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  1. Bryan_TAO

    Attaching a PDF to a product

    Thanks LKW .... it's certainly an option!
  2. Bryan_TAO

    Attaching a PDF to a product

    Ah, right! Then can I please vote for the ability to add a file as I described as a new feature in the next upgrade? I'm surprised a third party needs to be involved at a cost to meet this very simple need :-) Thank you. Bryan.
  3. Hi, I can add an image(s) to a product with a few mouse clicks but I cannot find a way of attaching a file - say a PDF - to a product other than using a link in the Description text editor which requires a URL. I can upload files to the Public folder but how do I link to them in a simple way? Thank you. Bryan.
  4. Thank you bsmither! Lots of trials, mostly errors :-) but I got there in the end!
  5. Hi bsmither I'm sorry to be a pain - and I don't know if asking this is possible as I'm a bit of a dinosaur and not used to Forums and the etiquette involved - but is it possible for you to make the second changes to the attached dashboard.index.inc file as every time I try I break it! I made the changes in the first part of your instructions to remove the Recent Marketplace Extensions and saved that; great! But I cannot make the second part work to remove News & Announcements. Thank you in hopeful anticipation. Bryan. dashboard.index.inc.php
  6. Thank you very much! Bryan
  7. Hi, am I permitted to comment out/remove the News & Announcements Latest Topics section on the Dashboard and if so - how please? Thank you. Bryan.
  8. ..... and the patch is please Ian?
  9. Hi, if I login and register then use the Forgotten Password feature all works as it should. If I use the Forgotten Password with an incorrect (therefore not registered) email I get a white page with "Fail" in the top l/h corner. Should it work like that??? I had hoped for something a little more elegant and informative by way of an error page 🙂
  10. Bryan_TAO

    Renaming main (root) folder

    Many thanks for your in depth explanation...
  11. Bryan_TAO

    Renaming main (root) folder

    What is the purpose of the RewriteBase folder please?
  12. Bryan_TAO

    Renaming main (root) folder

    Hi folks .... I started putting together a Webstore in a folder called /Cubecart and hadn't realised just how much valid work I had done on behalf of my client before wanting to change the root folder name. I have taken a copy of this folder and then uploaded again as /theclientsname and everything seems to work just fine .... the cart is using the same DB and the DB has not been moved or renamed. QUESTION: Have I created any problems ahead of me by doing this? If there's any doubt to the stability of the install now then I'd rather start again and install / setup the prog in the client's folder from scratch. But if it's not necessary I can save myself some work! Thank you. Bryan.
  13. Bryan_TAO

    Shared Hosting on 1&1 Windows Server

    Thanks guys! I'll take that all on board and try again!!!!
  14. Hi Guys I have tried installing on 1&1 in the UK - a shared Windows Hosting package - and the prog installs but shows "curl" is not installed. I can login to Admin but I cannot see the Store Front ... just a blank page appears. Any ideas? Do I need Curl? Should I look to Host elsewhere - though I'd rather not!? Thank you ....