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  1. Sorry to go down the forum route but if anyone has any news about Daren I would be very keen to know. DM please if easier. I never received my plugin at the end of March. The project was started in January .... I emailed recently 3 times but still no reply. It is getting urgent now. Thank you.
  2. Looking all good from my point of view but I am not an expert. I hope bsmither will see where the issue lies. By the way, I noticed that your slider images were not resizing with the screen size. I had the same problem until I removed the height of the images in the homepage document although now not really an issue as the slider is off on mobile screens.
  3. Ian Your plugin sounds great but unsure it will be compatible with my site again as I do not have the latest php version. Will drop you a note as you know my site but I do not like to name it on public forums. Thanks S.
  4. Hi, Technically not Cubecart as such but since 14th February 2019 I noticed that Google Search Console reported errors on products stating "Either 'offers', 'review' or 'aggregateRating' should be specified". Does anyone know how we can fix this issue ? Thanks S.
  5. Fabrice, 1. Did you turn on Smarty tags once you are in the documents / homepage ? 2. Is your code snippet looking like this:
  6. Works a treat bsmither, thanks a lot. You would not believe how much difference this little trick made to my mobile speed test via Google, moved from 70 to 82 ! Still some work to be done but I am super pleased with that result ! Thanks again. S.
  7. Hi I do not want bxslider live on the mobile homepage as to improve the website speed. I have searched around but I do not see how to achieve it. Surely I need to make some adjustments in CSS. Thanks for your help. S.
  8. We are in the same boat. Daren did eventually get back to me to apologise but he had been unwell thus the delay but I was going to receive my plugin in the next 2 days. This was 3 weeks ago too and I have not received anything. Our development also started about 2 months ago. This is most unusual as he is always been very proactive, very fast at replying to messages and always very helpful so I hope this is not too serious.
  9. Hi, Would anyone know whether John at Cubehelper.com is still working ? I am interested in his Automated Follow Up Email for Completed Orders v6.x , http://cubehelper.com/store608/automated-follow-up-email-for-completed-orders-v6-x.html but impossible to contact him via his website contact form as the recaptcha V1 is shutdown. I managed to find an email address for him to be [email protected] in theory but no response. Any assistance would be appreciated. Many thanks S.
  10. Thanks Ian, I will. I am surprised that no one is coming forward considering the deadline unless they are using a third party stock management software that is integrated with Royal Mail or they did not realise the consequences of not complying.
  11. Rob, naturalsigns Did you manage to find a solution this request ? I need the same urgently.
  12. Ian at havenswift-hosting, could you look into it again please ?
  13. Hi, For customers like us using Royal Mail, we have serious problems ahead as Royal Mail now wants all customs forms outside the EU electronically as from 1st January 2019 ! see https://www.royalmail.com/business/services/sending/international-data/more-information If we don't, it will cause delays and the US for instance is saying that they will start charging fees to our customers once the bill is passed. Brazil and Russia have already stated that they will not accept any parcels as of this date is the customs form is not digital .... (https://www.royalmail.com/business/services/sending/international-data/more-information) There is no integration available right now and Al tells me it is rather complex so will not develop one. Royal Mail is pushing for Click and Collect but even then you need to be able to import your orders into Royal Mail's website as an excel or cvs file. At the moment Cubecart cannot do that either ..... Someone else earlier this year was asking the same question but apparently only a V5 was available, see Can I please ask all developers to re-think this one, it is critical right now for all Royal Mail customers like us. Thank you
  14. Bsmither, This morning before implementing your suggestion I decided to do 2 live test purchases on tiny amounts. As soon as my purchase was accepted on the Worldpay platform, I was automatically transferred back to Cubecart processing status page with a detailed invoice of my purchase. At the top was a green row with the text from the languages admin section for " order_processing " under Confirm-Phrases used after payment. So basically I just amended the text at this point and that was it. Did another test purchase and all looking fine. This is definitely very different to my old Cubecart V4 and I should have redone that test before posting that request. Apologies for wasting your time & much grateful for your assistance again. S.
  15. Thanks for the explanation. It has been years since I checked where the shopper is sent back once completion of the order to be honest. I went into my Worldpay set up and I can see that I have a Payment Response URL which is linking back to my homepage. I also have a Shopper Redirect URL which is empty. I don't know if this info is helping you smither ? As far as the hook is concerned, very sorry but I am lost now, I can do with css, html and copy and paste php instructions but hooks, snippets & all this jargon, is now beyond me, sorry but if you have a great idea, please go ahead. Basically as long as I have a page dedicated to after the payment completed where I can add whatever text that would be fantastic.
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