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  1. Hi - possibly following a cache refresh or site map regeneration I found the DB had changed but the contact path had become 'contact-us-c', which I edited to 'contact-us'' and now all good. Many Thanks.
  2. Hi, I already have rewritebase set correctly - Cannot see anything in any logs. Since this is just a test system I'm not too bothered but will try on a production system probably tomorrow. One thing strange is that it worked as it should before I removed the old V3 contact plugin. I don't know if this is correct - In the seo-urls table I have path( contact-us ), type(doc), item-id(2), could that have incorrectly migrated from the old system ? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I get a 404 error, look here on a test site - https://www.herefordcomputers.com/janetgoodrickminiatures/contact-us.html Chris.
  4. Hi, when upgrading from V4 store(s), which do not have a built in contact form I have experienced the following problem .. The migration also migrates the old contact form, but I want to use the new one so i delete the old one and activate the new one. then the new one will not show .. I can get around it by doing something likethis in my .htaccess, but I'm pretty certain that should not be necessary ? ## Could not get contact form to work without this - RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} (.*)$ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteRule contact-us.html?$ index.php?_a=contact [NC] Help .. Regards, ChrisColeman.
  5. Thanks for that, it did not address the problem directly but made me think the language file was incorrect, it was a V4 language file - problem solved - many thanks - Chris.
  6. Hi, When ever an order is submitted no email to ADMIN and 'The Customer. I see (exactly) the following in th error log - Any suggestions .. Many Thanks. CubeCart 6.2.5
  7. I now have a link that shows when there are items in the basket, and highlights when items are in the basket. I think its ok, but will look at it again, I'm using the same skin for anther website - just need to change a few colours, a little layout a few images and I'm there. Thanks to Cubecart for providing a consistant base and templating system. Chris.
  8. Yes true, I was thinking the same - but not sure how to handle that without using up too much space - thanks for the suggestion. Chris.
  9. https://www.mastercraftcycles.co.uk
  10. When setting up a newsletter one is presented with the option to use the default store 'email address' and 'senders name' .. If one has a mailbox on the server which is specifically used by Cubecart - eg. '[email protected]' this presents a problem because the replyto address defaults to '[email protected]' , would it not be better to change the replyto address to the default store 'email address' too ? Thanks.. (ps. there is a simple work-a-round by redirecting at the server but should that be necessary).
  11. Yes 'parsing' the custom variable in a SMARTY template (as you suggest) would be a way of avoiding unnecessary 'hooks'. Especially if a similar construct was used more than once in CONFIG.XML, which is already the case for myself. Although as you already concur the best solution is - Maybe that will happen in a future release ? Thank You, Chris.
  12. Hi, my server keeps telling me to upgrade mySQL . However there seems to be a particular constraint which has me slightly puzzled .. Will this effect me (I guess), and do you know which sqlMode should be chosen. I am a bit concerned about the effects of playing with the sqlMode on a running database, will my databases be corrupted? Many Thanks .. Chris.
  13. Each skin folder has an associated 'config.xml' that is used to define the 'characteristics' of the skin. In that 'config.xml' it is possible to pass custom variables to 'php or smarty', currently it is (I think) only possible to pass scalar custom variables therefore if one needs to pass a set of variables to a 'skin' it is necessary to use a lot of custom variables. I was just wondering if there is a way to pass an array, or more explicitly to pass an XML string which could easily be converted to an array and then passed to 'SMARTY or a 'hook' as an array (associative or numeric).. Chris. eg. I have a custom links section on a website, which is defined in the appropriate config.xml, and sure I can parse that in PHP to pass the required links to SMARTY - But if my config.xml would allow me to pass something like the following, then I would not need to parse the XML, CUBECART/XML would do it for me whilst reading the config.xml -
  14. I find it very useful to be able to pass variables using XML - eg. <name>value</name> I would find it even more useful if I could pass an array () - eg.. Is something like that possible ? There is a work around something like .. But thats obviously difficult to handle in PHP or Smarty. Thanks.
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