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  1. I have an old one from Toucan that is still working as far as I know. I have kept it updated as CC changes requried it. eCheck payments are pretty rare for us, but we did have one with the version berfore the last upgrade I think.
  2. I use Beyond Compare 4 to show me the difference between my last customized version and the new CC version. That way I can move my customizations over to the newest version. Here's a sample of the way I mark all my edits for easy copying to the upgrade: <div class="clearfix" id="checkout_actions"> <div class="show-for-medium-up"><a href="{$STORE_URL}/index.php?_a=basket&empty-basket=true" class="button alert left"><svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-trash-o"></use></svg> {$LANG.basket.basket_empty}</a></div> <div class="show-for-medium-up"><button type="submit" name="update" class="button secondary left" value="{$LANG.basket.basket_update}"><svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-refresh"></use></svg> {$LANG.basket.basket_update}</button></div> {* CONTINUE SHOPPING OLD <div class="show-for-medium-up"> <a href="?" class="button alert left">{$LANG.basket.continue_shopping}</a> </div> NEW ONE IS FIRST IN STOCK *} <div class="show-for-medium-up"><a href="{$STORE_URL}/index.php" class="button left"><svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-home"></use></svg> {$LANG.basket.continue_shopping}</a></div> <div class="show-for-small-only"><button type="submit" name="update" class="button secondary left" value="{$LANG.basket.basket_update}"><svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-refresh"></use></svg> {$LANG.common.update}</button></div> <div class="show-for-small-only"> <a href="?" class="button alert left">{$LANG.basket.continue_shopping}</a> </div> {* END CONTINUE SHOPPING *}
  3. I apologize - didn't understand your need at all. Good luck!
  4. I slightly modified the Basket page to make the Shipping Estimate more prominent. This was my way of handling people who write wanting to know what shipping will be.
  5. I use Endicia, which would be smiilar to Pitney. So I DO get commercial rates. But the USPS module is pulling retail rates on Checkout. I will try to follow your suggestions.
  6. Google is complaining that my shipping charge on some sample listings resulting from our feed data does not match the shipping price found on the website Checkout page for a given zip code. It seems the issue is that Google is using commercial shipping rates, but CC is pulling retail rates. Is there any way to code the USPS extension to pull the commercial rates?
  7. Google is complaining because I don't show the tax attributes in my feed: This is an example they gave of one of our products: 1989 Mattel MAGIC NURSERY Blond Braid Doll w Clothes - 2896 - https://plushmemories.com/lovie-shoppe/1989-mattel-magic-nursery-blond-braid-doll-w-clothes.html Value on the landing page - 0.61USD Value in the data feed - 0.00USD Zip code - 33134 WE DO NOT COLLECT SALES TAX for anything but items shipped to our home state, Alabama. So we do not collect taxes for items shipped to zip code 33134. As I understand it, which may well not be correct - this is what I need in our feed: Header Field would be Tax (country:region:rate:tax_ship) Corresponding field would be (US: AL: 0.09 :No) I do have Sales Tax shown correctly on CC Checkout, collected and paid to Alabama for anything delivered in Alabama. But nothing about tax shows up in the exported feed. I do have the correct Alabama tax shown in settings on Google Merchant, but now that's not enough to satisfy them. First - am I correct in how I have formated the needed header entry and field. Second - how do I add that to products.export.inc.php?
  8. I don't understand why my install of Incremental is behaving properly when Bsmither says the OP's is normal for this version of CC. I just double checked, and all my cpanel CubeCart_order_summary entires show all information - cart_order_ID AND custom_OID AND customer_id. My CC Admin page shows the traditional order number for the oldest sales, but not the customer's name - contrary to what OP shows here. But my install was originally version 3, so that may explain that - probably something I did wrong on an upgrade somewhere along the way.
  9. I have used Incremental all the way back to when it was a Semper Fi extension. This did not happen to me at any point during upgrades and eventual inclusion in CC and subsequent improvements. Please check your actual cpanel database and see if they are still there. If so, I suspect it's something wrong with the admin coding - maybe in the skin?? If not, I sure hope you have a backup!
  10. And just like magic, it's fixed!!! And the magic is your wonderful help!! Thank you.
  11. If it's there I can't find it. We have not added any new stock since 2019, but we sold a lot in 2020. So the Sold items in a random assortment are much more obvious. This is the store where we DO intentionally continue to show sold items to customers, as we send them to our free FaceBook group for help finding one in stock. But I don't want them showing on the homepage. You provided this code some years ago to keep the sold ones off the Latest Items homepage: {foreach from=$LATEST_PRODUCTS item=product} {* BSMITHER ADDED LINE BELOW TO SHOW ONLY IN-STOCK ITEMS *} {if $product.stock_level lt 1}{continue}{/if} But when tried to put it in the skin file for the extension I get no products showing at all.
  12. I currently have his Random Homepage Products extension active. But I can't figure out how to keep it from showing sold items. Hopefully this is going to be easy to fix. I don't know if the code change would be in the skin file or the class file, and nothing I have guessed at has worked. https://plushmemories.com/lovie-shoppe/index.php
  13. My solution to the weight and sales tax issues with admin created orders is to make them by logging in as the customer and creating the order that way.
  14. Bsmither - I had just recently removed this style code from the first line from element.navigation_tree.php that maybe I should have left alone. I couldn't tell that it was doing anything. Now I'm not so sure it wasn't needed. <li class="has-dropdown" style="width: 100%;"> {* SEMPERFI ADDED WIDTH *} <a href="{$BRANCH.url}" title="{$BRANCH.name}">{$BRANCH.name}</a> {if isset($BRANCH.children)} <ul class="dropdown"> <li itemprop="name"><label itemprop="url" content="{$BRANCH.url}" rel="{$BRANCH.url}">{$BRANCH.name}</label></li> {$BRANCH.children} </ul> {/if} </li>
  15. For what it is worth - I still use the Standard, because I want people to create an account on our store. I do not have any issues with 6.4.3. There are other posts here of problems with payment, so I would suggest you search for PayPal and read through some of those threads.
  16. Thank you Brian. I've replaced it and will see if that's the last of that warning. Sorry I was so dense on which file. I'm sure the addition of the popup helps you, but for me it's just gibberish that confuses the issue.
  17. $site_testimonials_display_data = (isset($_POST['site_testimonial'])) ? $_POST['site_testimonial'] : (isset($site_testimonials[0])) ? $site_testimonials[0] : '';
  18. Sorry Brian - which file? class.gui.sessions.list.php, gui.class.php, controller.index.inc.php, index.php
  19. Since SemperFi's plugins are no longer supported, I wonder if there is an easy way to fix what's causing this error message: [<strong>Deprecated</strong>] /home/butter01/public_html/plushmemories.com/lovie-shoppe/modules/plugins/SFWS_Site_Testimonials/class.site_testimonials.php:163 - Unparenthesized `a ? b : c ? d : e` is deprecated. Use either `(a ? b : c) ? d : e` or `a ? b : (c ? d : e)` https://plushmemories.com/lovie-shoppe/1993-shari-lewis-wooly-lamb-chop-full-body-puppet-lc-shirt.html?item_group_id=PG_3713 Here's the popup from that message mutingErrorHandler() (class.gui.session.list.php:4) require_once() (class.gui.session.list.php:4) include() (gui.class.php:1564) _displaySessionBox() (gui.class.php:360) displayCommon() (controller.index.inc.php:91) include() (index.php:20)
  20. Using PayPal payments allows for echecks. I have code in my CC install from way back when that a developer wrote for me that adds the needed emails for admin and customer. It subtracts from inventory just as it would for a regular payment. But it's NOT a plugin. It has to be manually carried forward from upgrade to upgrade and on occassion I have had to modify the code to keep it working as CC changes required it.
  21. Thanks - I thought I remembered some cookie code had changed in the last upgrade, so figured I would ask.
  22. Not getting any errors logged when debug is disabled, so I am happy to see that. I turned on debug to see what would pop up. I am curious if this is a notice I should be worried about. I thought CC had cookies set to samesite=none and secure. XXX/classes/session.class.php:608 - Undefined index: samesite
  23. CubeCart has finally made incremental order numbers work properly for me! Thank you Al, for sticking with all my complaints about this until it worked. There is one code change that still needs to be made to get perfection regarding order numbers with 6.4.2. That has to do with the Preview in Admin of the Increment Increase number. There needs to be code that will delete the existing config database table value for the increment increase number. Erasing whatever number I had previously as the Increment Increase in Store Settings/Features and saving it as a blank does not remove that number from the config. In order to use the Preview and actually get the predicted number, I had to Decode the Base64 config data in phpMyAdmin, remove my old Increase number, and then Encode the edited config and save it. See https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2439#issuecomment-753237166
  24. While fiddling with the commits before this latest upgrade I sometimes ended up with .html.html.html type extensions. I found I could fix the mess by doing a phpMyAdmin query to replace .html.html with a blank. And I also used the Maintenance setting to remove all custom seo urls. I kept playing with it until I could create the sitemap that looked correct.
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