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  1. I am not a noob and I am having the same problems with an upgrade to 6.2.0. I am locked out of the admin area with the CSRF errors and it won't let me do anything. I have uploaded all the files, renamed the admin folder to the existing folder and the admin.php file as well. Still, can't get in. Cleared the browser cache every time, did not help. Other than a clean install and reinstalling the database what the heck can I do? I am terrified to update other stores at this point. Also, why do the admin files never get updated when doing an update anymore? Seems like a huge problem.
  2. Holidays are over so I am finally trying to upgrade my site to the newest version (I know it is now 6.1.2 but that does not resolve the problem) and I'm having about a hundred issues. I have found answers to most of them here but have not found this one yet. I am getting the stock CC install database data like a fresh install but this is an existing site and database. After I upgrade and then manually update the global.inc.php file to bring the store admin back up and working I am seeing that the database has errors. It seems that it is writing the default data to the tables as well as leaving the data that is already there. I have only done this on a few test sites so far and the store setup settings are stock out the box Cubecart so I'm not sure if this is overwriting that info too. I am not seeing the normal options for the database for upgrade or to overwrite any existing tables when I upgrade automatically. That seems to be the issue. Is this an issue anyone else is having? Anyway to avoid this before I upgrade my main store?
  3. I am trying to update one of my skins in the Extension marketplace and I keep getting an error. This skin is pretty large but is only 8.63mb so it should be able to upload. When I hit submit I just get "Whoops, Something went wrong". Is the upload size setting too low by any chance? Bill
  4. So sorry but I'm not going to be able to do this job for you. Anyone else want to take it on? It looks like a great design and should be fun to build. I just can't do it right now.
  5. Send me a PM and we can talk about the details. I need to know just how exact your need it to be or if you just want the look and feel of that site. Time frame is the big thing. Little time equals more money usually. Bill Cooke
  6. That looks pretty do-able. There are a few features like the comparison feature that are a bit tricky but the over all theme of it is something that could be done. Here are a few of my skins I've done for sale here http://www.cnkapparel.com/skins Let me know your time frame and budget and I'll let you know if it's something we can make happen. Bill Cooke
  7. bsmither, Thanks for the input. I am not using Foundation as the base of the skin so several of its features are not in this skin. I personally do not like the equalizer so that is why I came up with my own skin base that does not use it. There are plenty of skins that do use it so I guess people that want it can use those. If you pics are all about the same size (and most are, aren't they?) then this works great and is a lot more flexible for screen widths It is strange about the fonts because I was calling the comfortaa font in fashion.css and it worked just fine on all the browsers I checked it on. I moved that call to the main template page so I hope that fixes the issue you were having. Good catch on the subset css coming first. That would explain a few issues I was having..... Can't believe I missed that. I cannot fix the width of the sidebar and still have it as responsive as it is. I did go back and set min and max width however so hope that is more appealing. Magnifier has it's drawbacks, that's for sure. Nothing to do about that. Its not worth setting up a page refresh on browser resize or anything. That will just add to the server load. Like you say, it would be pretty rare that anyone will ever need that.
  8. I have been working on a new skin for the past few month and it's finally ready to show off. This one is called Fashion Statement and it is decked out as a clothing/fashion store but you could easily adapt it to just about anything. Try resizing your browser... this one is very responsive! http://www.cnkapparel.com/fashion It's available in the extension store right now if you just have to have it! Let me know what you all think Bill
  9. I am having a problem, or maybe not... I am using option matrix and stock levels for each of the options combinations (size/color). However, when I check the 'use stock level' box in the general tab and then use the option matrix section to set stock levels I get a 'product out of stock' warning. If I uncheck the 'use stock level' button the option matrix 'use stock level' box becomes useless. Customers are able to order option combos with zero stock. This seems to be an issue. I am trying to go through the code to see if there is an easy fix but it seems there isn't. Is this getting fixed in 6.0.9 or 6.1? I would think it should either stop the stock level warnings or use the option matrix stock level to control purchases with the general tab 'use stock level' box unchecked. Or perhaps I'm missing something?
  10. That worked. I will see if I can change out 'product sort column' to a new 'sale sort column' in config so I can have it different than the category pages layout but other than that it's fantastic! Thank you so much for your help, again. Bill Cooke
  11. I have installed the new code and it works fine but it does not do what I was really hoping it would. I am trying to get a list of products that are not just the first 10 or 15 product IDs. I was hoping to be able to select another parameter to select the list from, not just reorder the existing list. If you change 'product_Id' to something else nothing changes. I found that part of the code as well when I was working on this but I was unable to make any changes that did anything to change the list of products displayed other that sort order. Seems we have found different solutions to the same question with the same result. Although this does limit the list to just 7 items for some reason..... I have the admin setting set at 15 currently. I think that the answer lies in how the list is pulled from the DB. There is no sort or array command in the DB call for the sale items list. This will just pull the first rows until the preset number is achieved, correct? I have tried adding a sort order but with no luck. Any ideas?
  12. I was hoping somebody would know how to change the list of products that show up in the sale items box. Right now that are sorted by Product ID and then highest savings. This means only the first 10 or 15 Product IDs are ever shown in this box. Seems really limiting I found the code that deals with this function but cannot get it to change. There has to be someway to set an array function for a different parameter other than Product ID. I would love to change it to most popular or lasted added or something like that. Any ideas how to do this?
  13. I am on Hostgator (hold your laughter please...) and I have had my file permission change themselves when I FTP files up to the server. This then locks that file so it can't be executed by Cubecart. This same thing happened to me once but with another file. I had to delete the file completely and then upload it again to reset the file permissions.
  14. if you want to put it in the showcase I would be honored. I just made a version of this skin available in the Extension Store as well. I called it Elegant (lack of creativity when it came time to name it.... sorry). Please let me know if anyone has any questions.
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