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  1. Hi, when a customer logs in s/he is redirected to - _a=account, which I think is the foundation skin default . In the skin I am making there is a login tab on every page, but I do not want the users to be redirected to the accounts page when they login. I would like them to stay on the same page, ie. could be a catalog view, the homepage or just viewing a product. Can I set any uri in the smarty {$REDIRECT_TO} field or are there some limitations ... Thanks.
  2. Hi Experts - I would like to add addition styles to CKeditor - I.E. to give store admin addition flexibility when adding products. Is it possible, has anyone done that ? Many Thanks.
  3. Hi, question of interest, what source does CubeCart use in order to find the current exchange rates .. Thanks.
  4. Ok thanks - I agree with Al (also with myself?), any way I am using media queries combined with a browser-detect module - Perhaps I didn't need the browser detect but I like to make some items not visible on phones .. For info .. my own skin .. Many Thanks, Chris.
  5. I am working on a site and have used a PHP utility to detect mobiles, tablets, phones etc, and my skin reacts accordingly .. I was just wondering about teh mobile-skin option which I have not used. The question is 'What does CubeCart use to detect mobiles' ? Thanks.
  6. Yes good. So the language is selected based upon the active language as selected by the user , great makes it a lot simpler. Thanks and Regards.
  7. Hi, I would like to support multiple languages (ie. French & English), I would add a choice just like currencies and am familiar with code hooks. Has anyone done this or can you offer some guidelines. The way I see it there are two parts to this - 1) The language associated with the inventory 2) The default store language. Many Thanks, Chris. Coleman.
  8. So I guess, we could set up an hidden product called for example 'Extra postage' with different rates as product options. Then when a subject customer make a payment - Login as the customer Purchase the appropriate option from 'Extra Postage' Leave the order in 'pending' status Inform the customer of new invoice, which must be paid before initial invoice is released Then in Admin await payment complete for the pending charge (3. ) Seems like it might work , has someone tried that - ?? Chris.
  9. I was just wondering - Is it possible to add an order, or to update an order, and then allow the customer to pay for the changes using their CubeCart account. The problem we have is that some of the larger items which are shipped internationally incur additional shipping charges, we have considered modifying a shipping method to take into account the size of items when necessary but the admin overhead in doing that is large, admin would need to add shipping charges for individual products and keep them up to date .. Therefore we are considering that when we receive such an order, we will just generate an additional invoice to the customer for the extra shipping charges allowing payment by logging into their CubeCart account, obviously the customer would only wish to pay using the same method that was used to place the initial order. Is that possible ?
  10. Hi, thanks for that, very useful.. I'll phpadmin it. Best Regards, Chris.
  11. Hi, I just tried to add county 'East Riding of Yorkshire' for postcode HU14 3RH, which is what it should be but its not in the list ? Chris.
  12. yes - Actually I did not need to change includes file - Just changed the SSL setting as mentioned above by bsmither, the incorrect setting were migrated with my development system which used a different domain name. Of course if you did have those fields in your includes file you should remove them for latest version of CubeCart. Chris.
  13. Hi, well thanks, it was indeed a permissions problem on the server. I had to write a little PHP script to change the permissions . CPANEL would not allow the permissions change, probably because I uploaded the site from a development server. By the way forgive my terminology in previous post - I understand that SMARTY does not serve files. Thanks Chris.
  14. That seems a bit strange - If SMARTY is serving the pages then they should be cached ? Globals caching is set as 'file' ? When I run in debug mode I see - 'Always Disabled in ACP', although that might be because I'm in debug mode. Anyway is there something I can do to determine the source of the problem? Chris.
  15. Hi, on two CubeCart 6.1.0 stores the cache is enabled but I don't see everything in the cache folder. Well actually I do see what I think is the SQL part of the cache but the skin section is empty. Is that normal ? I see no errors in any log . Thanks.