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  1. Thanks, @bsmither All of my indexes say "OK" so I have no idea what the problem is with this one site. I have a few other CC shops on the same server with no issues but of course they don't have monster databases. Hmmmm
  2. Does anyone happen to know if there is a guide to indexing the tables?
  3. My store is a download store so the orders and download records are in the millions. I switched from an older dedicated server to a new VPS about a year ago, hoping for some improvement but no luck. The other thing I'd like to try to do is find a way to identify and delete possible orphaned download and order records. Maybe the database is getting stuck looking for something that might not be there? I just don't know. My downloads table has 1,299,799 records and order inventory is at 1,300,401. I don't know if that discrepancy is significant or not but they should match considering everything I sell is a download, right?
  4. Is there a way to see when the last time a customer logged in was? My database is 10+ years old and I've managed to delete customer accounts who had 0 orders and were older than 1 year but I'm still left with nearly 80K customer accounts. I think it would be great if I could reduce my database further by deleting customer accounts who have not logged in in the past 5 years or so. My database lags so badly that I can't view statistics or do any type of exports and I'd really like to start exploring ways to pare it down.
  5. I already have a mailchimp popup on my shop's index page. Could this popup show up in the catalog pages and not the homepage?
  6. Thank you so much for your reply. I see the problem but I'm not sure what's triggering it. I will dig around for the raw access files.
  7. Admin emails, contact form emails, and password reset emails are all being sent normally, one time. So odd.
  8. It looks like this: order confirmation payment confirmation downloads order confirmation 2 payment confirmation 2 downloads 2 I remember some time ago I had disabled the payment confirmation email but they are back now. V 6.6.13 thank you
  9. I've been so tied up with one of my sites that went nuts that I failed to notice that another one of my sites has been sending double confirmation emails for the past few weeks. Everything seems to be processing correctly but the customer is getting 2x each email that would normally go out once. I ran a test order and if no payment is involved, one email goes out. If a payment is made, the emails are doubled. Anyone else? Or if anyone knows where to look to figure this out I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  10. @Al Brookbanks would this be something that I need to subscribe to tech support for? (see info above from Braintree)
  11. Here’s what I just got from Braintree. Hmmmm Jacque D. (Braintree) May 1, 4:13 PM CDT Thanks for reaching out. I would be happy to help! It looks like you are using a third-party shopping cart built by CubeCart. Since neither Braintree nor a developer contracted by Braintree built this extension, our information about this issue is limited and we're only able to offer very basic support. Ultimately, you will need to reach out to CubeCart directly for further troubleshooting of these errors. That said, I took a look at transaction ID xxxxxxxx linked in the screenshot you sent, along with several other transactions. It looks like the initial transaction sale call was sent from your integration at 7:44:54 PM CT. A duplicate transaction sale call was sent 9 seconds later with the same information. This pattern seems to have happened multiple times over the past few weeks, which would explain why you are seeing this error multiple times. The second transaction then received the 91564 validation error you are seeing within CubeCart. Typically when we see this, it is because a customer is double clicking the payment button. I would ensure that your integration prevents that as that could be causing this issue. It also looks like your integration is not handling the responses from Braintree correctly. This is why your transactions are showing a failed message, even though they appear to be successful. Ultimately, CubeCart should be able to help with the information provided above. Please feel free to CC us on any communication and we would be happy to offer further insight from our side. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions. Best, Jacque D. Braintree This email is a service from Braintree. [DO62ZM-M387]
  12. Braintree logs are failures, Paypal standard are missing.
  13. Does this sound like it could be an issue with the php version? I'm running three different CC6 stores on my dedicated server but had the php version increased to allow this specific store to be upgraded. The other two stores are fine. I ended up disabling outgoing email by entering fake smtp info but I can see the site is still trying to shoot off multiple payment confirmation emails and of course I can't stay like this with no email but I'm waiting for help from the person who did my upgrade. Just trying to somehow figure out what in the world happened so I can get my store back up.
  14. Thanks, I’ll try that. I was also considering deleting the associated email template and then adding back after this is resolved. Still sending even with email credentials removed. This is nuts!
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