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  1. OK, I created the ini-custom.inc.php file and put it in the root folder of the store. Tried to logon again, still no joy. I see that the CubeCart_sessions table is being populated - it creates entries when I try and logon. There was no error log created, either going into the normal store home page, or trying to logon to the admin page.
  2. OK, thanks. Thats first on the list for tomorrow !
  3. The info.php is still there. Is this the information I need? Session Support enabled Registered save handlers files user Registered serializer handlers php_serialize php php_binary wddx Directive Local Value Master Value session.auto_start Off Off session.cache_expire 180 180 session.cache_limiter nocache nocache
  4. I've found the session files in /var/services/tmp and located them via Terminal What next ...
  5. Im not sure where the PHP session files are on this NAS - I'll do a bit of research and find out. I can view the storefront, but can't keep anything in the shopping basket.
  6. So, I'm continuing to try and install a test copy of CubeCart 6.4.2 on a Synology NAS. I had a few problems with connecting to the site after the initial setup, but these were sorted, see here Error on line 42. I've now run into the same error as @jrjdegrooton this thread Can't Login to Admin Panel. My site is hosted at so I've looked at that thread and inserted this into my global.inc file $glob['storeURL'] = ''; $glob['standard_url'] = ''; $glob['ssl_url'] = 'https://192.168.1.
  7. I " think" I may have found the issue - need to add this line in globals.inc $glob['dbsocket'] = '/run/mysqld/mysqld10.sock'; It's connected and appears to be working OK ...
  8. The host was localhost. The host name for the database user in phpMyAdmin is also localhost. I presume that's what you mean by globals.inc.php lists $glob['dbhost'] = 'localhost'; It connected to the database OK during the setup process and made all the tables OK in the database.
  9. I've got a CubeCart store running happily on a web server, but I've just got a new Synology NAS and thought that I'd install CubeCart to do some work on an offline copy of the store. I uploaded the 6.4.2 zip file and unzipped it Used phpMyAdmin to create a new dB and user Ran setup (after making sure permissions on the folders were set) Setup ran OK, gave me the "green light" Now, if I try and access the site or the admin screen I get the error "Fatal error: No such file or directory in /volume4/web/shop/CubeCart/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 42" Ive
  10. Sorry for the late reply. I did a bit more investigation and intitaly couldn't make it work. I then switched to Chrome from Safari, to see if it made a difference, which surprisingly it did. The catalogue mode now works as I would have expected! Next problem, why didn't Safari work ...
  11. I'm trying to "turn off" my website, or at least the ordering part of it on a temporary basis. I've tired checking the "Catalogue Mode" button, but it doesn't seem to have any effect and when I click "Save" at the bottom of the page in Settings, the checkbox defaults back to unchecked. Any tips as to what I'm doing wrong? Further to this, even trying to put the store into "offline" mode doesn't work. I have a gremlin somewhere. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. I've wanted for a short while to export customer contact information into Google Contacts. From there, I can easily use the contact information in Quickbooks, my accounts package. I have cPanel access and using that and the phpMyAdmin, I went into the database and using the SQL below produced a query which I exported as a csv and imported without issue into. Google contacts. The SQL is below, should anyone wish to use it. I'm not a programmer etc - I learnt SQL ages ago briefly and it may be very crap code, but it works. Please don't ask me "how do I do this", "how do I modify to do this". I d
  13. OK, I'll send you a message with my email. Thanks
  14. Brian, I am willing to experiment. I have a "dummy" site on some shared webspace that I think I can use to try and see if it works. Thanks
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