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  1. Christopher Short

    PayPal Pro

    never seen that...sounds phishy
  2. Christopher Short

    Default Inches not Centimeters in Product Dimensions

    Where would I find the code to default this to inches? I would like my product dimensions to default to inches, but I believe my admin skin is custom so I dont have the selection option in the store settings.
  3. Christopher Short

    product option

    Thanks. I sent you a support ticket to add it.
  4. Christopher Short

    product option

    As best as I can tell, yes the inventory is re-populated. It is the webconnector from quickbooks POS to cubecart.
  5. Christopher Short

    product option

    this is where I am stuck: I have a system that manages inventory from my POS to cubecart(POS is master levels). When I sell an item, cubecart order is downloaded to my POS and the new stock table is uploaded back to cubecart. When I have an item with multiple product options, I need the stock level to update the product options(lets use colors: I may only have red and yellow, but blue needs to show out of stock). Best I can tell currently, the product codes used in the options matrix do not actually update with stock changes. Any ideas to fix this?
  6. Christopher Short

    product option

    will it populate that onto the invoice when ordered?
  7. Christopher Short

    product option

    Can I set product options with different product codes? I track items by product code, but some "same" items have different items and therefore have different product codes for inventory, but I really dont want to make multiple identical item listings(some items have 8 different choices.
  8. Christopher Short

    Product order

    Is there any way to force cubecart to display product in a category in a set order? I cheated by adding a space to move 9" infront of 12", but I need to move 120" to the end. https://www.csrocketry.com/recovery-supplies/top-flight-recovery/standard-chutes-thin-mil.html#2
  9. Christopher Short

    Order total error

  10. Christopher Short

    Order total error

    to make it more interesting, he was charged the correct amount from the gateway...
  11. Christopher Short

    Order total error

    cc_CubeCart_order_summary-basket.bin They look the same to me...What do you think?
  12. Christopher Short

    Order total error

    How does this happen?
  13. Christopher Short

    Items that cannot ship together

    @Noodleman can help you. He built my custom shipping module for a similar style setup with hazmats.
  14. Christopher Short

    Code update help

    Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ****/classes/catalogue.class.php on line 258: foreach ($products as $product) { Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ****/modules/plugins/extended_leadtimes/hooks/class.catalogue.category_product_list_return.php on line 15: foreach($productList as $key => $val){
  15. Christopher Short

    Code update help

    not that I see. Not sure where to find them if I did.