Try this which is going in the next release... https://github.com/cubecart/v6/commit/f8ab4fe6346f3eb822d3aefe9717ac16afae8ef5
  20. It's about three or four weeks that I am working on my shop on a daily basis. For the longest time, I had to log into Admin again maybe once every day or even less. For the last days, I am kicked out every couple of clicks. Log in, change a language string, click save, click "Clear Cache" and already I have to log in again. Happens with basically everything I do and it is very annoying. I am working on my local server, so by means of security I could be logged in permanently. Of course I tried cleaning cache, cookies, tempfiles and all, but no luck. Why is this happen
  21. Please read my original post again, everything is explained there. Also my comment directly above yours explains why this error message is not really the problem. Thanks for any mor ehelp, I really need this.
  22. Please don't thank me, you have done so much, it's only fair that I help too if I can. That said, thanks again for the file. Imported it and of course it works. But either I have discovered a bug, or there is something else I don't know. The stubborn "Back" in the mobile navigation is still there, even though in the language file it's set as "zurück". Just for fun, I changed it to "zurück" in the English file too. Switched to English and hey presto ... still "Back", unbothered as it can be. So I dug further and found the JS that creates this menu. I understand JS e
  23. Very strange. I have not been made aware of this before. A deep analysis will need to be made.
  24. no i am not using the cloning. it happens after everytime i add an item to the site.
  25. Are you "cloning" the second item from the previous item? If so, in admin, Store Settings, Extra tab, uncheck the Images box to stop that from happening.
  26. The AIOS module (as of 1.0.19) does not do category-based calculations, nor does it incorporate calculations from other modules. There is a Per Category shipping module (https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/shipping-methods/per-category) which solves the extra costs, but AIOS is not coded to use it, and CubeCart is not coded to sum up calculations from several independent modules. It would be an interesting project to have the AIOS take in calculations from other (very simple) modules.
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