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  1. Customise order numbers

    I still use that plugin, but it required quite a bit of editing to get it to work with current CC.
  2. I use SemperFi's Vertical Navigation on our sites, too. It's almost a necessity if you have a large number of categories and subcategories. https://dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog
  3. Admin panel in plain text

    Is the WP site at the root with the CC install as a directory? If so, the issue is likely to be with a WP setting.
  4. Google Opt In Survey / Reviews

    Google's "help" is a joke.
  5. "Taxes" page not showing in Admin

    Editing your sig for this forum is kind of odd right now - you can't see the signature choice until you let the curser go down the left hand column in your Account Settings - all you initially see is Overview.
  6. Admin email notification

    There is a place in Store Settings where you can set the time frame for automatically changing a Pending order to Cancelled. That might explain your change to cancelled.
  7. I have plugins that will not work with the line that was taken out of controllers/controller.admin.session.true.inc.php' in 6.1.12. Try adding back in foreach ($GLOBALS['hooks']->load('admin.'.strtolower($_GET['name'])) as $hook) include $hook; at line 87. See if that fixes it. Can't hurt to try it.
  8. Upgrading to 6.1.12

    It's the renaming to get the new admin_xxx naming correct that is confusing people, plus deleting any old named admin files.
  9. No I did not, since I am using MC's embedded code. It seemed pointless once I found SFWS's plugin. I use his plugin on our busy store, but can't justify the cost on the very low volume collectibles store.
  10. Print Order Form

    I use the Standard PP, and if I refund the full payment via PP - CC does automatically receive the PP cancellation and change it to Cancelled in Orders and send the customer email (as far as I know). I'm not positive about the email, because I always explain the reason for cancellation within the PP site and I know they get THAT email.
  11. [Resolved] Shop no update

    Yes ,sad to say. It seems they have given up promising the admin upgrade will work at some point. Everyone is being advised to upgrade manually, apparently. (please note I am no longer a moderator, so this may not be an accurate assumption)
  12. <a href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}" class="button small postfix">{$LANG.common.info}</a> I changed the wording for the common.info in the Language settings. But please understand, if you are using stock Foundation skin, that such edits will be over-written on upgrade and will need to be added back in.
  13. My newsletter footer link is based on SFWS's Mailchimp plugin on plushcatalog. I tried to create something similar on dirtybutterestates in the footer using the embeded code straight from MC, but it did not work properly.
  14. Duplicate Parent Category on Homepage in CC6

    It either doesn't happen with SFWS Vertical Navigation, or I was able to stop it a long time ago with his plugin code. See my plushcatalog menu.