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  1. Well, you never know Al, 28 votes and they may offer to do the work for you, just need to rally 23 votes !!!!
  2. I cannot vote twice to my own thread but could not help writing an update out of frustration ! The more votes we can get the better, I noted that Squarespace with only 28 votes, got the green light on 17th August. Royal Mail decided to develop a direct integration for them ... although with Cubecart we are not asking for them to do the integration so I still cannot understand why not give the access, unless they want to have total control ?
  3. Actually this is where people and Royal Mail get it wrong. It is not about how many items individual Royal Mail customers are posted per day, it is how many RM customers are collectively using the same platform. Al/Cubecart will be the sole contact for Royal Mail, representing a bunch of us. Therefore Royal Mail should be looking at Cubecart as one user if the technical support is their main concern ! Collectively, there is no doubt that we dispatch more than 100 items a day. It is like saying all the small Ebay sellers sending less than 100 items a day are therefore not allowed to use E
  4. Unless you have an integration, you have to manually import from a excel or cvs file all your data. You never get access to the API documentation. Thanks Ian for sharing your experience with Al. I hope the matter will get resolved soon. To more noise we can make the better so that they start listening ...
  5. Precisely ! Lazy excuses if you ask me ...
  6. Hi, Royal Mail is refusing to give access of their Click and Drop API to Al/Cubecart for the development of an integration between Cubecart and Royal Mail Click and Drop. The main issue is apparently the potential resulting cost of support ! Another reason is that small businesses must post more than 100 orders a day. The judgemental error that Royal Mail is making is to look at Cubecart as one small customer rather than a collective of small businesses being our ecommerce platform. The Electronic customs compliance is approaching fast, 1 January 2021 so we must act now to make them chang
  7. Hi bsmither, I would love this module too please. I need to export my orders for the shipping solution I now have to use here in the Uk with Royal Mail. I will drop you my email address as well if that's Ok ? Thank you.
  8. Sorry to go down the forum route but if anyone has any news about Daren I would be very keen to know. DM please if easier. I never received my plugin at the end of March. The project was started in January .... I emailed recently 3 times but still no reply. It is getting urgent now. Thank you.
  9. We are in the same boat. Daren did eventually get back to me to apologise but he had been unwell thus the delay but I was going to receive my plugin in the next 2 days. This was 3 weeks ago too and I have not received anything. Our development also started about 2 months ago. This is most unusual as he is always been very proactive, very fast at replying to messages and always very helpful so I hope this is not too serious.
  10. Ian at havenswift-hosting, could you look into it again please ?
  11. Hi, For customers like us using Royal Mail, we have serious problems ahead as Royal Mail now wants all customs forms outside the EU electronically as from 1st January 2019 ! see https://www.royalmail.com/business/services/sending/international-data/more-information If we don't, it will cause delays and the US for instance is saying that they will start charging fees to our customers once the bill is passed. Brazil and Russia have already stated that they will not accept any parcels as of this date is the customs form is not digital .... (https://www.royalmail.com/business/services/s
  12. Hi guys, I would like to re-open this case please. I am on 6.1.10 and I have applied Bmither above codes (twice now, just in case) and it works all fine except it does not force the customer to select a shipping method. So I then tried to continue with checkout, was allowed to enter my details (as an unregistered customer) but on the point of continuing with gateway, the page reloaded with no error message. The customer does not get transferred to the gateway platform which is good but there is no message coming up to say you must select shipping first. I then added "selected disable
  13. Hi there,

    Much interested by your Product Image Rollover. Just wanted to double check that as I am using MagicTool Plus, your plugin is fully compatible and will not interfere with it.

    Many thanks


    1. havenswift-hosting



      Sorry, I had typed out a reply to this straight away yesterday and thought it had posted but see that it isnt there so have no idea where it went !

      Our plugin isnt integrated with Magic Tool Plus and as we dont have a licence for it, it has never been tested (as far as I am aware anyway) however, my understanding is that MTP works on images on the product page and our plugin works on Latest Product images on the homepage and product images shown on the category listing page so if that is the case there will be no interaction and no problems.  Our plugin does require some small changes to a couple of the skin template files but we could install a 7 day demo for you if you are interested to test it and if any changes are needed to make it work with MTP then we can talk about what work is required



    2. sailing123


      Hi Ian,

      Thanks good. How shall I proceed from here ?



  14. Hello, I have been looking at the existing plugins in the marketplace and I cannot see one that offers a filter function. Maybe I missed it ? Basically, what I am looking for a filter function per category. For instance, once on category tee-shirts & tops, the customer can narrow down its selection by colour, size, fabric or gender. Very much like this website, https://www.joules.com/Womens-Clothing/Tunics-Tops?mmid=Women-_-Clothing-_-Tops, see "FILTER BY", or this one, http://www.crewclothing.co.uk/jackets-gilets/ , with the "refine" function on the left hand side. Many th
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