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  1. Hi, No replies, i assume this is not a common issue to have or is this perfectly normal? The seo checker says very important but i would have thought if it was that important that CC would automatically add this to the .htaccess as standard can anyone confirm this is fine to leave? Sorry but I've never been able to get my head around these canonical links, penny just hasn't dropped, it's my understanding regarding SEO its best to only have one name in google so all http traffic links to https that i get, but all these /? etc blow my head if there ok or not?
  2. Running seoility website checker and its saying https://www.tvboxcompany.co.uk/index.php? The specified canonical link points to a different page. Very Important! any idea what needs to be changed? This is my complete .htaccess form below RewriteOptions inherit ##### START CubeCart .htaccess ##### ### File Security ### <FilesMatch "\.(htaccess)$"> Order Allow,Deny Deny from all </FilesMatch> ### Apache directory listing rules ### DirectoryIndex index.php index.htm index.html IndexIgnore * ### Rewrite rules for SEO functionality ###
  3. what Keat said is a solution but not a CC fix
  4. I am still getting this error but now more issues with CC seo Google now saying Clickable elements too close together ... maybe a skin issue as i use SFWS custom foundation skin
  5. Now Google webmasters saying: The following issues were found on your site: Text too small to read Clickable elements too close together Fixed the text size but after fix ran validation and its still saying clickable elements too close together (this is a skin or Cube cart issue i am thinking) Google has started validating your fix of Mobile Usability issues on your site. Specifically, we are checking for ‘Clickable elements too close together’, which currently affects 1 pages.
  6. Hi Brian Thanks for your reply, i am really lost with this one, it had been working fine until the 15th, so unless google changed something or there is a problem with the store i am at a complete loss as to what the problem can be. I am pretty sure I have not changed anything on or around the 15th when these stated showing as an error.
  7. google web masters showing an error saying : Invalid enum value in field 'availability' it's highlighting this section <meta itemprop="availability" href="http://schema.org/InStock" content="In stock"/> This just started on 15th Aug and is still present now Any advise ? Thanks Please note: This is on a store with NO microdata plugin Info below taken from structured data testing tool: In stock (The value of availability is invalid. Valid values are: [http://schema.org/Discontinued|http://schema.org/InStock|http://schema.org/InStoreOnly|htt
  8. Brian it's worked this time, so sorry to have wasted your time, looks like an error on my behalf no idea what mistake i made but it's working now thank you so much Regards
  9. i will delete the snippet and try again, just one thing "PHP Code:" i assume that is not copied in the PHP Code box with the rest of the script? i copied from <?php on in to the box and filled out the above as you had it saved, cleaned cache and reloaded the home page but order did not change. There is a separate tab added in products>General info called featured products (when using Homepage Featured Products module) in there are 2 options with status and order fields, status displays the item the order you set eg.1-20. I used this to list my new items. i then use the ren
  10. Sorry for confusion Brian, short story Homepage Featured Products is used for displaying new products (works fine), then I've renamed Latest Products, so i use latest products for my displaying refurbished items on home page. Until recently everything was fine, then i added more refurbished items in to stock (displayed in renamed Latest Products on home page), they had previously displayed in monetary value, i was trying to get them back into monetary value.
  11. Hi Brian Yes i used the Homepage Featured Products for New products located at the top of the home page, in there you can manually state the listing order and i have latest products renamed to Refurbished products, until recently I've never had a problem before they were always in order of monetary value, then i added 2 more items that now sit at the front. Question thinking out-loud what if i remove them from display in Latest items and cleaned cache and then re added them in correct order would that work? thanks again
  12. Hi Brian,Thanks for your help with this again, i have tried the above snippet code as suggested and it has not worked, but i must add not sure if it makes a difference, i have renamed my latest products in Languages>catalogue - display.... latest_products from memory, should i put it back then run re-enable the snippet? (because it did not work after save and clear data i disabled the snippet for now) Will renaming it have stopped it working? i can try again tomorrow
  13. Hi Brian Thanks again for your time in replying, the only hook i see in code snippets is the order of gallery images, how do i resort the acquired record set by the price again mate? Thanks again
  14. Is there anyway to display latest products on home screen in order of value starting form most expensive to the cheapest ? they just seem to display any how, i thought i had sorted this once upon a time ago but cant seem to find any posts about it and i assume upgrading CC has over written what changes i must have made thanks in advance
  15. Products > Basic Information > Product weight, Width, Height & Depth should this be the products size or the box size, is this used for shipping or simply used for customer information? Thanks
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