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  1. You'll see by the order number, which is date-timestamp-random(?), that the timestamp part shows 17:58:27 vs 17:58:19 - so only 8 seconds apart.
  2. I had at least one customer duplicate an order only seconds apart for the same item and order total - the PayPal processing fee was different for each order. Plenty of stock, so stock level wasn't involved. I have had other duplicate orders where the PayPal fee was the same for both. This thread isn't about the store being up to date, it's about whether PayPal commerce works for older versions of CC6 - so elasticsearch shouldn't apply unless the store is 6.5 or above. If plugins/extensions require minimum Cubecart versions, then perhaps saying "Compatibility: Cubecart v6" in the marketplace isn't enough information. I'm on 6.1.14 with PayPal, PayPal Commerce, Card Capture and Oxipay/Humm - all fine for the last 4 days, but another blank gateway from PayPal Commerce today. I'd retire the old PayPal gateway if Commerce was working 100%. Can't the PayPal Commerce plugin just be updated to prevent a duplicate order from the same customer within a time limit? Order numbers will be different so some other identifier needs to be tested. From what I can see from the timestamp in the order number, the duplicate order follows 7 seconds later. This might simply be customer behaviour clicking back and forward, but customers don't remember details about what happened in that moment. I guess you don't want to throw worrying error messages or confusing freezes at the customer either, but also important for the initial transaction to work and not just look like it did (important for the customer and the store). So maybe a processing countdown?
  3. Debyink, can you check the duplicate transactions in PayPal to see if you were charged different PayPal fees for duplicate transactions of the same total value? Also, in Cubecart Admin, can you check the Order/Overview tab for some PayPal Commerce orders to see if the gateway is always showing or not - the gateway should be listed at the bottom of the order in the shipping section, just above the save buttons.
  4. Bear in mind the original question: Is PayPal Commerce OK for older versions of Cubecart 6? I would hope that the payment gateway plugin is robust enough to handle a transaction cleanly without workarounds being added to cubecart itself. Otherwise, the answer would be that the plugin requires (minimum cubecart version number) to work without error.
  5. Also, orders coming from PayPal Commerce that have WA as the state are being interpreted by CubeCart as WASHINGTON instead of WESTERN AUSTRALIA. In the billing/delivery address in the order no state is selected.
  6. I'm still getting a mixture of blank gateway and paypal_commerce from customer orders. Another customer experienced a duplicate order and duplicate payment that I had to cancel today. She said that she seemed to be sent back to PayPal twice. The order numbers indicated a 7-second gap. Shouldn't the plugin itself resist duplicate payments like this? I don't get the PayPal fee back when issuing a refund so, the more this happens, the more it costs. BTW, these duplicate orders, the first showed a blank gateway and the duplicate showed paypal_commerce. The processing fee at PayPal was the same for both orders. The transaction history in CubeCart was the same. Only difference was the time.
  7. Yes, I think that I made the preg_replace() fix long ago.
  8. I haven't tested 6.1.14 under PHP 7.4 - but given that some versions of CubeCart work/don't under different PHP versions, all I wanted to know was a PHP version where both the old and new carts would work. I didn't want to jump in at the deep and have days where the store was broken.
  9. Then is there a mid-step version of CubeCart that will work with both PHP 7.0 (or the highest that CC6.1.14 finds compatible) and PHP 7.4?
  10. I have an online store running CubeCart 6.1.14 with PHP version 7.0.33. I want to upgrade to CubeCart 6.5.3 which will require PHP version 7.4 (with 8.2 recommended). Is there a PHP maximum/minimum sweet spot for both versions of CubeCart so I can continue to run the old store while I test and modify the new one?
  11. The orders list was to show how hit and miss the PayPal Commerce is working - it looks like two different methods. The orders list is basically the default Admin/Orders screen from 6.1.14 with a column added for gateway (my needs) - also, rich text because I couldn't attach an image. I abbreviated names when posting here for customer privacy, and highlighted the duplicate orders in red so you could see that a blank gateway and the paypal_commerce gateway were both shown for much the same order. This is the same gateway information in Admin that would be visible if I clicked through to the individual order (except the underscore is removed): Delivery Information Delivery Method By Weight Delivery Product Parcel Post Gateway paypal commerce But, if the gateway is blank in my orders list, then the individual order is also missing the whole "Gateway paypal commerce" row. The customer has since responded to say that she didn't notice, click or do anything differently when she was placing her order and duplicated the payment. So, if it was just a resubmit after a few seconds then why was it processed and charged differently? And if PayPal Commerce is sometimes charging a higher amount when a lower charge may apply, then isn't this potentially costing CubeCart merchants money?
  12. Are the recent versions of CubeCart usable if we don't have a web host that supports Elasticsearch? Will future versions of CubeCart work across the board, or will all future updates be dependent on Elasticsearch? Does that mean that CubeCart merchants without access to Elasticsearch are stuck at 6.4.10? Will a non-elastic branch of CubeCart continue to be developed and updated, or at least security patched occasionally? To quote Al from 2017, considering adding Elasticsearch to CubeCart:
  13. Orders Order Number Customer Gateway Status Date Total 231103-182455-8318 Ms M M-P paypal_commerce Processing Today, 18:24 $33.90 231103-172004-2229 Mrs J B Card_Capture Processing Today, 17:20 $44.90 231103-160532-9624 L J paypal_commerce Cancelled Today, 16:05 $37.90 231103-160525-7896 L J Processing Today, 16:05 $37.90 231103-121946-2995 Dr N R paypal_commerce Processing Today, 12:19 $15.51 231103-050647-7344 J L paypal_commerce Processing Today, 05:06 $51.43 231103-001054-8764 R P Processing Today, 00:10 $36.90 231103-000326-9144 R P Processing Today, 00:03 $43.90 231102-223011-5478 R S Processing Yesterday, 22:30 $37.90 231102-182734-8990 F V Processing Yesterday, 18:27 $33.90 231102-152831-1280 Ms J V N C PayPal Processing Yesterday, 15:28 $51.90 231102-141655-3744 T W Processing Yesterday, 14:16 $51.90 231102-130545-7361 Mrs F B Card_Capture Order Complete Yesterday, 13:05 $39.40 231102-115254-6062 Mr R T Card_Capture Order Complete Yesterday, 11:52 $37.90 231101-213219-9727 K W Order Complete Nov 01 2023, 21:32 pm $85.85 231101-210216-8780 Ms C W paypal_commerce Order Complete Nov 01 2023, 21:02 pm $37.90 231101-200803-4564 A O Order Complete Nov 01 2023, 20:08 pm $40.90 231101-195315-4301 mrs C R PayPal Order Complete Nov 01 2023, 19:53 pm $42.83 231101-193420-1939 M H Order Complete Nov 01 2023, 19:34 pm $33.90 231101-190934-6652 V A paypal_commerce Order Complete Nov 01 2023, 19:09 pm $33.90 Just to show how patchy the paypal_commerce looks (blank gateways). PayPal is the old PayPal Standard, which I was hoping to phase out.
  14. I had an instance of one customer submitting a duplicate order via PayPal Commerce within moments of the first order, and in CubeCart I could see a blank gateway and paypal_commerce (comparing the order numbers is looks like only 7 seconds later, so not enough time to enter new payment information?). Both orders were processed and PayPal collected the payments. I manually refunded the second order. IDs are replaced with xxx in the examples shown below. First Order# 231103-160525-7896 - blank gateway shown in CubeCart: (info in PayPal) Gross$37.90 AUD PayPal fee-$1.29 AUD <-- different fee to second order, see below Net total$36.61 AUD Transaction Logs Transaction ID Status Amount Gateway Date/Time Notes xxx Completed $37.90 PayPal Today, 16:07 Payment successful. Address: confirmed Payer Status: unverified This Transaction ID has been processed before. Recipient account didn't match specified PayPal account. xxx COMPLETED $37.90 PayPal Commerce Today, 16:06 Payment completed for AUD 37.9 AUD xxx COMPLETED $37.90 PayPal Commerce Today, 16:05 Seller Protection: ELIGIBLE Settlement Mode: Capture PayerID: xxx Second Order# 231103-160532-9624 - paypal_commerce gateway shown in CubeCart: (info in PayPal) Gross$37.90 AUD PayPal fee-$0.96 AUD <-- different fee because of card payment? Then how was the first order different if only 7 seconds apart? Net total$36.94 AUD Also included card and the processor response details (not shown in the first order): Card type: VISA Address Verification Service (AVS): U CVV: Match Authentication status 3DS: Y- Cardholder enrolled ECI 3DS: 5- Cardholder authenticated by the issuer ECI Submitted 3DS: 05- Cardholder authenticated by the issuer Transaction Logs Transaction ID Status Amount Gateway Date/Time Notes xxx Refunded $37.90 PayPal Today, 21:57 You, the merchant, refunded the payment. This Transaction ID has been processed before. Recipient account didn't match specified PayPal account. xxx Completed $37.90 PayPal Today, 16:09 Payment successful. Address: unconfirmed Payer Status: unverified This Transaction ID has been processed before. Recipient account didn't match specified PayPal account. xxx COMPLETED $37.90 PayPal Commerce Today, 16:07 Payment completed for AUD 37.9 AUD xxx COMPLETED $37.90 PayPal Commerce Today, 16:07 Seller Protection: NOT_ELIGIBLE Settlement Mode: Capture Payment Method: Card liabilityShifted: true authenticationStatus: YES authenticationReason: ERROR
  15. Does an IPN need to be set up in my PayPal settings for PayPal Commerce? I can see an old IPN in PayPal is set up for modules/gateway/PayPal/ipn.php - this may be a relic in my PayPal settings from an older version of CubeCart as far back as v3. Update: Searched forums and changed PayPal IPN to .../index.php?_g=rm&type=gateway&cmd=call&module=PayPal
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