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  1. Update: Working now with PhP 7.2. Will get CubeCart updated this coming week.
  2. Further update, I followed the I cant login to the admin side of my store changed the password as instructed, it went all as expected, again when i try and login it just doesn't login past the login screen using the new password. i see the new password changed from 0 to 1 after i attempted to login and i see the login value go up except i can not login. So further investiation shows, in the store, if i try and add any item into my basket it does not add to the basket. Something is messed up, the cpanel lowest php version is 7.4 could this be the issue? i can't remember the store version but its about 2 years since updating i bet it could be v6.2.5 as signature.
  3. The correct wording error I am getting while trying to reset my password, I receive the email from my site to reset the password click the reset link, enter the password twice and press submit then error: The validation key and/or email address are not valid. Please try again.
  4. Renamed both so correct now, but no error_log created as i can see
  5. I am trying to access it from home network on pc, i had tried using a commercial vpn and also mobile data before posting, i even used a site-to-site vpn to eliminate my ISP being the issue and another pc. I have that code to create the log renamed from a previuos debug ini-custom.inc.php-stopped the problem when i renamed it i see i have another file with the name ini-custom.inc.php this contains the below code <?php if( ( (isset($_GET['seo_path']) && $_GET['seo_path'] == "register") || (isset($_GET['_a']) && $_GET['_a'] == "register") ) && !empty($_POST['first_name']) && !empty($_POST['last_name']) && ( (!empty($_POST['phone']) && $_POST['phone']=="123456") || # //preg_match('/[A-Z]\z/',trim($_POST['first_name']))===preg_match('/[A-Z]\z/',trim($_POST['last_name'])) (ctype_upper(substr(trim($_POST['first_name']),-2)) && ctype_upper(substr(trim($_POST['last_name']),-2))) || !empty($_GET['agreed']) ) ) exit; // Kills PHP leaving browser with white screen if (preg_match('/.*[\x{0400}-\x{04ff}\x{0500}-\x{052f}\x{2de0}-\x{2dff}\x{a640}-\x{a69f}\x{1d2b}-\x{1d78}].*/u', $_POST['contact']['enquiry'])) exit;
  6. Hi Brian it's been a while hope your keeping well mate, Yes that is the url i have been using so that is correct, just not clear why I am unable to login to cubecart site or reset the admin password. I know people say they know the password but i use password manager across all my devices 99.9% sure its correct I have not changed it anyway. When I login it doesn't say wrong password or anything, should it? What would you recommend Brian? When I try resetting the password I receive the email, click the link, put new password in twice as requested but then it says wrong validation key or email. Is it possible I have been hacked and they have changed my password? Cheers for your time replying. Foz
  7. After further investigation in public_html folder my admin folder has a different name eg admin_sGf07b but my web links saved are domain/admin_4Kpxxx My provider moved over to a new system a few weeks back, not sure I've logged in since, could this explain my issues? I have tried the domain/admin_sGf07b but it resolves to the main landing page any ideas?
  8. As title says, I am unable to login to my cubecart site, the user and password is correct, it doesn't say anything about wrong credentials. Should it say wrong user or password if incorrect? Thanks P.s sorry for double post in general area
  9. As title says, I am unable to login to my cubecart site, the user and password is correct, it doesn't say anything about wrong credentials. Should it say wrong user or password if incorrect? Thanks
  10. i would have thought the button would be more prominent than how it gets displayed.
  11. Hi Brian, thank you for your reply, i had looked in /modules/plugins/Braintree/images/ (not PayPal_Pro only have Braintree Plugin) i have 5 images in there and the yellow PayPal image is not located in there. i am unable to locate the build <img> tag so I've attached the Braintree class.cubecart.display_basket.alternate.php file. class.cubecart.display_basket.alternate.php
  12. Who is the developer for the Braintree PayPal gateway? says Cubecart is that correct? i was going to drop an email to the dev asking about making the yellow PayPal checkout icon the same size as the secure checkout
  13. Hi Brian, sorry mate it must have been a cache issue just opened it this morning and now the code is showing correctly.
  14. Hi Brian, I posted about this previously and you recommended looking at this thread here On previous version the edit worked but no longer seems to work in 6.2.1
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