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  1. Is there a plan to support this in cubecart? https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/9744165?hl=en&utm_id=ad
  2. Anyone using this? What do you think of it?
  3. How do I remove the credit cards from the PayPal image? I want to disable processing credit cards through PayPal but leave PayPal as an option.
  4. Nothing that I know of and I don't recognize any of the links,.
  5. https://www.csrocketry.com/packages/plugin-qiankun/examples/app1/rocket-motors.html This just became the link....when I clear cache https://www.csrocketry.com/services/monitoring/rocket-motors.html is now the link. Ideas? this is the correct address and it now is showing after about 10 clear caches https://www.csrocketry.com/rocket-motors.html
  6. I have screen shots of everything, the promo code is reflected but doesnt transfer to the invoice. It shows in the admin notes. Cannot get the screenshot loaded as it is too big...
  7. It reflects the charges there but it doesn't when paypal processes it. the DB shows shipping, invoice shows shipping, payment doesn't charge shipping.
  8. Does anyone have a way to make a promocode for free shipping that actually removes the shipping charge from the invoice? I can get the charges removed from the billed total with paypal but it still reflects on the invoice and makes the invoice unbalanced.
  9. What needs to be done to fix zip codes? The US is 5 digit or 5+4. USPS will not recognize 9 digits and provide a quote. If a customer enters the 5+4 without a -, it should auto format to xxxxx-xxxx from xxxxxxxxx
  10. I have a bunch of customers from California
  11. Notepad ++ Not that I can see or know of.
  12. Color of text turned all white at that point, hence why I thought it.
  13. here is the definitions.xml file. definitions.zip everything else matched It looks like a closing </string> is missing part way down, line 855
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