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  1. How can I reorder the shipping costs? I want it to default to a paid option, and require the user to select the deliver option.
  2. I added one, not sure if I did it right though.
  3. I don't think I have anything for github
  4. I already had one, it got almost nothing for replies
  5. I wish I could get it to go to processing at authorization, and complete at capture though
  6. Can we make a way to combine customers? Most customers just create a new account and I'd like to be able to merge them when it happens.
  7. Contact Noodleman(Alec) at using his support section at the bottom. I'm sure he can make this for you.
  8. After I capture payment from the authorizations, it will go from pending to processing.
  9. I followed this exact....
  10. Just manually upgraded to 6.1.7, got another new admin so hopefully this will be fixed. Got the setup to work this time.
  11. I had deleted the setup folder already.
  12. Well, I had support from a previous version purchase that disappeared, Hence my lack of desire to buy again.
  13. yep. it forwards to the other link and shows a 404 error. Now, I had already done this from admin before anyone pointed out the manual requirement to stop the link changing. I reloaded the files manually.
  14. It is, but they are not the same as each other- they match the file
  15. Yes, the link changes to and shows a 404 error