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  1. Jackus


    Seems to have cured itself. After an hours rest and a few tries it is working again.
  2. Jackus


    Fatal error: Too many connections in /home/sterli11/public_html/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 38 Not able to access admin or website today. Getting above message. I think I am using 6.21 (I know there is 3 or 4 minor updates since)
  3. Hi I am looking for someone to do some basic SEO mangagement on my site. This year my site has fallen off Google and is not being indexed at all it seems. I have just upgraded to the most recent cubecart 6.2.1 and have a new responsive skin. Recaptcha 2 is enabled. Google analytics enabled. I have registered with google search console. I have web security app enabled with Go Daddy hosting. There are a few indexing errors showing for the sitemap and a message about soft 404. www.steringcharms.co.uk
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