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  1. [Resolved] CSRF and Admin Logout

    That was it. THANKS!!
  2. Since upgrading to 6.1.10 I cannot logout of admin without setting off the CSRF issue. In fact, it's not just a notice. It will not let me log out at all. I have to just close the tab via browser. I can stop this behavior by commenting out the new line a the bottom of admin/skins.csrf.inc.php. Since nobody else has mentioned this, it has to be something I've messed up somewhere else. Nothing in the error logs is helpful. Is there somewhere else in the new code that is related to that csrf.inc.php line that maybe I failed to upgrade?
  3. Great to hear! We got so involved with selling and finding plush toys I have basically ignored our collectibles store. But I try to keep it updated - who knows what I might want to do in the future.
  4. PHP Notices and Warnings since Upgrade to CC6.1.10

    I'd like to limit notices and such from my Admin error log as well. Haven't upgraded to 6.1.10 hyet. Just noticed I couldn't find the place to follow, so had to comment to keep this easy to find.
  5. Integration of Mail Chimp Accounts

    I tried using the embed code straight from MC and it worked more or less. But I finally bought the SFWS plugin, and it works for me competely.
  6. is anyone utilising http2

    Not in a long time - sorry. Sorry - didn't read your httpTWO.
  7. Ver 6.1.8 causes issues with some product titles

    Here's the query pattern to use, but you can easily make a mess of your database if you do something wrong - SO MAKE A COPY OF THE APPROPRIATE DATABASE TABLE BEFORE ATTEMPTING. iF YOU'VE NEVER DONE SOMETHING LIKE THIS - YOU MIGHT WANT TO BACKUP THE WHOLE DATABASE BEFORE ATTEMPTING. UPDATE tablename SET tablefield = replace(tablefield,"findstring","replacestring");
  8. Sharing Inventory

    Also - be aware that Google will see this as duplicate content, if you don't take steps to keep it from looking like duplication.
  9. Customize fields on order

    There's somewhere I think in the skin javascript file that needs changing that controls validation. Bsmither will know what to do.
  10. Customize fields on order

    I'm on my Kindle and not on the computer, so I can't give specifics. If you want to suggest this be editable from admin you should make the suggestion on the Feature Request board... link in my signature.
  11. Customize fields on order

    I changed the wording to Best Phone number, and then at the bottom of the file commented out the line that requires validation for the other phone number. If you never need the other phone choice line you could comment it out. I don't remember if Bsmither had to help with a code change in the JavaScript file or something similar to stop requiring the validation of the extra or hidden phone number. Such edits will not survive an upgrade and would need to be added back in manually each time.
  12. Modify Order and payment

    I've always ended up creating the additional cost as an edit to the original order and invoicing via PayPal. As I could NOT get payment from within CC.
  13. Send customer eMails to me

    It an be done. I still have that code in mine. But I'm not in a position to be of much more help than that right now. Hopefully you can find the thread with Search.
  14. Registration problem on website?

    Perhaps you need to ask your host if they have made any version changes within their control - not CC related. Something like maybe a PHP upgrade or an ioncube loader version??? Also, on the outside chance you've been hacked (you are on an older version that is less secure) - check your database files and CC files and folders to see if there is anything there that doesn't look like it belongs. There is a set of directions for fixing a hacked site pinned on this forum somewhere.