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  1. I have screen shots of everything, the promo code is reflected but doesnt transfer to the invoice. It shows in the admin notes. Cannot get the screenshot loaded as it is too big...
  2. It reflects the charges there but it doesn't when paypal processes it. the DB shows shipping, invoice shows shipping, payment doesn't charge shipping.
  3. Does anyone have a way to make a promocode for free shipping that actually removes the shipping charge from the invoice? I can get the charges removed from the billed total with paypal but it still reflects on the invoice and makes the invoice unbalanced.
  4. What needs to be done to fix zip codes? The US is 5 digit or 5+4. USPS will not recognize 9 digits and provide a quote. If a customer enters the 5+4 without a -, it should auto format to xxxxx-xxxx from xxxxxxxxx
  5. I have a bunch of customers from California
  6. Notepad ++ Not that I can see or know of.
  7. Color of text turned all white at that point, hence why I thought it.
  8. here is the definitions.xml file. definitions.zip everything else matched It looks like a closing </string> is missing part way down, line 855
  9. I have over 600 errors- https://www.csrocketry.com/xxxxxx/%PRIVACY_URL% the x is different product categories or item. Ideas? I have a valid privacy policy on the site.
  10. That's really silly that there's no view basket option if you're logged into a customer profile. I see what's going on now. We should change that because for customers it's confusing to be able to not view their basket to make edits prior to going to secure checkout.
  11. Except if I log in as any other customer I have a view basket option.
  12. Just had to turn of recaptcha for a new customer to be able to create an account, now his profile only does not show view basket.
  13. Just had a customer have an issue with the invisible recaptcha- The following errors were detected: the verification code was incorrect. Please try again Could this also be causing payment related issues?
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