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  1. Hi All, (well, one for the UK Merchants really) Is anyone familiar with the Royal Mail "Despatch Manager Online" or Royal Mail Click and Drop your Shopify store to Click and Drop_0.pdf . (I think DMO is being phased out in favour of the new Click and Drop). It has the ability to link to an existing ecommerce store and sync orders / book delivery with royal mail services. It comes with existing integrations for Amazon, BigCommerce, ebay, shopify and Magento. A friend of mind who uses shopify says it works flawlessly and saves loads of time. An API is available for additional ecommerce integrations, and there is loads of help files for development. Is anyone looking to add this extension?, I would consider sponsoring the development as I think for UK customers it would be a great addition. Thanks in advance, Rob
  2. Hi Ian, I was a plugin customer (June time). I had some issues (not your plugin) and you provided some very good support to me at the time. Thanks again for everyone's help, Ta, Rob
  3. Cracked it!, thanks for all the help. I disabled all the extensions, it worked. Re-added them all one by one and it was Google Adwords v1.0.0 causing the issue. Deleted the module and updated with v1.0.1 from the marketplace and all back to normal. I must admit not great at updating modules (hopefully the improvements introduced in V6.1 will help prompt me!). Thanks again for everyone's help and suggestions, Ta, Rob
  4. Upgrade was via the upgrade tool, just redone the "Force Upgrade" to see if that made any difference (nope). No errors in maintenance section. Looked at error log and can see.. (which should now show a revised admin name), possibly related?
  5. I've just upgraded from 6.0.9 to 6.1.1, store ADMIN is fine but store FRONT is blank. No errors in Admin error log. I have looked through the forum and found the method of creating an error log using ini-custom.ini.php that produced the below log. Following it through it looks like an issue validating extensions (the rouge extension was something i had to remove immediately on install as it bricked my store (this was back in June), to be fair i think i was running a low PHP issue so not developers fault (now running PHP 5.5). I was warned that this crude removal might cause some entries in the error log. Is this likely to be related to having no store front on upgrade?, or am i on the wrong track. Running an old mySQL version (5.0.1) is that another possible issue?
  6. Can't login to admin

    Thanks Ian, yep upgrading now. Indeed ccss is the security suite!, looking at the code snippets its a rouge 'google entry' as attached (now deleted). Thanks for the advice at checking payment fields all looks ok...touch wood. Rob
  7. Can't login to admin

    I had the exact same issue, (same time, same error). I reset the password to get in. I visited the staff access log and see a rouge ID as below. Gulp... not good!, then viewed admin activity and see a code snippet has been added by the same IP (also attached). Ohh dear. I have a few sites and most are on the latest version, but this one is on 6.0.7 as i've done a fair few tweaks and was dredding the upgrade (stupid really as i know one of the upgrades was a security fix). I've looked on the manage hooks and see an entry "ccss" that i don't recognise (as attached) Any thoughts on best fix, just backup and try and upgrade?...disable rouge hooks?, or is there a better way?
  8. Need File Upload feature

    Fab, thanks for the update
  9. Need File Upload feature

    Great thanks for all the help/advice. Noodleman, I will keep an eye out on the CC>recent extensions, (and the noodlemans webstie). Ta
  10. Need File Upload feature

    Thanks for the replies. I run a zencart site (that i want to move to cubecart) that has this feature. A summary of how this works is:- It has "file" as an available "product option" (similar to radio button / single line text / dropdpwn box etc). When a product listing page has the "file" option, if a product is added to the basket it creates an entry as shown in the attached picture (on the admin side). The system renames the file with a consecutive number prefix (e.g. #01 - Test File). It saves this on a tab, customer > uploads (shows files from all customers). If the customer completes checkout this will be cross-reference with the order number. The site owner can click the download link to access the file. The customer invoice simply states the uploaded file name. For me I run a laser cutting website and want people to be able to upload files to cut. But this could also work for stickers//photo printing/custom t-shirts etc to pass artwork. More info on the Zencart method is visible here... Rob
  11. Need File Upload feature

    I would also be interested in this plugin, i cannot see it on the havenswift website (or on the cc extensions website), did it ever get developed? I want to be able to upload a customer file on the product listing page (ideally to work similar to the product options, e.g. Part X requires, radio button, text box, upload file). Thanks, Rob