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  1. Tutorial on how to use product options ??

    I can't help with sets i'm afraid.
  2. Paypal payments not being received

    I find express troublesome in the respect that PayPal can overwrite the order details. EG, customer purchases using his personal account, but wants his goods delivering to his work address. PayPal over writes the order with his home delivery address, and you send the goods to the wrong place. I'd ditch express in favour of the standard gateway if it were me.
  3. Customer placed an order in March and used POF. Then at some point in April, it seems his order was duplicated, I suspect from his browser cache ?? The order has been duplicated again yesterday. Any ideas why ??
  4. Import Spreadsheet

    You might be able to do this manually with something like excel. Using PHP Admin. Make a copy od the inventory table (just in case of problems) Export the inventory table, open with excel and sort by cat_id. Now all products from the fish category will be aligned, you could modify the tax type using drag and drop. When completed, import the inventory table back in.
  5. SEO Redirect of www

    Try this RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^yourdomain\.com$ [OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.yourdomain\.com$
  6. Tutorial on how to use product options ??

    Hi FixingsFactory Does your base product "bolt", have a price configured. Find your cheapest bolt, lets say 10mm x 20mm at a selling price of 10p So your bolt base price would be 10p, with the 20mm option as nil. Then each length option would increase incrementally. 30mm could be a fixed price of 15p or an additional 5p. 40mm could be a fixed price of 20p or an additional 10p. etc etc Provided you have the options in the correct order, when a customer chooses the "Buy It Now" option from the front page, he'd be buying a 10mm x 20mm for 10p. Incidentally, both HavenSwift and Semperfi have a plugin available that allows the drop down options to appear on the home page.
  7. period not detected in search

    With the period placed after the u ( $words = preg_replace('/[^\p{Greek}a-zA-Z0-9\s]+/u.', '', $search_data['keywords']) ) I could find products containing the period. However, when doing a normal search, i couldn't progress beyond page one of the results. If I had 5 pages of results, choosing subsequent pages would only show the first page results.
  8. period not detected in search

    I just discovered today, that this is breaking the search. Searching products, and i cannot scroll beyond page 1 of the results. If I use $words = preg_replace('/[^\p{Greek}a-zA-Z0-9\s]+/u.', '', $search_data['keywords']); (period after +/U) The search breaks If I use $words = preg_replace('/[^\p{Greek}a-zA-Z0-9\s.]+/u', '', $search_data['keywords']); (period after 9\s) The search doesn't detect the period.
  9. Please disregard, I found the issue. Something I've probably broken in a code edit somewhere, but i've no idea where or when. When searching for a product, the list of matching products appears, (lets assume over 5 pages.) I scroll through page 1, and then choose page 2 from the links at the bottom. When the page refreshes, it states that I'm on page 2, but its showing all the previous products from page 1. Any ideas ?
  10. is anyone utilising http2

    I'm running CentOS6, with EA4, I considered implimenting http2 a week before I went on holiday. However, considering if anything went wrong while I was away, it would be extremely difficult to do anything about it, I reconsidered the thought, until my return. I've been playing catch up for a week, so havn't got around to installing it, maybe I won't bother now. Thanks for the info.
  11. I have something floating in the back of my mind from years ago, and I think i just did some sort of search and replace query on the database.
  12. is anyone utilising http2

    I'll take that as a no then :-)
  13. Tutorial on how to use product options ??

    Pretty easy. go to Product Options and create a new group, call it Roast Type Then also in product options, go to attributes and create a new style of roast - call it light roast, assign it to Roast Type with the drop down. Click the little green plus icon and then create your next style (medium), again, click the plus, create another (Heavy), or what ever styles roasts come as. Click save Create your base item - coffeee beans. When coffee beans has been created, you can assign any number of the above attributes to the product, and assign either a final price or an additional price. eg, Beans are £5.00 Light roast can then be either an additional $0.50 or a full total of $5.50 depending on which tick box you use. Medium roast then be either an additional $0.70 or a full total of $5.70 Heavy roast can be either an additional $1.00 or a full total of $6.00 If you then wanted to do something similar with size of beans, you could create a new attribute called size. see my example below of a product with multiple options. Note how my 1000 and 10000 options are absolute price. This is the final price, and not an additional price.
  14. I would normally change the password to something like the last 5 digits of his mobile number, and then email the customer informing of such and advise he changes it when logged in. By using the last 5 digits of his mobile number, you are offering a small amount of security, ie a number not known to everyone or divulged in an email.
  15. Registration problem on website?

    has anything been added to .htaccess recently. ?