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  1. I always upgrade to the latest version when I see the notification in the dashboard. according to my upgrade history I've been on "6.2.1" since Tuesday, 12 June 2018. and I was on "6.2.0-b1" since Monday, 23 April 2018 before that. I don't know the exact date when this started as my store doesn't get much activity and it's pretty spread out among my products, it only became noticeable when one particular product started getting a lot of attention and I went from 3 orders a week to 3 orders a day (as fast as I can make them). So far I haven't had any problems since disabling the cache. EDIT: For reference I have a completely vanilla/unmodified installation. The only modules I'm using is the "USPS Shipping Module" for shipping and the "PayPal Standard Payment Gateway" for payments.
  2. I had suspected this was related to caching so I found the "Enable Caching" setting under performance and set it to "Disabled". I've had this disabled for 3 days now and haven't experienced a single miscount of my inventory since. I'm not sure why inventory counts are being cached at all, or why it wouldn't be properly updating the cached values, but so far this seems to be the only solution that has worked.
  3. I can't say for sure. But I've not experienced this problem on any of my non-matrix items, and I have tested for it. I will say that by disabling "main stock level as matrix stock level summary" option and set the main stock level to 0 it went from happening 90% of the time to about 5% of the time, so if nothing else its RELATED to the global stock level. The problem is that it's intermittent. I will have 20 purchases that will properly deplete the stock then I'll get 3 in a row that wont. When I have setup test items out of 40 some odd "test purchases" it only failed to deplete the inventory twice.
  4. I disabled the "main stock level as matrix stock level summary" option and set the main stock level to 0 for all of my items that use the matrix and that seemed to work for a few days but then today, once again it started allowing unlimited orders for an item I only had 1 of in stock. Does no one have any other suggestions on how to fix this?
  5. Set the inventory to 0 white 0 black this morning... I just got a email notification that a new order was placed... for a white item, check the product page and it was showing 2 white in inventory again!? I set the inventory to 0 again and saved and refreshed to confirm it was still 0. I visit my product page and the store front is letting me load up as many of this item as I want !? I'm going to have to remove the product page altogether if this keeps allowing sales to go through like this. EDIT: I finally got it to show out of stock but I had to force "clear cache" and "clear SQL cache" from the maintenance page before it would stop allowing orders. playing around it seems this same issue is plaguing all of my other items as well (just not as noticeable since they're less popular and I don't often run out of stock). It seems as though whatever value has been cached will stick... I tried placing an order for one of my other items and it DID NOT deplete inventory untill I went and redid a forced clear cache. What do I do to fix this?
  6. OK, so changing this setting did not fix the issue. Yesterday morning I changed the setting and I set the inventory to 3 white and 0 black because that's what I had on hand. in the evening I had 2 orders for white but the inventory showed I had 2 white still in stock. (so one ordered properly depleted the other did not) I double checked that that "use stock level" box was unchecked (it was) and set the inventory to 1 white. this morning I woke up and I had 2 more orders for white and inventory was showing I had 2 white in stock!!! So not only did it fail to deplete it somehow added stock.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. If I understand you correctly you're suggesting I uncheck the "use stock level" check box on the Product's "General" tab for those items where I want inventory controlled by the options matrix? I'll give that a try.
  8. Recently the inventory on my site hasn't been depleting properly. I honestly don't know how long it'd be going on but occasionally I'd do a product count and find I'd be off by 1, I'd chalked it up to maybe not doing my count correctly, but recently I've been doing a lot more sales and selling out a lot more regularly and the store has been selling more than what I have available. I did a test this morning. The product is setup with an options matrix, the user can choose to buy in either black or white color and I track inventory for the two colors separately. this morning I set the inventory to 2 white and 2 black. By the end of day I had 1 order for white and 4 orders for black and cube cart showed as still having 1 white and 1 black in stock. This is extremely problematic because now I have orders for items that I don't have in inventory. I've attached some images of my inventory settings below. (the inventory count on black is after I manually set it to 0 to keep from getting anymore orders) Any help would be appreciated as my store is getting more popular I'm constantly selling out of these items and I can't keep managing this manually and dealing from the fallout over orders for inventory I don't have.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. this is the biggest thing I'm looking for and it wasn't apparent if that was included reading the link above. I'll definitely be giving your plugin a try!
  10. I sell 3D printed items and a I get a lot of requests for custom orders for things that I don't normally sell through my site. or a lot of time people will want to order items that aren't currently in stock. I can go into the admin panel and "Create" and order which is great but then there doesn't seem to be any way for it to use my USPS module to calculate shipping, nor is there any way for me to send that invoice to my customer so that they can send payment through the site. Is there an option I'm missing to do this? If not is there a module that allows for me to do this. My idea situation would be this: 1. I'd select an existing customer. 2. I'd create an order for that customer after which they would be sent an email informing them that their invoice is ready 3. they'd click a a link in that email and be taken to the site where they can confirm or change the shipping address/ have shipping calculated for them using my shipping module/ submit their payment through my payment gateway. 4. the order would continue like any other order at that point.
  11. the error being returned is "Invalid Country Name" Response received <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <IntlRateV2Response><Package ID="0"><Error><Number>-2147218043</Number><Source>;IntlRateV2.ProcessRequest</Source><Description>Unable to calculate international postage. No services available. Invalid Country Name</Description><HelpFile/><HelpContext/></Error></Package></IntlRateV2Response> Russia is listed as "Russian Federation" in the USPS Plugin country list. All of the country names are provided by the plugin, AFAIK I can't change them. EDIT: it seems the country list in the plugin is borrowed from the " countries/zones" list in cube cart... I changed "Russian Federation" to "Russia" and now it's providing postage options for Russia!
  12. I'm located in the USA and I'm using the USPS Shipping module. I have a customer from Russia who is receiving this message when attempting to check out: For reference the package weight is 0.75 lbs with dimensions of 10inx6inx4in and is being shipped to Moscow 123007 NO OTHER CUSTOMERS are having this problem. I do a lot of shipments of this size all over the world without problems but this is the first customer I've had from Russia so I'd suspect it has to do with that. In the module configuration "Russian Federation" is listed in the "allowed zones" list and it is not on the "restricted zones" list. ---- Now USPS does allowing shipping to Russia but they do not allow "click-n-ship" labels for Russia generated through their official website; they must be filled out in person. so I'm wondering if maybe there is a flag somewhere that is causing the app to not calculate the shipping cost. Any better understanding of what's going on would be appreciated.
  13. That warning only occurred once, over the course of a half-dozen orders placed so I'm not sure what exactly is triggering it. I don't want to start mucking around with the tax settings unless I can find the exact steps that cause the error to occur. That doesn't concern me nearly as much as the bright red " Security Alert: Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) " that my customers are seeing whenever they place an order.
  14. I just checked and it is V1.0.5 my store is fairly new so this is the only version of the module I've ever run. I haven't tried deleting and re-installing it, I'll try that later tonight if you think it will help? My store is indeed https, is there a way to ensure paypal sends back as https as well? I can't seem to find any specific "tax exempt" option, where is this located? Currently I simply have all of the tax rules disabled in the tax panel.
  15. I operate out of a states that doesn't collect sales taxes so that's possibly why it's dividing by zero Thanks! My only remaining concern is the "potential cross-site scripting" warning that is comming up when user's complete an order and return to the store from Paypal. What's causing this to occur and how do I stop it?
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