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  1. I do have the SFWS plugin. Where did ya'll find the update?
  2. Is there a way to prevent the use of multiple coupons on a single order? They can apply multiple coupons until the total is zero, thankfully not many have figured this out but there's a big potential for losses here. Example: Subtotal$50.00 coupon1 (50.00%)$25.00 coupon2 (70.00%) $52.50 Total Discount$52.50 Grand Total$0.00
  3. This is still killing me! Aghhh!
  4. Try this
  5. I checked my IPN history and I also see the shorter URL with everything after the ampersand missing on the transactions that I'm missing logs for.
  6. It would be nice in future updates if only completed orders showed up as downloads in the customer area. My customers get confused when they have products from pending or cancelled orders showing up in the download section.
  7. I'm running 6.1.1. Ill need to wait for another wonky order to come in to check the database. I've been deleting these orders because they generate a download button that confuses the customers.
  8. My IPN is on but I haven't updated the return URL in forever. Maybe it's changed? I see the IPNs going out in my PayPal history and the response is 200. I'm getting email receipts but about half of my incoming payments are missing from my cubecart transaction logs so I'm having to be constantly checking and manually completing orders. I really have no clue why some are coming in and some aren't! They're all there in PayPal but I know they are not always reliable.
  9. I sure hope so! I contacted PayPal and they said they are not experiencing any issues but you never know with them.
  10. I believe this is a separate issue -- it's only a handful of random orders and has been going on since before the PayPal issue. In these orders with missing links, payment is processed as usual and the order completes. The customer sees a download button in the customer area but it says the file is missing. When I view the order in admin, I can see there is no link under the product. I can find any rhyme or reason. It seems to happen to a handful of orders each week.
  11. I am getting the occasional order that is missing the download link. All of my products are digital and all the files are present. This is a totally random thing. Sometimes the site just doesn't create a download link for the customer. Whats ive been doing is logging in as the customer and re-ordering and then going into admin and completing the order. This will generate the links but it's a pain! It's not all orders but it happened enough to be an annoyance.
  12. Is anyone else having an issue with missing transaction logs? I sell a digital product that customers expext instantly. a good number (but not all) of my PayPal transactions are not showing up in the transaction logs and the orders are stuck in pending. The IPN history on PayPal's site shows the missing transactions. This came out of the blue yesterday -- no changes have been made to the site.
  13. Big mystery! Thanks for your help. I'll dig into it more tomorrow and see what I can find.
  14. I did receive an email. It shows 2 items, one looks totally normal and the other has no name, qty 1 and cost 0. The order details in the database only show the normal item. No sign of the ghost item at all. Many times when I see these orders come through, the qty is a larger number, like the customer tried to add the product over and over.