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  1. Hi @bsmitheris there an update on this topic? I am hoping that in a new update of CubeCart in the future, there maybe a checkbox option in admin which allows digital downloads to be bought without having to fill out the billing/delivery address? Is this something that maybe possible @Al Brookbanks?
  2. I received the email with download link still though. If logged in it won't let me access it, but if not, the link automatically downloads the product.
  3. I just get a blank screen. I used a promotional code as I don't have a test payment gateway, so not sure if it makes a difference? But I get the following in the browser bar: https://test.understated-records.co.uk/chris/index.php?_a=complete
  4. Hi @bsmither, I've tried it on my test cubecart, but I can't register as a customer and getting the following: The following errors were detected: The verification code was incorrect. Please try again. I registered via admin. It's now asking for a billing address before continuing with purchase.
  5. Thanks @bsmither, great stuff! The only email required for purchase is an invoice and the link to the download.
  6. Hi @bsmither, I only use PayPal and Stripe, so they redirect for payments, so it should be fine.
  7. Hi, Is there a way for the customer to only use just their name/username, email and password to register? I sell digital music only and don't require a shipping address. I think some customers are reluctant to register and buy with their address required?
  8. Thanks @bsmitherI got it to work perfectly using your method; however, because file manager is for both audio and images, there are some showing on the receipt that are 90KB and some 40MB I must have to include the mimetype - audio/wav and audio/mpeg, but not sure how to implement that?
  9. Hi @bsmither, In the template (templates/content.receipt.php) I've placed {$item.filesize} where I wanted the size of the file to show. Where and how do I call up formatBytesize to change the number and suffix? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks @bsmither Where do I find it and how do I implement it?
  11. Hi, The db shows file sizes in bytes and was wondering if there is a way of making it human readable into MB? Below shows where it's positioned and the hook, I just want it to show in MB. Thanks
  12. Hi @bsmither, I'm in the process of editing the 6.4.3 templates to match the previous, but keeping the new features, especially the streaming capability that I haven't got working yet due to the skin changes.
  13. It works now for some reason? Thanks for your help @bsmitherReally appreciate it!
  14. Thanks @bsmither I've followed your instructions. Register works fine and when I click login from the registration page it accesses the login page and just shows /login in the address bar. Login still shows /login.html in the address bar and still redirects to 404.
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