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  1. I have upgrade in softaculous from version 6.4.7 to 6.4.10 and it change admin directory .
  2. I have install Cube cart with Softaculous. I have see that: there isn't regulary upgrade in softaculous. August 10, 2022 version 6.4.6 August 16, 2022 version 6.4.7 February 23, 2023 version 6.4.10. From August 2022 to february 2023 there isn't upgrade in softaculous. You upgrade only with softaculous or upgrade when exit new version (for example 3rd jenuary 2023 6.4.9)?
  3. Can I cancel "paypal pay" in bottom/right in the cart when is no logged in? The pay button can only registered user?
  4. I have update cube cart from 6.4.5 to 6.4.7 with softacolous software. Now I have the new admin directory. It's true? The old directory can I delete?
  5. The provider have eccetionally change option and now.... All Security Checks passed!!! Thanks
  6. There are the inversion of data. Step 3 checkout. Korouto skin. How fix it?
  7. With aruba hosting, exec is disabled only in php 8 (or up).
  8. Security Suite tell me disable dangerous php function (FAIL) But in the ver.php file there is shell_exec in the "disable function. I have Aruba hosting
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