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  1. Ok. It probably needs to be in a sidebar box or your homepage document. You might be able to create a box file (i I would try copying the feature box and modifying it) and use the code from the basket that has the estimate shipping in it. If the homepage document sounds better, you may run into trouble with Smarty working with the code. If you're not able to work it out for yourself, you may have to pay to have it created.
  2. It's still not clear to me what page you want this estimated shipping form to be available to the customer. I mentioned the Product page, because SFWS has an AskAbout plugin that perhaps could be customized to do what you want.
  3. I was way off on the line number in ini.inc.php. It's on line 52. /************* CUBECART SPECIFIC SETTINGS *************/ define('CC_VERSION', '6.1.7'); // Version Number Can you look in the database and see if the CubeCart_system_error_log table has a column for time?
  4. I was right that it was the recent upgrade Wordpress 4.7.5 causing my problem with CC printing. I've commented out a section of the domain .htaccess file having to do with redirections on WP. CC is still working correctly as far as I can tell.
  5. I'm puzzled too. Look in your ini.inc.php file in the root of your store. Scroll down about 20 lines or so, and there's a place that shows what version you are on. Also look on the Store Details tab on the Dashboard, and see what version it shows there. The last place to look is in the database file history.
  6. So you want a way to ask about shipping from the product page?
  7. Do you use more than one shipping plugin? If not, doesn't the stock estimate link on the cart give you what you want? What CC version are you using? The estimate is a choice on Admin>Store Settings>Features> near the bottom. I don't know which version this was added to, but it's fairly recent.
  8. I didn't mean anything negative toward you. It was just that I tried to help people who didn't understand how to fix the admin renaming situation. And my level of abilities isn't in the same league with Bsmither and others. People would have received better help here if Bsmither had been here. That's not anyone's fault - it's just an unfortunate coincidence.
  9. The timing of all the recent upgrade issues coinciding with Bsmither not being available to promptly offer proper fixes compounded poster's frustration (and mine). A formal announcement is probably a good idea.
  10. So sorry to hear your initial problem has not been resolved with 6.1.8. I can't help you with suggestions for an alternative.
  11. I can't print the Packing Slip from the Order page. I've tried 6.1.8 stock admin//skins/default/styles/print.css. Also tried stock orders.print.php and admin/sources/orders.index.inc.php. CC is sending the correct php file to the files folder. But that's where it stays, causing a domain Wordpress 404 page, not the plushcatalog error page. The permission on the files folder is 755. No error log entries. Any ideas what the issue could be? I know it was printing the packing slip before I upgraded to 6.1.8 and WordPress 4.7.5. ************************************** I've been searching and testing everything I can think of, and I have decided that this was caused by the Wordpress 4.7.5 upgrade that occurred at about the same time I was upgrading CC. I think I have a clash of the CSRF security changes Wordpress made with those made by CC. My domain has a Wordpress landing page site, and our plushcatalog is on a subdomain. ************************************* Any ideas??
  12. Great!! Please edit your original post to show this has been Resolved.
  13. I'm out of my league with this one. Did you try restarting PHP? Did you try manually installing 6.1.8?
  14. There should be some way to randomize your "Latest" products. But I'm not the one to code it. I'll do some forum searching and maybe I can find it. Sorry, but I didn't find anything in the forum that would help you.
  15. Sounds like the flag is on the USPS side. Look in the Admin Dashboard>Advanced>Request Log. Be sure to hide your USERID if you share any info from there.