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jpg changing to webp on uploaded pictures since Latest Version Upgrade


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Since the latest version upgrade, when I upload a jpeg picture of the right size to the web site for a product, it changes the ending from .jpg to .webp, I spoke to 20i the hosting company I use and they said and I quote "Sounds like an optimiser might be in play here - I'd say that might be worth bringing up to CubeCart themselves as they may be able to shed some light on that! It does sound similar to our web optimisations, but to my knowledge those would be deactivated in the presence of systems with their own internal caching, which I believe CubeCart does."  any ideas? anyone else experiencing this?

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Yes, there have been some changes in the javascript plugin 'DropZone', that when an image is dropped onto the zone, the image is resized at the browser - thus reduced in size - then uploaded to the server where CubeCart will accept the uploaded image. The point of this is to make sure the image is below the filesize threshold (used to be limited at 350kB). But, in resizing, the javascript changed all images to a jpg type.

I *think* this was changed to webp recently because jpg images does not do transparency, but webp does.

(I am not 100% sure of the final resolution on this. The reason for the filesize limit is because the filesize implies image dimensions. When creating specific-sized variants, PHP's GD Image Library decompresses the image to work on it. The image's decompressed size in memory could - and has - exhausted the memory in PHP's operating environment.)


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I have encountered this issue recently whilst trying to add a new product to our store.  We are using the foundation skin.  Has anyone found a resolution to this?  I don't currently have a support subscription and don't really want to pay £100 if its an easy fix I can make myself.  Once the photos are changed from jpeg to webp, the store isn't loading the pics at all, they just appear blank.  I always resize jpgs to ensure they are within the 350kb limit, but I can't find a way around this so far.  Spent hours thinking I was doing something wrong, then finally figured out it was cubecare changing the format to webp!

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If your site is hosted, you probably have a control panel to manage your site.

If so, there will be a file explorer. Find the folder /images/cache/. This is where CubeCart codes the HTML links for the web browser to fetch the images to display on the page.

The control panel's File Explorer should allow you to View the images. If so, do the images display properly?

The File Explorer should also allow you to download a WEBP image to your computer. Once downloaded, have your computer display the image - but do not use a web browser to view it. Does the image viewer show the WEBP image properly?

The above test is to determine if the problem is with your web browser not being capable of displaying WEBP images.

May we have a web address to view a malfunctioning image?


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I’ve disabled the new product for now and removed the image.

When I get some time tomorrow I’ll send a link showing a malfunctioning image. 
Thanks for your help.

I use a Mac and web browser is google chrome but tried using safari also and that didn’t work either. 
KR - Leanne 

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