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  1. I am using the Kurouto skin, which obviously hasn't been updated for over a year, so that's probably the reason then.
  2. As above. Is this possible in CC 6.2.5? Background: more than once the same user(s) have registered multiple accounts (same shipping address, only email address is changed). This was not a problem in the beginning, but it's starting to be.
  3. What's the difference of these two?
  4. Interesting. Can you give a practical example of how one might use this as a "flag"?
  5. This is the first time I'm trying to send a newsletter, so I might well have done something wrong. However, after filling the template and trying to send, I get nothing but the text in the screenshot below. All is fine when I click "Send Test Email"; I get the mail and it looks just like I want. But when sending the actual newsletter to whomever has signed up for it, I hit the wall. The Email-logs tells me nothing but the test mail I just sent.
  6. @Al Brookbanks: Tested and confirmed working on 6.2.1. Thanks!
  7. All In One Shipping adds a `selected="selected"´ to its first option, so I added a `selected="selected"´ as well, for the "Please select" option as you describe. Now the produced HTML-code looks like this: That is, two `selected="selected"´, and the one from All In One Shipping seems to have higher priority so it still gets auto-selected. I cannot find a way to tell All In One Shipping not to auto-select. There's no option for this anywhere. I will take a look at bsmither's suggested topics and see if these can help me.
  8. I'm unable to use ionCube-extensions, so I cannot try that.
  9. I have reported a Free Shipping-bug (see #2098) and I am now looking for a quick-hack to a workaround, since I'm in need of a free shipping option (or "Local pick-up"). It is possible to add a zero cost line in All In One Shipping-extension, but there is a problem with this; the extension auto-default-selects the cheapest shipping option, which means customers will get "Local pick-up" auto-selected, and realize this until after they've paid. This complicates things a lot, so I had to remove it. But still, I need the option. Therefore; is there a quick-hack to make the extension NOT auto-select any option at all, forcing the customer to pick the suitable option (and thus reducing the risk of chosing "Local pick-up" by mistake)? I poked around in the source-code for the extension, but I realized it was way over my head.
  10. When going to the store front, there's a sidebar containing "Recommended product(s)", which I surmise is just a random product shower based on something. I just had this idea that it would be nice to be able to link / show specific products together, but I haven't found out if it's possible to do (with or without an extension). Example. Let's say I sell two products: a complete faucet, and separate valves (spare parts). These two products are sold separately, but for the case when someone buys a faucet, I would like to link the valves to it, so when browsing the product page for faucets, a potential buyer will see this "recommended product: Gold-plated Valves" in a box nearby. An option matrix does not apply here since these are two separate products, but I think adding the possibility for links/recommends would be nice. Is it possible to do this in CC 6?
  11. Does this work in CC 6.2? When I try to install it, it works, but when I try to edit it I only get this message: Since my store is located at a Web hosting service I cannot install this "ionCube".
  12. I can now confirm that you are correct, and that the actual culprit is the category name. I have a category named "Kablar", which is "Cables" in English (the translation exists). Using English for the administrator, I added a test product and selected the Cables-category. The SEO-path became "cables/test", which is not what I want. I want the Swedish names for all paths. In this case, "kablar/test". I can understand why the English category name was chosen, but I'm not very fond of it. The simple solution would be to get rid of dual languanges, but that - I surmise - will affect which kind of customers shows up in my store. Another possibility is perhaps to remove all admin-related translations from the Swedish language-file. That way, I can keep English for the admin panels, while customers still get the Swedish version in the store.
  13. I run a Cubecart-store in Swedish; all products and categories are in Swedish. On occation, some products and categories also have an English translation. Recently I found a strange thing, when I switched the superuser-account to English and used the admin panel to add a new product (that has a translation); the SEO-path for that product appears in English. If I switch back to Swedish and re-add a new product, the SEO-path appears in Swedish. If I switch back to English again and browse to the product, the SEO-path is still in Swedish (which is what I want). However, I would prefer that all SEO-paths are in Swedish, no matter which language I use in the admin panel. I peeked around under the Search Engines tab, but found no obvious setting for this. Is it possible to enforce SEO-paths to always use Swedish?
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