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  2. The country/state(county) list comes from CubeCart's management of Countries/Zones. In admin, Countries/Zones, Zones tab, verify that where the Country is Australia, that "Australian Capitol Territory" is present and enabled. On the Add Zone tab, you can add this, if necessary, as well as "Canberra" (if desired, and that if it has a unique Zone Abbreviation, possibly CBR but that is for the airport).
  3. from: [email protected] Just received an email that looks like it's a forum activity alert, but it leads to a fake malicious Cubecart site if clicked
  4. thank you, exactly what I needed to know. Cheers.
  5. Good morning, I have a customer who lives in the "Austalian Capital Territory, called ACT. The region is within the state of New South Wales. Australia Post calls the region Canberra instead of ACT. whatever I dont mind. When any customer gets to the checkout they can add their address and choose from the drop down box the state they live in. In the shipping refine estimate the same drop down box appears, however there is no Canberra or ACT, even though I have both listed in AIOS. Any suggestions on what to do? Where to add the state "ACT" please?
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  7. Could I use trial a week before decide buy theme ? Thanks best regards
  8. In /classes/catalogue.class.php, find the public function descriptionShort(). A test is made that, when having stripped out HTML tags, if the result is still longer than the "precis", then use the stripped content, truncated. Otherwise, use the complete original. What you are looking for is where to set the Product Precis. That would be admin, Store Settings, Layout tab, "Length of product precis".
  9. Does anyone know where to find the length of {product.description_short} I would like to increase the number of characters before the description is truncated. Thanks
  10. Welcome captinmax! Glad to see you made it to the forums. Please check the contents of the offline message (admin, Store Settings, Offline tab). There could be way too much content there. Also, see: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/55841-system-error-log/ https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/55301-la-fonction-save-nagit-plus/
  11. I recently install a skin and then got this error and cannot see how to fix it. /classes/config.class.php:357 - Config write size error: config My website is on shared hosting so I'm not sure what level I can get to. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. If you are being hosted, then perhaps there is a "gateway" server being used by your host to determine which real server amongst the "farm" is responsible for your site. The other site may or may not be on that same server. (How you access your sites via FTP may provide a clue.) So, I think the real server where your site is located is having a problem, and the gateway server has waited long enough for a response. Contact your hosting provider to have then check server logs. You might also look at your hosting control panel for any kind of error log. A person more familiar with running a hosting company should be along shortly with better suggestions.
  13. Hey all, I have 2 shops - both setup at teh same time, both front ends working well but 1 will not move orders through whilst the other works perfect. I keep getting this error: 504 Gateway Time-out The server didn't respond in time. Any thoughts please?
  14. I added the item_location code and all is working! Thank you! I'll leave the columns alone
  15. The code looks proper -- be sure to use item_location in the name attribute, to match what we are expecting in POST. (I say this to note that product_price is not the same as the name of the database table column, price. It just illustrates that the name attribute need not be the same as the database table column, you just need to pay attention and look for what POST is sending, and what table column you are updating.) <td><span class="editable number" name="product[{$product.product_id}][item_location]">{$product.item_location}</span></td> It is safe to delete your private columns, but completely unnecessary. You do not need to empty the columns of values first.
  16. That seems to have worked. I have some DB columns I created that I would like to do the same thing - make them editable. One of them is item_location. is this what I would do before the last 2 } if (isset($product_detail_to_update['item_location'])) { $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_inventory', array('item_location' => $product_detail_to_update['item_location']), array('product_id' => $product_id)); } I created some columns in the Order Summary DB that I'm not using. Is it safe to just go into myPHPadmin and drop them? Do I have to empty them first?
  17. This is looking at each element of $_POST['product'] as a key/value pair, with the key being the product_id, but making no distinction as what the value represents. It could be either the product_code or the price. The name we give to the variable simply helps us read the code, but has no true relationship to what the variable actually holds. In fact, it seems the value of each key/value pair is another array where the key is either 'product_code' or 'product_price', with the value being the text entered into the textbox. We are, in fact, using $product_code['product_code'] and $product_price['product_price'], but recall that the name we give the variable $product_code and $product_price does not truly indicate what the value actually is. This is badly explained, and I could go on to elaborate, but instead, let's try to fix it. Substitute the following: if (isset($_POST['product']) && is_array($_POST['product'])) { // Update Product Code foreach ($_POST['product'] as $product_id => $product_code) { $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_inventory', array('product_code' => $product_code['product_code']), array('product_id' => $product_id)); } } if (isset($_POST['product']) && is_array($_POST['product'])) { // Update Product Price foreach ($_POST['product'] as $product_id => $product_price) { $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_inventory', array('price' => $product_price['product_price']), array('product_id' => $product_id)); } } With: if (isset($_POST['product']) && is_array($_POST['product'])) { // Update Product Detail foreach ($_POST['product'] as $product_id => $product_detail_to_update) { if (isset($product_detail_to_update['product_code'])) { $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_inventory', array('product_code' => $product_detail_to_update['product_code']), array('product_id' => $product_id)); } if (isset($product_detail_to_update['product_price'])) { $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_inventory', array('price' => $product_detail_to_update['product_price']), array('product_id' => $product_id)); } } } What is happening now is that a test is made to make sure the detail to be changed actually has a value associated with it. (Note: My development server crashed a few days ago, and I have yet to fix it. So, I can't actually test this code.)
  18. What am I doing wrong now!!! I edit the price of an item, save, and the product code shows null. This is my code: <td><span class="editable number" name="product[{$product.product_id}][product_code]">{$product.product_code}</span></td> <td align="center">{$product.cost_price}</td> <td><span class="editable number" name="product[{$product.product_id}][product_price]">{$product.price}</span></td> <td align="center">{$product.stock_level}</td> ---- and --- if (isset($_POST['status']) && is_array($_POST['status']) && Admin::getInstance()->permissions('products', CC_PERM_EDIT)) { // Update Status foreach ($_POST['status'] as $product_id => $status) { $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_inventory', array('status' => $status), array('product_id' => $product_id)); } if (isset($_POST['product']) && is_array($_POST['product'])) { // Update Product Code foreach ($_POST['product'] as $product_id => $product_code) { $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_inventory', array('product_code' => $product_code['product_code']), array('product_id' => $product_id)); } } if (isset($_POST['product']) && is_array($_POST['product'])) { // Update Product Price foreach ($_POST['product'] as $product_id => $product_price) { $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_inventory', array('price' => $product_price['product_price']), array('product_id' => $product_id)); } } httpredir(currentPage()); }
  19. You're not alone; I (and others) have been encountering the same problem for several weeks. Luckily I have the previous version of PayPal Commerce already installed and working, but I'm trying to upgrade because the old version is superseded. Unfortunately, it appears that PayPal are not responding to requests for assistance from the developers of the extension. Nor are they answering requests for support from users (i.e. me). Their help page for a 500 error is, sadly, useless.
  20. I can't seem to find any fix for this Means I can't continue with CubeCart. How frustrating having setup every other aspect of my store.
  21. I've got a customer in Reunion, an external department of France. Being an external department, she's not liable for VAT on purchases. However, if she enters the country as France, and county/region as Reunion, the site quite naturally adds VAT. There is a separate entry for Reunion in the drop-down list of countries (despite its not being a full-blown country), and if she uses that instead of 'France', then there is no VAT added. However, 1) It's not obvious that that is what she should do, and 2) I'm not sure the list of countries contains every last one of France's other external territories, if we should get an order from any of those in the future. I assume the solution is to use the Zones option: 1) Use Add Zone to create a long series of zones, one for mainland France, and one for each of France's many overseas possessions, with the correct abbreviation, and then 2) Tell CC that the French external zones are outside Europe and so don't attract VAT. This seems a little exhausting, and liable to create further problems with customers in mainland France who don't understand that they have to choose a zone, but if it's what I need to do, I'll do it. So, am I correct, and if so, how do I get CC to recognise when a zone is outside Europe and doesn't need VAT? Or is there an easier way to achieve it? TIA, Robin site: piscesconservation.com/cube CC6.2.9 / All In One Shipping 1.0.16 / Facebook 1.0.1 / PayPal Commerce Platform 1.3.8 / PayPal standard commerce platform 1.08 / ProductAddons 1.0.12 / SagePay 1.0.11
  22. We have technical support if you would like us to investigate. More info at https://www.cubecart.com/technical-support
  23. Hi, Thank you for the response. How can I get this repaired? Thank you
  24. Sounds like the browser is over caching. That or your store hasn't been upgraded properly and the hash check on each basket row isn't working.
  25. Hi, When some clients are selecting items and adding to the cart and the click on submit, every know and then the cart drops some of the items. These items are not added to the cart total and do not appear on the invoice. However, these items are removed from the inventory. What could be causing this? Thank you
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