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  1. It would be great to see more skins available within the marketplace. My opinion is that there are a very limited number of skins available currently and I thought the competition would have seen that vastly increase - but sadly that seems not to be the case.
  2. Just a little word of warning, as someone who is not a developer we launched a new CC6 site this week and got our first orders today - the site was not listing the inventory in the orders and also not going to processing whether we used Paypal or Sagepay. Thankfully Havenswift discovered that I had ticked incremental orders in the admin (which would be great if it worked) - this caused the issues - un-ticked and problem solved. Needs removing in my opinion - but just in case anyone else has that problem. After a few hours of worry I am going home happy !
  3. I really like that - I like the menu on the left instead of the right - I assume that is the foundation skin with the mod for the side menu bar ? I like the way you have reduced the search box and added the delivery text below your logo and also like the footer too.
  4. Really Really odd - overnight last night Google suddenly started approving our listings - we now have 3,000 items listed and have started taking orders today from those listings. Of course, some other glitches have now appeared - but I have almost everything crossed they are simple fixes and the masters of Cubecart will sort it out. Thank you again Dirty Butter for your replies and help.
  5. Interestingly enough if I change that code to this then that problem is no more - but this isn't the solution I don't think. Then I had a brain waive, we use feedoptimise for our other website and the guy there knows is stuff - so he is looking at using his system to do clever things for this website too. I will get this on PPC shopping ! lol. $result['identifier_exists'] = 'TRUE'; } else { $result['identifier_exists'] = 'TRUE';
  6. Hello Nipped in to the office today and have been having a look at this and comparing it to a successful feed we have on our other website (not cube cart) and it does seem that the EAN for that feed is put in to the GTIN column on each product. That must be done automatically we we only use EAN numbers there too. In fact I don't even get what a GTIN is if I am being honest. I will keep looking and get this resolved - although I have also noticed this is just a warning and not an error so isn't what is stopping the products being listed.
  7. Thank you. I'll have a look at that when I'm back at my desk and let you know how I get on.
  8. Thank you for your replies. Yes I have access via ftp and Cpanel. I'm using the plugin from the extension marketplace.
  9. Thank you for the reply - a little over my head, but something for me to investigate. Indentifier Exists is showing as NO for both products active and not active. As an example here is what it says is provided for one product : Id4099price£18.49availabilityIn stockproduct typeMusic > Musical Accessories > Stands & Supports > Drum Standsgoogle product categoryArts & Entertainment > Hobbies & Creative Arts > Musical Instrument & Orchestra Accessories > Music Stand Accessories > Music Stand BagsdescriptionThis high quality digital drum stand features tripod legs, secure height adjustment with locking pin and tilt/angle adjustment, so you can enjoy a comfortable and totally customised fit. Suitable for most digital drum controllers.conditionnewean5021196705253brandNew Jersey Sound Corpidentifier existsNo
  10. I am having a real hard time getting the Google product feed approved. So far out of over 4,000 products only 2 are active. Amongst other errors this is one of the main ones... Product identifiers provided but 'identifier_exists' set to false. Anyone got any ideas ?
  11. I am sure someone will come along and confirm, but I would expect that to be a custom mod you would need to get written. It certainly isn't a standard feature on any carts I have used in the past.
  12. ​Sorry Al, it is a little too stand out for me. With the Foundation Skin being pretty much the only one for V6 it is difficult. I don't want the site to look like it is a standard Cubecart site or OS commerce style site - so we need more skins that look modern and are responsive where maybe that text could me smaller and on the footer to the right maybe - or even a small CC logo.
  13. Just about to launch a new site using CC6, is there an easy way to remove 'eCommerce by CubeCart' from the bottom of the site? I am not a developer so hoping I have just missed a tick box somewhere :-)
  14. There is a lot of data in that lot - that looks like something you need to pay someone to go through and change for you. I wouldn't be a quick job I don't think.
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