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  1. keat

    speed up admin

    I'm not seeing a huge delay, maybe about 1 second. A little frustrating when I'm hovering over the price, ready to pounce and having to wait.
  2. I'm currently performing a huge number of product changes. When updating prices, I modify admin/skins/templates/product.index.php so the cart opens any product change on the pricing tab. (It's one less click and saves me ages.) However, when the pricing tab opens, there's a brief delay before I can modify the price. The page seems to perform a refresh on the very top cubecart banner. Any thoughts what might cause this refresh , or anyway to stop it happening. It's only a second, but if I can shave that second off, it will speed my process even more.
  3. keat

    Data Migration

    A rather drastic way to do this, but I copied the entire public_html folder from my live site to my mirror. Took ages. My mirrored site has 6.2.6 files with a 6.1.8 database Still not sure if the database on 6.2.6 differs from 6.1.8 though. I guess time will tell.
  4. VidMark Try briefly changing the skin in the admin panel, only has to be for 30 seconds. (store settings/layout) If the fault dissapears, we've at least narrowed it down to being skin related.
  5. keat

    Data Migration

    I thought there were problems with the upgrade process, and it had to be done manually. ? Further to this, if i did update automatically, the mirror would be in 6.2.8. I'm happy to leave the mirror on 6.1.8 as long as none of those tables have changed.
  6. Back full circle and now at the point where I mirror the database on our main site and set to work on the 2020 price changes. This takes me about 3 weeks to complete. The way I work this, I have an identical mirror of the web site on another domain, I make all my price changes on the mirror, then on the 1st of January, I copy the following tables from one database to the other. Category, Category_index, Image_index, Inventory, Option assign, group & value. I've totally missed that Al updated our main site about 6 weeks ago, I never considered the mirror. As I'm now so close to starting work on the price changes, I don't want the added complication of updating the mirrored site. The mirror is on 6.1.8, the main site on 6.2.6 Are there any fundemental database changes on 6.2.6 which could stop this process from working ???
  7. All in one shipping works fine for us.
  8. Feel free to use mine and pick out any bones you can use. Whilst most of it is made up myself with information gleaned from elsewhere, it was scanned over by a GDPR practitioner who gave us the green light. https://www.beal.org.uk/terms-conditions.html
  9. Ive been using Cubecart since 2011 when it was on V3, I'm now on V6. Ive been using for 8 years or more. It's simple, intuitive and does what it's supposed to. Its well supported, not only on this forum, but also by the cubecart technical team. I can't really say any more.
  10. I didn't realise that it needs to be linked to an adwords account. In the past Google Base was a free listing, which I've had working. I guess Google have cottoned on the this.
  11. The orphaned data was my thinking but in the opposite direction to you. My reasoning, if I exported and removed 100 customers from the customer table, when I run the built in script, there would be potential orphaned address in the address table. But when I import the 100 back in, the addresses would no longer be orphaned. Thoughts. .?
  12. I've nothing from it at all. A few years as well. 4000+ products, all reporting green and listed without errors. Something is obviously wrong .
  13. I'm sure bsmither will come back with the answer. If not, I'll respond with details when I'm back in the office tomorrow. Theres no built in method, you'll need to add html code to main.php in the foundation skin folder
  14. I took another look at it today, seeing as I gave up on a long time ago. The merchant centre is telling me that i've 4000 products listed and about 500 errors. Of the 4000 listed products, I've not had a single click. Of the 500 errors, most of them don't fulfil the image size criteria, a lot of hard work and I can't be bothered
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