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  1. You should be pleased to hear that it's not possible. Passwords are salted and hashed one way. They are irreversible.
  2. Cleared the cache? Know know issues with this.
  3. Done.. I need an extra 6 hours in a day please!!
  4. We are pleased to announce the release of 6.2.8. This is a maintenance release resolving 2 GitHub issues. What's New: Fix to file manager widget for missing folders (Issue #2417) Improvements to Request class (Issue #2418) Download: CubeCart-6.2.8.zip You can install CubeCart 6.2.8 instantly at https://hosted.cubecart.com.
  5. It's coming I just haven't had time...
  6. We are pleased to announce the release of 6.2.7. This is a maintenance release resolving 24 GitHub issues but it also have a few minor new features. What's New: WebP image format support (Issue #2381) Setting to disable Gravatar (Issue #2400) Setting to enable phone number on contact us form (Issue #2413) * Setting for default shipping cost. Free, cheapest at cost or most expensive. (Issue #2410) Download: CubeCart-6.2.7.zip You can install CubeCart 6.2.7 instantly at https://hosted.cubecart.com. * Unless your store uses the default "Foundation" skin then manual code customisations will be needed to add this feature on the front end. We can add this for merchants on our Technical Support & Management service.
  7. Hmm how did you manage this then!? Express logs in based on proven email ownership. Standard doesn't. Do you know how to make this happen?
  8. I think this is a specific situation. I like the idea of deleting the session however I think this may be an Express Checkout specific bug. Investigating.....
  9. In the database look at the CubeCart_config table. You can copy the config from there into the database of the other store.
  10. I appreciate all that. I'm really suggesting that if this were to be developed as a bespoke modification for this one store I'd recommend that route. I wasn't being critical.
  11. The easiest way is to use the Cloudflair DNS header below. $_SERVER["HTTP_CF_IPCOUNTRY"]
  12. This would be easy IF the country is known. There are means such as using Cloudflair DNS.
  13. This extension certainly did work. It probably needs an update or rebuild if the API is no longer.
  14. Sadly there is no such thing as every organisation no matter the size is different.
  15. We can easily remove the session on disable. Probably worth doing.
  16. You're welcome bzfvggigaietjghnkzdfaewrkv.
  17. Check this line of code: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/blob/6.2.0-branch/classes/cubecart.class.php#L1762 Issue: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2379
  18. @AksarBhai you sound like the idea CubeCart merchant.
  19. I use LastPass and literally don't know any of my passwords other than master. It's a pretty good feeling. Obviously I keep my master password printed and sellotaped to my monitor. (Joke!!). Haha
  20. These companies provide generic web hosting and may have hundreds of servers ALL with the same configuration. If they change the configuration on one it can lead to an administrational nightmare and inconsistent "generic" service between clients. That kinda makes sense and in a way I don't blame them. You are best off using a dedicated or virtual private server that you can adjust the server software on or you could use specialist CubeCart hosting such as https://hosted.cubecart.com which is optimised for just CubeCart.
  21. Whoops!! I didn't even notice as it didn't even look like a password. Definitely change the password right now!! I can be done quickly and easily via WHM.
  22. Setting to to disabled is the best option if your host won't add support for this other than moving your hosting to us of course.
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