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  1. maybe that was a poor example. Some of these things your'e suggesting to add already exist, which makes me think that the skin has maybe already been modified. eg: content.recaptcha.head.php, you're suggesting to create this file. but it already exists. So I'm unsure as to leave it or modify it. {if $RECAPTCHA=='2' || $RECAPTCHA=='3'} <script src="https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js"></script> {/if} {if $RECAPTCHA=='3'} <script> function recaptchaSubmit(token) { $('.g-recaptcha').closest("form").submit(); } </script> {/if}
  2. just the first step alone. My config.xml is populated with all sorts. I found a number of discrepancies between your etone and my korouto <?xml version="1.0"?> <skin version="3.1"> <info> <!-- UIDs can be generated on the unix/linux command line using `uuid -v4`, or you can use any string, as long as you think it wont accidentally be picked by anyone else A good example of the latter would be something like '[email protected]'. While not necessarily an active email address, it's a pretty good approximation of a unique key --> <uid>[email protected]</uid> <type>skin</type> <name><![CDATA[kurouto]]></name> <display><![CDATA[Kurouto]]></display> <version>1.0.3</version> <minVersion>5.0.0a</minVersion> <maxVersion>5.1.*</maxVersion> <creator>CubeCart Ltd</creator> <homepage>http://www.cubecart.com</homepage> <mobile>false</mobile> </info> <layout> <products> <perpage amount="6" /> <perpage default="true" amount="12" /> <perpage amount="24" /> <perpage amount="48" /> <perpage amount="96" /> </products> </layout> <styles> <style images="true" default="true"> <!-- images: TRUE tells the template system that this style has its own image folder. FALSE would use the contents in the root of the images folder --> <directory>blue</directory> <name><![CDATA[Blue]]></name> <description><![CDATA[Blue style]]></description> <default /> </style> <style images="true"> <directory>green</directory> <name><![CDATA[Green]]></name> <description><![CDATA[Green style]]></description> </style> <style images="true"> <directory>grey</directory> <name><![CDATA[Grey]]></name> <description><![CDATA[Grey style]]></description> </style> <style images="true"> <directory>orange</directory> <name><![CDATA[Orange]]></name> <description><![CDATA[Orange style]]></description> </style> <style images="true"> <directory>purple</directory> <name><![CDATA[Purple]]></name> <description><![CDATA[Purple style]]></description> </style> <style images="true"> <directory>red</directory> <name><![CDATA[Red]]></name> <description><![CDATA[Red style]]></description> </style> </styles> <images> <!-- Common --> <image reference="thumbnail" maximum="138" quality="75" default="noimage_thumbnail.png" /> <!-- Category Page --> <image reference="category" maximum="580" quality="100" default="" /><!-- Doesnt need a default --> <image reference="subcategory" maximum="70" quality="70" default="noimage_subcategory.png" /> <!-- Product Page --> <image reference="gallery" maximum="50" quality="60" default="noimage_gallery.png" /> <image reference="normal" maximum="270" quality="90" default="noimage_normal.png" /> <image reference="enlarge" maximum="600" quality="90" default="" /><!-- Doesnt need a default --> <!-- Possible names (sizes): thumbnail (138), product(300-ish), enlarged (big), zoom (bigger, poss. source?) --> <!-- These are the ones currently in use --> <image reference="tiny" maximum="30" quality="75" default="noimage_thumbnail_tiny.png" /> <image reference="small" maximum="138" quality="75" default="noimage_thumbnail.png" /> <image reference="medium" maximum="270" quality="90" default="noimage_normal.png" /> <image reference="large" maximum="600" quality="90" default="" /><!-- Doesnt need a default --> </images> </skin> The skin's config.xml, from: </images> </skin> To: </images> <!-- Use this to add custom variables into the skin which can be found in the smarty SKIN_CUSTOM array --> <custom> <recaptcha_badge_position>bottomright</recaptcha_badge_position><!-- Invisible Recaptcha Badge Position: bottomright, bottomleft or inline --> </custom> </skin>
  3. There are too many differences in the code you supplied to what I'm actally finding in Kurouto. I'm cutting and pasting what I think ought to be cut and paste, but I can already see there are going to errors. I don't know enough about PHP to be able to safely decipher the differences. I tried and broke the web site instantly.
  4. Chaps.. This situation is embarrasing, I'm getting female members of my team telling me that they are receiving explicit messages from one of our contact forms. Can anyone suggest how I get invisible working, failing that I'll have to employ the services of a dev to write something which works.
  5. Remember when we were discussing session.gc_maxlifetime about 2 maybe 3 years ago. I made global changes in php config, but I now wonder if I left behind a local php.ini file, which was over riding the global settings. I suppose it makes sense.
  6. The PHP save path in PHP config is set for 7.3 on the 7.3 config area Now that I can get in, I can see in the PHP info (cubecart), that the local value is set for 7.1 and master value 7.3. PHP ini had an incorrect entry.
  7. Guys I thought I'd pop this on the forum for future reference. We couldn't log in to the admin side of the web this morning, posting the username and password, the page flashed, but nothing happened. Then I was getting reports that customers were opening the web page and finding that they were logged in as someone else. (extremely worrying) We proved this in house, open the web page and it said 'Welcome Back ... whoever' None of my domains use PHP7.1. I may have removed PHP7.1 from the web server a few weeks ago and this issue only came to light after on OS update last night, and maybe the server rebooted. I found this in error_log [21-Jun-2022 12:24:34 Europe/London] PHP Warning: session_start() [<a href='http://docs.php.net/manual/en/function.session-start.php'>function.session-start.php</a>]: open(/var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php71/sess_fdf69d4ec2565003138eee92b6e9bf6a, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /home/cpanel-user/public_html/classes/session.class.php on line 724 [21-Jun-2022 12:24:34 Europe/London] PHP Warning: session_start() [<a href='http://docs.php.net/manual/en/function.session-start.php'>function.session-start.php</a>]: Failed to read session data: files (path: I re-installed PHP7.1 and the sites seem to be working again. 7.1 is is installed but no sites are configured to use this. I'm guessing (but clarification required) that something somewhere within cubecart is looking for /var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php71 any thoughts ?
  8. looking inside config.xml, my korouto skin is v1.0.3 which accoring the the cubecart extensions change log is compatible already with V2. So am I missing anything more to make it V2 invisible compatible ?
  9. I followed the code on one of my Korouto sites, everything was in place apart from my ' content.recpature.php' had a lot more code inside it. And I was missing element.recapctcha.invisible which I created. The store still shows as not being compatible with invisible. However, if I choose invisible, and then navigate to the contact form, i see no challenge (this is a good sign) but when I try to send a form I get the following. The following errors were detected: The verification code was incorrect. Please try again. So I then made content.recpature.php as per the code, but still the same error.
  10. @Bsmither. Your thread only really refers to implimenting V2, which I already have. V2 has been circumvented. So ideally, I need to get invisible working or come up with an alternative to Re-Captcha
  11. I've said for a while that re-captcha2 had been circumvented. We get the occasional spam messages from our own web site, but yesterday I spotted that our web site is now sending spam externally via our contact form. Looking in to how Re-Captcha has been circumvented, the bot apparently authenticates by requesting the audio challenge, and then transcribing this back in to text. Ingenious. So could anyone help me get invisible re-captch working on Mican and Korouto sknis, or suggest an alternative that works.
  12. I was considering thats how it may work. Thanks for the clrification.
  13. Popularity can be based on sales or views. In the inventory table is a field for popularity. Is this field based on sales or views ?? So which ever one it's based on, where does cubecrt then pull the opposite statistic. eg, if this is views, where does it pull sales popularity from or visa versa
  14. Many years ago (before gdpr), when signing up to the web site, there was a newsletter checkbox. I had this automatically checked by default, the customer would have to uncheck it, if he didn't want to subscribe to our newsletter. Today I'm being informed by one of our marketing gurus that doing this essentially negates any gdpr rule breaking. If a customer doesn't uncheck this on sign up, he's agreeing for us to use his data, so I'd like to reinstate this feature. Any tips on how to reinstate the checkbox on the Mican skin please ?
  15. If a customer leaves because he doesn't want to divulge his phone number, then so be it. Having the phone number is a vital requirement for doing business with us.
  16. as per Al Brookbanks There is a setting in PayPal for this: Steps: Log in to your PayPal account at paypal.com. Click the gear icon and select Account Settings. Click Website payments. Beside Website preferences, click Update. In Contact telephone number, choose an option for Contact telephone: On (Required Field) - requires that your customer enter their phone number when checking out
  17. I've an issue with the commerce gateway. I've noticed since last week that some customers have no phone number assigned. Delving deeper, they are all new customers and have all paid using Commerce, they also appear to be 'unregistered' customers. The phone number field is dispalyed as 'Disabled' I can only assume that maybe they used 'Express' as a payment option Any thoughts please ???
  18. Installing of the Commerce plugin has now triggered something on our account. I've just found out that our 20 year old PayPal account (one which has had 10's of thousands put through it over the years), is now limited until I can prove who we are. So PayPal isn't down, our account is limited.
  19. I updated to commerce yesterday, and I'm having issues today. Clicking on PayPal Checkout, just gets a spinning icon, then the screen goes off. Switching back to the standard module and I see "Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later." Tried one of our other sites which only has the standard module and see the same Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.
  20. Another one today. Any pointers of where to start looking ??? Something I've found. If I look at the order overview in cubecart, I can see that the products have not been updated with the matrix codes. If I enter in to 'inventory', choose 'save & reload', when I go back to overview the matrix codes are now populated. More info: I managed to speak to the customer, and he says that he added these to his basket a few weeks ago, (before we updated the matrix). So I guess eventually, these will peter out. However, what's just as interesting, is whist the matrix options didn't take effect, a recent price change on the same product did. ?????
  21. About two weeks ago we started to populate the options matrix with product codes in readiness for a new internal system. Today, I've seen an order where there were 8 options of the same item, and 7 of the options matrix didn't populate. My intial thoughts were that the customer may have added these to his basket before we made the changes. PHP ini has session.gc_maxlifetime configured for 604800, which equates to 7 days. Delving deeper, this product was last updated 10 days ago, so the customers basket ought to have expired by now ?? Any thoughts why the matrix codes were not shown on the order
  22. Does PP Commerce still have the ability to override the customers address details. Al has suggested switching to commerce, but i'm nervous in the respcet that previous incarnations got us in to no end of trouble numerous times. Using his personal paypal account, buyer makes a purchase for work, PayPal over rides the delivery address. We send a pallet of goods to the wrong address. Goods inviraiable come back to us 2 days later, where we have to re-arrange shipment. Customer is not best pleased, as a next day delivery has just taken a week.
  23. Provided you have access to PHP MYAdmin, take a look at the tables filemanager and image index. In filemanager, each image has a unique ID number, file locataion and it's file name. In Image_index this file ID number has to be allocated to a product ID. See if these correspond. My guess is your'e probably missing something in your upload csv, may be just as simple as the file location or file name.
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