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  1. T-CUT cleans tar from paintwork, if i remove the phase 'tar' from the product description, and perform a new search the cart then comes back with 490+ products. I'd suggest that 480 of them probably don't contain this phrase anywhere. For instance, search tar and the first result (out of 490) is a cable tie. https://www.beal.org.uk/stock-clearance/stock-clearance/cable-ties-bases/cable-ties-762mm-x-9.0mm No mention of TAR anywhere, maybe if it contained the phrase 'guitar' i could understand why it pulled this product. ??
  2. Yes on the double spacing... Quite clearly I did something wrong with the edit, but what ever I did...... I did it wrong twice So I remade the edit, and now the search seems to work for that phrase. But if I search GRN (Grease nipples), it says only 1 product found, yet there are probably 30 or more. Also, If I search TAR (which is a range of tarpaulins) it only bring up T-Cut (which removes tar spots) I'm guessing that it's only searching the descriptions maye, only I've no idea why BPN's show a full range. ................................................. I figured something out. If I search GRN, the results come back with only one product found. This product contains the phrase 'GRN in the description' If I remove this phrase from the product and try again, the search comes back with about 30 results. I can only conclude that the search looks at the description first, and if it finds an answer, doesn't look elsewhere for any other occurances. It's done it's job and stops. ........................................... And then it's even more wierd. I removed the TAR phrase from t-cut. Performed a fresh search for TAR and the results come back with 49 pages.
  3. my line numbers were massively out compared to the ones you quoted. I found the lines way higher up in the 3-4000's. I made the edits but it killed the site.. just a white screen
  4. We don't have a product code 'UNF', so this phase appears in either the prodct name or description. The issue seems to be around product codes. PM sent
  5. @Al BrookbanksDo we need to raise this on GitHub ??
  6. Click the next page, the page flashes (assume a refresh), but nothing changes. web site is www.beal.org.uk Search for BPN (a product code) and see what happens. But search for 'Brake Pipe Nut' and see how the page actually does refresh.
  7. One of the phrases in the message headers sent me off on a tangent, and I came across a mailscanner config setting, which i've modifed and seems to have resolved the error for now. Do you want to allow <Script> tags in email messages? This is a bad idea as these are used to exploit vulnerabilities in email applications and web browsers. Value: yes => Allow these tags to be in the message no => Ban messages containing these tags disarm => Allow these tags, but stop these tags from working Note: Disarming can be defeated, it is not 100% safe! This can also be the filename of a ruleset. But reading the description, it sounds somewhat dangerous to allow this. So if it is the PayPal plugin which is causing this, would there be a fix rather than allowing this security setting.
  8. I disabled the PayPal Commerce plugin and now the gibberish has gone. Re-enabled it and the gibberish is back.
  9. We have 25 products with a product_code starting BPN. If I search BPN only 12 products appear in the results (2 of which contain BPN in the description). The web site would indicate that there are 3 pages of BPN's, which if there are 25+ this would be about right. But if I click to the next page, then nothing happens. Also 'View All' does nothing. This probalem appears to be when searching product codes and not so much when searching words. If I search 'brake pipe nuts' which are BPN's then the search works and will move on to the next page. Any pointers please.
  10. My communication isn't coming across cleanly. If I add an item to my cart where a matrix already exists, then there are no issues, the matrix code is passed. If I add an item to my cart where no matrix exists, the standard product code is passed. All Good so far. If I add an item to my cart which has no matrix code, then go back and modify the product and add a matrix to it.... this new matrix code isn't updated in the basket, so the order is passed with only the standard product code, just as it was when I added it to my cart initially. When we first created the matrix 4 months ago, there were loads, I assumed that some form of refresh or the max_gc-sessions timeout would fix it, but 12 weeks on and some items are still filtering through. Is there anything can be put in place which performs some form of refresh or basket delete, preferabbly on a basket older than say 4 weeks. (or any number of weeks post matrix build)
  11. Excellent as always. Thanks Brian, problem solved.
  12. Looking at the nessage source, I found this in the bottom. There is reference to 'PP_Config' and also 'Mailscanner' which is a piece of software running on our mailserver. <MailScannerS= cript29528 script id=3D"pp_config" type=3D"application/json">{"home":{"dom"= :".home_wrapper"},"category":{"dom":".category_wrapper"},"product":{"dom":"= .product_wrapper #main_content form .row .row:last-child"},"payment": {"dom= ":"#checkout_actions"},"cart": {"dom":"#checkout_actions"}}</MailScannerScr= ipt29528><MailScannerScript29528 script> var pp_config =3D JSON.parse(document.getElementById('pp_config').t= extContent) var pp_amount =3D 36.36;</MailScannerScript29528></body></html>
  13. I'm slightly misunderstanding part of your reply. "Your personal experiments could not reproduce an item's purchase that had the wrong product code -- provided the options matrix's product code was available at the time the item was put in the basket. " If I add an item to the basket that doesn't yet contain a matrix entry, then go back and create a matrix entry, this matrix entry is never populated in the basket. I can continue with the order and complete checkout as if the matrix entry doesn't exist. The order is then sent to admin and the customer without the matrix entry. When the order is complete, as an admin I can edit the order, don't make any chnages and just save, the product is then populated with the matrix, but by then it's too late, it's already been posted to admins with an incorrect product code.
  14. I considered that it may have been the email template, but I switched my language to French and the same gibberish appears. I've never meddled with any of the foriegn templates.
  15. When a customer follows the link in an order confirmation, back to his order on our web site, the order number field is populated with his order number. (mican skin) But when using the mobile skin however, it takes you to the web page, but the order number box isn't populated. Must be a skin issue, but any thoughts what ?
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