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  1. It will work now! I had entered the code twice by mistake which I thought I had deleted which causes issues in Firefox.
  2. Hi If you could Just try again I might of been doing something and also if you were using firefox there was an issue which I have resolved just now. Thanks..D
  3. Hi, I found search was not that good and I got the custom google search to work. you can see on here. www.tainbraeworld.co.uk on the search box on each page. I just replaced the code in my skin in element.content_header.php with the google code I was given for the search box and also for the results page replaced the code on the content.search.php page. Its free if you are prepared with some ads (which you can monetize) or you have to pay about 100UDS per year for quite a large search allowance. http://www.google.com/enterprise/search/products/gss.html
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