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  1. Not really a bug but something to be aware of if using 'Enable SSL'. A customer recently complained that his home page (only) was showing a 'Not Fully Secure' warning on the Security tab. All other pages were secure. I noticed he had added a smiley from CKeditor to the Home Page content. The address of the smiley image started 'http' ie http://DOMAIN.co.uk/includes/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/regular_smile.png Manually changing to the 'https' protocol in the source view solved the issue. Hope this helps somebody.
  2. I upgraded today didn't make any difference
  3. One of my customers sites is behaving oddly with the sales mode function. With all products set sale price = 0.00 (checked in database) some products show in the right-hand column 'Sale Items' The menu bar link to 'Sale Items is not displayed! If one product is given a sales price, the menu bar link to 'Sale Items' appears and only the one product is shown in the right-hand column 'Sale Items' I found the customer had named some products with a preceding number and dot i.e "21.Product Name" Removing the number and dot removed these products from the right-hand sale items c
  4. Has anybody used Go2Pay payment gateway? I can't find an extension on the Cubecart repository. Does anybody know where I can get one?
  5. Okay thanks I found some useful pages now
  6. This keeps appearing in the error log site settings are correct any ideas? File: [controller.admin.pre_session.inc.php] Line: [26] "SET @@time_zone = 'Europe/London'" - Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'Europe/London'
  7. Not a request just raising an issue (not a Cubecart issue and anyway Github wont accept my email because it has a dot in it) I have been having issues with the Contact Form > recipient. Customers have complained they have not received form enquiries but are receiving orders. On investigation only certain recipient email addresses are affected namely @gmail, @yahoo, @btinternet.co.uk yet I received copies. The store domain has spf and dmarc records I fixed the issue on a store by removing the recipient from the contact field admin page, set up an email address at the store domai
  8. I managed to fix same problem by removing duplicate index from the table geo_zone. These old indexes seem to be leftover from an earlier release/upgrade
  9. Fixed I deleted a left over All-in-one-shipping file in /js/plugins/ and re-installed the latest version. The site is quite old and been through many upgrades since starting from version 4 There's still a few issues with various functions so am thinking of deleting the files and starting again. Is there a right and wrong way to go about that process?
  10. Yes that's correct click any of the 3 icons nothing happens Tried that also tried different browser Nothing shows in console Rolling the mouse pointer over the icons changes to hand indicating a link [edit row] I have re-uploaded the CC files - still nothing
  11. On one of my sites the All in One Shipping Actions buttons are not working so rates etc cannot be edited or deleted. The Add New Shipping Rates link is working. The version is 6.2.4 As a work-around I edited the prices in the DB table but need to solve this. Other sites on the same server are unaffected.
  12. Resolved by installing SSL security certificate. Disappointed that Cubecart doesn't offer a non-https:// enquiry form validation option.
  13. I always recommend that e-commerce sites run under SSL but there are some clients who don't wish to pay for a security certificate, preferring to let the payment gateway deal with secure transactions.
  14. Yes I have turned reCaptcha off because the form and checkout doesn't work with it on. Thanks for the class heads up .
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