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  1. Thanks LKW .... it's certainly an option!
  2. Ah, right! Then can I please vote for the ability to add a file as I described as a new feature in the next upgrade? I'm surprised a third party needs to be involved at a cost to meet this very simple need :-) Thank you. Bryan.
  3. Hi, I can add an image(s) to a product with a few mouse clicks but I cannot find a way of attaching a file - say a PDF - to a product other than using a link in the Description text editor which requires a URL. I can upload files to the Public folder but how do I link to them in a simple way? Thank you. Bryan.
  4. Thank you bsmither! Lots of trials, mostly errors :-) but I got there in the end!
  5. Hi bsmither I'm sorry to be a pain - and I don't know if asking this is possible as I'm a bit of a dinosaur and not used to Forums and the etiquette involved - but is it possible for you to make the second changes to the attached dashboard.index.inc file as every time I try I break it! I made the changes in the first part of your instructions to remove the Recent Marketplace Extensions and saved that; great! But I cannot make the second part work to remove News & Announcements. Thank you in hopeful anticipation. Bryan. dashboard.index.inc.php
  6. Hi, am I permitted to comment out/remove the News & Announcements Latest Topics section on the Dashboard and if so - how please? Thank you. Bryan.
  7. Hi, if I login and register then use the Forgotten Password feature all works as it should. If I use the Forgotten Password with an incorrect (therefore not registered) email I get a white page with "Fail" in the top l/h corner. Should it work like that??? I had hoped for something a little more elegant and informative by way of an error page
  8. Many thanks for your in depth explanation...
  9. What is the purpose of the RewriteBase folder please?
  10. Hi folks .... I started putting together a Webstore in a folder called /Cubecart and hadn't realised just how much valid work I had done on behalf of my client before wanting to change the root folder name. I have taken a copy of this folder and then uploaded again as /theclientsname and everything seems to work just fine .... the cart is using the same DB and the DB has not been moved or renamed. QUESTION: Have I created any problems ahead of me by doing this? If there's any doubt to the stability of the install now then I'd rather start again and install / setup the prog in the client's folder from scratch. But if it's not necessary I can save myself some work! Thank you. Bryan.
  11. Thanks guys! I'll take that all on board and try again!!!!
  12. Hi Guys I have tried installing on 1&1 in the UK - a shared Windows Hosting package - and the prog installs but shows "curl" is not installed. I can login to Admin but I cannot see the Store Front ... just a blank page appears. Any ideas? Do I need Curl? Should I look to Host elsewhere - though I'd rather not!? Thank you ....
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