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  1. Hi Brian Yes i used the Homepage Featured Products for New products located at the top of the home page, in there you can manually state the listing order and i have latest products renamed to Refurbished products, until recently I've never had a problem before they were always in order of monetary value, then i added 2 more items that now sit at the front. Question thinking out-loud what if i remove them from display in Latest items and cleaned cache and then re added them in correct order would that work? thanks again
  2. Hi Brian,Thanks for your help with this again, i have tried the above snippet code as suggested and it has not worked, but i must add not sure if it makes a difference, i have renamed my latest products in Languages>catalogue - display.... latest_products from memory, should i put it back then run re-enable the snippet? (because it did not work after save and clear data i disabled the snippet for now) Will renaming it have stopped it working? i can try again tomorrow
  3. Hi Brian Thanks again for your time in replying, the only hook i see in code snippets is the order of gallery images, how do i resort the acquired record set by the price again mate? Thanks again
  4. Is there anyway to display latest products on home screen in order of value starting form most expensive to the cheapest ? they just seem to display any how, i thought i had sorted this once upon a time ago but cant seem to find any posts about it and i assume upgrading CC has over written what changes i must have made thanks in advance
  5. Products > Basic Information > Product weight, Width, Height & Depth should this be the products size or the box size, is this used for shipping or simply used for customer information? Thanks
  6. Many thanks for your fast reply, that will help me a lot
  7. I've never used clone product before, i need to add some used items to my store of which i sell the same item currently as new, save copying everything is clone product used for this purpose and then simply change items condition? If that's the case it will save me some time
  8. Thanks Wayne i wasn't sure so i thought i would ask. Appreciate your time replying.
  9. Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before, if i have same product in new and used condition, when adding a new product can i use the same product code as long as the condition is different? Thanks in advance
  10. Am i right in thinking there should be no need for the cache to be cleared unless store has had any changes or updates?
  11. i would have thought the button would be more prominent than how it gets displayed.
  12. Hi Brian, thank you for your reply, i had looked in /modules/plugins/Braintree/images/ (not PayPal_Pro only have Braintree Plugin) i have 5 images in there and the yellow PayPal image is not located in there. i am unable to locate the build <img> tag so I've attached the Braintree class.cubecart.display_basket.alternate.php file. class.cubecart.display_basket.alternate.php
  13. Who is the developer for the Braintree PayPal gateway? says Cubecart is that correct? i was going to drop an email to the dev asking about making the yellow PayPal checkout icon the same size as the secure checkout
  14. Hi Brian, sorry mate it must have been a cache issue just opened it this morning and now the code is showing correctly.
  15. Hi Brian, I posted about this previously and you recommended looking at this thread here On previous version the edit worked but no longer seems to work in 6.2.1
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