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  1. Hummm ... It's still not showing on my phone until I refresh the page.
  2. Great! Thank you ayz1
  3. I am using a VERY modified custom Foundation skin. When I upgraded to 6.1.7 I noticed that the product page was really different, with additional templates, etc. BSmither had given me some code to make my gallery photos go horizonally across the page which I want to keep. Therefore, I just copied the skin/content.products.php from the 6.1.5 and pasted it into my 6.1.7 upgrade. All other files in the skin are from the 6.17 upgrade. Everything worked fine. Today I decided to go ahead and modify the additional files: element.product.horizontal_gallery and element.product.call_to_action before I upgraded to 6.1.8. Everything is working as it should except on small displays the main image does not show until your refresh the page. I don't think customers would know to refresh the screen. Any thoughts and help is greatly appreciated. Here's a link if someone wants to look at the page source - Claudia
  4. Thank you all. This information is good to know and very interesting
  5. Thanks so much, but I know how to do that. I fact I've moved alot to en_US. My problem is the coding doesn't show any $LANG. so I wasn't sure what to change. It just says {$CHECKOUT_BUTTON} Here's the code: <button type="submit" name="proceed" id="checkout_proceed" class="button success nobr right g-recaptcha"{include file='templates/element.recaptcha.invisible.php'}>{$CHECKOUT_BUTTON} <svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-chevron-right"></use></svg></button> I was able to change it in admin/settings/languages/checkout secure_checkout. Thank you. But I wonder why there isn't a $LANG. in the code?
  6. Hi, Where can I change the wording "secure checkout" on checkout button in the checkout page. Thanks in advance, Claudia
  7. I don't know. Al just told bsandall to use recaptcha2 for now. See the first page of this post.
  8. That did it! Thanks!
  9. You asked: Does it work if person registers as they fill out order information, or do they have to register and then add to basket? ..... I was filling out the contact and billing info after pressing the secure checkout button on the mini basket. It did not work and I got the error messages. I have not tried from the register button. I've turned recaptcha off for now until this is fixed.
  10. Ok I spoke way to soon ... I'm having the same issue as bsandall in the first post. Getting the error message: The verification code was incorrect. Please try again. Also when I reentered the password, but not the email I get the error message: %&;s ( or something close to that) is not a correct email.
  11. I am sorry bsandall ... I was just looking at page 2 of this post. Hope you get it resolved!
  12. I've been playing around with this and this is what I have. Changed #333333 to #CCCCCC (the color I want). Looks okay except on small displays it looks like a square not a pyramid. @media only screen and (min-width: 40.0625em) { .tooltip > .nub { border-color: transparent transparent #CCCCCC transparent; top: -10px; } .tooltip.tip-top > .nub { border-color: #CCCCCC transparent transparent transparent; bottom: -10px; top: auto; } .tooltip.tip-left, .tooltip.tip-right { float: none !important; } .tooltip.tip-left > .nub { border-color: transparent transparent transparent #CCCCCC; left: auto; margin-top: -5px; right: -10px; top: 50%; }
  13. I previously added but it didn't work. .has-tip.tip-left, .has-tip.tip-right { background: #CCCCCC; float: none !important; } There's no button mentioned in the code I'm using {foreach from=$CHECKOUTS item=checkout} <div class="row"> <div class="small-12 columns text-right pad"><span data-tooltip aria-haspopup="true" class="has-tip" title="Checkout quickly and easily using your secure PayPal Account">?</span> {$checkout}</div> I'll kep messing around and post here if I come up with something - unless you think of something else first. Thanks, Claudia
  14. Unfortunately that didn't do it.
  15. Hi, I just added a tooltip for my PayPal button on the checkout page. Works as I want, but, I changed the background color of the tooltip box from stock but the little arrow on the top left of the box is still dark - not the same changed color. How do I get the arrow to match the tooltip box? Thanks in advance for all help, Claudia