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  1. Sorry, I ought to have updated. I spotted those links last week and swapped the files for the minified ones. Page insights isn't all that accurate though. I can have a green card on one run and a yellow one the next, now fluctuating anywhere between about 88 (green) and 80 (amber) gives me a decent score of 95 though.
  2. OK, this looks like its on your own site. I think you need https at least for this. As per HarrisOrganic says If you go to manage extenstions, find card capture, and then allowed zones, you'll need to add the zones which are allowed to post card details. Personally, I'd avoid this plugin and use something like PayPal, as you're probably contravening all PCI DSS rules hosting the card gateway yourself. Experience a security breach and a whole can of worms could open up for you. Just my opinion.
  3. where is he inputting his card details, directly on your site or via a host.
  4. I've not recreated this issue on a stock 6.1.7 site. Mican Skin, Print Order Form and All in one Shipping, everything else is stock.
  5. Al has also managed to recreate this on at least two of my web sites, so hopefully, we'll find a resolution. Both web sites are on different servers I might add.
  6. In the database, have a look at the category index table. If you imported your parts, they may well not be linked to a category.
  7. Did you check that the file sources/maintenance/ does exist.
  8. PayPal was acting up last week, maybe it is again today. Transactions were taking up to two hours to show up in the PayPal web page. If you can, then switch to the old classic view, as I found the transactions would display in there, but not in the new look.
  9. I've sucessfully recreated this three times this afternoon. Using Firefox and Mican Skin (we've seen this on our foundation skin site also) Add items to your basket without logging in, when the basket has about 4 or 5 items, proceed through the checkout process, choosing a shipping method (if applicable). When prompted to create an account or log in, log in with your test account. Without proceeding any further, leave the browser open. Do not continue, just let the browser sit idle. After a period of time (iv'e left 40 minutes), come back click the continue button. Cart is logged with null items. I'm now attempting to recreate using Chrome browser.
  10. And now another one. The customer is using Firefox. He seems to think that he placed items in his basket, clicked the continue button, and was taken to an orde complete page. He says that no gateway was selected, as if it skipped the gateway stage all together. 170717.csv
  11. Going back to my CSV file, not how this customer is using firefix and then possible an Ipad. I looked inside Cubecart_access_logs and found the transaction, I assume this is the correct one, as I can see the next customer shortly afterwards which tallies with the orders for that day. Cubecart_access_logs denotes IEX as the user agent.. I assume Internet Explorer. Could this have anything to do with it ??
  12. I've identified this customer and then searched the saved cart table for anything with his customer ID. I find 1 blob file with just a single item, iv'e no idea if this is a recent saved cart or an old one, but certainly no where near the amount of items he's saying that he'd placed.
  13. I've had a very irate customer call today that a basket with over 250 items which he's been building up over a period of two weeks has all gone to zero. Of course, building a basket for two weeks isn't good practice, but how do I explain this to him, when he does this with his other service providers. Whilst on this occasion, we didn't see the order at our end, I can't help thinking that it's related. from the gist of the conversation, I guess his basket zero'd out at his end and he spotted it before committing the order. @Al Brookbanks, could you or your team take a look at my CSV from 2 days ago please, we have to get to the bottom of this.
  14. Have a look at this, it might help. Ahh, I see you already did.