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  1. admin/skins/default/templates/filemanager.index.php -found $STREAMABLE on line 116 admin/skins/default/templates/orders.index.php found on line 179: <a href="?_g=products&action=edit&product_id={$product.product_id}">{$product.name}</a> admin_xxxxxx/skins/default/templates/filemanager.index.php -cannot find $STREAMABLE admin_xxxxxx/skins/default/templates/orders.index.php - on line 171 has just {$product.name} with no href
  2. there is an "admin" folder and there is 1 "admin_xxxxxx" folder.
  3. how do I fix that? do I just overwrite the admin folder files? Also, how did that happen by using the built in update functionality?
  4. On the order summary page: it also appears like this when printing the summary page. it looks correct on the order inventory page as you can see above, and is also correct on the public facing product page. it's only incorrect on the summary page/summary page print out.
  5. Last November I opened this issue: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2698 (related: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2703) The issue occurred after upgrading from 6.2.9 to 6.4.1 (upgrade was performed via the dashboard, so I never manually touched any files). I'm currently on 6.4.2 (again upgraded via dashboard) and I'm still having this issue, but I see it's marked as closed. What do I need to do to install this fix? I've been writing out the product options by hand and I really need this fixed. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. the error being returned is "Invalid Country Name" Response received <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <IntlRateV2Response><Package ID="0"><Error><Number>-2147218043</Number><Source>;IntlRateV2.ProcessRequest</Source><Description>Unable to calculate international postage. No services available. Invalid Country Name</Description><HelpFile/><HelpContext/></Error></Package></IntlRateV2Response> Russia is listed as "Russian Federation" in the USPS Plugin country list. All of the country names are provided by the plugin, AFAIK I can't change them. EDIT: it seems the country list in the plugin is borrowed from the " countries/zones" list in cube cart... I changed "Russian Federation" to "Russia" and now it's providing postage options for Russia!
  7. I'm located in the USA and I'm using the USPS Shipping module. I have a customer from Russia who is receiving this message when attempting to check out: For reference the package weight is 0.75 lbs with dimensions of 10inx6inx4in and is being shipped to Moscow 123007 NO OTHER CUSTOMERS are having this problem. I do a lot of shipments of this size all over the world without problems but this is the first customer I've had from Russia so I'd suspect it has to do with that. In the module configuration "Russian Federation" is listed in the "allowed zones" list and it is not on the "restricted zones" list. ---- Now USPS does allowing shipping to Russia but they do not allow "click-n-ship" labels for Russia generated through their official website; they must be filled out in person. so I'm wondering if maybe there is a flag somewhere that is causing the app to not calculate the shipping cost. Any better understanding of what's going on would be appreciated.
  8. That warning only occurred once, over the course of a half-dozen orders placed so I'm not sure what exactly is triggering it. I don't want to start mucking around with the tax settings unless I can find the exact steps that cause the error to occur. That doesn't concern me nearly as much as the bright red " Security Alert: Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) " that my customers are seeing whenever they place an order.
  9. I just checked and it is V1.0.5 my store is fairly new so this is the only version of the module I've ever run. I haven't tried deleting and re-installing it, I'll try that later tonight if you think it will help? My store is indeed https, is there a way to ensure paypal sends back as https as well? I can't seem to find any specific "tax exempt" option, where is this located? Currently I simply have all of the tax rules disabled in the tax panel.
  10. I operate out of a states that doesn't collect sales taxes so that's possibly why it's dividing by zero Thanks! My only remaining concern is the "potential cross-site scripting" warning that is comming up when user's complete an order and return to the store from Paypal. What's causing this to occur and how do I stop it?
  11. ok so I changed the file, and cleared all caches except images as suggested. I then placed an order using a different PC that had never visited the site. the good news is that the order went into "processing" and cube cart received the paypal transaction info, the emails were sent the bad news is that as a customer was still presented with the "potential cross-site scripting" error message, also I noticed that my cart didn't get cleared; it still had the items in it (I noticed this during my last test as well but assumed it was related to the gateway problem). checking the error log I'm still getting the array_merge error in "order.class.php" and "sanitize.class.php" is still throwing the Invalid Security Token error but now it's on line 149 instead of 143. I'm also seeing some new errors that occurred sometime since the last test and before updating the file.
  12. I was wrong about no errors being logged. the dashboard shows no errors but an error_log file was created in the htdocs folder with the following:
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