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  1. This isnt CubeCart but in your hosting configuration That is because after removing 7.1 it also removed the directory where your system was trying to save sessions - hence not able to login
  2. Hi Claudia You should be using our Enhanced Sorting plugin which adds this and a load of other sorting with no core file changes Ian
  3. At the moment do NOT go to 8.1 As per https://www.php.net/supported-versions.php 8.0 is supported until end of November 2023 - just because 8.1 is released, doesnt mean you have to go to it.
  4. PHP 7.2 stopped even receiving critical security updates over 1 1/2 years ago so running any site on this version is 100% not advised. You would be much better contacting @Noodleman directly via his website and simply asking for a 7.4 encoded version of them and ensuring you stay on the latest supported version of PHP Ian
  5. @peterp Completely agree with Brain here : this is a hosting server setup / configuration issue that shouldnt really ever happen
  6. We use it on a couple of our own CubeCart sites and also have quite a few hosting clients using it and not seen any issues at all recently Ian
  7. Unless you have extensive custom code changes to your current CC5 store, the MUCH preferable solution would be to upgrade to latest CubeCart version and stay on the latest version of PHP. As Brian has said, there will be significant work involved in the other choice with still a lot of serious issues. Upgrading will have a few steps needed depending on any plugins and which skin you are using as well as any code changes you have had done
  8. You should also take a look at our Retail Therapy skin which is a modern design and obviously responsive but has a big advantage in that it comes with a free skin configuration plug-in which allows you to configure a huge amount of things for the skin in an easy and intuitive way including colours
  9. Take a look at our Retail Therapy skin which is a modern design and obviously responsive but has a big advantage in that it comes with a free skin configuration plug-in which allows you to configure a huge amount of things for the skin in an easy and intuitive way including colours
  10. If you are looking for a modern looking skin that also has a huge amount of functionality and configuration ability built into it, look no further than our Retail Therapy skin which comes with a free skin configuration plugin. Ian
  11. You will get this for all Noodleman plugins and also all plugins developed by us. You may be able to enable ionCube yourself in your hosting control panel but if not then you will need to move to a decent hosting company that installs this as part of their standard setup (like us !)
  12. The basic foundation will of course include the changes but I am testing our Retail Therapy skin with the changes and then I will also be updating our Nautical skin to work as well. PM me if you would like more info
  13. @Tony it isn’t really anything to do with your hosting being “powerful enough” but ES can only be installed at a server level and I would guess no hosting company (other than Al and myself as we will both have this available on our platforms) will ever have this installed on a shared hosting plan and would therefore need a dedicated server / VPS. Using an external service is interesting but would 100% need authentication from a security point of view and does add additional expense and more importantly an additional layer of complexity via a third party Ian
  14. We are developing a full wishlist and giftlist plugin at the moment which will have a huge and wide ranging set of functionality and will be a true plugin
  15. Maybe you need to look at changing the menu system so it doesnt rely on specific cat_id values
  16. Yes you can but as you know, you then start to get into the issue of other tables that use this reference as a key. Yes that is true but also assumes that any other table using this reference is also truncated or changed I wasnt intending to be obscure - but if you dont know what is meant by setting the table index increment back to zero, trying to explain or you trying to do can just cause far more trouble. If you dont mind learning and experimenting and can throw the whole database away if you get it wrong then by all means give it a go
  17. The category is uses an auto increment so will always increase by one - that is Joe’s it works - standard database functionality. You could delete all categories and set the auto increment back to 0 and start again BUT creating a menu system that is dependent on fixed cat I’d numbers is a recipe for disaster
  18. @leemajors40 you are already a customer so you have the following choices 1) Login into your client account and create a support ticket - best option ! 2) Simply use the contact us form
  19. The rubbersideup website is blocked by Malwarebytes for hosting malware !! Drop me a ticket via our website (https://www.havenswift-hosting.co.uk) and will be able to help you out Ian
  20. I honestly do not understand hosting companies that don’t have this enabled by default - almost like they are trying to hide something ! We have always had this enabled by default and it is invaluable
  21. This is often caused by moving a CubeCart installation that has used a MySQL server running on Windows (either localhost or external DB server) to one running on Linux
  22. They arent known for providing good support and know nothing (and care even less) about your CubeCart store - to be fair, not really any different from most of the other large generic hosting providers out there where you are simply a number - however they are relatively cheap and you get what you pay for with hosting ! CubeCart can often run out of process memory when processing large images but this would have been clearly recorded in the PHP error_log file as would any errors like this. Images would no have been the cause if you were getting this error when doing a search on the front end of the store though. I have not heard of any memory related issues when doing searches though. If they allow you to increase to 512MB then great, but do go into the PHP Info option in admin and check that the "Master" value also says 512 MB - if it is less than 512 MB, then that is what you will actually be allowed to use regardless of what you set it to
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