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  1. I used this in 6.0.10 for a while, it may still work in later versions. in classes/cubecart.class.php change $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('LATEST_PRODUCTS', $products); To: $lp_rand_keys = array_rand($products, 6); // Make sure there are 3 or more 'featured' products foreach ($lp_rand_keys as $rand_key) $lp_rand_products[$rand_key] = $products[$rand_key]; $products = $lp_rand_products; $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('LATEST_PRODUCTS', $products); This will limit the amount of 'latest products' to 6 (so change if you require more), and then with each page refresh, those 6 products will change randomly. Not my work by the way, so I can't take any credit.
  2. did you backup the database and old site before you started ? If so, create a sub domain or purchase a cheap domain, and restore the old site to this. Then try the upgrade again on the backup copy. It would be quicker to try and recover the data tahn having to key it all in. I would never perform an update without first doing a dummy run on a spare domain, and then still have a backup so I could roll back quickly if needed. With custom mods and alterations, there could be a weeks worth of tweaking, which you could do in the background before the actual update.
  3. The algorythm which does is thier revenue. I dislike google.
  4. Adwords doesn't seem to like the custom url. Eg category is called blue widgets, the custom url is blue-widgets, adwords doesn't like the hyphen. I could of course change the custom url to bluewidgets, but this would then screw up my seo and any google indexing. Also whilst on the subject, can anyone explain how the word score works. I have a single campaign called 'cable ties', with only one keyword 'cable ties', the advert contains the phrase 'cable ties' , the url is a web site which specialises in 'cable ties' and guess which word features in the landing pages ?? oh and the url contains the word 'cableties', yet google still only rank my keyword as 8/10. Someone is having a laugh.
  5. If we want to promote any particular products, then we do what DB has suggested. rather than using 'Latest Products' to display the latest products, we use it to display products that we wish to promote. In the languages section change the wording of 'Latest Products' to 'Anything You want' Then anything you wish to display in this area just ensure the 'Include in latest products' check box ticked.
  6. I defaulted my pages to 'Please Select' The customer is unable to progress without choosing a shipping method, if he tries to progress, the 'Please Select' option flashes. It works a treat.
  7. Not until this morning I couldn't.
  8. Disclaimer added to my T&C's. Only one discount code, voucher or promotion can be used at any one time (unless otherwise agreed). If your order is found to, or suspected to contravene or attempt to circumvent any discounts or promotions, then we reserve the right to cancel your order.
  9. It was annoying not being able to edit my own post, especially when I forgot to obfuscate something. Edit: Yay... it works again.
  10. I obtained the SSD through work, surplus to requirements, seemed like a natural choice for the car.
  11. Until an official fix is built, I ended up modifying the discounted Items, so we lost the 'red cross' feature for now. MIght be worth considering re-applying though now thatere a work around.
  12. Interesting results. Two hard drives in identical external cases. 175gb SSD formatted NTFS with about 150gb of data, takes 2 seconds to mount. 250gb SATA formatted exFat, with the same data, takes 40 odd seconds to mount. Bearing in mind that the SSD was taking this time also when on exFAT. There's one hell of a performance boost between exFat and NTFS, it's a no brainer.
  13. You'll need someone like Havenswift, Noodleman or Semperfi to write you a custom api at a guess.
  14. I left the SSD data copying when i came out, so I'll know for certain later if indeed exFat is the issue, although I'm 99% convinced it is. On the spare drive, I formatted NTFS, dumped a number of files on there and suffered no buffering issue, I then reformatted exFat, copied a similar amount of files and suffered some buffering The tablet just doesn't provide enough power unfortunately, so it's all hooked up to a standard USB hub, connected to a 12v to 5v step down convertor.