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  1. I'm using the latest version of V6, I have a client who doesn't want payments to be taken on his web site but instead of Add to Basket he wants that button to go to the Contact Form page - I presume it's the content.product.php page I need to alter but there must be another page I think that also controls that button as everything I've tried hasn't worked so far or I'm not putting the right bit of code in the right place. Some advice would be most gratefully received. I resolved the problem by replacing the form code in the content.product.php and the content.category.php and adding the class from the action line as a class div below
  2. No this installation never had ugc as part of it's web address, it's a web site that has been live for a number of years and upgraded a few times. I'll check the URL's now.
  3. I have many of the Cubecart V6 web sites but on only one there is this odd thing happening to the domain in the browser bar. I don't know when it happened but it's only been brought to my attention today and I suspect hasn't been happening all that long. ugc.domain name appears in the browser bar if you click on the home page house icon on the navigational bar but not if you click on the word home on the breadcrumbs bar. Once the extra wording of ugc. before the domain name appears you can still navigate the web site fine but it doesn't disappear unless you remove the extra bit of wording in the browser bar. It will only then reappear if you click on the house icon for home but not if you click on the wording for home on the breadcrumb bar. So instead of the browser bar reading www. domain name .co.uk it reads ugc. domain name .co.uk I can't find any thing on this on the internet and none of my other web sites on the same version have the problem, even one I built at the very same time.
  4. Thank you - I've tried it with the footer and without the footer div and it doesn't seem to make any difference, however the Nav Bar is now 100% screen width. Is there any way the wording (nav links) can centre in the nav bar instead of aligning to the left of the Nav Bar?
  5. Hi Guys, I've got a 6.1.10 web site, I'm trying to make the width of the navigational bar (menu) 100% screen width like the Footer is, however all the things I've tried has made the entire web site 100% screen width. Some advice please, I'm using the Foundation template.
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