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  1. Yes I still have the emails. I looked into implementing the same changes by starting a new store under a test domain with 6.4.1, but content.downloads.php is different from 6.2.9, mainly because of the streaming part of the file. I must admit I got a bit lost. I'm not sure if the rest of the files are different? I've made quite a few changes to the foundation skin as some parts wouldn't change using cubecart.default.css no matter what I tried? Schoolboy error, I know...
  2. @bsmitherI now have ffmpeg installed on a vps server. Is there a way to implement the waveplayer? I'm still running on 6.2.9 because of all the changes made to be able to add different music files in product options, so a bit dubious about upgrading to the latest version, so if there's a way to do the same in 6.4.2 it would be very much appreciated.
  3. Hi, Is it just the caching that is part of the upgrade? If so, can I just upload a specific file or files rather than upgrade the whole site? This would be helpful.
  4. Does anyone know how to change the pricing to 'Free' instead of '£0.00' either in sale price or regular price?
  5. It does say in the description of 6.4.1 about support for meta description and content for gift cards.
  6. Hi, Is it possible to add a description tab to use a richtext editor in the gift card section? I would rather use the editor, than write into the 'definitions.xml' every time I need to change the description. I thought it would've been part of the update (6.4.1) Also, the image doesn't show under the title, so had to hard code one in.
  7. Thanks Brian, I'll check it out tomorrow.
  8. Nice one, thanks! I shall have a look at that. Nice work Can you add both databases into /includes/global.inc.php?
  9. I like the sound of where this is going Can a DB be called up between different tables of different stores from checkout?
  10. One database is tech_CubeCart and the other is pets_CubeCart. I was hoping to be able to use different sites for different products, but at least be able to use gift cards between both.
  11. Hi, I have two cubecart sites, but want to be able to control both from one admin control panel. Would this be possible? The reason being is, I want to sell gift cards, but allow the customer to be able to spend them in either shop. If can only have one admin per site, is there a way to use multi-site gift cards? Thanks
  12. Nice one, thanks @Al Brookbanks
  13. Hi, Is there a way of just uploading the files that are missing from 6.4.0 rather than another upgrade within a few hours? I spent a bit of time last night tweaking some of the site, including some css where buttons and stuff appear to have had class changes. Thanks
  14. I had the same problem. The plugin stores in the 'social' folder. Enter your file manager and move out of there and into the 'plugins' folder and then it works. From: modules/plugins/social To: modules/plugins
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