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Add additional wording to Category View

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Well who'd have known it would be so easy, you just find the right place on the content.category.php file and type the wording and it appears.


Hi Guys,

Would anyone know how to add additional wording to the two Category Views, just want to put something like "click on title for more info" as client feels his older clients might not realise they need to click on something to read more? (I'd have thought it was obvious, but hey ho).  I'm presuming I need to add a line of code to the content.category.php file, but I don't know enough about coding to know what to actually put.  I'd like the wording to appear maybe below the Add to Basket button (which has been recoded to Contact Me).  so I'm guessing the line of code wants adding in the <div class="small-12 columns"> div, this is where I now get stuck.

Thank you in advance.

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Solution to Problem Found
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