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  1. Thanks - I thought I remembered some cookie code had changed in the last upgrade, so figured I would ask.
  2. Not getting any errors logged when debug is disabled, so I am happy to see that. I turned on debug to see what would pop up. I am curious if this is a notice I should be worried about. I thought CC had cookies set to samesite=none and secure. XXX/classes/session.class.php:608 - Undefined index: samesite
  3. CubeCart has finally made incremental order numbers work properly for me! Thank you Al, for sticking with all my complaints about this until it worked. There is one code change that still needs to be made to get perfection regarding order numbers with 6.4.2. That has to do with the Preview in Admin of the Increment Increase number. There needs to be code that will delete the existing config database table value for the increment increase number. Erasing whatever number I had previously as the Increment Increase in Store Settings/Features and saving it as a blank does not remove that
  4. While fiddling with the commits before this latest upgrade I sometimes ended up with .html.html.html type extensions. I found I could fix the mess by doing a phpMyAdmin query to replace .html.html with a blank. And I also used the Maintenance setting to remove all custom seo urls. I kept playing with it until I could create the sitemap that looked correct.
  5. I have default currency set within Google Merchant Center Settings. My feed works without mention of the currency.
  6. The FireFox Responsive Design mode shows our navigation correctly for an IPad using SFWS Vertical navigation. Now I'm wondering if it looks ok on an actual IPad. plushmemories.com/lovie-shoppe
  7. Your edit fixed it for me as far as I can tell. Will test some more when I have time.
  8. I want customers to see the zero ones (front end shows Sold), but I do not want a warning about stock level of zero ones. I can't think of any custom edits I have in place that would affect this.
  9. I found this in dashboard.index.inc.php just now in the test site on 6.4.3 commit: $stock_warn_level = ((int)$GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'stock_warn_level')>0) ? $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'stock_warn_level') : '0'; $condition = $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'stock_warn_type') == '1' ? 'I.stock_warning' : $stock_warn_level;
  10. I do not remove sold items from the store listings on our plushmemories store, as helping people find lovies is part of our business plan. So I have always had the stock level that triggers a warning set to negative one. 6.4.2 ignores that negative number and shows stock warnings for all out of stock items. Any suggestions as to how to fix this?
  11. Yes, I have fiddled with the default FF screen size, as I'm having issues seeing some of the smallest print size areas, like the Bookmark sbar . BUT I just did a new install of FF over my old one, instead of the upgrade, and now I DO see the Shopping Cart. As for SFWS, I quit trying to get the Social MEdia one work. I just post products manually to various media sites. I should have thought to check browsers a long time ago, but knowing CC was still in commits when this happened I assumed it was my fault or a CC flaw. At least things look right again, and I can think about upgrading o
  12. I can't see your screenshot - but after your input that it looked right to you, I tested on Chrome. The problem is with FireFox, and I've been going crazy trying to find my mistake with CC!!! UGH! I don't see anything odd in my FF settings to explain why this does not display for me.
  13. So do you SEE the cart from the checkout page - a place to choose shipping, add coupon codes, etc., and a payment button?? Could one of you show a screenshot of what the checkout page with basket looks like for you? Here's what mine looks like: AH!!! It's FireFox!! Works correctly with Chrome. Any idea what I need to change in settings on FF to fix this?
  14. I am in desperate need of help solving this problem. Please go to https://dirtybutterestates.com and put any item with an image in the shopping cart . The cart pops up as it should. Then click to View Basket. If you are lucky enough, you may see the fleeting view of the Shopping Cart, but it never shows up again. This problem started with the commits right before 6.4.0 betas were released. I assumed it was some code error I had made, since no one else has complained about this happening. THIS dirtybutterestates.com is totally stock, with Standard PayPal and USPS extensions installed.
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