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  1. Seems a shame to revert to this. PayPal are desperately trying to end of life PayPal standard but yes you could restore that. Does the issue persist with the default skin? Worth a try.
  2. This isn't something I've seen before. Can you post an anonymised screenshot?
  3. Clear the cookies. If it still doesn't work it's a server session config issue.
  4. Thanks for your kind words. It's a pleasure working with you.
  5. Quickly concerning #1 as I'm home and putting children to bed. It's just your cache. Please hard refresh the browser and they should shrink to their proper size. If not then the admin CSS files is using old code.
  6. Are you running Plesk? I've seen this issue on Plesk servers with out dated OpenSSL configuration. We have compatible hosting with a free migration service if it's of interest.
  7. I would expect this is something to do with your server configuration. PayPal may give a bad request if the SSL protocols are not supported. Please make sure OpenSSL is up to date and PHP is configured to use it.
  8. I would upgrade CubeCart to the latest version on PHP 8.2and then upgrade the extension when available.
  9. We have a fix here. Sorry for any inconvenience. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/commit/4be18e4a4cfe708d3a0ba79fae0ce67baad1ea0d
  10. We are offering a 14 day free trial on all web hosting plans including free migration from your existing web host. We'll even upgrade your store to the latest version at no extra cost! Our hosting is specially optimised for CubeCart stores which include; lightening fast dedicated memory caching. elasticsearch for search as you type functionality. the best CubeCart technical support direct from our developers. No more hosting middle man! Come and give us a try. Sign up now at https://hosted.cubecart.com
  11. Anything unusual about how you manage stock or anything. We had about 10 stores reporting this problem but they are all resolved since the updates. This is now the only known case. Something different must be happening.
  12. I don't think you'll find a free one. I've looked myself and failed to find one.
  13. The best way to secure your site is to upgrade it to the latest version. If you delete everything apart from the files and folders in the upgrade instructions and malicious content should be removed. Sorry that you've been having to deal with this.
  14. Sorry about this one. It's fixed in 6.5.5.
  15. Hi Dave, so long as you can get us the validation file we can do that for you via support. More info here: https://www.cubecart.com/technical-support I hope we can work with you.
  16. Hi Dave, What part of the ApplePay setup are you struggling with? You have extra steps to verify the domain.
  17. This release of CubeCart not only resolves a number of stability issues found in the previous version but patches a minor security vulnerability. We are grateful and thankful to Julio Araujo for reporting this so clearly and responsibly. The security patch (GitHub issue #3570) prevents malicious .phar type files from being uploaded via the back office of the store. Please note that a bad actor would need to have successfully authenticated into the back office in order to take advantage of this vulnerability. On those grounds we do not consider this to be a significant threat. To patch this vulnerability please either upgrade to CubeCart 6.5.5 or amend the code in the security patch linked above. Download: CubeCart-6.5.5.zip
  18. Did you see this? https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/3557 There is a code fix there. This release has been quite a dog. I'll have to get a new release out soon but I'm having to wait on something...
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