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  2. hey It is possible it is problems due to lack of server resources allocated by your hosting company - cheap hosting severely restricts certain resources that can stop longer running processes
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  4. Welcome cubicsquare! Glad to see you made it to the forums. CubeCart calls them Ghost customers (internally). A cookie is essential. Non-essential cookies can be un-implemented. Various discount rules can be implemented with plugins from the Marketplace. Postage rules can be created and joined in a list of other shipping options available to the customer. CubeCart does not do auctions. (That is, I am not aware of any plugin that would set this up.) Grabbing content from an external source could be done through a plugin (I do not know how that eBay plugin works). That plugin, if 100% human-readable, could be modified to strip out what is not wanted. CubeCart is programmed to expect specifically named template files, of which there are a few dozen.
  5. Hello, Please may l ask if CubeCart offers the following features, and how they can be implemented: - Give option of Guest purchases, i.e. purchases without a signup - Give option to reject all cookies, and still function as usual i.e. still allow customer to buy things - Add promotional rules to the cart (e.g. 5% discount if you purchase more than 1 item in one go, 10% discount if you purchase more than 5 items) - Add a promotional postage rule (e.g. buy 5 items together, postage to within the United Kingdom is free) - Add other postage rules e.g. postage to Scottish Islands requires an extra £1 surcharge - Also, please can you recommend an eBay listing import tool? I already have an eBay shop, and am aware that there is at least one tool for CubeCart that l can purchase as an add-on, but does it actually work? Can it completely copy your eBay shop, categories and all, to your new CubeCart shop? Can it sync your CubeCart shop to any changes in the eBay shop e.g. on your eBay shop: you manually delete an item or somebody purchase an item. I need this change to be instantly reflected in my CubeCart shop. - Can l even transfer my eBay auction items to my CubeCart shop? I mean, does CubeCart support auctions? If so, when somebody bids via my eBay shop, can l automatically close down the parallel auction on my CubeCart shop, provided nobody has already bid on the same item on the CubeCart shop? - Finally, is there a way to access the entire CubeCart shop as one file, so that l can search and delete the copious front- and end-matter of my eBay adverts when they are copied across to the CubeCart shop? The front- and end-matter references the same thing for each advert, and l would rather have it just stated once in my CubeCart shop's T&Cs area. Besides, some of the material references eBay-specific matters, so l really need to strip that away when the eBay ads are migrated to CubeCart. Please help in any way you can
  6. Thank you Brian - greatly appreciated as always
  7. Name: Payzone Price: Free Category: Payment Gateways Homepage: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/payment-gateways/payzone
  8. The only way to do this currently if you have multiple files, is to zip them up into one file and then attach that
  9. The following is applicable to the skin you are using. There is a simple edit. The Equalizer needs to not know about the buttons, so that everything above the buttons has the same height. In content.homepage.php, find code that looks like (I may not have it exactly, especially the price code): <h6 class="pad-top"> <a class="black" href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}">{$product.name}</a> </h6> <div class="med bold pad-bottom"> {$product.price}</div> <div class="row collapse thinmarg-top show-for-medium-up"> Change to: <h6 class="pad-top"> <a class="black" href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}">{$product.name}</a> </h6> <div class="med bold pad-bottom"> {$product.price}</div> </div>{* Moved here from after buttons *} <div class="row collapse thinmarg-top show-for-medium-up"> Then find: <input name="add" value="{$product.product_id}" type="hidden"> </div> <input name="token" value="3c71658f782746c1ccc7cfc5e0befc41" type="hidden"> </form> </li> Change to: <input name="add" value="{$product.product_id}" type="hidden"> {* </div> Moved above buttons *} <input name="token" value="3c71658f782746c1ccc7cfc5e0befc41" type="hidden"> </form> </li> Note: The line with <input name="token"> may or may not be present. If not present, do not add it. This commented out an existing </div> and added it back higher in the code. There will be a similar edit in content.category.php, the <div class="product_grid_view hide"> section. Although it seems your content.category.php template is already coded to do this. You will probably need to have CubeCart clear its internal cache.
  10. Sorry, but currently this is not possible. However, I am working (slowly) on a solution.
  11. Hi everyone, In the admin panel, I need to update Product -> Digital Options form. When I add Digital Options - I need to select more than one file, how can I make this?
  12. Hi, How can I get the price and more info and add to basket buttons to line up when I have three lines of name for an item versus two lines? (Move it down when 2 lines) All this and keep the panel the same size throughout. Thanks for any and all help
  13. Wow.... I must be getting old. I even replied. Thank you very much. Apologies.
  14. I think we did this already: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/54618-email-doman-requirement/?tab=comments#comment-236647
  15. Good morning... Hello again... Quick question. Is there a way to restrict users email addresses to a specific domain for registration? I have a captive audience and only want new registrants to use a specific email address domain when registering. We are a franchisor/franchisee business and a number of the franchisees are have their own email domain. They are operating as a DBA and also have my email address domain. I want to restrict that they can only register and receive communications from my CC store with my domain address. Thoughts? Thanks in advance. R
  16. Facebook will love you and make a LOT of money out of you - your main content should be on your domain so you benefit from that traffic - easy to do
  17. I would agree with that completely, Ian. But our plushmemories "blog" became SO successful that I could no longer manage it by myself. I moved it to Facebook, where I currently have 5 Admins and 6,100 members - growing every day. Even though the plushmemories website has had NO changes at all for almost 3 years now, it still gets a large number of visits a month. The archive of information it contains about vintage toys is invaluable. I'm just trying to figure out a way to leverage that plushmemories traffic to help with our store. :) I do appreciate your advice :)
  18. What I can say is that pretty much every single really successful store (Thousands to many tens of thousands turnover per month) that we host has a very active blog on the same domain. Google needs new, regular and interesting (from their customer's, ie Google searchers, point of view) content and so will rank sites that provide that. E-Commerce sites with products that don't change very often and, for the most part, list products that can be obtained at multiple other stores, struggle to get good rankings and therefore generally much less visitors
  19. Thanks for the reassurance. At this point what I really need is a crystal ball to see if the move would improve our store traffic any or not. Store name would change as well, although that is no biggie with CC - hard to say if that's a biggie with sales or not. Still weighing it as a business decision, but at least the move itself is not on the Con side now. The biggest Plus, in my mind, is that the plushmemories domain receives way more hits than the dirtybutter domain does, even though it is an archive available to the public of plush information.
  20. Yes that is correct - as you are moving from one domain to another domain but otherwise keeping the url structure then same, it shouldnt be too complex WordPress installation is at the domain root and you are moving a store from a sub-directory to the same sub-directory so should have no effect on the WP installation at all For more specific help, please open up a support ticket and as always, happy to help !
  21. Yes, from the given github issue url, follow the couple of links to the submits
  22. Would someone please try Internet Explorer 11 with the latest version of the Stripe Payment Gateway. Chrome and Firefox appear to be OK but with IE11 it waits forever and never completes .... Paul.
  23. Hi All, I have a situation happening which is a little confusing firstly we are using a bank transfer API that has been supplied by the NAB bank in Australia and has been working fine, however recently we have had some double up payments being made not immediately but sometimes hours later after the first the second payment is made. The order is in a pending mode after the first payment but the transaction has been applied to the bank and then the second payment is made for the same amount some minutes to hours later and then the order goes to processing. My question I guess, is there a retry process within CubeCart that may be causing the payment processing to occur a second time because of timeout of receiving notification from the bank that payment has been received. If there is a notification process where can I find it. This doesn't occur on every transaction it seems to be intermittent. I hope somebody can steer me in the right direction to start looking as my client is having to refund quite a few transactions Best Regards, Peterp
  24. My toy store is currently at dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog. I'm considering moving the store to plushmemories.com/plushcatalog. Https://plushmemories.com is a WP site. I assume I would need to use a 301 to redirect traffic to the new site. The store has been open a long time, so there are probably lots of links to the current url. How much trouble with the Wordpress situation will it be to move the store? @havenswift-hosting your input here would be appreciated when you have time - NO hurry - 12AM where you are
  25. Thank you for the information. Can you provide any directions how to clear cache?
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