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  1. Dirty Butter

    I've forgotten what "Email address override" does

    Thanks! That's what I thought but wasn't sure which check mark I needed. We had a PP chargeback on a sale that was delivered to a different address. But a lot of our sales are gifts, so different destinations is common for us.
  2. Dirty Butter

    I've forgotten what "Email address override" does

    It's on Standard PayPal and evidently on Braintree too , based on someone's thread on Braintree.
  3. My Admin DOES sort by Sales Price. That may be something Bsmither helped me do a long time ago - will try to find it. Well I found it, but it's not quite what you need. I suspect what you need might take similar coding - but it's way past my abilities. https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/54197-need-help-with-sort-on-custom-quantity-discount-column/?tab=comments#comment-234658
  4. Has to do with payment gateways - Senior Moment that has turned into a Senior Week LOL. PS - tried to choose Extension Discussion, but would not let me choose that section to post in.
  5. Dirty Butter

    Store Sale - Number in Stock NOT change on Sale

    Nothing in the options_identifier. I don't use Options - never have. Order Details, Transaction log, and History all look normal Store product details show in stock Admin list of all products showed it in stock and in stock when I opened that product listing EVERYTHING looked as it should in database, transaction, history, options_matrix. When I manually updated Cache from Admin - all behaved itself and corrected error. I've never seen anything like this in all my years of using CC.
  6. Dirty Butter

    Store Sale - Number in Stock NOT change on Sale

    The list of all Products DID show it as being in stock when it should have been zero. I'll check out the other areas you've asked about as soon as I can.
  7. Dirty Butter

    Store Sale - Number in Stock NOT change on Sale

    When payment is made - been this way since the beginning Main stock level as matrix stock level summary NOT checked - never has been
  8. We sold an item today I knew we only have one of. I always check the image and desciption in the store to be sure I get the right one out of stock. Lo and behold it was shown in the store as still available. This has never happened to me before. As soon as I cleared Cache in Admin, the storefont data was correct. Any idea how that happened?
  9. Dirty Butter

    Can I limit Coupon Code?

  10. Dirty Butter

    Need help with og:image source code

    It needs to be code that picks up the image url for each product, not inferred from other code on the page. I'm trying to cross the t's and dot my i's, because I'm having trouble getting Facebook to approve of an App. I'm not sure you will see what I see from this url:
  11. I need help making Facebook happy with my Open Graph image setting. I've tried using this: <link rel="image_src" href="{$PRODUCT.large}" /> <meta property="og:image" content="{STORE_URL}/images/cache/{$PRODUCT.large}"/> I thought this would work in the element.meta.php file, but it didn't. This would probably have been much easier before I put almost all our images in folders. That's one action I have really wished I had never done - but it's that way now. I would prefer using the source file url, but that would be a different folder for different listings. I've tried <meta property="og:image" content="{$image.source}"/> But that did not work, either. I've managed to work out all the other Open Graph settings Facebook requires, but I'm stumped on the image. Has anyone made this work for Facebook ?
  12. Dirty Butter

    Deluxe Document Manager help

  13. Dirty Butter

    Need Help Nesting {if} {else}

    YES! The closed if was needed from somewhere else. I ended up putting it as the last line in the file, based on the error message. I was wrongly assuming it was part of the nesting issue. Anyway, that is fixed. It now works for all four situations. I'll do some more studying to be sure I understand what you did, Bsmither! Thank you as always. Hopefully I can now put the meta data in and please Google! I was pleasantly surprised that I did not have to do anything else to the code to get the metadata included. Once the nesting was correct, the Google Structured Data Test Tool showed no errors!
  14. Dirty Butter

    Need Help Nesting {if} {else}

    AH - the gt 0 in the stock level "means greater than zero" and eq 0 means "equal to 0". Just got back home. Will work on the rest of your changes as soon as I can.
  15. Dirty Butter

    Need Help Nesting {if} {else}

    I've gone around in circles again {* NEW NESTING *} <tr> <td>{$LANG.catalogue.stock_level}</td> <td>{$PRODUCT.stock_level}</td> </tr> {if ($PRODUCT.stock_level gt 0)}{* IF IN STOCK - PRICE *} <tr> <td>Regular Price</td> <td><span>{$PRODUCT.price}</span></td> </tr> {if ($PRODUCT.ctrl_sale)} {* IF ON SALE - SALE PRICE *} <tr> <td>Sale Price</td> <td><span>{$PRODUCT.sale_price}</span></td> </tr> {/if} {else ($product['stock_level'] = 0) {* IF OUT OF STOCK EITHER ON SALE OR REGULAR PRICE *} <tr> <td>Sold for {if ($PRODUCT.ctrl_sale)} {* IF ON SALE - SALE PRICE *} <td><span>{$PRODUCT.sale_price}</span></td> {else} <tr> <td>Regular Price</td> {* SOLD FOR REGULAR PRICE *} <td><span>{$PRODUCT.price}</span></td> </tr> {/if} {/if} {/if} {* END OF NEW NESTING *} Hopefully it's just that I didn't know the right way to show when it is Out of Stock, not the nesting itself. Exception] /plushtest/includes/lib/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php:128 - Syntax error in template "file:/plushtest/skins/blue/templates/content.product.php" on line 128 "{else ($product['stock_level'] = 0) {* IF OUT OF STOCK EITHER ON SALE OR REGULAR PRICE *}" - Unexpected " = ", expected one of: "","" , ")"