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  1. robertbell

    Credit Card Capture

    Put your daughter right on it 🙂.
  2. robertbell

    Credit Card Capture

    As long as the extension remains in the marketplace, it would be nice to keep it reasonably current. A start would be replacing mcrypt.
  3. robertbell

    Product Info Tab

    In the admin center, go to products, then edit a product. You can add text on the description tab.
  4. robertbell

    Google Webmasters error messages

    Disallow html? Your robots.txt may be a little too restrictive. You can test it in https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/robots-testing-tool.
  5. robertbell

    Cookie text and toggle missing

    Got it. Thanks.
  6. robertbell

    Cookie text and toggle missing

    Happier now. But is there still a switch to turn the question off? If so, where?
  7. robertbell

    Cookie text and toggle missing

    41 views and no replies -- is nobody else seeing this on 6.2.1? In any case, for now I've commented out {include file='templates/box.eu_cookie.php'} in main.php and main.checkout.php.
  8. robertbell

    Cookie text and toggle missing

    I also see just the accept-block buttons on the demo site, no text saying what visitors are asked to accept or block:
  9. Just upgraded from 6.2.0 to 6.2.1 -- did we lose the setting to enable or disable the cookie warning? Wasn't it on the features tab of store settings? I had the cookie warning enabled on sojourner.biz, but now all I see when arriving with a cookie-less browser are accept and block buttons with no text explaining what is (are?) being accepted or blocked.
  10. robertbell

    PHP Versions etc

    WFM on LiteSpeed V6.11.
  11. robertbell

    [Resolved] physical OR digital gift cards

    Thanks. We'll stick with physical only for now, but I'll file the code away if the question ever gets revisited.
  12. robertbell

    [Resolved] physical OR digital gift cards

    No. It would be nice if a customer could choose to buy a physical gift card for use only in the physical store, or a digital one for use only in the shopping cart.
  13. robertbell

    [Resolved] physical OR digital gift cards

    Yep. Because we are primarily a bricks-and-mortar store, to which customers bring the physical gift card.
  14. robertbell

    [Resolved] physical OR digital gift cards

    I'm using Foundation. I noticed the customer-facing dropdown, but if I as a customer select physical, I also get digital. I as a merchant don't want to give two gift certificates for the price of one...
  15. Physical gift cards are fine. Digital gift cards are fine. But is there any way to offer customers a choice of physical or digital (rather than the current option physical and digital)?