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  1. I think I remember that there was a way to create a coupon that would apply to an entire order when the basket contained specific products. Example: Save 25% on your entire purchase when your order includes (product). Am I imagining things? LOL Thanks!
  2. I know this is an older post but do you mind sharing how you did that?
  3. Download links lost when order is reassigned

    What I've been doing is reassigning all orders placed under the incorrect email address to the correct email address and then deleting the incorrect account, only because sometimes the customer will have an existing correct account but manage to type their email incorrectly and set up a new account during checkout. I hope hope hope that a future update will include an email verification when registering accounts. I get a good number of ".con", "yahoo", "gmai", more than usual lately.
  4. Download links lost when order is reassigned

    It's both. On the admin side, there's no link below the product like there usually is (only after I reassign) On the customer side, they actually do receive a working link via email but no button in the downloads section in their account on the website.
  5. Download links lost when order is reassigned

    Sorry about that. So this is normal? I know CubeCart gives us the ability to assign an order to a different account but I'm not sure how to accomplish that with my orders since they all contain download links. Its frustrating that I seem to be getting more and more customers mistyping their email addresses when they register their account. Hmmm
  6. Download links lost when order is reassigned

    Thanks for your reply. The download links are totally wiped out from the order once I reassign it to the correct customer ID. The products in the order summary appear as if they are physical goods. No download option anywhere
  7. I sell digital downloads and I often have customers who register with a typo in their email and never receive order emails and are unable to login, etc... They usually end up setting up a new account with the correct information and then contacting us when they don't see any order history. I can then go in and reassign the order to the correct customer, save it, and it will show up in their order history but none of the download links transfer. Everything else is retained. Im not sure if there's a way to correct this or even better, to have customers double verify the email address field when creating an account.
  8. Item info missing from order

    Another one for me today.
  9. Hi all, I sell digital products only and in the past I've had an option for customers to purchase our entire catalog on CD. I'd like to save myself the expense of supplies and postage by setting up the option for customers to purchase something that would allow them access to download whichever products from the site within a specific time frame. It would be like a gift certificate but instead of a set dollar amount, the code would be 100% off with an expiration date, valid only for the specific customer who purchased. Is there a way to modify the GC system like this? I was also looking at Noodlemans reward points system if it would allow me to set a product to have a very high number of set reward points without affecting everything else but I'm not sure if that will work. I'm open to any suggestions! Thanks!
  10. Item info missing from order

    Still getting them here, too. Any updates?
  11. customers able to use multiple coupons on one order

    I do have the SFWS plugin. Where did ya'll find the update?
  12. Is there a way to prevent the use of multiple coupons on a single order? They can apply multiple coupons until the total is zero, thankfully not many have figured this out but there's a big potential for losses here. Example: Subtotal$50.00 coupon1 (50.00%)$25.00 coupon2 (70.00%) $52.50 Total Discount$52.50 Grand Total$0.00
  13. Item info missing from order

    This is still killing me! Aghhh!
  14. [Resolved] Missing transaction logs/PayPal IPN

    Try this
  15. [Resolved] Missing transaction logs/PayPal IPN

    I checked my IPN history and I also see the shorter URL with everything after the ampersand missing on the transactions that I'm missing logs for.