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  1. i get the below message from google webmasters:- " New issue found: Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt " my robots txt is :- User-agent: * Allow: /*page=all Disallow: /*?page= Disallow: /*?seo_path= Disallow: /*html? Disallow: /*?set_currency
  2. foz1234

    Paypal powered by Braintree

    I've been looking for this yellow icon to see if i could just make the icon/jpg bigger but i assume its controlled by php somewhere I'll need to wait for assistance with finding/editing this as I've resourced my little knowledge but I tried
  3. foz1234

    Custom Foundation 5 Skin on 6.2.1

    I think this is the demo store of the skin http://cc61demo-skins.semperfiwebservices.com/index.php there are lots of custom changes you can make
  4. foz1234

    Custom Foundation 5 Skin on 6.2.1

    new version released 3.3.0 testing now will report back shortly Yes all seems to be fixed now in 3.3.0 Link https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/download/381/SemperFiWebServices-Custom-Foundation-5-Skin-CCMP-CC62X-3.3.0.zip/manual
  5. foz1234

    Custom Foundation 5 Skin on 6.2.1

    Thanks for letting me know DB much appreciated
  6. foz1234

    Custom Foundation 5 Skin on 6.2.1

    Away from the office now watching world cup i set it back to foundation so shop can be used for now
  7. Anyone else experiencing problems with SFWS Custom Foundation 5 Skin on 6.2.1? i have email dev today awaiting response, just wondered if something has changed in 6.2.1 compared to 6.2.0 that may require a plugin update? the standard stock picture slider stacks the pictures on top of each other in every browser rather than sliding a single image like it should, also unable to access the shopping cart, unsure if further issues as i reverted back to stock foundation for now. Or just me?
  8. foz1234

    Paypal powered by Braintree

    Hi Keat, Sorry can't say about PayPal Express as i haven't used it myself but i expect it would because of the seller protection, seller protection is only covered when posting it the PayPal address on file. They can add other address to PayPal if required. Hopefully someone else can help further
  9. Hi, Updated my store to 6.2.1 recently ( all went very well A Massive thank you to everyone involved for all the hard work ) Decided to change over from the Standard PayPal gateway over to Braintree version, again all went well and i removed the standard gateway, however i have one thing i would like to address with the Braintree gateway if possible, is there any way to make the yellow pay with PayPal icon (pictured below) the same size as the secure gateway icon?
  10. foz1234

    urgent help required

    Thanks Al just what I needed.
  11. foz1234

    urgent help required

    first time in 7 years i am going away on holiday, what's the best way to stop orders in cube cart? i don't want to say going away (or advertise come and burgle us) i was planning on disabling the PayPal gateway but shows as pending any other way just to stop any orders ? thanks
  12. foz1234

    Cubecart 6.2.1?

    Congratulations Al
  13. foz1234

    Cubecart 6.2.1?

    Wasn't pushing for it Al, i know you guys work hard and we all appreciate the hard work that's put in to it. i am away for 10 Days so i will look at upgrading when i return. Thanks for your fast reply. Cheers
  14. foz1234

    Cubecart 6.2.1?

    Cubecart 6.2.1 ? i have been hanging back on upgrading my store to the new 6.2.1 version when its ready that Al said would be hopefully next week on the 27th April in a thread, currently on 6.1.7 upgrading for this dam GDPR but i assume there has been a problem with the release. is it worth me upgrading to 6.2.0 or shall i hang on? Thanks
  15. i only have PayPal standard gateway on one store and the new store i have Braintree PayPal gateway, all payments are taken through PayPal none are handled by ourselves, is there anything i need to add to your privacy policy to point it towards PayPal's policy? No customer details have ever been passed on to any 3rd party, we only keep the information the customer enters in name address email telephone and what they purchased, and then we print off the paid invoice to keep hard copy for accountant a very small operation really. thanks for heads up