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  1. I'm having some issues upgrading. What I'm wanting to do is to create a test upgrade of the store in a different folder. The issue now is that links in the new store seem to be redirecting to the old one. So if my old store is BOB and my test upgrade is HENRY, every time I click something in HENRY (like a product or menu) then it redirects and I'm back to BOB again. And if I do force the address to HENRY then I get a 404 not found error. The admin side is working fine in HENRY and is reading from the HENRY database OK, so I'm not sure what's going on. Nevermind - worked out that .htacc
  2. I did have a rewrite set up in .htaccess to catch links coming from mysupplier.com to send to the supplier product page in my online store. I recently found that it was no longer working (probably since the site migration from old to new host years ago). The problem is that the link to www.mysite.com.au from https://www.mysupplier.com/en/retailer/online-stores/australasia/ is ending up at http://www.mysite.com.au instead of being captured by mod-rewrite and being redirected to https://www.mysite.com.au/shop/supplier-stuff.html I can't see anything in .htaccess that would be pushing the lin
  3. It would help more people than just me if plugin release notes specified which version of CubeCart they were designed for (not just v6). It would also help if older plugins were still available rather than being redirected to a new version that may not be compatible with my store. Yes, I understand that keeping CubeCart bog standard makes things easier, but it doesn't meet every business need so my own upgrades are more difficult and spaced further apart. Back to my original question: Is the PayPal Commerce plugin only for UK, France, Italy, Spain - or is it going to work for all count
  4. Is this only for UK, France, Italy, Spain - or is it going to work for all countries including Australia/New Zealand? Is this only for Cubecart 6.2.9 and php 7.4.7, or will it work for older versions like 6.1.14 and php 7.0.33 (or older v6 cubecarts and php 5.6)? More generally, are plugin updates being recommended by cubecart always compatible with the version of cubecart and php that is currently installed?
  5. I need help thinking in MySQL - working in phpMyAdmin. I want to create a query to: join order_inventory to order_summary by the order number use all of the order_inventory columns but also add the status column from order_summary (where status = processing) filter the list to show only products that DO NOT contain 2021 in the product name
  6. Something like this under the filter on products.index.php <br><button onclick='window.location.search+="&q="+prompt("enter string:");'>Search</button> Not working for me though (because I had it inside the exisiting form). But the idea would be you filter for a category and then tweak the results by searching for an item in that category. Although I DID get it to work externally as a bookmarklet, so I'll use this for now: javascript:window.location.search+="&q="+prompt("enter string:"); It is messy because it keeps appending and appending and app
  7. Would a simple approach be to use a javascript prompt and append to the URL that way?
  8. I have been editing together the URL from the search and the filter to get a filtered search result. What about a simple javascript that takes a textbox value and adds it to the URL? window.location.search += 'q=searchboxtext';
  9. Is there an easy way to add a text box and submit button to (admin) products.index.php so that admin can search within a category for matching products? Just enough to change the submitted URL from admin_stuff.php?_g=products&cat_id=72 to admin_stuff.php?_g=products&q=searchtext&cat_id=72
  10. Is anyone using this successfully? Does anyone have advice or experience with this? How useful is it? What exactly does it do and not do? Does it help to track sales or just page visits? If it tracks sales, then does it work for all gateways?
  11. By 2018/2019 code, I'm just referring to when posts were added to this topic. And by "should be", I mean that the program should be robust enough to handle +/- as input, and also AND/NOT, like this example from 2001: https://evolt.org/Boolean_Fulltext_Searching_with_PHP_and_MySQL
  12. So, would that work for OR as well? In the 2018 changes above, OR still resulted in AND. If I make the 2019 changes above and I have links or adwords set to use AND, OR and NOT in searches, are they going to need to be changed to +/- or can this be handled in the search code? In my old version, I could use AND, OR and NOT to varying degrees. My search worked on parts of words, so I could filter results for a particular product code prefix, eg. PB, and then for an item name, then remove any unwanted results. So right now, I could search for: 2019 diaries NOT bronte whi
  13. From what I can tell, this only seems to be working as an AND search. If I try "robot OR dog" what I'm getting is "robot AND dog". Can this be modified to work with AND, OR and NOT operators in the search, eg. robot AND dog, robot OR dog and robot NOT dog? Or a complex search like: robot red dog OR cat NOT plush - which would be treated as ((robot AND red) AND (dog OR cat)) NOT plush. Or even: robot dog OR grumpy cat NOT plush NOT small - ((robot AND dog) OR (grumpy AND cat)) NOT plush AND NOT small The purpose would be to show filtered search results only with no unwanted
  14. BTW - this site (woocommerce) uses radio buttons for payment gateways at checkout - you may have to add some items to cart for testing then have a look towards the bottom of the checkout page. When you click the radio button a line of text or other information appears underneath to help explain and promote the gateway to the customer - would be great to see that available in Cubecart. There is a Gateway Help option in the Cubecart checkout, but only as a clickable icon and only visible if help is available - never seen it working though.
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