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  1. For security reasons I edited the path in the topic title. This could be for a number of reasons; 1. Incorrect credential in the includes/global.inc.php file 2. Corrupt database
  2. Al Brookbanks

    PayPal Pro

    Of course. CubeCart is 100% customisable.
  3. Al Brookbanks

    PayPal Pro

    " -- or -- " ....checkout with PayPal. This integration is certified by PayPal and doesn't seem to cause much confusion in practice.
  4. Al Brookbanks

    Top Bar

    I've done this many times for customers in our managed support plan and it's not as easy as it "should be". I think you'll find there are many CSS classes that need changing. At least 10.
  5. Al Brookbanks

    Checkout complete button

    This confuses a lot of people because "traditionally" the PayPal screen takes payment.
  6. Al Brookbanks

    Checkout complete button

    When the customer is sent to PayPal it authorizes the payment and returns billing and shipping info. From there the shipping and tax could change so we need to verify before they finalise and "Make Payment".
  7. Al Brookbanks

    Error Warning Non-Numeric Value

    How do I reproduce this error? Sorry I figured it out. Please see: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/commit/c2b9867df8872907389a8cdd114ded70a245653f
  8. Al Brookbanks

    WTF? What just happened on FireFox Browser?

    The stylesheets didn't load for some reason.
  9. Al Brookbanks

    GDPR Right to be forgotten

    Please see: https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/228/43/how-do-i-upgrade-from-cubecart-v6-to-latest-v6 Sounds like all is ok now. You should see the GDPR tools now and if not then you haven't uploaded the files correctly.
  10. Al Brookbanks

    GDPR Right to be forgotten

    Yes but the content is not necessarily right. Follow the upgrade instructions and it will be fine.
  11. If you install to the database you just imported the store won't copy in the data it will replace it. You need to copy the files, import the database and edit the includes/global.inc.php file to hook it to the new database. Do not run the setup process. This will clone the store. You can then extract 6.2.2 over the files to replace any modified code. Just delete the setup folder.
  12. Al Brookbanks

    GDPR Right to be forgotten

    Then your store is not at the latest version or is a mix of version code. I'd suggest upgrading manually.
  13. Al Brookbanks

    GDPR Right to be forgotten

    You can do all this on the latest version. It has purge tools and look up tool. Once you have looked up an account you can edit manually to anonymise.
  14. Al Brookbanks

    Website integration

    Your best bet is to install CubeCart and customise the look and feel to match your needs.
  15. Al Brookbanks

    Website integration

    Yes but it depends on your specification and requirements to the complexity.
  16. Al Brookbanks

    Responsive Admin Feature

    I'm sorry its not.
  17. Al Brookbanks

    Currency Symbols Incorrect ...

    This sometimes happens when the encoding changes. If you manually edit then in the currencies section they'll be fine.
  18. Al Brookbanks

    reCAPTCHA error: The verification code was incorrect.

    It will be AWS firewall I expect.
  19. Al Brookbanks

    reCAPTCHA error: The verification code was incorrect.

    Check the request log in the admin control panel as the cURL request to verify the data with Google may be failing due to firewall or something.
  20. Al Brookbanks

    GDPR Right to be forgotten

    I'm no lawyer but I think that if a financial transaction has taken place then you have to keep this data for X amount of years. On those grounds they can't be forgotten. You could anonymise their account (change name, email etc to something fictional).
  21. Al Brookbanks

    2checkout gateway not working anymore

    Fixed with the 1.0.1 release. Thanks all.
  22. Al Brookbanks

    New caching method introduced in V6.2.0

    Exactly that. Please upgrade manually.
  23. Al Brookbanks

    Need installation or upgrade assistance?

    Hi @LWartist I'm really sorry but I don't remember. I work on thousands of stores a year and I don't remember this case. I can certainly upgrade it respecting any customisations under the Technical Support & Management service.
  24. If you are having trouble installing CubeCart or you would like someone to upgrade your store to the latest version please checkout our "Technical Support & Management" plan. You can relax and our experienced staff can take care of it for you.