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  1. I find it very useful to be able to pass variables using XML - eg. <name>value</name> I would find it even more useful if I could pass an array () - eg.. Is something like that possible ? There is a work around something like .. But thats obviously difficult to handle in PHP or Smarty. Thanks.
  2. Many Thanks - Error log empty - Clocks are correct .. I changed mysql password .. Chris.
  3. Well I run the server and I need to update mySql (to MariaDB) but cannot do that until several pretty old Cubecart Stores are upgraded ... Regarding the actual error message its probably not doing much harm except filling the logfiles, so i'll turn down the log rotation, complete CubeCart upgrades then update mySQL, and then fix the Time Zone. Many Thanks, ChrisColeman.
  4. Hi, just installed 6.2.4 and will upgrade 4 stores to the same and create a new one .. One problem - In system error log (many times) .. File: [controller.admin.pre_session.inc.php] Line: [24] "SET @@time_zone = 'Europe/London'" - Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'Europe/London' Is there a fix for this - don't want my clocks to be wrong ? Best Regards.
  5. Probably not because it works for other categories ..
  6. Hi, using the unmodified foundation skin and my own skin, sort is working as it should except for sale_items. In the case of sale_items (POST & GET) the $REQUEST parameters seem to be correct but the response is not. I always end up with a price(high -low) set of data ? Any advice on this? Many Thanks, Chris Coleman. (6.2.2)
  7. Hi, 1) Firstly I had the "Email address already subscribed. Continue if you wish to unsubscribe." , as a javascript alert, this is now ok and I can unsubscribe at this point, but it now gives the guest user a choice. 2) There was a problem with 'subscribed (registered) users' attempting to 'unsubscribe' in that a big red 'you are not subscribed to out mailing list' error message appeared, but that is solved (hacked). 3. So the issue is , link seems to be correct (/index.php?_a=newsletter&action=unsubscribe), but isn't doing what it should do? Actually it works in all circumstances except when used to unsubscribe a GUEST user, therefore if there was an unsubscribe URL which had an email address as part of the query sting I could use that instead, and use it as an unsubscribe link in newsletters. --- Note that newsletter issues appear to exist with the foundation skin too, but I'm tired so will check again tomorrow. There is something else I should tell you but as its a potential security issue maybe you can send me an email address ?? Chris.
  8. Hi, I have just about finished a new skin (and replaced foundation CSS with CSS media queries) . However I have a big issue making Newsletter un-subscriptions work. I have replaced the recaptcha code with my own (clearing up whatever was there before) and that works correctly whenever needed. I can make subscriptions work in all circumstances (user or guest), But I cannot seem to make unsubscribe work. I have seen other posts on this subject and wonder if the issue has been resolved. Chris.
  9. OK, the only way I could make this work is by inventing a new hook .. When the document is fetched by Smarty (At end of function getDocument in cubecart.class . ie. $contents['doc_content'] = ($contents['doc_parse']==1) ? $GLOBALS['smarty']->fetch('string:'.$contents['doc_content']) : $contents['doc_content']; there are no global smarty variables available to assign to the RAW document, therefore the SMARTY tags in the document are replaced with nothing. SO just before that I have included, foreach ($GLOBALS['hooks']->load('class.cubecart.document_source_parse') as $hook) include $hook; Which enables me to use smarty tags in documents (Store Name, Website URL, Address, Whatever). It would be nice if you guys (or girls) could make this hook permanent I guess it could be useful ? Regards Chris. ps. Am i wrong or did CubeCart once have this feature (cc2 || cc3) ? "
  10. Yes that looks about correct. And yes my above comment should be about general debug and not smarty debug (now corrected). I'll track the issue. Thank You..
  11. Hi, There is an option when editing a site document to have smarty tags parsed, which would be quite useful but I cannot make it work. Where should I assign the smarty variables to be included in the documents ? Many Thanks, Chris.
  12. Yes another update .. Finally I have some more info. on this, in the debug environment the problem does not occur ... If I run with 'Store Debug On' then the problem does not occur (caching makes no difference), I soon as turn debug off the problem re-appears. Anyway I'm not too concerned because this only happens on my local test server. In the production environment its 'working as designed'. I just wondered do one of you experts have any ideas why this could happen. Many Thanks.
  13. Yes it was - silly - on my own caching system I automatically clear the cache when caching is inactive. But I don't really know the cause - I restarted coding the skin but the problem remained - Then I cleared the cache Thanks Anyway ..
  14. Hi, Seems that the DataBase encoding is fine .. Smarty Debug shows that the '£' character is being passed correctly - product_id => "11763" product_code => "TLS130" quantity => "1" description => "<p>1/12th scale Quality porcelain man beautifully hand dressed in the Tudor S..." description_short => "1/12th scale Quality porcelain man beautifully hand dressed in the Tudor Styl..." price => "£99.00" name => "Tudor man" Also the following is set - <meta charset="utf-8"> But when I use $product.price in my HTML I still get a strange character .. Any ideas, probably something silly ? Thanks Chris.
  15. Hi, Just upgrading n old V4 to 6.2.2. I have a problem with currency codes USD shows fine, but UKP and Euro puts a ? where the currency symbol ought to be (image attached). I an testing this with 'default foundation skin' so its not likely to my skin that's causing the problem. Any ideas .. Many Thanks, Chris Coleman.
  16. Ok a simple follow up .. Maybe I have a set of variables for a mobile platform, which I need to send to each HTML page. I would like to be able to pass the $_SESSION data between pages (server side) and normally (?) I would use $_SESSION to do that. Maybe I'll use SMARTY to extract the data and send to the page - infact definately I would use SMARTY so I need to be able to get/set the $_SESSION variable within the plugins/hooks system with which I am familiar. How would I hande the $_SESSION array in CubeCart, I'm guessing that its not so complicated but rather than diving into the CubeCart code and then maybe coming up with the wrong answer would appretiate some 'inside info'. Thank You - No Rush - I'm taking a breather until the New Year. Chris.
  17. Ok thats great. I guess i'll leave it until I have more time, then I'll take another look at fixing the missing keys - Not a big deal at the moment as everything is running fine and a lot of spare capacity on the server .. Thank You, Chris.
  18. Yes I think that might just do it ... Oh by the way can i use $_SESSION variables to store variables or does CubeCart have a different methodology? Many Thanks, Chris.
  19. Hi, I recently upgraded a store (6.1.11 to 6.1.13) which is now using PHP Version 7.0.26, it is running well, taking orders and nothing bad showing in the logs. But I recently looked in the 'database maintenance' section and see the following for many of the tables, any ideas - Thanks in Advance - Chris.
  20. Ok well perhaps that was not a good example, what if I wanted to display a different navigation on handheld devices, nothing to do with the width of the platform just a different 'look & feel' ? Chris.
  21. Yes I guess, but media queries can give the size but not the platform. There is a 'handheld' media type but thats rarely usefull because the mobile user-agents rarely use it. If for example I wished to change text size on parts of the page but only on handhelds it is difficult using media queries.. Chris.
  22. I was just wondering if there is anything 'built in" to cubecart which detects if user-agent is a mobile (ie. tablet, phone, etc.. ). I can do that my self but that would be pointless if its already present. Many Thanks, Chris Coleman.
  23. Yes - I did a bit of digging araound, I hope this is not too far off topic but figured it might be useful to someone .. By the way thanks to IAN for pointing me in the right direction on this, I have my own server and considerable experience in the computer industry but only a litte with Linux or Apache, anything I know about Linux has been self taught over the last 6 years or so, it never occurred to me that PHP handlers could be changed .. Only one version of PHP can be configured with the DSO handler, and unlimited versions can run with SU, but I need to run multiple versions in order to support some old websites (CubeCart and Others).. The old websites require the DSO handler, or cannot easily use the SU handler . CubeCart installed on a server running DSO will not transfer to a server running SU (again not easilly), maybe if I ran an upgrade on a CubeCart 6 version after moving it to SU that would solve the problem - I dont know ? Anyway CubeCart installed on a server already running SU seems to install correctly. So my best option is to, Backup the databases of my 3 cubecart 6 sites. Delete the CubeCart 6 folders from the server Switch those sites to SU (PHP 7) Reinstall CubeCart on those sites, any associated mods and DB Delete the setup directory Actually about an hours work/site so if I do site by site not a big deal. By the way I noticed something else - If you try to recover a PHP DSO site to a PHP SU site - you'll get lots of permission errors . Chris.
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