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  1. It's available pretty much world wide. Few countries are excluded.
  2. The email field should be unique so there shouldn't be any duplicates. That combined with double opt in should prevent bounces (unless the address has since expired).
  3. There are no known issues in that new version.
  4. From experience I believe there will be a knock on effect on mobile devices if removed for all. Be careful.
  5. That's a bad release. Please use 1.3.16.
  6. Ignore it. It's just a notice. The code has been updated for the next release. Nothing to worry about.
  7. This should all be fixed up now in the 1.3.11 release. Onboarding is now resolved thank to the help from the guys at PayPal. ALso if the front end is returning JS errors please upgrade to 1.3.11 then disconnect and then reconnect via the module configuration page and all should be ok.
  8. It's most likely to be a 3rd party plugin that requires ioncube. Either ioncube isn't installed or the version of the extension doesn't match the PHP version. You can disable all extensions by adding this line of code to your includes/global.inc.php file: $glob['safe_mode'] = true;
  9. Hi, Can you make sure you are running the latest version. Once you are please click the red disconnected button in the module configuration page and then reconnect. It should then be ok.
  10. If the price for 1 is $10, set the price for 2 as $5 each.
  11. No but you can use quantity discounts to achieve the same.
  12. You need to make sure ZipArchive is configured with PHP. Please ask your hosting provider. Or you could use our hosting which is always fully compatible.
  13. Thanks for letting me know. We had to work with PayPal on this and it turned out to be caused by a duplicate parameter. You'd think it would be ignored or replace itself but it caused a server error on their end. All does seem to be working now.
  14. Hi @swood @bsmither - There is no difference in your code? It certinly looks like the right area though.
  15. These are genuine notifications from useresponse.com who power the feature request system.
  16. We have technical support if you would like us to investigate. More info at https://www.cubecart.com/technical-support
  17. Sounds like the browser is over caching. That or your store hasn't been upgraded properly and the hash check on each basket row isn't working.
  18. That's all it says? There is nothing to work from there. Can you copy/past the request data? (Please remove sensitive data).
  19. Any red error message in the request log section during this time?
  20. Find out more at https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/merchant-pricing-promo
  21. Yes please. I can't reproduce the issue at all. I can't help without more info.
  22. I've seen it but I haven't been able to look yet. Helpdesk is priority.
  23. It's because the sellers PayPal account is no longer active. I'll take the listing down.
  24. Latest version? I think this was fixed recently.
  25. Why why why CubeCart 3.0.6?! I STRONGLY recommend using version 6 instead.
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