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  1. Any advice for 405 Not Allowed error nginx ?

    I'll have to check the server log next time it happens - being a shared server the log only shows the last minute or less from all sites hosted on the server. The PHP log is showing that my mysql user for the cubecart database... "already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections in ...classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 33" I tend to have multiple tabs open. But would max_user_connections be a problem if I had multiple customers at the same time?
  2. Any advice for 405 Not Allowed error nginx ?

    From 18 Nov to 07 Dec I've had maybe 2 or 3 occurrences of a 405 Not Allowed error, usually during closing a customer order from admin (open the order, change the status to completed, add notes and save). So far it has been difficult to trap - opening the console in Safari after the fact shows no request or response header information because the console probably has to already be open to collect any data. Still, I will say that the web host's response to increase the memory limit and execution time seems to have changed the error from reproducible to rare. Not sure why it should have any effect. Also not sure why I can't get the error to trip if I do the same action - you'd think the method would remain the same.
  3. I noticed an unusual drop in orders this week. I tested cart checkout and received 405 Not Allowed errors (nginx/1.12.1) when the Secure Checkout button is clicked and data is passed to the payment gateway. I have PayPal, Card Capture and Print Order Form gateways available and the 405 error occurs for all. The 405 error can also occur in Admin when saving product edits, so it seems to occur after submitting a form. It can be an intermittent error - repeated tries may succeed and once it works it continues to work (but most customers seem to be abandoning the effort if the store isn't working). I understand that nginx is web server software similar to Apache, but with speed and resource benefits. I contacted my host and their response was to increase the memory limit and execution time, orders seem to be coming in again but I received another 405 error updating a product so it's still an issue. Is there anything more I should suggest to my web host, or is there some PHP in CCv6.0.12 that can be edited to avoid the 405 error? (I'm stuck with 6.0.12 including security patches for now, and I don't have direct access to nginx config.)
  4. CubeCart Procedure for Managing Returns

    My request is more about managing stock level control than customers. Statistics are also involved because CubeCart might say I've sold 10 items but 6 might have been returned. I would have hoped that in CubeCart Admin, if the inventory of a customer order is changed that stock levels are also changed. Item deleted from order inventory = product added back to stock level and sale removed from statistics Item added to order inventory = product taken from stock level and sale added to statistics or perhaps keep the original item sent and put the same item on a second line as a MINUS 1 amount to show that it had been returned Would any of that work with the current version of CubeCart? Or backing out of the order process would return the stock, but there would need to be more control on when customers get sent an e-mail (a tickbox would do it, so automatic e-mail could be turned off before the order was saved). COMPLETED - stock level is current PROCESSING - back one step, stock level still current, turn off auto email PENDING - order inventory added back to stock level, turn off auto email Then, for a replacement item, adjust the order inventory and proceed through the order process again - although I don't want to confuse the customer by automatic emails saying that they just placed or paid for an order (PENDING/PROCESSING), but I do want to be able to include custom text about their completed order (like I do for every order). I guess the above would also apply to a partial refund where one item was returned and the rest kept. For a complete return and full refund of the whole order, I would probably move the status to CANCELLED and use a CubeCart email template for cancelled orders to allow some custom text. General discussion (not tech support): If you're a CubeCart merchant and you use CubeCart to manage stock levels for returns and replacements, what steps do you do?
  5. Is there a standard procedure for managing returns in CubeCart v6? Assume that a customer has purchased and received an item, but they want to return the item for (a) an exchange for another item, or (b) a refund or partial refund (they may be returning one item out of six received). Is there a way using CubeCart to: Receive the item back into CubeCart (stock level) Adjust the Customer's order (again, stock level if a replacement item issued) Generate e-mails to the customer showing that the return has been received and that a replacement item has been sent, or a refund or partial refund has been issued In older versions, it used to be possible to backtrack from Completed to Processing and then Pending to return stock, adjust the order, then Cancel for a refund or proceed again to Processing and Completed - does this still work for CCv6?
  6. Radio buttons for shipping on checkout

    Still getting instances of overseas customers being able to complete an order and pay only local delivery rates rather than airmail - for a recent order the price I paid to send the item was more than the total (goods+shipping) that the customer paid, so I felt like I sent them the goods for free and paid them a tip for my trouble. I think the issue occurs when the customer is purchasing as a guest rather than being logged in. Cubecart v6.0.12 Foundation - no upgrade until after Christmas sales period is over.
  7. API Creation

    @peterp You may like to check out ZipPay as an alternative to Afterpay. They sent me a similar API document to the one you got from Afterpay, and again no identification number to begin actual coding and testing, but they seemed ready to move to the next step and the merchant fees seemed better than Afterpay.
  8. API Creation

    Not sure about terms/conditions for using it, but because AfterPay charge around 6% compared to 2.6 % for PayPal then I'd suggest setting a floor price where AftePay would be an option - eg. orders over $50 (or whatever your average sale would be + 6%)
  9. Radio buttons for shipping on checkout

    I want the postage estimates displayed because most of my customers are local. However, I'm not sure why overseas customers have slipped through with local shipping rates. Seems to be the last two (since 13 June), all the previous overseas sales seem to have the correct shipping. My checkout has been modified for radio buttons - which is why I posted here (modifications are discussed in this thread). The radio button code changes may have caused the shipping rates to not be updated as the customer completed their details, or it may happen on a vanilla Foundation store - I don't know. I'm still using 6.0.12 (still waiting on some features before upgrading). The radio button code has been in operation since Aug 2016, so there must be another fail point.
  10. Radio buttons for shipping on checkout

    I've noticed a couple of overseas orders slipping through on local rates lately. I'm thinking that if the customer is logged in that their country is recognised and they get the correct shipping, but if the customer is new and just filling out their details then the postage (already quoted at the local rate) may not be getting updated for their country. Is there an extra check I can activate when the customer changes the country while they fill out their details?
  11. Sale for items on sale

    Keat posted this as a feature request on GitHub on 05 Sep 2016 - Issue #1222 Yes, it would help to have a checkbox to NOT apply global discount to already discounted items, but cubecart could simply test for whether the manual discount or the global discount is less and just apply the lowest price for that item. I notice that Al closed the issue in early May 2017, but there is no indication that it was implemented at all. I get the feeling that a lot of cobwebs in Cubecart's GitHub were cleared out in May and that a lot of issues and requests were trashed. But it is still listed in the Request a Feature voting page (although I placed a third vote from Dirty Butter's link above and when I searched through the list it only had one vote and a slightly different link): https://features.cubecart.com/topic/feature-request-exclude-items-on-sale-from-global-sale-mode_8
  12. The current Font Awesome animation for making the shopping cart icon repeatedly pulse larger and smaller (if basket contains item) works for current Mac and Android versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Untested on Windows Edge. The move to SVG animation will be part of a larger store upgrade, so will be a while before I have anything to show.
  13. Sorry, I still live in a WTF is Edge world. Try a webkit browser like Chrome or Safari.
  14. Try a different browser or a smartphone to see if the effect is different. This is just using the font-awesome-animate javascript library, so any limitations are either with that or with my IF $CONTENTS > 0 statement for the animation effect.
  15. fuzzy search

    "We Recommend" won't work in my case - I want to be able to make as many links to custom search results as I like (for instance, grouping three product designs together but only showing a specific size - sizes are separate products in my store so it's easy). If I want to search for a secret tag then I can just put that in <!--comments--> in the product description and my search will pick it up OK. Like I said, my custom search using AND, OR & NOT is working just fine in 6.0.12 with only a syntax error (an extra AND) but that doesn't cause it to fall over - just have to get it working for 6.1.5. My search is very specific and shows only the desired products without further items. If I check my search log and see that people are searching for particular words or phrases that clearly wouldn't return good results, then that's a cue to me to improve my copy text for SEO - which is probably good practice anyway.