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  1. nothing in hooks looks out of place, only 2 snippets Brian - Makes new query to get latest products ordered by price & sorts the products image gallery by image filename. only php code is: ?php $query = sprintf("SELECT I.* FROM `%1\$sCubeCart_inventory` AS I JOIN `%1\$sCubeCart_category` AS C ON C.cat_id=I.cat_id AND C.`status`=1 AND $where ORDER BY I.price DESC, I.product_id DESC", $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'dbprefix')); $latestProducts = $GLOBALS['db']->query($query, (int)$GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'catalogue_latest_products_count')); emai
  2. No longer receiving those emails Brian since you helped me with the script for false accounts and adding the russian characters part, i honestly don't think this is related, i do believe the [email protected] was compromised and the hosing company are just not helping as i am on a fixed ip and assume this would cost money to move me again, is there any way to test the website for any infection and if its being used for spam? if i can prove its not infected it must have been the test email they left on there and if thats the case i should be moved to a new ip free of charge.
  3. My host fasthive moved my IP because my email was blacklisted with barracuda, then after 3 weeks new ip was blacklisted by UCEPROTECTL3, after closer inspection i found a test email account that the host had left in cpanel from when i had some issue previously, i had already changed my email passwords to the strongest 18 character password possible in cpanel that included upper/lower/special characters but not on this test email account as i assumed this was part of cpanel set up, deleted this account 2 weeks ago, i personally think this was compromised but i may be wrong that is just an assum
  4. That seems to have done it, it does not send now if it contains Russian, it just goes to a white empty screen super thanks Brian
  5. Thanks Brian, you go above and beyond Thanks mate
  6. Hi Brian LOL re: egg-nog, I may have 1 or 2 myself tonight - Happy New year mate !! i changed the code but it is not working Brian, unless i am not putting it in the correct file/folder? once added i cleared CC cache (not sure if i needed to or not), i then tried sending a contact us (email) through the website, I sent 1 with subject & enquiry in english and the second in russian - скачать фото кубани in both fields but sadly both came through. ini-custom.inc.php (in same place index.php etc) code: <?php if( ( (isset($_GET['seo_p
  7. Hi Brian Thanks again, so to confirm, to test this i place the above line in "ini-custom.inc.php" as below? <?php if( ( (isset($_GET['seo_path']) && $_GET['seo_path'] == "register") || (isset($_GET['_a']) && $_GET['_a'] == "register") ) && !empty($_POST['first_name']) && !empty($_POST['last_name']) && ( (!empty($_POST['phone']) && $_POST['phone']=="123456") || # //preg_match('/[A-Z]\z/',trim($_POST['first_name']))===preg
  8. I am assuming there is no way to drop email if it contains Russian characters by the lack of replies? Its very annoying as I tend to get 2-10 per day even over the Christmas period, the script seems to have stopped the bot from creating false accounts but obviously not stopped the contact us from spamming. Not sure why this is happening to my site, the messages are not related.
  9. Hi Brian, Yes that's correct and another today and 3 or 4 yesterday JamesLox <[email protected]> wrote to Sales: --------------- Во «Автомаляр+» вам сможете отыскать наиболее обширный перечень продуктов с основных европейских также наилучших российских изготовителей, что заключается с тыс. названий. Максимальный подбор автомобиля окраски во Украине показан непосредственно во нашем торговом центре. купить краску для авто ваз --------------- This email is sent from the store's master email address but it is possible to reply directly t
  10. Sorta spoken to soon, but this must me from contact us form no account made. Illona <[email protected]> wrote to Sales: --------------- заговор на удачу и деньги читать ---------------
  11. Hi Brian, Two-three days and so far zero russian spam since adding your script. Thanks mate Happy Holidays & stay safe to all
  12. Thanks for your reply Brian. Happy holidays to all.
  13. Thank you Brian, Which script is best to try first? It seems we are all struggling with this same issue/bot. I went through our customer db and removed all customers in bold that have 0 purchases and with duplicate first and last names, but moving forward I will try adding one of the scripts in this thread. Wouldn't a plugin/addon or even hardcoded into cc asking a single question or even better say 6-10 rotating questions that we could set relevant to our site not be a simpler/better option this would surly stop all? Or am I missing something? I've never learned php most
  14. Silly question.. but does the cubecart forum link need to work for the script to work? Thought I would ask before I added it.
  15. Hi Brian Do you have a link to this thread please? Thanks
  16. I totally agree with you, but I thought that majority of these spammers would use a vpn? I maybe wrong just something I suspected they did. I thought a further additional security layer like a ramdom question related to the site may help. I am assuming there is no such addon/plugin available? Is there anyway to test if the invisible captcha is working? Thanks again for your help and time replying, I do appreciate it. (Added. Just logged into Google captcha and I can see red and green in charts so its working)
  17. How does this work if they bypass geo-locks while being connected to a VPN?
  18. Hi I am receiving more and more emails from my own website in russian. when using translation its all different crap. I have changed my email passwords to a real strong one (just to be 100% sure and safe) and changed google reCaptcha to invisible v2 from v2 checkbox but i am still receiving between 5-20 a day. Is there any other security i can add/use e.g. is there anything to ask a question like what colour is a apple type of thing that i've seen used on different sites? Thanks for any support you provide in advance.
  19. Hi, No replies, i assume this is not a common issue to have or is this perfectly normal? The seo checker says very important but i would have thought if it was that important that CC would automatically add this to the .htaccess as standard can anyone confirm this is fine to leave? Sorry but I've never been able to get my head around these canonical links, penny just hasn't dropped, it's my understanding regarding SEO its best to only have one name in google so all http traffic links to https that i get, but all these /? etc blow my head if there ok or not?
  20. Running seoility website checker and its saying https://www.tvboxcompany.co.uk/index.php? The specified canonical link points to a different page. Very Important! any idea what needs to be changed? This is my complete .htaccess form below RewriteOptions inherit ##### START CubeCart .htaccess ##### ### File Security ### <FilesMatch "\.(htaccess)$"> Order Allow,Deny Deny from all </FilesMatch> ### Apache directory listing rules ### DirectoryIndex index.php index.htm index.html IndexIgnore * ### Rewrite rules for SEO functionality ###
  21. what Keat said is a solution but not a CC fix
  22. I am still getting this error but now more issues with CC seo Google now saying Clickable elements too close together ... maybe a skin issue as i use SFWS custom foundation skin
  23. Now Google webmasters saying: The following issues were found on your site: Text too small to read Clickable elements too close together Fixed the text size but after fix ran validation and its still saying clickable elements too close together (this is a skin or Cube cart issue i am thinking) Google has started validating your fix of Mobile Usability issues on your site. Specifically, we are checking for ‘Clickable elements too close together’, which currently affects 1 pages.
  24. Hi Brian Thanks for your reply, i am really lost with this one, it had been working fine until the 15th, so unless google changed something or there is a problem with the store i am at a complete loss as to what the problem can be. I am pretty sure I have not changed anything on or around the 15th when these stated showing as an error.
  25. google web masters showing an error saying : Invalid enum value in field 'availability' it's highlighting this section <meta itemprop="availability" href="http://schema.org/InStock" content="In stock"/> This just started on 15th Aug and is still present now Any advise ? Thanks Please note: This is on a store with NO microdata plugin Info below taken from structured data testing tool: In stock (The value of availability is invalid. Valid values are: [http://schema.org/Discontinued|http://schema.org/InStock|http://schema.org/InStoreOnly|htt
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