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  1. thanks again DB the tick and delete worked fine never thought of doing it that way, i have seen this in the past but never used it. Kind Regards
  2. Keep getting Security Alert: Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) or browser back button used.when trying to delete a pending order. No other browsers open. a customer had completed 1 as a guest and left one pending as a registered customer, save any confusion i am trying to delete the no completed order. Any ideas? ive tried it on different browsers same result, only had that 1 csrf issue when i first upgraded to 6.1.7 been fine since. regards
  3. i can confirm DB its working as it should, I've just purchased one of my own products lol
  4. will this fix both PayPal and recaptcha issue Al?
  5. that would sound about right Keat, i thought that may be the case was just wishful thinking. now to figure out how to extract them from database backup or if quicker just to edit new ones probably the latter.
  6. is it possible to pull my email templates from a back up? i removed my email templates and replaced with stock ones while attempting to sort out the admin email issue before i realised it was the IPN PayPal processing issue. i had saved them in note pad++ but seems i saved them as a txt and lost the links etc in the html. thanks
  7. yes there is a thread about this here
  8. what recaptcha are you using?
  9. Under store setting features Bot Protection but there is an issue with it currently. i updated my test store last night to 6.1.7 and i notice this is not in the drop down menu so it may have been removed, i am no expert but this is where it should be.
  10. i thought you just enter it in admin dashboard settings features Google Analytics ID i may be wrong
  11. yes lol...what safe to leave or change back
  12. shall i change this back to or is it safe to leave as a temporary fix?
  13. i am happy to say i think that's worked Al the new order has changed to processing and admin email received. that's with the IPN settings turned on in PP and the csrf set to false
  14. No Al i get this message now which i don't remember seeing before in the customer checkout Many thanks for your order! The order status is currently pending but it will automatically update to processing once payment is confirmed. Normally this is automated and will happen within the hour but please do contact us if you require more information. nothing in the transaction logs, Order status for admin email notifications set to - processing so no email from the store, still showing as pending in unsettled orders FYI i turned off the IPN settings in PayPal as you said they are not needed. just checked the IPN log on PP this time i did not get a http response code 200 it was blank i maybe should have left the IPN settings to on the status no says off i will test again with it turned on
  15. no Al, mine is on every payment, Payments are being made via PayPal i get email from PP but CC not changing to processing and sending emails out, has worked fine when i was on 6.1.1 until i updated to 6.1.7 on Friday. i too wouldn't know how to turn CSRF on or off lol