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  1. Oh man, I am an idiot. I just realized I was updating everything in the admin/sources directory locally with my web editor and then uploading with it. I completely forgot about that very strange feature of CC to copy and rename the admin folder on the server with a random _xxxxx to obscure the login page from bots. I do see the purpose, but it is kind of an oddity that I have never seen before and still can't get used to it in my workflow. I need to remember to push the modified admin folder back to my local site files after upgrades (or at least rename it the same) so it syncs with the right folder. I fixed THAT one and it is now working. Thanks for your time on this. Sorry it was a wild goose chase.
  2. No edits have been made to this file, but I went back and replaced it from the original CC download and added the edits. Same issue. Chrome developer tools network info shows 200 OK. Putting the xml link directly in the url window returns valid xml. CC is just hanging on something somewhere in this script's process.
  3. Yes, there is a log generated and there are lots of warnings. error_log.txt
  4. Just a blank page either way with me. Might have to wait for the next version with all the fixes and upgrade my client's store to that and see if it fixes it.
  5. Still just the blank page. Where is the second https you mention? There are only 2 actions listed here, one is to change the http to https and the other to add the $request->setSSL(); line. I don't see a second change from http to https in these two steps.
  6. Did this and still won't work for me. Running CC 6.1.13 and PHP 7.2.9. Anywhere else to make modifications besides the two places mentioned in this resolution?
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