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  1. I had issues with SendinBlue. I don't recall the exact scenario, but it went along the lines of them rejecting my mailing campaign half way through sending. I quickly spent my credits and went elsewhere. Moosend is perfect for our requirements, although they are fussy with certain address uploads.
  2. I got wind of this in March and moved away from Pay360, however, I'm not sure if i communicated such. Please be advised that the SecPay platform will be decommissioned on the 1st September 2021. We invite you to migrate to our new Advanced Payments platform. For further information please contact us at [email protected] or call us on 0333 3137161
  3. I was more intersted in resetting the popular products table on the home page.
  4. In how many years of using CubeCart i've never seen that drop down....!!!!!! The number of views is held in the inventory table, which can be cleared out, but where are the stats taken for number of sales. Can this be cleared and start from scratch ?
  5. Today we decided to clear out the popularity scores as the boss wasn't overly convinced that the cart was telling the truth. But as the scores are now rebuilding, there are a few odd balls showing up. The scores are still young, so I appreciate that it could take months to flatten out, but it has got me wondering if seach engine spiders could trigger a score point ? Any thoughts
  6. If the customer has placed an order at any point, then this may work for you. Find and open the customer account. click the orders tab. Scroll to the bottom where you'll find his email address, this should be formatted as a hyperlink. Click on the link and it should launch your email client (outloook, Thunderbird etc) @Al Brookbanks A hyperlink featture higher up the customer chain might not be a bad idea
  7. I'm just a little concerned with the credit card part of the PayPal module. My client (my kid really, but lets keep it professional :-), has absolutely no facility to take card payments. She has no PCI DSS compliance etc etc etc. Is it safe to assume that the card aquisition on this module is safe and secure ?
  8. I've just installed 6.4.3 out of the box for a client. I note that it comes preloaded with a PayPal gateway. However, this PayPal gateway has the option of SoFart and pay by card. Can I assume that SoFort is somehow affilliated with PayPal, and that Card Payment is also linked to PayPal. My client has no card facilities, only PayPal.
  9. I've been passed an email today which by the looks of things would indicate that SecPay or PAY360 as it's known now is EOL. Secpay platform will be decommissioned on the *_1^st September 2021 I can't find Pay360 on the extensions or it's replacement, so thought i'd better ask on here. Has anyone else heard this ??
  10. Are there any products inside the sub category. ? I believe there needs to be for it to appear
  11. Nothing in transaction logs either. But we received a PayPal payment with the cart ID. We managed to contact the customer this morning, he says as far as he was aware, he'd completed his order, and the fact that we received a payment and a cart_id, you would expect so. However, he also says that he's opened his browser this morning and his order is still in his basket. Very odd.
  12. We recieved a cart payment, with a valid cart_id from a well known, trusted and regular customer. However, we never received the cart notification. So checking in the orders side of the cart, but the order doesn't exist. I checked order_inventory and order_summary, there is no reference to the order. Nothing in error logs either. I did find an entry in the request log: Request Sent - https://ipnpb.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr cmd=_notify-validate&mc_gross=91.26&invoice=201221-162107-9829 (the rest of this log I removed for security reasons) Which shows that the order was generated. In Cubecart_access_log, I can see the customer logging in, around the same time as the next order, so I can also confirmed that the customer was at least on our site. Any thoughts as to what happened to this order ?
  13. I also have Russia blocked on our server firewall, but they still seem to get through occasionally. I also suspect Recapture has been circumvented. I see new accounts being created with a set pattern, I doubt these are manual entries. In fact here is one created today VapersawWA, VapersawWA
  14. Inside the genral tab of a product is a section Micellaneous. Inside this is tables for UPC, EAN JAN etc Where do these appear on the customer side of the cart ?
  15. With a deal/no deal brexit looming, it's looking lilely that shipments in to Northern Ireland are going to be tricky, and will require customs clearance. Has anyone considered how we will set up the cart to accept DAP or DDP customs payments
  16. Its that time of year where I work on a duplicate web site, making price chnages ready for 2021. Last year I complained of a delay between clicking the product and the price tab opening. (BSmither gave me a fix to open the price tab first) Then when it did open, I couldnt modify the price until the page had fully loaded. Enter new price, the pressing enter, took a second or so for the page to refresh. In total, changing one price took maybe 5 or 6 seconds. Not a long time being fair, however, when you've 1000's to do, and it takes you three weeks, you'll understand the frustration of waiting. Today, suffering the same fate, I decided to see if the browser was the issue. MS Edge is twice the speed.
  17. I'd like to tweak the mican skin a little. I've reduced the size of our logo and would like to remove a little of the dead space above and below it. Any ideas which file this might be in please.
  18. keat

    PayPal 2FA

    Has anyone applied 2FA with PayPal. I'm getting rather frustrated with PayPal, and thier inability to provide any meaningful support. They keep sending me around in circles. Firstly, they suggested I install Symantec VIP authenticator, and whilst the install of the app is painless on a PC, how to configure this to work with PayPal took over a week of back and forth before I finally recieved the information required. Once the app is installed, there are two methods to authenticate Scan a QR code, or have the app provide a secure key. I can't scan a QR code as this relies on using a mobile phone, and sort of defeats the object. I'm tightening up security, but a trusted user could still log in to paypal from home and steal from us. So whats the point of 2FA using a private device. The second option works OK, where by the Symantec authenticator app provides a secure key. However, it's limited to four token ID's, and I have about 6 users in different parts of the business. Anyone else in a similar predicament. ?
  19. Actually, scratch this, I found magic slideshow plugin for small money and it's far superior to bxslider. Just demoing it now.
  20. Is there an easy guide to implimenting bxslider in to mican please. I've tried to follow this thread, but i can't make head nor tail of it. Its all over the place. https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/49585-bxslider/?tab=comments#comment-207696
  21. After a few emails back and forth with the Paypal techie guys, i've about drawn a blank He states: The module should allow you to turn express on and off? Unfortunately we have no oversight on the development of the plugins or their functionality. I can advise on the code if that’s of any help, but normally the plugins are developed by third party developers. I'm agreed on the conversions, if truth be known Express saves the customer a few steps. However, It doesn't work for everyone (me for a start)
  22. After a few emails back and forth with the Paypal techie guys, i've about drawn a blank He states: The module should allow you to turn express on and off? Unfortunately we have no oversight on the development of the plugins or their functionality. I can advise on the code if that’s of any help, but normally the plugins are developed by third party developers. If the module allows switching off of express, then I can't see where.
  23. I didn't leave it applied long enough to see what the 2nd part of the plugin did. I used the Express button on my first test order, and discovered that it over rides what the customer has configured as his default address. That was enough for me to take it back off very quickly. I explained the flaw in this part of the module to the PayPal guy, who said that he would mention this to thier development team, but I'm not expecting anything to come of it.
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