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  1. I'd get in touch with the supplier of the plugin. I'm only a user, not a developer.
  2. I don't have a messages site, just a "normal" one selling stuff. I bought the plugin - it's really easy to use.
  3. I purchased the "Site Messages" plugin, which works just fine. I think it will be useful in future, so rather than hard code something onto a page, this seemed the best way forward. Thanks
  4. Cheers. Great help, as always. That'll be Thursday's job I think.
  5. I run a website which is staying open during the current crisis. I want to put a "banner" or something up so that anyone trying to buy stuff is aware of the fact that delivery may be impacted. I guess that a note on the checkout page may be the best? Has anyone either implemented something like this, or could give me a pointer as to which file(s) requires editing to effect something like this. Not sure if I want a "popup" or just hardcoded text. Thanks N
  6. Thankfully it didn't - it was only the GC. Seems to have worked ...
  7. I suppose they are really, but I would have liked to offer them all. Anything that makes a customer's life easier to purchase stuff is always a good thing! I'll give it a go when I have a few minutes (but I'm on holiday soon so it may be a few weeks) and report back.
  8. Thanks for that. I've cancelled the order (which should let the original purchaser know that it has been cancelled) and I've unchecked the status of the same Gift Card. I don't really like deleting orders when it's been cancelled - I prefer to have the record on file. As you say, the code is a bit "clunky" but its probably not a very usual occurrence, so hardly a big issue.
  9. I would like to cancel a Gift Card someone has ordered. He's got this as a present and can't get what he wants from me, so I'm going to refund him outside of Cubecart. If I cancel the original order in Cubecart, will it cancel the gift card so that it cannot be used in future? Thanks
  10. Thanks - I think I may install it and see if there's a sandbox version I can. have a look at. I have a copy of my site on another, dummy, server that I can have a play on. I know Braintree also did GooglePay and ApplePay (although they're still on my "ToDo" list). Do you know of any way of installing either of these on Cubecart? Thanks for the help
  11. Is there any "comparison" information between this and the "PayPal powered by Braintree" that I'm currently running?
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. And sorry for the slow response! I've solved the problem (mostly)! I used phpMyAdmin to run the following two queries. SELECT T1.cart_order_id, first_name, last_name, order_date, T2.product_code, T2.name, T2.quantity, T2.price, T2.tax_percent, T2.tax, ship_date, subtotal, total FROM CubeCart_order_summary T1 INNER JOIN CubeCart_order_inventory T2 ON T1.cart_order_id = T2.cart_order_id WHERE T1.id > '652' SELECT cart_order_id, first_name, last_name, order_date, ship_date, shipping, shipping_tax, shipping_tax_rate, total FROM CubeCart_order_summary WHERE id > '652' These two, when run can PhpMyAdmin can these be exported as csv files. When the two are combined in one file (Numbers or Excel) and exported as a csv, give me a file that can be imported to Quickbooks (I use QuickBooks Online (QBO)) which creates Sales Receipts in QBO. These Sales receipts have are numbered using the Cubecart order number, so it's easy to cross-refer the two. Ideally I'd like to "automate" this a little more so that I can run it from inside Cubecart and produce a csv automagically, rather than logging in to phpMyAdmin each time. My knowledge of php is thin, so this may, or may not, get done depending on it's complexity.
  13. I'm looking to "improve" on the Sales report, so that each sales record has the line items and cost of each line as well as all the current info. This is so that I can import the information into my accounts package (Quickbooks) and match it with the payment record. I'd like to be able to export the data as a csv file for upload. I've seen a few references to this with a quick search, but no example that I can see. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  14. I know this is a little old, but is the sitemap generator a freely available one, or bespoke and/or paid for?
  15. Thanks, this helped a lot, but wasn't a 100% solution for what I required. I was trying to reduce all the prices (both retail and quantity discount) for a sale. If I just (manually) typed in a new sale price that was 10% less than the retail, this left the quantity discounts in some cases more than the sale price of the item. I then used the bulk price change to change (percentage by 90%) the quantity discount to reduce by 10%. If I tried to use the bulk price change on the sale price, this only worked if there was already a price in the "sale price" box on the product. I had hoped that the bulk price change may have been able to do the calculation "retail price x 90% = sale price". Since I only had to do a few items, it was no drama, but for more, it may have been a bit of a pain!
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