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  1. I followed this exact....
  2. Just manually upgraded to 6.1.7, got another new admin so hopefully this will be fixed. Got the setup to work this time.
  3. I had deleted the setup folder already.
  4. Well, I had support from a previous version purchase that disappeared, Hence my lack of desire to buy again.
  5. yep. it forwards to the other link and shows a 404 error. Now, I had already done this from admin before anyone pointed out the manual requirement to stop the link changing. I reloaded the files manually.
  6. It is, but they are not the same as each other- they match the file
  7. Yes, the link changes to and shows a 404 error
  8. after manual loading files, the setup page gives me a 404 error
  9. Yeah, so those notes don't show in the admin section when it prompts for an least mine didn't. Now I know. Will a manual update now fix it?
  10. This is still an issue! just updated using auto update to 6.1.6 from 6.1.5 and once again I have a new admin login link. Please fix this
  11. He is my go to person for everything, just figured I would ask here first.
  12. I charge exact, because costs are already very high. The items I sell vary so widely that the built in solutions are often insufficient to cover costs, so I have them set to aim high. Plus I have picked up business because the customer knows I am not screwing them on shipping charges like everyone else in my industry does.
  13. Can we add the ability to use authorizations from paypal to the cubecart? I would like to have the status go to processing upon authorization notification from the ipn, and then an option to capture in cubecart would also be nice. This allows cost adjustments for the shipping corrections as is typical for orders, while removing refunds(PayPal got mad at me for excessive refunds). Once the capture button is pressed, the order status can change to complete.
  14. I'm not sure this is working. I get double emails, my customers are getting doubles as well. I need to have the order status go to pending when they checkout, and process on payment notification, which will be a payment is pending( The payment is pending; see the pending_reason variable for more information. Please note, you will receive another Instant Payment Notification when the status of the payment changes to 'Completed', 'Failed', or 'Denied'. This Transaction ID has been processed before. Recipient account didn't match specified PayPal account. ). This message should trigger pending to processing for me. I can;t see to find where I made the change on the last version before the upgrade. This setup allows me to have inventory reduced as a payment has been authorized and the money is guaranteed at this point from paypal( would be a nice feature to add to cubecart by the way)
  15. its still there. The quickbooks sub directory should be a private directory, thats my preload area for new products. That category isn't active. Any way to block it?