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  1. Google Analytics is integrated by default. Just login to the admin side of your store. Go to settings and then the "Features" tab. Here you can enter your Google Analytics ID. You can obtain one here: https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web
  2. You're welcome bzfvggigaietjghnkzdfaewrkv.
  3. Check this line of code: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/blob/6.2.0-branch/classes/cubecart.class.php#L1762 Issue: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2379
  4. I use LastPass and literally don't know any of my passwords other than master. It's a pretty good feeling. Obviously I keep my master password printed and sellotaped to my monitor. (Joke!!). Haha
  5. These companies provide generic web hosting and may have hundreds of servers ALL with the same configuration. If they change the configuration on one it can lead to an administrational nightmare and inconsistent "generic" service between clients. That kinda makes sense and in a way I don't blame them. You are best off using a dedicated or virtual private server that you can adjust the server software on or you could use specialist CubeCart hosting such as https://hosted.cubecart.com which is optimised for just CubeCart.
  6. Whoops!! I didn't even notice as it didn't even look like a password. Definitely change the password right now!! I can be done quickly and easily via WHM.
  7. Setting to to disabled is the best option if your host won't add support for this other than moving your hosting to us of course.
  8. Most people don't have a dedicated or virtual private server and most generic web hosting companies don't support this. CubeCart hosted does. https://hosted.cubecart.com
  9. It will delete even ones registered 10 minutes ago. Adding a registration time limit may not be such a bad idea.
  10. Have a search as this is answered many times on the forums.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Please see the release notes here concerning cache:
  12. Sure. [email protected] is the best channel. PM's on here are a bit clunky.
  13. Oh right well thats your problem then. We can upgrade respecting customisations without additional cost. https://www.cubecart.com/technical-support "Unlimited upgrades respecting customisation" We have some quite complex merchant stores to upgrade. If for any reason we can't do it or it fails we will restore and refund.
  14. This was a bug some tie back which was fixed. Big ask but does it happen with a fresh install of 6.2.6?
  15. Do we know how to reproduce this? On revisit to the basket everything should get recalculated and stock removed etc. Could the customer have left the browser on the payment page for a long time or something? Maybe the customer can shed some light. Please also check the stores error logs to see if there is anything interesting.
  16. Shame. I'm not sure how to go about integration v3 with CubeCart. There is talk of two factor authentication, email verification under certain scores etc. It looks involved. I'm tied up with a big new PayPal integration over the next few months. It's our most popular payment integration and the current extension is horrendous to get setup.
  17. I've not seen any evidence of it being circumvented. Any media about it? v3 integration is significantly more involved from what I have read. Differing functionality need to be built around each score under different circumstances. There isn't really a one integration suits all scenario.
  18. No it's a completely different beast to v2 and works with scores. We have no v3 integration at all yet.
  19. Yes but only on massive lists from single folders.
  20. I think that sums it up very well. Also from my experience this shouldn't impact website performance.
  21. This means your skins was developed before the newer reCaptcha options were developed. Your skins will need updating... something we can do on our Technical Support & Management plan.
  22. I've seen this many times. CubeCart itself manages PHP sessions well. The setup process depends on the server configuration. If PHP sessions aren't working then it won't work. More often than not it will work if you specify a PHP session path. The includes/extra folder can be handy for this.
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