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  1. We are currently evaluating our merchants appetite for an omnichannel solution so that your CubeCart powered store can sync in real time with a point of sale system and vice versa. Please take a moment to complete the short survey at the URL below. Survey URL: https://forms.gle/fw4RTw8GsFAKRfxr8
  2. CubeCart wouldn't set that path. It would take the value set in the php.ini
  3. This would be completely automated in real time so much better.
  4. I just wanted to put feelers out concerning a Point Of Sale systems for CubeCart. Would any merchants reading this be interested in a new POS system for CubeCart that synchronises product inventory between the two? Do any merchants reading this have such a system already and if so can you let us know how your provider is and the scope of its functionality? Any other feedback? Thanks, Al
  5. This is a maintenance release with a few minor new features. Upgrade is recommended but not essential. What's new? - 8 new features including removal of 350Kb image upload limit. - miscellaneous bug fixes and optimisations. Download: CubeCart-6.4.5.zip Other news Our PayPal Commerce integration now supports Venmo! To take advantage of this please make sure your PayPal Commerce extension is at 1.6.0 or higher. 1Focus Vision, Commissioned by PayPay, October 2020. The Venmo Behaviour Study explores valuable insights for merchants to consider to reach a broader audience including 2,217 Venmo customers' financial habits, purchasing behaviours and perceptions of Venmo as a payment tool. 2Statista Global Consumer Surveys as on July 2020. The target population are internet users in U.S. between 18 and 64 years of age.
  6. So I think in conclusion the rich snippets work but took a little while to show in the search engine.
  7. Nice one. Concentrate on that for now.
  8. Great job Dave and welcome to CubeCart!! I believe @NiteFox is releasing his cool themes to us come 7th Feb. Worth waiting out for.
  9. Did you upload the images first and update the file list. Only then can you import the spreadsheet otherwise the import won't find the image to assign. Also make 100% sure the file path is relative to the images/source folder. Say for example the image path is https://www.example.com/shop/images/source/folder/pic.jpg the value in the spreadsheet must be folder/pic.jpg . Anything else won't work.
  10. Did you check the images/cache folder was writable? 0755, 0775 or 0777. Try changing the chmod value in that order recurring.
  11. Downgraded PHP? CC will be fine so long as it's not PHP 8
  12. Welcome!! Anything in your system error log? There is as link to this on the admin navigation menu. There may be a permissions issue or missing GD library...
  13. Is it that crude or do search engines take into account microdata? I'd hope the latter.
  14. I asked Richard to post here as my knowledge in this area is poor. The website already has valid Schema Markup for products with review data. https://validator.schema.org/#url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.extremeracing.co.uk%2Fsummer-one-piece-base-layer.html I can't see any reason why Google can't show the rating on their listing but does anyone know much about the criteria for this to get it showing? No doubt this is a fairly hot topic for all CC merchants.
  15. It's quite a complex landscape and I'm not quite sure we are comparing apples and pears here and the product and service offering isn't the same.
  16. No fee for taking card payments for you? So who pays visa etc? Can't be right.
  17. What do they charge and isn't there a monthly fee from your business bank account?
  18. But what are you comparing to? All card processors have fees. Stripe: 1.4% + 20p PayPal: 1.2% + 30p Square: 1.9%
  19. Isn't it 1.2% + 30p per transaction?
  20. Not competitive compared to what?
  21. Are PayPal's fees not competitive these days? I was under the impression they were pretty reasonable looking at the overall market.
  22. What changs in the PP commerce extension would make it work for you? Just default option and position? Using commerce will increase conversions as opposed to the old fashioned standard paypal integration.
  23. OK thanks for the feedback. I suppose the huge barrier with bank transfer is the huge upheaval of the customer actually doing it. Lost sales could make this a false cost saving.
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