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  1. If we're talking about the same thing, the length is VARCHAR 50 and the default is as defined and blank box, per the image above. and it shows Null per the top image above while on the product general information page the input box is blank BUT if I put a space in the product general information input box then the Product Inventory Start field is blank
  2. All 3 are in there redo_start => "" start => "" begin => " and end_expire => ""
  3. I created a new column name - begin - with different attributes: as defined, to see if a fresh start would help the null stuff on the product inventory page. It didn't. Null still shows on that page - null doesn't show on the actual product general information page
  4. If I go into the actual edit the product page and put a space in the redo / Start box then it clears on the Product Inventory page - null gone; now blank. So I think this is probably the best that can be done.
  5. I have the popup but I'm not sure what you are looking for Found it: begin => "" (originally redo_start but I changed it)
  6. The field is blank. Maybe on the Product Inventory page it has to show Null for some reason? Maybe my coding: <th nowrap="nowrap">{$THEAD.redo_start}</th> <td><span class="editable number" name="product[{$product.product_id}][redo_start]">{$product.redo_start}</span></td> <div><label for="redo_start">Redid / Start Date</label><span><input name="redo_start" id="redo_start" class="textbox number" type="text" value="{$PRODUCT.redo_start}" /></span></div>
  7. It is empty in the textbox on the actual product general information page. But it shows null on the product inventory page. This is where I want it blank. I'll look at what you just posted.
  8. I created a new one with default as defined and left it blank. Null still shows. Cleared the database and regular caches
  9. I tried that and the nulls remained. Maybe it doesn't automatically update? I'll create a new one with as defined and see what that does
  10. I don't know why the image posted so many times. Default column gives the following options: None (Will that show the word none - or leave it blank?) As defined: ( then you get the box) Null Current_timestamp
  11. This is what I have for redo_start. It still shows null on the product page even after clearing the caches. I tried the default "as defined" and left the box next to it blank. Still showed null. I haven't really started populating that field so if I have to setup a new one other that redo_start I can.
  12. what would the query be? Will it automatically change the product page to be blank or will I have to delete each null? I don't think the differences will matter to me.
  13. I have setup a few new columns fields whatever they are called) in the inventory table. Right now they show null if no data is added by my. Is there a way to just have it blank until I add the info? Not all products will have all the information. I must have set it up wrong Thanks in advance,
  14. Did above and the test worked. I'm beginning to think it really was something I did and somehow corrected when I uploaded the edited file.
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