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  1. keat

    admin page not found

    By the way, tech support isn't expensive if you can't fix this yourself. https://www.cubecart.com/technical-support
  2. keat

    admin page not found

    did you try my suggestion regarding ini-custom.inc.php actually , the last line should say on. <?php # Custom initialization commands # Filename: ini-custom.inc.php # File location: main CubeCart folder ini_set('memory_limit', '256M'); ini_set('max_execution_time', '60'); ini_set('error_log', 'error_log'); ini_set('log_errors', 'on'); ?>
  3. keat

    admin page not found

    Assuming you have ftp access. In the root of your store ie public_html, create a new file named ini-custom.inc.php Inside this paste the following code. <?php # Custom initialization commands # Filename: ini-custom.inc.php # File location: main CubeCart folder ini_set('memory_limit', '256M'); ini_set('max_execution_time', '60'); ini_set('error_log', 'error_log'); ini_set('log_errors', 'on'); ?> Try to log in again. Check the root folder again, and see if an error log file was now created. The error log may give some indication as to what's going on.
  4. keat

    admin page not found

    did the admin side work ok in May ? When you modified global inc, did you accidentally remove any quotation marks. $glob['adminFile'] = 'xxxxxxx.php'; $glob['adminFolder'] = 'admin_xxxxxx';
  5. keat

    admin page not found

    The folder name and the php can be different. Just change the folder name entry in global.inc.php to match the actual folder name. if you ftp globalinc,php off to modify it, then I've found occasionally that i'll have to rename the original file, otherwise it wont ftp back up.
  6. keat

    Email setup

    I use SMTP with ssl port 465 use smtp authentication = yes if you use 'test after save' it might help you diagnose where the issue is.
  7. I use Mican, my roll over works. Did you make any changes at any point.
  8. keat

    Export / Import

    In all fairness you could still export the data without making a backup, i'm just being over cautious. I'd be interested to understand why you can't copy the database though.
  9. keat

    sales stats in dashboard

    I believe I may have done this before, but only on one site. Thanks again.
  10. keat

    Export / Import

    I've never seen that before, you did try to copy and not rename ? There are 3 different boxes, one to create, one to rename, and another to copy.
  11. keat

    Export / Import

    It's not difficult, but real easy to get yourself flustered and confused as to which server/database your'e working with. so.................Backup, backup, backup. Open PHP MYadmin on the site you wish to export. In the left column, highlight the correct database. In the large column (right), along the top choose the operations tab and make a copy of the database (copy database to), and give it a new name. Copy the database and structure. I like to give it the same name but append '_copy' to the end. To save making any schoolboy errors, lets play with the copy. Back to the left column and highlight the newly copied database to show all the tables. In the large section again, you can arrange by Rows. If all you want is the stock inventory, then the tables you want should be high up the list, anything really to do with category, inventory, and options. Alternatively, just scroll through the list and click the checkbox on anything that mentions inventory, options and category. Make a note of the table names, write them on a scrap of paper. Right at the bottom is a drop down box, find that and choose export, save this as an sql or CSV. I find sql best. Importing is similar. On the server you wish to import into. Backup, backup, backup. (as above) Only this time we want to work on the database, not the copy you just made. (we made this just incase we mess up) ITS IMPORTANT THAT YOU MADE YOUR BACKUP AS THE NEXT STAGE IS IRREVERSABLE The list of tables you scribbled down, click the checkbox against each one, find that drop down box and choose 'drop' In the tabs along the top, choose the import tab, and import the sql file you exported earlier. Any issues, you can use the operations tab to rename the backup you just created.
  12. keat

    Export / Import

    You can export out of the intranet and back in to the new store using PHP MYadmin. If you have PHP MyAdmin on your intranet server (you will probably have it on your internet one), I can try and explain the process. It's not difficult.
  13. keat

    Export / Import

    are both stores cubecart and same versions ?
  14. keat

    Paypal powered by Braintree

    Customers are lazy and won't do that They kick off when we send the goods to the incorrect delivery address (quite rightly), then blame thier lazyness on us. Can you find the image name using developer tools or page source ?
  15. keat

    Paypal powered by Braintree

    Can I ask if Braintree works the same way as PayPal Express. Express will over write the delivery address in the cart to what it has on file at PayPal. Does Braintree do the same, as this cuses problems for us.