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  1. @Al Brookbanks FYI, just in case. Thanks.
  2. Agreed, post deleted. Thanks.
  3. I'm seeing more and more of hCaptcha. But don't think there's a plug-in for Cubecart yet!) @Al Brookbanks what do you think? Time to change recaptcha to hCaptcha?
  4. Hi @[email protected] just to let you know I have edited your post as it was showing the customer's personal address to protect their data due to the GDPR regs.
  5. A screenshot won't help us to help you - we need more details, what code you used, how it worked, etc.
  6. But at some point, CubeCart will need to be supported on PHP 8 soon, so all of these info will be a bonus to the development of CubeCart.
  7. That's great news, thanks for the update.
  8. Click on PayPal and then pick pay by card. This way you can buy it without signing up for an PayPal account.
  9. Bear this in mind - PayPal also mentioned this: Note: Selecting On (required field) could result in a customer not completing the transaction. Something to be aware of.
  10. Tony


    I agree with @bsmither - your hosting provider has upgraded PHP which caused for this to stop working. Multisafepay used to offer this for Cubecart but not anymore Google Cache at https://www.multisafepay.com/da_da/onlinepayments shows they supported it back then. But the new page at https://www.multisafepay.com/solutions/ready-made-integrations no longer shows the Cubecart logo. You may want to get back to them to see if they can update the plug-in.
  11. ohh, 'Eric Jones' - I get the same emails too... I wonder if they found a flaw with CubeCart to be able to do that?
  12. @Al Brookbanks could you comment? Thanks.
  13. All web browsers will require SSL by default very near in the future so it make sense to enable it.
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