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  1. Hi, I am looking at adding an affiliate tracker to our website. Has anyone got any experience or recommendations to make on the ones currently available as extensions, ie: iDevAffiliate , clixGalore , JROX , TradeDoubler , etc Thanks S.
  2. I search by email address or surname, those are the only 2 that work and if the customer has no email, I have no choice than to search by surname. Postcode or address never work
  3. I managed to place a manual order without first creating a customer but then the customer is not listed among the customer list..... I also searched and it was not coming up.
  4. Yes that's right, I have no issues to create a manual order for an existing customer. It is indeed for new customers only where I have to first create a new customer entry manually to then be allowed to create an order.
  5. That email address is already being used.

    I will need to ask Al under my technical plan if he is not too busy. Bsmither was also helping out with another query, he suggested a quick & straight forward fix, working well for him, and again, impossible with me. Very very odd. It might be that I am still on 6.1.10 but I doubt. Thanks anyway. :-)
  6. That email address is already being used.

    Glad to hear it definitely works for you but I tried again this morning on 2 different browsers after clearing cache and it makes no difference with me :-( I am at a loss here.
  7. Hello Bsmither, Looking at the file and the removal of "required" like for the mobile number, I thought, yes, you cracked it but it did not work for me :-( I cleared the cache, refreshed the page, even opened my admin in a new browser, tried registered and unregistered customer, tried status ticked & unticked, and sadly nothing worked with me. I left the email address box blank. I keep getting the following usual message: Please enter a valid email address. Failed to add customer. Please make sure first name, last name and email address are not empty and that the email address is not already in use. I do not understand how it can work for you and not for me. Would it be that I am still on V6.1.10 and not on the latest upgrade you reckon ? S.
  8. Hi, Just hoping that someone will have a brilliant idea to resolve my current issue. In the past, ie with V4, with phone orders of customers who did not have an email address or refuse to give their email address, we would still manage to process the order and I would just add "noemail" in the email address box. Now with V6, the system stops me from entering any customer data with no proper email address. Al tells me there is no way around this but it is becoming a problem: 1. V6 forces me to enter a new email address every time. If I use the same one, it recognises it and stops me from entering the customer data thinking it belongs to another customer. So I started creating false email address like "" John Smith being the customer for instance. 2. the 2nd problem is that my email system keeps trying to send the order status update messages to this address but keeps bouncing of course so I am getting a little annoyed to get reminders after reminders until it actually stops after 48 hours. 3. I personally do not think it is a good practice to have to create "false customer data" to work around the ecommerce platform limitations especially with the forthcoming EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into from 25 May 2018. Anyway, if someone has a grand solution for me to go around this issue, please let me know. Many thanks S.
  9. That email address is already being used.

    Hi Bsmither, I did not explain properly. I have no issues with the case of unregistered customers being able to re-order as unregistered customers/guest. I have issues with registered customers who return to the website to order and cannot order as a guest/unregistered customer. The code given in the feature request "under consideration" is titled exactly that: "Allow previously registered customer to checkout as guest". From smokeup's post I got under the impression that by implementing the code provided it worked for him.
  10. Account Signature Font Colour

    Thanks for that, I had to search for ages and finally stumpled upon your post. Without it, I would still be looking .... they need to change the colour urgently.
  11. That email address is already being used.

    Hi, I am on 6.1.10 and I am very much interested in giving the option to registered customer to return ordering as a guest. I have applied the changes suggested and it does not work. Tried 3 times on different browsers also just in case. However, customers who are unregistered have no problem to reorder as unregistered customers. I do not experience the problem smokeup is reporting here. I have tested it again and it was all fine. I know that we lose orders as a result as customers have picked up the phone instead. They forgot their passwords, not very tech savvy to click on "forgot password" and so if they do not phone or email, it is a lost sales.... Am I doing something wrong or the code needs amendments ? S
  12. Hi guys, I would like to re-open this case please. I am on 6.1.10 and I have applied Bmither above codes (twice now, just in case) and it works all fine except it does not force the customer to select a shipping method. So I then tried to continue with checkout, was allowed to enter my details (as an unregistered customer) but on the point of continuing with gateway, the page reloaded with no error message. The customer does not get transferred to the gateway platform which is good but there is no message coming up to say you must select shipping first. I then added "selected disabled" to the option: <option value="" selected disabled>{$LANG.form.please_select}</option> in content.checkout.medium-up.php, made no difference. Al tells me I need to request a feature for this but was wondering if anyone would have a solution sooner than waiting for the next update. Many thanks S
  13. Gift Cards - not perfect

    Thanks Al for your prompt reply. Excellent news regarding the option of amending recipient details. Is this information also added to the buyer email order confirmation ? 2 good reasons for asking: 1. the buyer can review his/her order and contact us asap if they made a mistake with the recipient's email address. 2. This will cover us, the merchant, from any possible claims, ie non-receipt for whatever reasons. We can then refer to their confirmation email that the fault was with the buyer and not the merchant. People are very quick at processing orders nowadays not paying attention and then blaming the merchant for the mistake they made. We have seen a few ..... Regarding my phone orders, I think I will implement what this merchant did with the thread below, ie creating a product as a phone order gift certificate Thanks again.
  14. Gift Cards - not perfect

    Did further digging on this. I changed a test order from pending to processing, noticed it goes straight to dispatched & complete, probably because it is digital only. However, there are few more issues. 1. You cannot amend the original order especially the recipient email address nor the message. In the event, the buyer has made a mistake especially with the recipient email address and request to amend his order, we will not be able to do so. 2. Also the buyer's email order confirmation does not include either the recipient name, email and message, and therefore it does not show either when the buyer goes to check his order on the front end website. 3. We process a fair amount of orders over the phone especially with elderly customers. I could not find anywhere how I could do that with gift cards as it is not treated as a product. Unless I missed something here ? As it stands I cannot see us using this function. Thanks for your feedback. S.
  15. Gift Cards - not perfect

    Hi I have never used the gift card function in any Cubecart version including V6. I have been looking at it recently but I have a few questions I hope some of you who are already using it will be able to help. I clicked digital only. My observations were as follows: 1. The usual "Your basket box" does not jump at you on the right hand corner as it does with any other products added to basket. 2. Although I clicked digital only, during checkout, the option of entering a delivery address different from billing is still working. 3. When the admin received our usual pending order email, there was no record of the gift card recipient email, name nor message. Only the data of the purchaser with again the delivery address for a digital product ! Questions: 1. If the gift card value partially used towards a purchase, is the outstanding balance still valid with the same code reference ? If so, does the system tells the recipient of it remaining balance after a purchase ? 2. When the recipient uses her/his gift card, can the value be redeemed to pay for shipping cost as well as products ? Many thanks S.