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  1. The API doesn't seem to be updating orders to processing, so staff are not receiving the order notification from the web site.
  2. My bad, when we were discussing this 12-18 months ago, i was under the belief that this was a server side setting. I found this. session.gc_maxlifetime = {your value} session.save_path = "/home/{USER}/tmp"
  3. Theres a bug in PHP, well technically not a bug, it's a design feature, but it's enough to cause an issue. If a customer leaves his browser untouched or closes his browser etc, around 20-30 minutes later PHP peforms a clean up, and deletes inactive sessions. As AL suggested, this can be worked around by changing the setting 'session.gc_maxlifetime' in PHP.ini. However, what makes this difficult is that setting is a server wide setting, so unless you run your own server, you may not be able to change this. I doubt that a shared server host would change this setting ju
  4. I'm still seeing these, but not as many as i used to, so i just now delete them when they appear. I get maybe 1 per week.
  5. it's added in manage hooks, code snippets, but see your other thread for more details.
  6. this works for me. I wrote a small code a few years ago, where a customer had to reach a minimum order value before he could progress to checkout. To limit certain items, i recently modified this to work on weight, then allocated a set weight to products. In my case, it's latex gloves. each box of gloves has a weight allocated as 1.00, Any order eceeding this limit throws up an error. Go to Manage hooks, code snippets and add a new code snippet. Heres the code, based on a weight of 10 (10 boxes of gloves) <?php $upper_val=99999999.00
  7. I thought there was a discount voucher/ promo code facility where you could set the amount of times a customer could use it. I'm looking to offer a £5 discount on all orders, but only want it where by a customer could only use it once, but it's still available for any other customer. Is this possible
  8. This seems to work to an extent. <?php $upper_val=9999999; $lower_val=12.00; $value = number_format($upper_val, 2); if($GLOBALS['cart']->basket['weight'] > $lower_val && $GLOBALS['cart']->basket['weight'] < $value) { $GLOBALS['gui']->setError ('You appear to have ordered too many gloves - sorry '); $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('DISABLE_CHECKOUT_BUTTON', true); } ?> The lower value doesn't work as I'd expect it to, but 12 is close enough to 10, to stop someone coming along and orderin 1000. I'll have to check the database to ensu
  9. I'm getting somewhere with my minimum order value hook which I devised a few years ago. Could you help me finish this off. I've aloocated 1kg to a box of gloves, It would be good if this would poup up when a basket exceeded say 10 or 20kg. ?php $upper_val=15.00; $lower_val=10.00; $value = number_format($upper_val, 2); if($GLOBALS['cart']->basket['weight'] > $lower_val && $GLOBALS['cart']->basket['weight'] < $value) { $GLOBALS['gui']->setError ('You appear to have ordered too many gloves - sorry '.$value.'.'); $GLOBALS['smarty']-&g
  10. We do, but this guy is not a guest account. Coming back to the PPE limit. Would something like this work: We don't have weights allocated against products, If I were to allocate 1kg to a box of gloves, could I set a weight limt to an order, of say 10kg.
  11. 6.2.6, but I just personally tried the status button thing twice and can't fault it.
  12. I spotted that status button, but it doesn't appear to work, we had one order again today and I disabled him a week ago. Let me play with my test login. Odd, as I just un-statused myself, and can't login and can't reset my password, yet a troublesome profiteer placed an order today, despite him being un-statused. Strange.
  13. is there a way to deactivate a customer account, maybe some way to also stop him creating a new account with the same email address.
  14. We can spot the profiteers and are allowing a few of their sales through, but once we feel that they are now taking the p*$$, we are cancelling thier orders. We have 4500 product lines, with new customers signing up daily, so I don't want to make things difficult and time consuming to manage. If I could somehow limit the amount of boxes of a few products that any customer could buy, it would weed out the genuine user from the profiteer. This wouldn't stop him coming back and placing another order I guess, but he might get fed up. No plugins that
  15. Due to Covid19, we are fast selling out of PPE. As our prices are defined by a printed catalogue, it's difficult for us to justify any price increases. So for instance, our Latex Gloves are at the same great price as they were many months ago. We are inundated with new customers who we've never had any dealings with, buying tons of gloves, to probably sell on at an extortionate price on auction platforms. I've seen our products which we sell for £3.95 being sold for £20+ on ebay. I want to stop this by limiting an amount a customer can purchase, so our regular customer
  16. We see them also. Not very many, but they do happen. I've come to the conclusion that it's a browser cache issue, maybe the customers cache isn't cleared, or he's hitting the back button.
  17. Guys Anyone using this. We used to have an ebay account, but closed it due to it upsetting some of our customers who use the platform themselves. However, times are hard at the moment, sales are down, so I'm considering creating a new ebay account and try to sell our products on there too. I've put a call out to Noodleman to call me for a chat, but in the meantime, does anyone use this. ?? Does it create adverts for you ?? I'm looking for something that would potentially get us up and running, in the least possible time with the minimum of fuss.
  18. This is the behaviour I'm seeing. If I open a product to make an edit, the 'auto code' check box is unchecked. (normal) I found that if i modify the 'use stock level' from unchecked to checked, this can somehow inadvertantly mark the 'auto product code' to checked. Even though my mouse pointer is no where near. I guess like a ghost click It seems to happen if i'm a little on the keen side, ie during the screen refresh. Whilst I don't know what's causing it to happen, I'm now aware of the scenario, so it's something I can watch for.
  19. Remembering the issue from years gone by with the image picker causing a delay, I thought it prudent to move the images again. Over the years, these had crept up to 1500. The fault still exists though. <span> <label for="product_code_auto">Automatically generate product code</label> <input name="product_code_auto" id="product_code_auto" type="hidden" class="toggle" original="" value="1"> <img src="admin_jfOiN9/skins/default/images/1.png" title="Disable" alt="Disable" class="checkbox" rel="#product_code_auto"> <input nam
  20. Not the answer, but maybe a clue It seems that there's a small period when entering a product page that the page finished downloading or maybe performing a refresh. Maybe about 1 second in time. If I changed the 'use stock level' during this refresh, it appears that 'automatically generate product code' becomes selected, but not every time.
  21. I scoured the files for 'product_code_auto' which appears in multiple files, including a few backup files from previous versions, and nothing jumps out at me. However, having said that, i also figured that it can't be a simple coding error like 'product_code_auto=1' as the problem doesn't happen everytime. That's me flummoxed.
  22. Accoring to the CPanel forum, the PHP error is related to garbage collection, which we've discussed on here before. https://forums.cpanel.net/threads/php-session-failed-permission-denied-13.657835/ The recommendation is to ignore it. I have Garbage clean up configured for about a week, and I see no stale sessions older than this in the php sessions folder. I will investigate the product_auto_code thing though. I'll report back if i find anything.
  23. I used mailchimp, its free if you have less than 2000 subscribers. However, we have 35,000+ and this is where it becomes expensive. I'm now using MooSend. Although, I have MooSend servers as part of my SPF string, and I'm wondering if this could impact our sender reputation.
  24. Try this. In the root of your store (maybe public_html), create the following file - ini-custom.inc.php and paste the below code <?php # Custom initialization commands # Filename: ini-custom.inc.php # File location: main CubeCart folder ini_set('memory_limit', '256M'); ini_set('max_execution_time', '60'); ini_set('error_log', 'error_log'); ini_set('log_errors', 'on'); ?> When you get the white screen, go back to the root of your store, and see if error_log was created.
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