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  1. In the foundation skin how can I keep the Pop up mini basket from disappearing. I'd like for it to be present constantly in all display sizes. Thanks for any and all help Claudia I got it to stay present by removing "hide" in the skin basket file. But if a customer is logged in and adds something to their basket it disappears. How did I get it to be present under all circumstances? Now it's disappearing when I add something to the basket - logged in or not. Have to refresh the browser to get it to show. Customers wouldn't know to do that I figured it out!!!
  2. I would like to exclude one certan category from the breadcrumb. ID 263. How can this be done? Thanks in advance, Claudia
  3. I didn't get any errors about shipping not setup about that time that I could see
  4. Thanks for the explanation Brian. So since my debug is showing the correct shipping cost am I and my orders OK?
  5. I have Cheapest for the Default Shipping Selection. The debug info on the checking page is showing the correct shipping - and changes when I change the delivery address in the shipping estimate box. The debug is showing some off the wall stuff (in my opinion) any idea what this means? I only have the USA lanaguage and PayPal and Stripe enabled. Only ship to USA, USA Territories and Canada '__system' => 'token_acp' => 4e3892d2824336607072ad060c3e2a80 'recent_extensions' => '0' => 'name' => Norwegian (Bokmål) 'url' => https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/languages/norwegian-bokmal 'image' => https://www.cubecart.com//img/sellers/1/459/master.png 'price' => Free '1' => 'name' => Cinda - Multipurpose Cubecart Theme 'url' => https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/skins/cinda-multipurpose-cubecart-theme 'image' => https://www.cubecart.com//img/sellers/120/458/master.jpg 'price' => &dollar;89.99 '2' => 'name' => Universe 'url' => https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/skins/universe 'image' => https://www.cubecart.com//img/sellers/147/457/master.jpg 'price' => &euro;16.99 '3' => 'name' => Amzin (Bootstrap Responsive Skin) 'url' => https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/skins/amzin-bootstrap-responsive-skin 'image' => https://www.cubecart.com//img/sellers/350/455/master.png 'price' => <strike class="price">&dollar;19.99</strike> &dollar;14.99 '4' => 'name' => Adyen 'url' => https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/payment-gateways/adyen 'image' => https://www.cubecart.com//img/sellers/1/454/master.png 'price' => Free
  6. So do you think I'm ok? Customer orders won't be effected? I added this to the checkout page: The information supplied below will be added to your order cost. Should your delivery address differ during the checkout process this amount may change
  7. I use the All in One Shipping and only ship to certain countries so I guess the countries I don't ship to are restricted? In admin setting / countries and zones I have deleted all the countries and zones I don't ship to
  8. I have disabled "Disable initial shipping & tax estimates" (checked the box) in admin and now I keep getting this PHP warning. I have the shipping estimate to always show, no popup. Thanks for any and all help [10-Jul-2020 20:23:56 America/Louisville] PHP Warning: Shipping not setup or allow no shipping not enabled in /home/claudias/public_html/classes/cubecart.class.php on line 1909 [10-Jul-2020 20:40:07 America/Louisville] PHP Warning: Shipping not setup or allow no shipping not enabled in /home/claudias/public_html/classes/cubecart.class.php on line 1909 [10-Jul-2020 21:41:21 America/Louisville] PHP Warning: Shipping not setup or allow no shipping not enabled in /home/claudias/public_html/classes/cubecart.class.php on line 1909 [11-Jul-2020 04:31:04 America/Louisville] PHP Warning: Shipping not setup or allow no shipping not enabled in /home/claudias/public_html/classes/cubecart.class.php on line 1909
  9. I decided to go a different way on the invoice. The emails work as they should. Thanks Brian.
  10. I must have done something. I accidentally deleted my debug info and went back to get it. Now when I click the print button in an order it takes me to my home page.
  11. I found this under the customer section. Is this what we are looking for? title_groups => "Customer Groups" I don't have BILLING in the left pane. I'm using one of my customers to get to the ready to print page. How else would I bring it up to print?
  12. It isn't showing up on the invoice. This is what I have: <div class="customer-tag" style="margin-bottom: 10px">Order Place Thru: {$BILLING.cust_groups} </div>
  13. So I would use {$BILLING.cust_groups} for the emails. Would I also use that for the invoice / packing slip?
  14. Hi, How would I add the Customer Group to my emails and Invoice? Thanks in advance, Claudia
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