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  1. Thank you I did manage to import some of the tables individually. Some were very large and timed out. Would it be safe to just delete the data from tables like CubeCart_cookie_consent , CubeCart_search and CubeCart_sessions
  2. Managed to migrate one of my Cubecart Stores to a new server with php7 Updated to 6.4.7 (latest) added latest version of Paypal Commerce. Did set up with my customer's Paypal login. Tried a test order everything looked to be working entered my Paypal details and confirmed payment. The order was recorded in /admin/orders No payment was taken from my bank account No record of the transaction on my Paypal Recent Activity This server upgrade was expensive I did it because 6 of my customers' websites use Paypal Standard which could be defunct very soon. I'm struggling now and wondering if Cubecart is no longer worth the hassle. What else can I do to sort this out?
  3. Sorry I may have confused you The store is at 6.4.2 it's been upgaded at just about every update since V3. The server doesn't run php7 so I need a new server to continue updating. I think there may be a lot of residual code causing errors to the database or it's just too large to migrate to the new server. I was thinking of uploading a clean install of 6.4.7 then adding the essential folders and data so that orders, customers, products etc are maintained.
  4. Hi I have a store that is several years old with upgrades from Cubecart 3 The latest upgrade requires php7 so I'm migrating to a newer server. There's a problem importing the sql backup from the current store get error message "Incorrect format parameter" I would really like to start again by uploading a clean version of the latest Cubecart 6.4.7 Please could somebody who's been through the process let me know which files directories and tables would I need to upload after installation to keep the essential data like products, customers, admins etc.
  5. One of my customers received an email from Opayo formerly Sagepay - see below Will there be a need to upgrade the Sagepay extension or is there a plan for an Opayo extension? Email snip Happy New year. Here at Opayo we are upbeat about the year ahead with some exciting product & feature releases all designed to enhance you and your customer's payment experiences, but we start the year with helping you get ready for PSD2, (Payment Services Directive), being implemented on the 14th March 2022 - Urgent action is required NOW. Thanks to PSD2 there are a set of game changing security measures to make it safer to shop and bank online benefitting both the shopper and business. At the heart of it is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). The UK SCA deadline is 14th March 2022 however from January 'til March there will be a ramp up in card issuers challenging transactions for SCA, resulting in non-compliant transactions being soft/hard declined if the SCA data is not provided. From 18th January 10% of transactions will be SCA challenged by issuers, this % will increase throughout March with 100% of transactions being SCA challenged by the deadline date (14th March 2022) If you have not completed the relevant updates for SCA, you must take action now to avoid disruption to your business. Our Team have pulled together a step-by-step guide which helps you or your developer make the correct updates to avoid any disruptions to transaction processing. Step-by-step guide Some key actions to consider Upgrade to Protocol 4.00 or our latest API if you're using PI. We always recommend you use our latest documentation and this is even more important with the implementation of SCA. Additional Credential On File (CoF) information is required for Token/Repeat payments. If you use Token or Repeats please ensure you are sending this additional CoF information for these transactions. Standalone Token registration update. Successful 3D Secure V2 (3DSv2) authentication and CoF information is required to be registered for all Tokenised payments to be compliant with SCA requirements. Update your Custom Template If you are using a custom template you will need to ensure the template includes the latest files for 3DSv2 compatibility. Activate 3D Secure in MSP. Make sure you turn on 3DSecure in your My Sage Pay portal and activate checks. We're here to help For further information and resources see our SCA resource hub and developer hub, alternatively you can contact your account manager or our support team on 0191 313 0299 and email [email protected]
  6. Thank you for the prompt responses - all working now Cleared cache then edited .htaccess #### Rewrite rules for SEO functionality #### <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /
  7. Hi I want to move the store from ROOT/store/ to ROOT/ The files have been transferred okay and I can access admin but the the product pages still look for the old URL /store/ cab't see anything in global.inc.php to reset the root Anyone know what to do?
  8. Thanks here's HTML <div class="row hide" id="small-search"> <div class="small-12 columns"> {include file='templates/box.search.php'} </div> </div> <!-- custom header--> <div class="row"> <!--Banner--> <div class="medium-12 large-12 small-12 columns"> <img src="skins/skin-2021/images/slides/top-banner-1.jpg" title="Wesley Marine Windows" /> </div> </div> <!-- ends custom header--> <div class="row small-collapse"> <div class="small-12 columns"> {include file='templates/box.navigation.php'} Yes thanks it can also be fixed with {$ROOT_PATH} = / (followed by skins/skin-2021/images/slides/top-banner-1.jpg) but that feels like a sticking plaster over a problem with the inventory table
  9. Thank you for your quick response. The actual product images work fine it's just the top banner image in the template that fails on just some product pages. I used the Foundation skin from the latest version of Cubecart so should be bug free
  10. There's seems to be an odd database issue on one of my development stores (and when tested on live site). I created a new skin based on Foundation and placed a banner image in the header of /templates/main.php. All works except for several (not all) product pages where the banner image fails as the relative path to the top banner image is changed e.g. Working product page: http://dev.SITE.co.uk/skins/skin-2021/images/slides/top-banner-1.jpg Corrupt product page: http://dev.SITE.co.uk/shower-doors/trays/walls/mixers/skins/skin-2021/images/slides/top-banner-1.jpg. I cannot see anything in the inventory table that would cause the image path to be changed. Looking in the table in phpMyAdmin the record looks okay no corrupt characters in any cell. Even deleting the data in phpMyAdmin and then re-entering it causes the same error. If I delete the product record in CC Admin and re-add it in a new record with the same data the page works and the header image is displayed. This is quite an old site but has been regularly upgraded (manually) to the latest CC version. Any ideas?
  11. Thank you guys I've added that script to one of my sites which was getting hammered by spam. I'll let you know how it goes.
  12. Same here a big increase in spam via the contact form on several sites - Google reCaptcha to invisible v2 is on.
  13. A client just pointed out that the VAT number should be on the printable invoice. Easy enough to hard code it manually but it would be easier still if that was added automatically. Anyone know if there's any code to do that?
  14. Thank you bsmither the work around fix heads up. Made the change and it all works now.
  15. I've deleted the system files and re-upped them, cleared all the caches. I been trying to find out how the store closed is over ridden by the admin session but so far drawn a blank. I thought I had some legacy support credits but it look like they have been wiped. So am stuck as the site is in development and the admins cannot see the store without making it live.
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