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  1. Thank you. Now I'm waiting for an order <g>.
  2. I'd like to add any Public Note Content, if it exists, to the order complete email template, but I don't see it listed among the available macros. Is there a macro for the note to the customer? Thanks.
  3. FWIW, I'm using phpList, available as a service or open-source you can self-host
  4. The search is stock. There are minor changes to seven templates and to foundation.css, mostly deleting references to the newsletter and increasing max-width for .row
  5. My site works with firefox. But I see the behavior you describe on my site with chrome and vivaldi on the desktop and chrome on android.
  6. I don't see this behavior on my much more stock store, sojourner.biz.
  7. Thanks. Should I put the whole thing in <p> tags, or just the Tracking number: {$DATA.ship_tracking} part?
  8. How would I add Tracking number: {$DATA.ship_tracking} to a template only if {$DATA.ship_tracking} exists? Thanks?
  9. What Al said (as always). The hosting company I use made the change on all its servers two hours after I opened a ticket on a Sunday afternoon, so don't be shy about asking.
  10. There were a bunch but none that looked evil. I'm more concerned about why there were any. Off to bug the hosting provider...
  11. I restored a backup of the store root .htaccess file, and it's working now. I like backups. Thanks for your help.
  12. _SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] /phpinfo.php _SERVER["SCRIPT_URI"] https://www.sojourner.bizhttps://www.sojourner.biz/phpinfo.php _SERVER["SCRIPT_URL"] https://www.sojourner.biz/phpinfo.php _SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"] https://www.sojourner.biz/phpinfo.php
  13. But _SERVER["SCRIPT_URI"] https://www.sojourner.bizhttps://www.sojourner.biz/phpinfo.php Where is this set?
  14. _SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] www.sojourner.biz _SERVER["SERVER_NAME"] www.sojourner.biz _SERVER["SERVER_PORT"] 443 _SERVER["HTTPS"] on _SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"] HTTP/1.1
  15. No reference to SSL in includes/global.inc.php. Where are the css and javascript src links defined?
  16. Hmm. Well, I can't get to admin, store settings, since it won't let me log in. ini.inc.php includes the lines: You say everything seems fine for you (it obviously doesn't like me anymore). If you add something to the basket and then view basket, do you actually see the basket or https://www.sojourner.bizhttps/www.sojourner.bizhttps://www.sojourner.biz/index.php?_a=basket
  17. There's a functioning wild-card redirect to https. From the .htaccess in the document root: RewriteRule ^(.*)$ "https\:\/\/www\.sojourner\.biz\/$1" [R=301,L]
  18. And not logged in, I can add items to the basket, but when I click on view basket, it redirects to https://www.sojourner.bizhttps/www.sojourner.bizhttps://www.sojourner.biz/index.php?_a=basket. Not good. And clicking on checkout brings me to:
  19. Running version 6.2.2 without issue since August, and was able to log on last week. Today when I attempt to log on, after entering my user name and password at https://www.sojourner.biz/admin_XXXXXX.php the browser attempts to load https://www.sojourner.bizhttps/www.sojourner.bizhttps://www.sojourner.biz/admin_XXXXXX.php, , which does not resolve. Presumably, something changed. Any suggestions as to where I should look? Thanks.
  20. As long as the extension remains in the marketplace, it would be nice to keep it reasonably current. A start would be replacing mcrypt.
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