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  1. Ive been using Cubecart since 2011 when it was on V3, I'm now on V6. Ive been using for 8 years or more. It's simple, intuitive and does what it's supposed to. Its well supported, not only on this forum, but also by the cubecart technical team. I can't really say any more.
  2. I didn't realise that it needs to be linked to an adwords account. In the past Google Base was a free listing, which I've had working. I guess Google have cottoned on the this.
  3. The orphaned data was my thinking but in the opposite direction to you. My reasoning, if I exported and removed 100 customers from the customer table, when I run the built in script, there would be potential orphaned address in the address table. But when I import the 100 back in, the addresses would no longer be orphaned. Thoughts. .?
  4. I've nothing from it at all. A few years as well. 4000+ products, all reporting green and listed without errors. Something is obviously wrong .
  5. I'm sure bsmither will come back with the answer. If not, I'll respond with details when I'm back in the office tomorrow. Theres no built in method, you'll need to add html code to main.php in the foundation skin folder
  6. I took another look at it today, seeing as I gave up on a long time ago. The merchant centre is telling me that i've 4000 products listed and about 500 errors. Of the 4000 listed products, I've not had a single click. Of the 500 errors, most of them don't fulfil the image size criteria, a lot of hard work and I can't be bothered
  7. What data does this feature remove. I note that there are a few tables used for customer data. I have an idea. What if I were to run the following query in PHPMyAdmin SELECT * FROM `CubeCart_customer` WHERE `order_count` = 0 Export the last 100 entries to a CSV file. Run the GDPR tool, and let it do it's magic. Import those 100 entries back in the cubecart_customer table. would this work ?
  8. Ive tried the merchant centre many times. It's a rubbish interface, and whilst it shows me as having listings, i've never seen one. I gave up on it.
  9. My Meta Description trick worked. Not quite ideal though.
  10. Off topic, but i'm a little worried about online password managers. If the online account got hacked, then this would reveal all my passwords. But then the same could be said for my browser cache and bottom drawer. 17 random characters by the way, upper, lower, numbers and symbols.
  11. You had me worried there Ian. However, this wasn't my password, the code was cut and pasted from the SQL developers site. https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/time-zone-support.html If anyone could guess my root password, they deserve the right to take control of my server. (even i struggle with it)
  12. Is it possible to have prices show up in SEO. For instance, I can search Google for a product, and our page is right at the top, but unless you click the google link, there's no indication what the price is. It would be fantastic if Google could pick up on this. As an experiment, I've modified the meta description, to include the price, (lets see what the next few days brings) However, this would be hard work for a whole site.
  13. what about the time difference ?
  14. I only uncovered the error after setting the time zone in 'store settings/advanced' Prior to this the time zone was disabled. There were no errors that I recall, but the order time stamps were out by an hour. Hence the reason I applied the time zone. Is it possible to disable the time zone in store settings, but instread add an offset to correct the time stamp ??
  15. What about this scenario. ?? Customer registers, starts filling his cart, (hasn't completed his order yet). I run the script. Customer gets deleted ??
  16. My site was updated yesterday from 6.1.7 to 6.2.6 and I had exactly these errors. I have full ssh access to our web server and ran the following command from a terminal window # mysql_tzinfo_to_sql /usr/share/zoneinfo | mysql -u root -p xxxxxx The errors subsequently stopped.
  17. It happened to me a few years ago. Luckily I had another site that I could copy the code from.
  18. I've not run the feature 'delete all customers without orders' for fear that it might delete customers who registered only yesterday, (or 10 minuts ago for that matter). Is it possible to choose a date range and delete all customers without orders older than a given time. I dare not click the button, to see what it does.
  19. My site has a number of extensions and modifications, most of which I've forgotten what or how I did them, so I comissioned the Cubecart team to update it for me. I'm suitably impressed with the price and the time it took, so much so, i'm now considering updating another site. Well Done Al, much appreciated. Just one question, the 'Clear Cache' button. Does this need to be performed with every update, ie stock changes, price chnages etc ????
  20. I think it's time to update. Lets take this to PM or email, as I've a few questions.
  21. I'm stuck on 6.1.7. I just sent you a PM.
  22. I don't see any error logs around that time. I just tried to recreate this and discovered something really interesting. I added 3 items to my cart. Went back to admin and marked item No3 out of stock. Went back to my cart and added a fourth item. When I tried to checkout, a message popped up telling me that item 3 was out of stock and the basket needs to be recalculated. I pressed OK (or something). Then another message popped up to tell me that item No4 went out of stock. (it didn't). The cart has only calculated Items 1 and 2. Items 3 and 4 are shown as null items. So not quite the same results as the one I'm posting about, but very similar, and may have given a clue as to my ongoing null cart problem.
  23. Customer placed items in his cart a week ago, and looks to have been in and out of it a few times, although, we've no diea what changes he might have made. It transpires that item number 3 on his list has gone out of stock, between him addidng to his cart and checking out today. (In fact, in the inventory, it's now showing as -1 in stock.) He completed and paid for his order today, but the totals are miles out. I can get the totals to tally, if I disregard the first 3 items on the shopping list. It seems that the cart hasn't calculated the costs for all items prior to and including item No3. But has listed them on the inventory, confirmation email etc. Any thoughts ?
  24. In Store Settings... Features, is a check box " Force Order Completed Emails " Check that this is ticked.
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