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  1. Hello, I have just had a similar thing reported by a new customer today. Customers who are already register can order, but new customers can fill out all the registration form, click register and get a while blank screen with the URL: ...../shop/index.php?_a=register All was OK last week so I am wondering what I have changed. !! There are no admin or system errors pertaining to registration Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
  2. Unfortunately I am not a php programmer. Can this subject be added to github? I believe, if you want to rank on google to sell gift cards you have to have specific meta description and title phrases for Gift Certificates. Is that correct? I have posted on Github Gift Cards and Contact Page - SEO - 6.2.9 #2603 opened 2 days ago by harris-organic
  3. Hi, regarding meta descriptions and title tags for certain pages. There is a place to edit Search Engine tags for ../gift-certificates.html and ../shop/contact-us.html, however they are both the same. Could they have separate meta descriptions and title tags? If so, is there code to do this for these two pages?
  4. Ahhaa... I now find a place in the AIOS admin setting screen to add a name like " via Australia Post:" And this works on new orders. However the lines of code: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/commit/30bed42f9bee1e51c5e93fd7c0893a3acfe2cbae are not the same. My CC629 version of cart.class.php does not have line 936 $shipArray[$module['folder']] = $packages_with_tax;
  5. Before the changes I would get All_In_One_Shipping on the emailed receipt and after the changes in a newly created order, I get AIOS without the "under scores" on the emailed receipt. In the shopping basket, in the drop down menu of Select your shipping method:, the wording after code changes is "All In One Shipping", no underscores. I use this line of code in module.definitions.xml <string name="ship_method_name"><![CDATA[Shipping via]]></string> I have not seen "Shipping via" in the drop down menu or anywhere else.
  6. Good morning, I have a customer who lives in the "Austalian Capital Territory, called ACT. The region is within the state of New South Wales. Australia Post calls the region Canberra instead of ACT. whatever I dont mind. When any customer gets to the checkout they can add their address and choose from the drop down box the state they live in. In the shipping refine estimate the same drop down box appears, however there is no Canberra or ACT, even though I have both listed in AIOS. Any suggestions on what to do? Where to add the state "ACT" please?
  7. I upgraded to 1.3.5 a couple of days ago ago and received a pending order this morning. Could it have been someone "bombing out" before paying? Seems it was, as I telephoned them.
  8. I was discussing taxes with Al. This is what he said about adding a credit card surcharge to the total at the checkout. Al Brookbanks (CubeCart) 23 Apr, 15:05 BST "You can only have one tax per product so using this to add a surcharge isn't going to work I don't think. " I think some custom coding would be required. I did not ask what inherit meant.
  9. I ran into a similar issue. Changing the tax in AIOS shipping solved it. I dont know what inherit means, but my guess would be it is the default until one sets up the Taxes tab.
  10. Good morning, can anyone give an update to AIOS. The current version is 1.0.16. Has any of the above issues mentioned been added? If so which ones please. I am interested in the name change from (All_In_One_Shipping) to a user name as mentioned above. Does the 2018 code by Brian Bsmithers need to be added to version 1.0.16 or has the name change feature been incorportated and I have not found it? Duncan
  11. Hi Claudia, I have rates and states all over the place in AIOS 1.0.16. ie, in no particular order. It works for me. regards Duncan
  12. Thats a good question @toast961. I would like to down load / export using the 'Sales Reports' function, the first product ordered with all the other columns. Any suggestions? Duncan
  13. Brian, May the angels shine upon you. Many thanks. best regards Duncan
  14. Hello, I have changed from hostmonster to studiocoast server. Besides backing up the database and files, I copied over all the files from the shop/ folder to the new site. The database was installed. Now, I can access the admin section and the front page of the shopping cart. ie https://www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop/ when I click on any image on the front page I get: Server Error 404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
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