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  1. Hi @bsmitheris there an update on this topic? I am hoping that in a new update of CubeCart in the future, there maybe a checkbox option in admin which allows digital downloads to be bought without having to fill out the billing/delivery address? Is this something that maybe possible @Al Brookbanks?
  2. I received the email with download link still though. If logged in it won't let me access it, but if not, the link automatically downloads the product.
  3. I just get a blank screen. I used a promotional code as I don't have a test payment gateway, so not sure if it makes a difference? But I get the following in the browser bar: https://test.understated-records.co.uk/chris/index.php?_a=complete
  4. Hi @bsmither, I've tried it on my test cubecart, but I can't register as a customer and getting the following: The following errors were detected: The verification code was incorrect. Please try again. I registered via admin. It's now asking for a billing address before continuing with purchase.
  5. Thanks @bsmither, great stuff! The only email required for purchase is an invoice and the link to the download.
  6. Hi @bsmither, I only use PayPal and Stripe, so they redirect for payments, so it should be fine.
  7. Hi, Is there a way for the customer to only use just their name/username, email and password to register? I sell digital music only and don't require a shipping address. I think some customers are reluctant to register and buy with their address required?
  8. Thanks @bsmitherI got it to work perfectly using your method; however, because file manager is for both audio and images, there are some showing on the receipt that are 90KB and some 40MB I must have to include the mimetype - audio/wav and audio/mpeg, but not sure how to implement that?
  9. Hi @bsmither, In the template (templates/content.receipt.php) I've placed {$item.filesize} where I wanted the size of the file to show. Where and how do I call up formatBytesize to change the number and suffix? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks @bsmither Where do I find it and how do I implement it?
  11. Hi, The db shows file sizes in bytes and was wondering if there is a way of making it human readable into MB? Below shows where it's positioned and the hook, I just want it to show in MB. Thanks
  12. Hi @bsmither, I'm in the process of editing the 6.4.3 templates to match the previous, but keeping the new features, especially the streaming capability that I haven't got working yet due to the skin changes.
  13. It works now for some reason? Thanks for your help @bsmitherReally appreciate it!
  14. Thanks @bsmither I've followed your instructions. Register works fine and when I click login from the registration page it accesses the login page and just shows /login in the address bar. Login still shows /login.html in the address bar and still redirects to 404.
  15. Hi @bsmither, I'm using foundation
  16. Hi @bsmither, I recently upgraded to 6.4.3 from 6.2.9, but I had to change some of the files so that I could select multiple downloads. They're the file changes that you provided me with and it's working really well, except for this now.
  17. Hi, I can't seem to login or register. I enabled debugging and this is what comes up: GET: 'Before Sanitise:' => 'seo_path' => register.html 'After Sanitise:' => '_a' => 404
  18. Thanks Al, that's pretty useful indeed!
  19. I've noticed since 6.4.0 there is a template file: main.stream.php, but there doesn't seem to be anything in the admin panel that references streaming. What is it's purpose and how do I use/access it?
  20. Yes it's the same. I click on manage extensions and it takes me to manage products. When I click on manage products, it takes me to manage products? Thanks Brian, I must have overwritten it at some point. I uploaded a fresh one and it sorted it.
  21. Hi Brian, Yes it matches, but takes me to Products? http://www.mystore.com/admin.php?_g=plugins
  22. Hi, When I click on Manage Extensions, it seems to go to manage Products instead. I've not had this problem before? I'm still using 6.2.9 for this website as it's been customised to sell multiple digital products.
  23. Yes I still have the emails. I looked into implementing the same changes by starting a new store under a test domain with 6.4.1, but content.downloads.php is different from 6.2.9, mainly because of the streaming part of the file. I must admit I got a bit lost. I'm not sure if the rest of the files are different? I've made quite a few changes to the foundation skin as some parts wouldn't change using cubecart.default.css no matter what I tried? Schoolboy error, I know...
  24. @bsmitherI now have ffmpeg installed on a vps server. Is there a way to implement the waveplayer? I'm still running on 6.2.9 because of all the changes made to be able to add different music files in product options, so a bit dubious about upgrading to the latest version, so if there's a way to do the same in 6.4.2 it would be very much appreciated.
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