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  2. Orders to Show Customer Group

    Once again, Sir... this is absolutely perfect. Thank you very much.... R
  3. Orders to Show Customer Group

    Create this snippet: Enabled: checked Unique ID: ordersumcustgroups@cubecart600+ Execution Order: 99 Description: Adds Customer Group Name(s) to Admin Order Summary Trigger: admin.order.index.display Version: 1.0 Author: PHP Code: <?php $snippet_ordersumcustgroups = $GLOBALS['db']->misc('SELECT `group_name` FROM `'.$GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'dbprefix').'CubeCart_customer_membership` AS M INNER JOIN `'.$GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'dbprefix').'CubeCart_customer_group` AS G WHERE G.`group_id` = M.`group_id` AND M.`customer_id` = '.$summary[0]['customer_id'].';'); if (is_array($snippet_ordersumcustgroups)) { foreach ($snippet_ordersumcustgroups as $membership) {$member_groups[] = $membership['group_name'];} } $snippet_ordersumcustgroups_order['cust_groups'] = isset($member_groups) ? implode(',', $member_groups) : ''; unset($member_groups); $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('CUST_GROUPS', $snippet_ordersumcustgroups_order['cust_groups']); Make this edit in the admin skin template: orders.index.php, near line 197, find: <div><label>{$}</label><span><a href="mailto:{$}">{$}</a></span></div> On a new blank line after that, add: <div><label>{$LANG.customer.title_groups_membership}</label><span>{if $CUST_GROUPS}{$CUST_GROUPS}{else}{$LANG.common.unknown}{/if}</span></div>
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  5. Orders to Show Customer Group

    We would have to find a different hook to write a snippet against.
  6. Orders to Show Customer Group

    That looks great. Got it in and it's working perfectly. Here's a follow up question... Could that same or similar edit be placed into line 199 of orders.index.php? <fieldset class="other"> <legend>{$LANG.account.contact_details}</legend> <div><label>{$}</label><span><a href="mailto:{$}">{$}</a></span></div> NEW LINE: RIGHT AROUND HERE? WHICH WOULD BE LINE 199 BECAUSE OF THE PREVIOUS EDIT. <div><label>{$}</label><span>{$}</span></div> {if !empty($} <div><label>{$}</label><span>{$}</span></div> {/if} <div><label>{$LANG.common.ip_address}</label><span>{$OVERVIEW_SUMMARY.ip_address}</span></div> </fieldset> Something along this line to put the Customer Group in between email and phone? Thanks for your help... R
  7. Customize fields on order

    Hi, I've updated to 6.1.12, have made all changes to the files above to disable county. it was working fine with 6.1.10 with those changes. I'm using paypal express checkout and I'm based in UK there are many customers having account set without county now ( this issue has been raised many times here on forums), before I start, called up paypal to make sure that the billing address is set on my paypal account as advised in braintree mod and it is. Tested the express checkout ( via braintree or paypal pro) and I'm always getting an error message asking for a state when transfered back to website from paypal confirmation page.
  8. German Language

    anyone know how to get cubecart to accept german special characters in the names and descriptions?
  9. Checkout Proceedure

    no it doesnt show until the end
  10. Hooks

    So I added GLOBALS['debug']->debugMessage('The HOOK_TAB '.' '.$GLOBALS['hook_tab_content'].'.'); under This is the result .. It just returns Array Debug Messages:[0] The HOOK_TAB Array.
  11. Hooks

    There are a few approaches to getting debug/diagnostic data: 1. Add the following statement whenever you need to see the value of a passable-by-reference variable: $GLOBALS['debug']->debugTail($variable_to_examine, 'key'); where the key could be something like: '' This will show as a heading in CubeCart's debug section of the page. 2. Add the following statement whenever you need a phrase to be seen: $GLOBALS['debug']->debugMessage("Just entered the hook: " . $hook); In the debug section of the page, there will be Messages listed near the bottom. 3. I have developed my own diagnostics module. It allows for program code tracing.
  12. Hooks

    Hello BSmither, There is nothing in the error_log. 'We' refers to the developers at SFWS.
  13. Orders to Show Customer Group

    Forgot to discuss the edit to the admin skin template: In orders.index.php, find: Near line 41: {if $order.customer_id} <a href="{$order.link_customer}" title="{$}">{$}</a> {else} {$} {/if} On a new blank line after that, add: {if $order.cust_groups}({$order.cust_groups}){/if}
  14. Hooks

    Is the error_log being created? Who are 'we'? Any further assistance may require direct access to the code.
  15. Hooks

    BSmither et-all, We are trying to trouble-shoot a newly added plugin. We verified ... 1. the plugin is enabled 2. the hooks are enabled. 3. the db table also show the hooks_name set to '1' However the hooks functionality is not working. Any guidance to debug the hook whether it is loading and add debug messages? This is in the admin/product screen. Thanks.
  16. They (SFWS) have been wonderful with helping troubleshoot the issue. Thanks.
  17. Orders to Show Customer Group

    I guess it will be a snippet. Enabled: checked Unique ID: orderlistcustgroups@cubecart600+ Execution Order: 99 Description: Adds Customer Group Name(s) to Admin Orders List Trigger: admin.order.index.list Version: 1.0 Author: PHP Code: <?php if($smarty_data['list_orders']){ foreach($smarty_data['list_orders'] as &$snippet_orderlistcustgroups_order) { $group_membership = $GLOBALS['db']->misc('SELECT `group_name` FROM `'.$GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'dbprefix').'CubeCart_customer_membership` AS M INNER JOIN `'.$GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'dbprefix').'CubeCart_customer_group` AS G WHERE G.`group_id` = M.`group_id` AND M.`customer_id` = '.$snippet_orderlistcustgroups_order['customer_id'].';'); if (is_array($group_membership)) { foreach ($group_membership as $membership) {$member_groups[] = $membership['group_name'];} } $snippet_orderlistcustgroups_order['cust_groups'] = isset($member_groups) ? implode(',', $member_groups) : ''; unset($member_groups); } $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('ORDER_LIST', $smarty_data['list_orders']); } Warning: This snippet reassigns modified source list data to the template variable. If another hook/snippet with an earlier execution order value retrieves and modifies the actual ORDER_LIST template assignment, that modification to the assignment will be lost. Just FYI.
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  19. Orders to Show Customer Group

    In admin, the Edit Order code directly queries the CubeCart_order_summary and CubeCart_order_inventory tables, and constructs its own array of data to populate the admin Edit Order template. This process could, if it wanted to, use Order::getOrderDetails(). I have no idea why it doesn't. I'll be back shortly with suggestions on where to add code (won't be a snippet) to show the customer group in the list of orders.
  20. Orders to Show Customer Group

    As always, you are right. Plus, I was using the wrong editor to place the {$BILLING.cust_groups}. It now shows on the email. Now it would be perfect if I could get that to show on the Order Summary. Since I'm still relatively new, I afraid, I don't even know where to begin looking. Thank you, Sir. R
  21. Orders to Show Customer Group

    Several points: The list of Macros shown is static informational text - the list is not dynamically derived from any sort of on-demand determination or query. Thus, any new template variables made available by plugin, code snippet, or hard coded will have no effect on the list of macros shown. The template line of code shows that it starts with an {if}, and the new variable is inside this block that only gets included if there is a Company Name. Only if there is a Company Name, then the Company Name and then the Groups will be shown. I have not verified where the admin Order Summary gets its info from. If the admin code uses the Order::getOrderDetails() function, then the customer groups will be available. One would need to edit an admin skin template to show it. I will check on that.
  22. Orders to Show Customer Group

    Ok... I'm missing something. I've added the snippet. I also went to the Admin: Order Received email template. The {$BILLING.cust_groups} was not listed as available macro... So, I added it... {if !empty($BILLING.company_name)}{$BILLING.company_name}{$BILLING.cust_groups} Not showing on the email. Would this also show in the Overview - order summary? That would be nice because, since the the person that normally receives the order email, is not always available. Her supervisor would login and handle the orders from there. He would not see the email. Thank you for your help. R
  23. I am seeing this with Firefox Quantum as well. Researching. May have something to do with FF misapplying CSS rules to @media print.
  24. Was there a solution to this? I've just encountered the same problem having changed my browser from Chrome to the new Firefox Quantum. I'm on CC6.1.12, which works perfectly on Chrome (and the older Firefox I was running before), however on FF Quantum the symptoms are as described above, i.e. the customer address prints OK on the first invoice but blank on the second and subsequent ones. It also shows as blank on the Firefox Print Preview. I've tried adjusting the page margins ("Page Setup") but this has no effect.
  25. Just use an install token again.
  26. Al, A dumb question and probably its obvious. How do we upgrade from Manage Extensions for this module?
  27. Category Filter

    There is no free extension available to do this, but I do have a commercial module which does this very well. As far as I am aware it's the only dynamic filter module available for CubeCart. It's a very powerful solution as it also offers dynamic menus based on your product attributes as an optional feature. You can see it in use here: all my modules come with a no-obligation trial period, you can test it out and see how it works or if it's suitable for your requirements. if a week isn't long enough open a ticket via my support portal and I can offer extended demo periods.
  28. Category Filter

    Hi Guys, As I am new to Cube Cart, Is anybody could help me in setting or implement Filters for Product on Front End. Or any way Or any free extension available Any help will be appreciable. Thanks Rahul
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