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  1. I'll give that a try ... Worse case scenario is it has to stay as it is. Thank you!
  2. Sorry! Image 2 is actually the top image as it uploaded!!! It's the top image I'd like to achieve - everything in line.
  3. Dare I ask? I haven't started a new topic because it's a "silly" request. My client is asking if the basket at the top right of the screen can be lined up as per image 2 attached?
  4. That's perfect! Thank you. Also; thank you for the heads up on image sizing ... because now I presume I'll need a larger source image to have that larger image display on a mouse click/tap? I can't help thinking that it's a great pity that knowledge such as yours about the image handling in general couldn't be added to the Help section on the actual software Finally; if I may ... how do I space out the images in this same skin for a mobile screen - please see attached. As times before, thank you very much!
  5. Hi Graham It's a fudge Graham, my client is happy to use three shipping methods: FREE To Collect FREE On Orders Over £30 Standard Delivery Per Order £2.99 the vast majority of the craft items she sells are small and easily posted. I hope this helps! Bryan
  6. Hi Can anyone help with this please? Cubecart 6.2.5 Skin: e-sharp When I call up a product on my PC that has multiple images the hover-zoom function does not work .. the zoom square appears but it is not zoomed. When I do the same on my iPhone 6 the main image appears as do the the additional images that are uploaded for that product ... but I cannot enlarge the main image nor can I view any of the secondary images because a non-working zoom box appears on top of them. Please see attached photos. URL is https://www.nativasbuxton.co.uk/Webshop/shoes/candles-bu
  7. Hi Ian Good idea! I use StatCounter instead of Google for my clients as Google is just so involved I think it loses the plot with too much info. I'll look at the skin. Thank you! Bryan.
  8. Hi How can I add analytics code other than Google?
  9. Hi Can I stop the Gravatar/avatar image appearing beside a customer review? See image
  10. Thank you very much for that in-depth reply. Much appreciated! Bryan
  11. Thanks for your reply. I'm using sub-total based shipping and only in the UK so I have no zones set up. No text field exists on my screen other than "Method/description" in which I have entered "Postage & Packing" Any other thoughts?
  12. Hi I'm using this excellent module but it adds it's name to the shipping description on the invoice etc. Should it? Can I stop it? Please see image. Thank you Bryan.
  13. Hi, Is it possible from the Admin CP to: 1). Add a new / edit an existing an order status 2). Change the wording that appears onscreen when an order has been placed. Example of wording: Many thanks for your order! Payment has been received and your order is now being processed.
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