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  1. Hmmm Wonder why didn't I get a notice of a new version on the dashboard......
  2. The Original Poster really needs to be able to edit their own comments. We all see mistakes too late at times 😁
  3. This may be helpful
  4. Mine hasn't been stock ever. Lol
  5. Hopefully the PayPal upgrade will fix this. I'll do mine as soon as I can get on my computer.
  6. Were you trying to use Admin upgrade from 6.1.6 to 6.1.7? That was supposed to properly upgrade from admin, but 6.1.6 turned out not to be stable. That's why 6.1.7 followed soon after. Assuming you had not previously upgraded to 6.1.6, follow the manual upgrade directions, rather than the upgrade from within CC Admin. See the CC announcement of 6.1.6 for directions on manual upgrade.
  7. I did some more testing, and MailChimp is NOT currently getting the new subscriber info IF the customer tries to subscribe from the Checkout or Registration page. If they use the Subscribe/Unsubscribe button from their Account Newsletter Subscriptions button - Subscribe shows up in the MailChimp List. Unsubscribe doesn't see to work properly.
  8. I agree, I think this is CC caused in some way. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1599
  9. I delayed until this weekend upgrading from 6.1.5 on our main store. I tested lots on the other two stores, but I guess I didn't test newsletter subscription. If this is crucial for you my humble opinion would be to wait for 6.1.8 or a temporary code fix for this in 6.1.7. Good luck, no matter which you decide.
  10. I've had to manually change every order from Pending to Processing (based on PP email) since upgrading to 6.1.7. Are you getting the HTTP 200 code on PP on the IPN history log?
  11. Please double check admin/sources/products.index.inc.php and see if you have set_name on about line 773.
  12. You are using your storeurl where www.example.com is, aren't you? That's what I meant in mine:
  13. I had a huge number of yellow warnings of duplicates, etc., when I upgraded. I think being able to see the duplicates and wrong indices was new in 6.1.5.
  14. I can't help on this, either, as I use a MailChimp plugin for mailing lists. I have tested that, and it seems to be working on 6.1.7, but I wouldn't swear to it. I have had to turn off recaptcha completely for the time being, and since subscribing involves the registration page or checkout, I can't be sure it would work with captcha on. Just as a possibility - temporarily turn off recaptcha and see if the subscription works then.