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  1. It does seem to work. If I order two or three, the postage is still zero. If I add a single item that needs a shipping cost, only that cost is shown. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t rhough. The weight of the item is always zero and the packaging weight is a one off in the shipping module, no matter how many items are shipped.
  2. Figured it out! I had a packaging weight of 0.5Kg and this automatically put everything into the next weight up. I created a weight of 0.55 with a cost of zero, which should fix it.
  3. I've tried the zero weight option, but I must be doing something wrong. The string from the shipping module is 0:0.0,0.2:0.10,0.75:3.50, but it keeps coming up with £3.50 as if it weighed >0.75Kg. Have I got the syntax wrong? I've tried the zero weight option, but I must be doing something wrong. The string from the shipping module is 0:0.0,0.2:0.10,0.75:3.50, but it keeps coming up with £3.50 as if it weighed >0.75Kg. Have I got the syntax wrong?
  4. Hi, I have a Cubecart V6.2.x site running very happily, but I now want to offer a single product where the price includes shipping (i.e. free shipping to the customer). All my other products use weight-based shipping with the normal "By weight" shipping module. If the customer orders just this item, then the shipping cost should be zero. If they order other products, then those should attract the shipping costs that they currently do. I've looked around the forum and can't find anything that answers my question. Does one of the other modules (tried the All-in-One, couldn't see it working) have this facility? Thanks Neil
  5. (How) Can I create a product that is an assembly of other products? I would like to be able to do a "multi-buy" where you can select one product and it automatically populates this with individual stock items, thus decrementing the stock level for each item. I hope this makes sense, not sure what to call it! Neil
  6. Poor form to reply to my own question, but I solved it! I didn't realise that a card payment, upon settlement, went straight into my bank account, rather than the PayPal transactions, which end up in the PayPal account. I'm not sure how I should have found this out first, but as the squirrel advert from the 70's said "Yes, funny how you always remember right at the end".
  7. I've recently change my PayPal account to open a business account and changed the gateway on Cubecart to the Braintree one. The first couple of orders worked just fine, but the third one hasn't. It appears in my Braintree account as settled, but not in my PayPal account at all (no record of the transaction). Cubecart also lists it as settled. The first two were listed in the Cubecart transaction log as "PayPal Express Checkout (Powered by Braintree)", but the last one is list as "Card (Powered by Braintree)". That appears to be the only difference. I've sent an email to Braintree via their help, but I am hoping that someone here can shed some light as to what the issue may be. Thanks N
  8. Thanks guys. I think I understand! I've got a duplicate copy of the store on some different webspace, so I'll send myself a few dummy orders and work out what's going on.
  9. I've received two orders recently that seem odd (they might not be, it may be me!). My store is V6.2.0 One has completed the PayPal transaction OK and I've been paid and this is listed as Processing One has not completed the checkout via PayPal, I've not been paid and this is listed as Pending. The customer did not get an order confirmation email. This seems odd behaviour compared to what happens ordinarily. Any ideas?
  10. OK, but when you download the update, the file in the includes folder is global.inc.php-dist. I updated this with the filename for admin.php and folder name for admin (after renaming file and folder to match the 6.1.15 version) and it seemed to work OK (GDPR tab is there, version number appears correct). Did I do this correctly? Thanks
  11. As well as renaming the admin.php file and Admin directory, do you also have to modify the global file with the right names? Thanks
  12. I'm now on 6.1.10 and have a similar question to the OP. If I put the key information into the admin control panel, do I need to anything else for the Invisible ReCaptcha (i.e. insert the code that google provides)? Can anyone confirm if this works OK on 6.1.10, or should I still use the V2 ReCaptcha? Thanks
  13. I'm going to add an image slider to one of my pages and have been investigating how. I've used my test site to get a bxslider version working OK, so I know I can transfer that to the real site without a problem. When I looked at the Foundation information, they use a slider called Orbit. Any views on which is best and why? Or are they just the same thing implemented differently? Thanks N
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. I've investigated and since Parcel2Go can interface with a lot of carriers, i think it's going to be difficult. Some services impose a 1m length, or girth, or combination of the two! In the short term, unless I could pass per-product dimensions to the (Parcel2Go) shipping module, I think I'm going to stick with an offline mode. More time-consuming, but less prone to errors!
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