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  1. No problem, I can wait I have implemented my own solution using SMARTY but would like something better because have multiple stores to support, and because I have to present an ambiguous message to users. Just to reiterate .. As mentioned above maybe a new Hook is possible. The problem occurs because when the PHP code returns 'no address available' it does so even is there are addresses in the address book, if none of those is designated as a billing address. If I had a HOOK I could return some thing different like 'There are address(s) in the address book but none are designated as the billing address' or just ''There are no addresses in the address book", appropriately. Currently in both sets of circumstances the user is redirected to 'add a new address'. Chris.
  2. Anybody there ?
  3. When I define an administrator I see 'Link to Customer Account', why would I wish to link to a customer's account , or should it be Administrator's account, and even then what would be the reason to do that ? Thanks and Regards, ChrisColeman.
  4. Well I did consider changing the code - but I dont want to have to change it again each time CubeCart makes a new release (£$!?), also I have about 8 or 10 CubeCart stores to maintain, some quite old so I may have to multiply the above several times therefore need a satisfactory solution Well yes that is the crux of the problem - The return from the core code is ambiguous - There's a whole bunch of code in the foundation skin which is just unecessary but I think it was put there to get around the return from the core code; However there is possibly a different reason so I should not speculate on that. Happy Days .. Chris.
  5. Yes, thanks for the reply - anyway I found a way around my problem using SMARTY but its a bit messy .. Chris.
  6. Or maybe a HOOK ?
  7. If a user attemps to checkout without an address he/she is redirected as follows - Which is fine .. However if the user does have an address book but has not defined a defaut address he is still directed to httpredir('?_a=addressbook&action=add');, would it not be better in this case to , which could provide both edit and add options. Chris.
  8. Ok I guess that was a slightly misguided qestion - Anyway I worked it out so you can contine to ignore it - Or just delete it .. Many Thanks, Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  9. Hi, when a customer logs in s/he is redirected to - _a=account, which I think is the foundation skin default . In the skin I am making there is a login tab on every page, but I do not want the users to be redirected to the accounts page when they login. I would like them to stay on the same page, ie. could be a catalog view, the homepage or just viewing a product. Can I set any uri in the smarty {$REDIRECT_TO} field or are there some limitations ... Thanks.
  10. Hi Experts - I would like to add addition styles to CKeditor - I.E. to give store admin addition flexibility when adding products. Is it possible, has anyone done that ? Many Thanks.
  11. Hi, question of interest, what source does CubeCart use in order to find the current exchange rates .. Thanks.
  12. Ok thanks - I agree with Al (also with myself?), any way I am using media queries combined with a browser-detect module - Perhaps I didn't need the browser detect but I like to make some items not visible on phones .. For info .. my own skin .. Many Thanks, Chris.
  13. I am working on a site and have used a PHP utility to detect mobiles, tablets, phones etc, and my skin reacts accordingly .. I was just wondering about teh mobile-skin option which I have not used. The question is 'What does CubeCart use to detect mobiles' ? Thanks.
  14. Yes good. So the language is selected based upon the active language as selected by the user , great makes it a lot simpler. Thanks and Regards.
  15. Hi, I would like to support multiple languages (ie. French & English), I would add a choice just like currencies and am familiar with code hooks. Has anyone done this or can you offer some guidelines. The way I see it there are two parts to this - 1) The language associated with the inventory 2) The default store language. Many Thanks, Chris. Coleman.