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  1. Recaptcha questions incl the new Google Invisible

    I'm now on 6.1.10 and have a similar question to the OP. If I put the key information into the admin control panel, do I need to anything else for the Invisible ReCaptcha (i.e. insert the code that google provides)? Can anyone confirm if this works OK on 6.1.10, or should I still use the V2 ReCaptcha? Thanks
  2. bxslider or Orbit

    Perfect, thanks.
  3. I'm going to add an image slider to one of my pages and have been investigating how. I've used my test site to get a bxslider version working OK, so I know I can transfer that to the real site without a problem. When I looked at the Foundation information, they use a slider called Orbit. Any views on which is best and why? Or are they just the same thing implemented differently? Thanks N
  4. Parcel2Go shipping

    Thanks for the quick reply. I've investigated and since Parcel2Go can interface with a lot of carriers, i think it's going to be difficult. Some services impose a 1m length, or girth, or combination of the two! In the short term, unless I could pass per-product dimensions to the (Parcel2Go) shipping module, I think I'm going to stick with an offline mode. More time-consuming, but less prone to errors!
  5. Parcel2Go shipping

    I currently use Parcel2Go, offline from Cubecart, since the volume of things I sell is low. I've inherited the Cubecart site from the previous business owner and I'm in the process of updating it before it goes live with a new look. I have investigated the Parcel2Go extension, but not tried it in sandbox mode yet (not sure if I can). It would seem that the setup page wants you to put in the dimensions of a parcel. In my case that's not possible since I ship things that are anything from 20x20x10cm to 120x35x50cm. Does anyone know if the dimensions of the package can be configured on a per-order basis? Thanks, Nelly
  6. Options & Prices

    The site i use (inherited) is currently on V5 and I'm in the process (see thread in upgrades forum) of updating to V6. The site uses individual products for individual sizes and for multiple items of the same product at present, but I may use option sets for sizes (small medium large). Can you combine quantity discounts and sizes? For example, I could have Small item = £10 Medium item = £15 Large item = £20 That, i know, is easy to do in options / option sets. I now want 3 x small item = £28 (£2 discount) 3 x medium item = £42 (£3 discount) 3 x large item = £55 (£5 discount) i.e discount is according to size, not quantity. Can the option matrix and or quantity discount handle this, or should I just use one product per size and have the quantity discount apply, nit use option sets for the size? I hope I've explained what I'm trying to do OK! Nelly
  7. Upgrade Tips

    So, here's what i did. Took backups of the website and database from the Admin Panel of Cubecart V5 Took backups of the website and database from the Control Panel of my website (using phpAdmin for the dB) of Cubecart V5 Got some free hosting with a MySQL dB. Copied the website files to the new site Restored the V5 dB using phpAdmin on the new site Updated the /includes/ file with new dB connection details Tried to login to the Control Panel of Cubecart on the new site & couldn't Change the version of php on the new site to 5.4 (it was set to 7) Logged in! Changed the URL inside Cubecart Uploaded (overwrite) the V6 files over the V5 files. Went in to setup (via site url/setup) and performed the upgrade to V6 (it went through all the later V5 versions and the early V6 versions) Site is now running on V6 - this is still on a free hosted site and is effectively a sandbox. The Foundation skin works, but needs work to alter to make it the right colour / logos etc. The old skin (a modified Kurouto skin) seems to work, even though it is not responsive. Now I've got to modify the skin and update a load of product info before I "go live" with the real version!
  8. Upgrade Tips

    Thanks guys, really helpful. I'll try and keep a record of what i do / where i go wrong ... Nelly
  9. Upgrade Tips

    Thanks for this, it's helpful. Do you do a dB restore from inside Cubecart, or vIa phpMyAdmin? Ian, thanks for the pointers. On skins, do you think it is worth creating a V6 site with a new skin in an offline copy and moving that, rather than debugging a V5 skin? neil
  10. Upgrade Tips

    Hi, I'm new to Cubecart, but familiar with similar products. I have taken over a company that uses V5 and I'm going to update to the latest version. My plan is to copy the entire current site to a test server and do the update on that before doing on the live server. Mare there any guides / hints that anyone could point me to, so that I can make the process as painless as possible? Thanks