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  1. So my site displays Out of Stock on the desktop version of the website, but it does not show on the mobile site. Any advice or anyone interested in getting hired to fix this? Thanks. http://www.euphonium.com/store/david-childs-mouthpiece-dc4-silver-plate-p681-p682.html
  2. Does anyone know an add-on for V6 that allows you to add the Customer name on a purchased PDF?
  3. adamfrey

    Custom PHP for CC 5

    Mine doesn't work under php 7.0 when I change it on bluehost. Would it be related to my skin?
  4. adamfrey

    Custom PHP for CC 5

    I have version 5 and like it very much. I need to use PHP 7 on my website for some other parts of the website. Is there a way to write the php.ini so that I can make it use php 5.6?