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  1. Yeah, but this is incidental - just an address finder and shouldn't cause any issues. I'll check for updated code, but low priority. I still had duplicate orders with PP Commerce 1.9.3 after the button fix was implemented, but am on 1.9.5 now. Haven't had any duplicates recently only because turnover has dropped in the slow season. I'd expect more from mid-May when things pick up again. Hopefully, there's a fix by then.
  2. No, but only if you have one item. They can purchase again if stock is available. Or they may duplicate the order with missing items and not understand why items are now missing. If they are confused and can proceed with a duplicate order, some customers will click through again. Any workaround would be considered a win if it stops duplicate orders through PayPal and refund losses from PayPal charges.
  3. Or at least an alert to warn against duplicating order/payment.
  4. I'll note here that my store is set to reduce stock on processing, but I've had customers with this same problem even before PayPal Commerce.
  5. Please re-read posts from Dec 15 through to now. I found two comments from Debyink about the confusion process that customers reported. I also note that one of my customers used Microsoft Edge for a duplicate order - so not just a Safari issue.
  6. It's not just a button double-click though. Confusion leads the customer back to the store thinking there is something wrong so they purchase again - need to stop a second order from happening and make it more obvious to the customer that the first order was successful.
  7. @Debyink Are you using the most recent PayPal Commerce 1.9.5? I was still using 1.9.3 up until just now, but I was still getting occasional duplicate orders/payments with that version - not sure if there has been additional work to stop that since 1.9.3, but I'll chime in if I notice anything. Safari is the default browser on Apple products, and it's not like iPhone and iPad users are a small group that can be ignored.
  8. Oxipay/Humm may not be available after Feb 2024 - BNPL Pty Ltd (formerly known as Certegy Ezi-Pay Pty Ltd) updated their "trading approach" and ended many retailer agreements (probably smaller retailers?) PayPal Pay-in-4 now seems to be the only pay-by-instalment option left for CubeCart, at least for Australian stores - we need other options for CubeCart.
  9. I can't see any errors in the request log. Customer reported back: "I can't remember exactly but it was something to do with paypal. I'm afraid I wasn't paying very close attention, so I may have accidentally triggered it to pay twice? I'm sorry if that isn't very helpful." I don't think it's as simple as double-clicking a button. Again, I feel that something in the process is confusing the customer, so they go back and try again (within seconds) which duplicates the order and the payment, but with a different order number. Can't there be a timer function built in to disallow a second order from the same customer within 30 seconds? Or that completely blocks a duplicate order from the same email address + product codes + delivery address?
  10. No help from the customer yet, but my web log shows: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36 So I'm guessing that's Chrome 111.0 running on Mac OS. Possibly on an iPhone because the IP address showed a phone carrier, but these can provide service for home/desktop internet too.
  11. Just had a customer pay for duplicate orders within 4 seconds, judging by the CubeCart order number. PayPal Commerce v 1.9.3 so this issue is not resolved. One order shows the paypal_commerce gateway and the other shows a blank gateway - so that's not fixed and might be connected (first order had the blank gateway). The PayPal transaction history in CubeCart is the same except for the transaction ID. In PayPal, the payments were processed 25 seconds apart. (sigh) Another refund that costs me the non-refundable PayPal transaction fee.
  12. It's always going to be difficult to get accurate steps from a customer - they're never going to be fully aware of where they are or what they did. Perhaps there's some error log that can be generated (or temporarily add that ability) - also capture browser/platform details? At least the clues for this one were: Microsoft Edge Pressed pay twice within a few seconds because they thought they had to pay again for postage So it has to be something that can confuse a customer in a matter of seconds so they click again. Debyink mentioned iPad/Safari, so if it's the same issue maybe not browser-specific. My feeling is something causing customer confusion in the process. If double-click is disabled in 1.9.3, then it must be a second attempt by the customer.
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