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  1. That was a typo. It should have been UNavailable (I have edited the post). The web hosters I've been using are One.com (current), Loopia (previous), and Crystone (former). None of them supports or allows ionCube.
  2. I started using Cubecart some years ago, but I never became good friend with the tax system so it applies to my shop exactly how I want it. Trial and error during long periods showed me that the system is really simple; all costs entered are without VAT. But what I want is that all costs entered should be including VAT, and that in the summary the VAT should be shown as a value /of/ the total, not adding to the tutorial. Someone suggested to use a tax extension from Noodleman that would let me do what I want, but alas: that extension (as well as a lot of others) uses an apache extension called ionCube, which has been and is UNavailable on all the three web hostings I've tried, and it's not installable per user. So, I was at a loss. The workaround for my problem was to let Cubecart ignore anything that had to do with taxes, make enter all costs as including VAT. Then, in the order summary, I manually calculated the tax (total value * 0.2) and entered in the tax field. That way everything was correct and exactly how I wanted it. Total sum including tax, and the tax value being the tax value /only/, without adding or substracting itself to anything. The backside of this approach is that it's been tedious work as my shop has grown bigger. So after 1 year of manually adding the taxes I took a dive into the source code to see if I could make some patch (for my own use only). I ended up changing this file: admin/sources/orders.index.inc.php: (add near line 425) $overview_summary['total_tax'] = Tax::getInstance()->priceFormat($overview_summary['total'] * 0.2); This made Cubecart automatically fill the taxes box in the summary page for the order, without touching anything else. However, this had a side effect: in the print out, the tax field was not in the same format as the other monetary values. Instead of "123.00kr" it would be "123". No decimals and no currency. A quick and ugly "solution" to this was changing the template: admin/sources/orders.index.inc.php: (near line 219) <!-- div class="total">{$tax.name} <strong>{$tax.value}</strong></div --> <div class="total">{$tax.name} <strong>{$order.total * 0.2}kr</strong></div > <!-- bos 2019-12-31, auto tax --> This works, sort of, if the currency is SEK (kr, kronor). Rounding errors can occur, leading to "123.4567kr" and so forth, and it will be totally bogus when a customer uses another currency. I did however not find a way to make an inline PHP-call to number_format(), or to Cubecart's internal currency/number-function (which I do not remember the name of at this time), but all in all these small changes saves me tons of work by not having to enter the tax sum manually. (NB: Should this post be in the wrong forum I will humbly apologize. I picked it since it was the one that best fit the description) EDIT: Typo
  3. Seems like it (I switched host provider). Upgrading to CC 6.2.8 seems to have solved this problem. Thanks.
  4. I'm unsure if I should bug report this on github or here, so I try here first. On https://github.com/cubecart/v6, under "Upgrading from v6 to v6", there is a link to https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/228/43/how-do-i-upgrade-from-cubecart-v6-to-latest-v6. Clicking this link gives "The page you were looking for doesn't exist" as a result. Googling that document also gives a link that's 404.
  5. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it is I who's ignorant, but after I switched to SSL last month I did not test promotional codes until today, and somehow they don't seem to work. If this is a bug I will add it to github. As for the promotional codes: I fill all values as before (before SSL), and when saving the code itself is gone. All the values are there, but the code is null (see attached screenshots). Opening phpMyAdmin and editing the line in question, the code got back. I tested it on an order and got this message: The following errors were detected: Den kupongen existerar tyvärr inte. (That coupon does not exist) So, ok; maybe there's more mechanics behind the scenes than just updating the code word in the db, so I searched for an active - but still unused - promotional code and tested with that one, and got exactly the same error message! Editing an existing code, changing the code name, does not save the new code name. EDIT: the second screenshot says "Promotional code deleted" in the top header. It is irrelevant to this problem (I deleted another code just prior making the screenshot). Sorry for the confusion.
  6. I investigated a bit more. It is indeed at my web hosting the error is, but the mail works fine (I sent a testmail to myself). The problem seems to be one particular mail address (the one I blurred out). It is the same for all the failed attempts, so somehow the hoster is unable to resolve it or something like that.
  7. I haven't touched anything mail-wise, yet this is showing up (after I got the attention from a user who didn't receive an order confirmation). What does it mean exactly, and what can I do to fix it?
  8. I am using the Kurouto skin, which obviously hasn't been updated for over a year, so that's probably the reason then.
  9. As above. Is this possible in CC 6.2.5? Background: more than once the same user(s) have registered multiple accounts (same shipping address, only email address is changed). This was not a problem in the beginning, but it's starting to be.
  10. Interesting. Can you give a practical example of how one might use this as a "flag"?
  11. This is the first time I'm trying to send a newsletter, so I might well have done something wrong. However, after filling the template and trying to send, I get nothing but the text in the screenshot below. All is fine when I click "Send Test Email"; I get the mail and it looks just like I want. But when sending the actual newsletter to whomever has signed up for it, I hit the wall. The Email-logs tells me nothing but the test mail I just sent.
  12. @Al Brookbanks: Tested and confirmed working on 6.2.1. Thanks!
  13. All In One Shipping adds a `selected="selected"´ to its first option, so I added a `selected="selected"´ as well, for the "Please select" option as you describe. Now the produced HTML-code looks like this: That is, two `selected="selected"´, and the one from All In One Shipping seems to have higher priority so it still gets auto-selected. I cannot find a way to tell All In One Shipping not to auto-select. There's no option for this anywhere. I will take a look at bsmither's suggested topics and see if these can help me.
  14. I'm unable to use ionCube-extensions, so I cannot try that.
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