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  1. OK - trying to resurrect these old code changes, so bear with me if I miss all the changes needed at first. Change this in content.homepage.php from <button type="submit" value="{$LANG.catalogue.add_to_basket}" class="button small postfix">{$LANG.catalogue.add_to_basket}</button> To this <a href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}" class="button small postfix">{$LANG.common.info}</a> I just changed the wording to suit myself in Language. I did the same thing in content.category.php and that's all I have found so far.
  2. I hope I helped a litte, but I don't think I understand some of your comments on my information enough to be any more help. It sounds like you have pin pointed the issue, though. Fingers crossed
  3. Traditional Order# 191215-054313-1929 Found: customer_id for Andrew G found in two tables product_id for product 3866 id from cookie consent session aec49189a8b2d7a2cebbe44114952d5b filemanager file_id for BabyAnimals08042009xxx809.JPG geo_zone id for Middlesbrough image_index product_id product_id in inventory ID in manufacturers subscriber_id order_history_id order_notes order_id for 2012-PC-1903 order_summary for 110327-225820-4075 id for searchst 70190 seo_urls id for aurora-small-green-cream-chenille-beanie-tree-f
  4. I used 442 for Increment Increase to get the CC custom order numbers to resemble what I previously was using with SFWS's Sequential Order Numbers. Just for the record, I scrubbed my database every which way I could think of to get rid of any trace of his plugin before I changed to the upgrade that had COID in it. Last time the outlier number came up was 2019-PC-0754. But this was on Dec. 15, with lots of orders since then. So could you give me an idea of what number I should be searching for? Do I need to wait for the next Alabama delivery to try to find this? (We don't get very many orde
  5. My issue related to my state's Sales Tax and the COID has not caused any duplicate order numbers. But if I can be of help in any way, I'd be glad to try.
  6. I've forgotten now why Bsmither suggested something slightly different for me some time ago. <p>{$DATA.note_to_customer|nl2br}</p> Ah, looked up |nl2br . It adds line breaks in the email if I had line breaks in my Notes.
  7. I want to publicly THANK @havenswift-hosting for helping our little church with a FREE hosting account! Many years ago I used a series of various hosting companies and ended up leaving every one of them, one after the other, because they were absolutely no help at all if I had any problems - whether the problem was their fault or mine. Ian has time after time gone out of his way to help me with any problems I've had with our CubeCart install over the years. Most of those issues were of my own making, but he has always been super patient and prompt to respond and find a solution.
  8. Thank you Havenswift! That will help our little church's budget considerably!!! Bsmither, I really can't answer that, as I was just asked to set one up. We've had an online presence through one of those template sites that is designed for churches, but it was expensive. The person who set that up years ago didn't realize how easy it would have been to accomplish the same thing with Wordpress and free plugins. Now our budget is strained and they asked me for help.
  9. I need recommendations for a cheap but easy to use host for our church. I'm thinking a simple Wordpress site would work. A place for news, calendar of coming events, and a PayPal donation button for contributions. Some events, such as Vacation Bible School and the children's Christmas play will involve videos and lots of photos, but it would mostly be text with occasional images. It will probably not receive much traffic, as our church already has a Facebook page with live coverage of part of our services and announcement of events. The whole process needs to be simple enough to manage so
  10. Open the Setup/db/Upgrade 6.2.7 and 6.2.8 sql queries files. I usually copy/paste the contents of the sql file in the Query Database tab in admin Maintenance.
  11. I'm not the best one to be trying to help, but I can get some answers from you others can use in helping you. First of all, did you get the error trying to upgrade trying to use the Upgrade from within Admin? Or did you upload the zip of 6.2.8 and extract, then run setup? Is your store stock code, or do you have edits to skin or admin files you don't want to lose? It might help to know what version you are upgrading from. If you are not using stock skin, what are you using?
  12. Thanks, Ian! I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I looked at the gtmetrix.com results. As expected, they are much better than the mobile site results Google goes by. But gtmetrix makes their findings explanations a little easier for me to understand.
  13. That's true! So obvious to you, but didn't even occur to me. So now I need to move on to one of the bigger issues the PageSpeed test complained about - scripts that load before the page will complete, like AddThis (the worst).
  14. WBMP is in the list under PHP info GD, but not webp. So THAT's my problem. My only interest in using webp for these constant top and bottom images was that using webp images supposedly speeds up the site.
  15. Having folders in Filemanager doesn't seem to make a difference. Stock site still refuses to "see" the image in Filemanager, whether I add an image folder or delete it.
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