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  1. First of all, I have used successfully my heavily edited old Sequential Order Number Mod for years. As I created my edited 6.2.1 upgrade test site I took all the mod code out. I deleted the config line in the tables that belonged to the Sequential Order mod. The current database is using the existing modded order numbers as the custom_oid. The last custom_oid is 2016-PC-3265 on this test site. There are 2032 orders in the Store Overview. I have not been able to figure out any settings for the Incremental Number Format that creates 2016-PC-3266 as the next order number. I do have the %Y-PC part working properly. I've tested several attempts by decoding the database config, deleting the values that deal with the custom numbers and then encoding. This gives me a chance to try different settings and Preview again.Frankly I've tried so many different things that I'm too confused and need help. My last attempt: next order number should be 3266 there are 2032 orders before creating another one difference is 1047, so I used that as the Increment Increase Preview correctly shows 2018-PC-3266 as next order number, so I saved the store setting and cleared cache Then I created a new test order New order number is 3843!
  2. So exactly what should it be set to? I have INDEX when I edit it. Is that right?
  3. Dirty Butter

    Fuzzy Time?

    Yes, I'd like to have it on the homepage for Latest. Category and Search results listing date might be nice, but not as important to me.
  4. Dirty Butter

    Fuzzy Time?

    I tried to find a way to use the code you suggested - {$product.updated|strtotime|date_format} - but I couldn't figure it out. And I never found where I had copied the code from that I'm currently using.
  5. Dirty Butter

    Centimeters? Inches?

    Alright, I've spent time on it today. First of all, prior existing products that have not been opened in 6.2.1 have NULL in the dimension_unit column. They will remain blank dimensions on the storefront, but empty dimensions do not show because of the {if} statement on the content.product.php file. As soon as you save an old product in Admin you have to set the dimension to inches or it will save as the centimeter that shows. But again, if dimensions have not been added, it won't matter. BUT now that I understand that nothing will change to cm unless I edit it, I now realize I'm fretting over a non-issue. If I have a reason to edit an old product I will try to get in the habit of changing the cm to in. Since nothing shows on the front unless there are numbers in the width, height, length - it doesn't really matter. And I surely won't be going back through 3k+ in stock items to take them individually out of storage, measure them, change the listing in Admin, and then put them back in storage. As I create new products I will start changing to inches and MAY add dimension. I haven't decided about that yet. It might invite lots of customer questions if they see that new ones have dimensions, but most of the older ones do not. Thank you for your efforts, Bsmither. I had wrongly assumed all the old ones would suddenly show cm on the storefront. I now realize they will not until I need them to show, and I can then choose inches. I apologize as once again I have wasted your valuable time.
  6. Dirty Butter

    Custom Foundation 5 Skin on 6.2.1

    WOW - I was working on something else and left the homepage alone for a bit - and the Slider IS working - the pause is way too long,, but that should be easily enough fixed.
  7. Dirty Butter

    Custom Foundation 5 Skin on 6.2.1

    I've already notified SFWS that Content Slider does not work with 6.2.1, and he replied that he was working on plugin changes to be compatible with 6.2.1. Here's a link: https://dirtybutterestates.com This is a live store, but it's low traffic. I can't leave the plugin enabled too long.
  8. Dirty Butter

    Centimeters? Inches?

    I don't know what I did wrong. I'll work on it again tomorrow when I'm fresh. I did play around with the database on a test site that has all my products in it. It appears I was worried unnecessarily about the old products having cm dimensions. An old product does not get a dimension set until it is edited. Before that, the old products have an empty value for dimension. If that's so, your code will be all I need,. If I'm right about that, that would explain why it didn't effect existing products. Like I said, I'll look at it all again tomorrow.
  9. Dirty Butter

    Centimeters? Inches?

    Attempted to make the NULL to in change in the database while using the original product. index.inc.php code - but it did not have any effect on the already existing products. Your code would be very helpful for a store with few previous products to edit. But with 4k plus, I'll have to work out a query to change the old. I can THEN use your code from now on, and it will be very helpful. I'm still not ready to make the upgrade for our active store, as some key plugins need updating first. So if another approach comes to mind I'll be glad to try it out. Thank you!
  10. Dirty Butter

    Centimeters? Inches?

    Speaking of NULL - could that be set to use inches as the default?
  11. Dirty Butter

    Centimeters? Inches?

    Do I have your code done correctly in the right place? // Set status to 1 if not set $result[0]['status'] = !isset($result[0]['status']) ? 1 : $result[0]['status']; $result[0]['auto_code_checked'] = (empty($result[0]['product_code'])) ? 'checked="checked"' : ''; $result[0]['seo_path'] = isset($result[0]['product_id']) ? $GLOBALS['seo']->getdbPath('prod', $result[0]['product_id']) : ''; /* BSMITHER LINE BELOW - USE INCHES NOT CENTIMETERS AS DEFAULT 'use_stock_level' => 1, */ $result[0]['dimension_unit'] = (!isset($result[0]['dimension_unit']) && $GLOBALS['config']->has('config', 'product_weight_unit') && $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'product_weight_unit') == "Lb") ? 'in' : (isset($result[0]['dimension_unit']) ? $result[0]['dimension_unit'] :'cm') ; $master_image = isset($_GET['product_id']) ? $GLOBALS['gui']->getProductImage((int)$_GET['product_id']) : ''; $result[0]['master_image'] = !empty($master_image) ? $master_image : 'images/general/px.gif'; If so, it did not work. This test site has almost all my plugins. I'll try it again on one that doesn't. No, still did not work. This sounded like this would be so easy, just like swapping Old above New in Product Condition. But obviously not.
  12. Dirty Butter

    Fuzzy Time?

    I sure wouldn't know. Let's table this for now. I will try some Googling for the code after I get through going through my 6.2.1 test sites. And I'll try turning off all plugins when I test it again.
  13. Dirty Butter

    Confirm Your Subscription?

    OH I thought this was showing what was seen on the page on the storefront when someone subscribed. So this is editable content for the email the subscriber gets when they subscribe! Like I said, could be my faulty logic and it was. Sorry
  14. Dirty Butter

    Fuzzy Time?

    I couldn't find anything else. I'll try again using the code as the search term. Well I pulled it off the internet evidently. It does work, I'd just rather not have the hour and minute.
  15. Dirty Butter

    Centimeters? Inches?

    This code works perfectly for 6.2.1 adding a new product THANK YOU! Old products will need a query to change from centimeters to inches I guess.