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  1. Claudia M

    Don't show category on breadcrumb

    Yes ... about the previous next plugin you created
  2. I have a category called Sold Products where products I have sold reside. This way the links are still good in social media. Is there anyway to keep the breadcrumb from showing this category link - just for this category? It's a hidden category. Not visible Thanks in advance Claudia
  3. Claudia M

    Additional Product Fields Advanced

    I love this plugin!! And all my the plugins from Sempfi. Best customer service, Daren goes beyond the norm when it comes to helping his customers. A+++++++
  4. Claudia M

    Previous Next Brian

    That seems to have worked. Thank you Brian!
  5. Claudia M

    Previous Next Brian

    Dang this internet going out all the time!!!!!! Ok this is weird. This morning when I first checked this URL out it showed the previous button when I went thru Etsy and when I went by the URL in the address bar in Google. Yes I cleared the cache. Now when I do the same there is no previous button that took me to the etsy category where it was originally listed. It is the only item in the sold category. I'm going to make the change you sent me and check it out when the internet decides to stay on. Thanks Brian
  6. Claudia M

    Previous Next Brian

    Correct this is hidden. I want the person to get to the page when they click the link on Social Media. It is not disabled. The product I talked about in the first when I first submitted this topic shows sold products in the breadcrumb. However, when I click the previous button it shows etsy in the breadcrumb. Here's the URL https://www.claudiasbargains.com/telephone-mid-century-bakelite-vintage-rotary-desk-phone.html
  7. Claudia M

    Previous Next Brian

    You know Brian I have been revamping my store, moving items to different categories, etc. Is this going to cause a problem with this plugin?
  8. Claudia M

    Previous Next Brian

    my Comcast internet has been going in and out all weekend so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The Sold category is not visible and yes it is the primary category as it is the only category the sold items will be in. Claudia
  9. Claudia M

    Previous Next Brian

    Hey Brian You made me a plugin for the previous next code you had created for me quite awhile back. Thanks again for that. Anyway, I created categories in my store "Listed on Etsy" and "Listed on eBay" obviously showing the items I have listed in those venues. In Google WMT I get a lot of 404 errors because in the past I have deleted all information and photos about a product when I sell it. I sell alot of vintage one off products. Plus all my links in Social media would be dead. Yesterday I created a Sold Products category ... keeping all the info and photos but moving the sold item to the sold products category when the product sells. It is not visible but when someone, say, clicks on its link in Pinterest it will still go to that product and not get a 404 error page - though my 404 page is quite nice LOL. Back to the previous next plugin you created for me. This morning I sold something in my Etsy shop so I moved that product to the "Sold Products" category, removing it from the "listed on etsy" category. I went to the URL of that product thru Pinterest and it showed correctly, however it has the previous button and when I click it I see the item I have listed on Etsy. Any way to keep this from happening - Not just from the Etsy category - because I would assume this would happen if I moved the item from any category into the Sold Products category? Thanks in advance Brian!
  10. Claudia M

    reducing size (height) or rows in product lists

    How would you do it for the grid view? Nevermind
  11. Claudia M

    Category order in admin product inventory

    Thank you Brian ... again!
  12. Claudia M

    Category order in admin product inventory

    admin - Products - Product Inventory - Where it shows all the products and you can filter by the drop down menu showing the categories.
  13. Hi, Is there a way to sort the categories alphabetically in admin/product inventory instead of the custom order of appearance in the Category menu in admin? Thanks for any and all help. Claudia
  14. Hi, I just sold something with the buyer using PayPal Pro. Their last name is O'Non but it is showing O'Non. So this is the address that will show on the shipping label. How can I correct this? Thanks in advance for any and all responses. Running CC 6.2.2 Claudia
  15. Claudia M

    How Many columns is too many in a database

    Ok Thanks again Brian! The category_prefix column will be sortable in admin/products. Does it need to have an index? If so, what info should I give it? Nevermind ... I looked it up. Thank you again Brian for all your knowledge and help