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  1. FWIW, I also have that problem (using Foundation on 6.4.2) iff I dump the photo(s) in the root of the default folder, but not if I organize them in subfolders.
  2. Thank you. Now I'm waiting for an order <g>.
  3. I'd like to add any Public Note Content, if it exists, to the order complete email template, but I don't see it listed among the available macros. Is there a macro for the note to the customer? Thanks.
  4. FWIW, I'm using phpList, available as a service or open-source you can self-host
  5. The search is stock. There are minor changes to seven templates and to foundation.css, mostly deleting references to the newsletter and increasing max-width for .row
  6. My site works with firefox. But I see the behavior you describe on my site with chrome and vivaldi on the desktop and chrome on android.
  7. I don't see this behavior on my much more stock store, sojourner.biz.
  8. Thanks. Should I put the whole thing in <p> tags, or just the Tracking number: {$DATA.ship_tracking} part?
  9. How would I add Tracking number: {$DATA.ship_tracking} to a template only if {$DATA.ship_tracking} exists? Thanks?
  10. As long as the extension remains in the marketplace, it would be nice to keep it reasonably current. A start would be replacing mcrypt.
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