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Spamming from Havenswift Hosting

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DONT buy any add on from Havenswift Hosting unless you want to be spammed by their accounts department.

I used to use cubecart, but dont anymore. When I did, i purchased an addon from these idiots. I did not know that to use it I had to pay EVERY YEAR. Not only that but so far I have had over 20 messages that keep reminding me to pay up again, (2-3 messages reminding me, is not a problem, but over x20 in 2 weeks is total out of order! You cannot reply to their messages as they do not read email replies, and why should I spend all my spare time trying to contact a company who doesn't want to be contacted !

These guys are total idiots!

This is just spamming at its best !

DONT buy from these guys unless you want to be annoyed every year !!!!

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Posted (edited)

Of course you are entitled to your opinion but at least get your facts straight.  

1) If you buy a plugin from us and use CubeCart - how are we supposed to know if you dont tell us or very simply mark the products / services as no longer required.  This takes 5 seconds but of course you would prefer us to have mind reading abilities and work out that you dont want them any longer.

2) You would have had an invoice from us 30 days before and then would have received 3 reminders once that invoice becomes overdue - where you get 20 + messages from is simply impossible unless of course you have setup multiple contacts to receive these reminders in which case, our system is simply doing exactly what you requested.

3) If you had still been using CubeCart and our plugins and we hadnt sent an invoice or the reminders and simply terminated the plugins then quite rightly that could have been something you complained about

4) We quite clearly say that in order to contact us and guarantee an answer that you log a support ticket - this is no different from EVERY other hosting / services company but of course in your mind, this makes us idiots.  We receive a massive number of emails and also receive huge amounts of spam email on a daily basis so the only way to guarantee that we know who we are receiving email from is via a ticket- however the 30 seconds for you to login is obviously far too complicated for somebody like you

As I said, you are entitled to your opinion but also so are we - our hundreds of very satisified customers will also have a very different opinion to yours 

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