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  1. Not enough details, we need more. What version? What are the actual issue is? Any error messages?
  2. Please hide the names of your customers, this is a breach of GDPR.
  3. Been seeing a LOT of Russia IP addresses trying to gain access to the CubeCart admin area/login page. Web logs shows lots of POSTs & GETs. Discussed with my webhost who agreed and they've said they have seen lots of abuses from these addresses so they've blocked the subnet on their firewall side. May want to check your logs and block them too.
  4. I have tested it and I can see the notes fine without having to add your edit. What skin are you using?
  5. For which version of CubeCart and what was the issue?
  6. @Al Brookbanks @bsmither Worthy addition to Github?
  7. Due to the nature of my business, I do not wish to use Pending status to hold the stock as they are always sold out as soon as I make the stock available. So I prefer to stay with Processing to ensure sales. So what is the best way to resolve this? This has happened 3 times so far and it's getting embarrassing each time this happens as I had to email and explain... What about verifying the stock level at the *final* stage of payment?
  8. "When payment has been made (Processing)" Perhaps have it to check the stock level before marking it as Processing after xx seconds ? Or another way?
  9. Cubecart v6.4.2 PHP v7.4.13 MySQL v5.5.5-10.3.27-MariaDB Not sure if this is a bug or not, so thought I'd post it here to check with others. Customer #1 placed an order for an item that was 1 left in stock -> PayPal failed to process the payment so was stuck as 'Pending' Customer #2 placed an order for the SAME ITEM as Customer #1 a few minutes later -> PayPal processed the order and went into Processing status Few minutes later, Customer #1's PayPal got processed, the payment arrived and CubeCart changed the order from Pending to Processing. The delay seems
  10. Any further updates on this?
  11. Does this help? https://support.cubecart.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360003831497-How-can-I-create-a-plugin-using-the-code-hooks-system-
  12. Cubecart support is based in the UK and we have a long Easter holidays (Friday to Monday) which might explain this, however they should get back to you by Tuesday.
  13. Do you have a link to it about the new requirements?
  14. Thanks for sharing, @Debyink @Al Brookbanks - any ideas?
  15. Out of interest, why do you want to remove it? I had a few customers using it to say "Please leave it a neighbour", etc for deliveries. Of course it makes sense if you're all Digital download.
  16. It was a Guest checkout. Using the PayPal Commerce Platform v1.3.23 Checked the settings for PayPal Commerce Platform and I have this
  17. It shows 840 for me for both 'country' and 'country_d' columns.
  18. Just checked, yes I can confirm that 23:56 has the Transaction Log for PayPal. So in a nutshell, this customer made two orders? One paid and one cancelled by customer for order at 23:58?
  19. Cubecart v6.4.2 PHP v7.4.13 MySQL v5.5.5-10.3.27-MariaDB Extension: PayPal Commerce Platform v1.3.23 I had a customer who ordered via my store that I only sell to UK. I disabled the Zones for the whole world and leaving only UK. This is marked as "Disabled" for the "Status". Yet, somehow this customer was able to place an order even that his address showed US address. The only difference I could see (I don't know if it's that) is that this customer put down as "United States" rather than "US" or "USA" My PayPal Commerce Platform was set up to accept payment from U
  20. Cubecart v6.4.2 PHP v7.4.13 MySQL v5.5.5-10.3.27-MariaDB A customer made an order. Realised he has made an mistake with the order. So he has cancelled the order by logging into their customer area and then cancelling it 3 minutes later. That has resulted in a new Order ID number being created and CubeCart did not cancel the original order ID, therefore I have 2 lines of order numbers from him. One as 'Cancelled' and another one as 'Processing'. The one with the "Processing" line do not show how it was paid. And on the Cancelled order, it showed that it was paid b
  21. Has anyone seen this before? I am going to hazard a guess and that it's something installed on a customer's PC where it checks the URL to ensure it's a legit link (i.e. checks for malware, etc), but thought I'd ask anyway as I have not been able to find out very much about what it does. index.php?mc_phishing_protection_id=
  22. I tried to look for this on the other day and I couldn't find a way to disable it apart from deleting a row. So make a note of what it is and then delete it. When you're ready to offer it again, re-add the row. In fact, I had the need to do this now and then, I will raise as Feature Suggestion for this. Edit - I have raised this - https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2832
  23. Clear your browser's cache and try again. Does it fix the issue?
  24. Is it this one? https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/product-option-images If so the dev is a member here - @havenswift-hosting - hopefully they will be able to advise you now that I've tagged them.
  25. Got it to work by putting the code outside the FBOG statement But I got this in FB Debug Provided og:image URL, https://xxxx.co.uk/images/cache/Stock/xxxxxxxx.200.jpg was not valid because it did not meet the minimum size constraint of 200px by 200px. Cubecart seems to generate the images smaller therefore not meeting FB requirements... not sure how to get round to this. EDIT <meta property="og:image" content="{$PRODUCT.medium}"> That did the trick, finally!!
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